Arsenal v Benfica Emirates Cup confirmed teams – Who will impress?

Arsenal have released the starting line-up for the Benfica clash at the Emirates Stadium today.

The Gunners have two matches to play in 24 hours so you can’t expect our strongest line-up, but it’s definitely one to watch.

The interesting selections are with summer signing Sead Kolasinac playing in the back three, as opposed to playing at wing-back, and with Reiss Nelson and Ashley Maitland-Niles playing on the wings.


Will the young wingers have what it takes to give us the impetus out wide? Will Walcott and Iwobi behind Giroud guarantee goals? How long will it be before Lacazette comes from the bench?

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  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Good balance of seniors and juniors

    hopefully we can use this game to improve on our passing, crossing, communication, game play and etc

    1. Jan says:

      Well…I would rather see our best team on the field season is around the corner no time for experimenting.

      1. oh my oh my says:

        Agreed, no wonder we never prepared for the season.

        You now need to start playing your team so they can gel.

        Common sense tbh

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Also agreed. And I would also like to see us take our team shape and defending very serious, at least a bit more serious anyhow, that would be something. Arsene seems to be preparing in the exact same way, ever since we stopped staying in Europe for preseason it’s been like this. Big wide open games with allot of players who aren’t even going to be involved in the first few sets of league fixtures.

  2. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    Sanogo scored 4 against these lot
    He’s not here

    What are we going to do!!!!!!!

  3. JJT says:

    Anyone know where we can watch the game?

    1. Bob says:

      it’s on a freeview channel called Quest

      1. Simon says:

        Quest – doesn’t work for me. Working for anyone else?

        1. JJT says:

          It’s working for me

          Cheers Bob

    2. Harmandeep Singh says:

      It’s available on YouTube

  4. Gunners says:

    I feel for for Nelson and Miles , they will never improve as they don’t know their position. The same happened to AOC!

    1. Segun says:

      And I say you don’t know what you are talking about. These kids are still learning and have no clue where they will end up. They are, at this time, grateful for being recognized by the manager at all. This is a high profile game and they are given a shot? They will play in goal, if asked to, I assure you.

    2. frank says:

      Reis Nelson…not ur average kid,he is good!

      1. Gunners says:

        Yes he is good but if he is always shifted from one position to another, he will never improve. That kid is better than many Arsenal first team players. As for Niles, I really dot know why he is playing in defense, to me is is not good enough!

  5. Jan says:

    Woohoo cant wait!
    Thats easy, hope Ozil & Lacaz plays together and shine today.

  6. DammyJonez says:

    Great team balance lets go and get the team cohension we need at the moment.

  7. Billy says:

    FFS why is Ozil and Lacca not starting?

    1. desire to excel says:

      they’ll be on in the second half

    2. Carlos Da Silva says:

      We play tomorrow as well, they’ll start then

  8. Billy says:

    Game is on Bein sports 2 in Oz

  9. oh my oh my says:

    Wenger will never learn, tomorrow has to be strongest team, but I think it will be too late.

    Pre season.done and we not prepared.

    1. thembela says:

      fellow Goonerz…sulky $anchez must be sold…we need players who want to for thee Arsenal not players who think they are bigger than our beloved club..COYG!

  10. jaydawg says:

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    1. oh my oh my says:

      Word dawn!

    2. COYG_CA says:

      Having AdBlock on Chrome, I have NEVER seen an ad . . . . take care of it yourself.

      1. Fat dog says:

        Yeah, I use uc browser on phone and get no ads at all.

      2. Jaydawg says:

        Lol fair play but new users wouldnt do that and wont bother coming back. It actually puts me off. Anyways if you run a business you should care about every customer.

        O well looking forward to the new season

  11. Simon says:

    How to watch game?

    Quest TV doesn’t seem to be working

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

      How do you mean not working? It’s working fine here

  12. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:


  13. Raj says:

    Our defence looks sh*t.With this defence , I am worried about our first two matches.

  14. Carlos Da Silva says:

    totalsportek .com /arsenal-streams/

  15. Abel says:

    Team seems to be gelling nicely. Sead look very comfortable overlapping as evidenced by his assist to Walcott for the first goal and key pass to Coquelin who put in on a platter for Walcott for the second goal.
    However, the rest of the defenders with the exception of Nelson are too casual hence Conceding very soft goals.
    Let’s hope they get better at it by second half.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Abel, about being clever with cards on the other post. I was talking about knowing when it’s acceptable to take a hit. And I said clever ..from time!, not every-time and always.

      It inspired our team when Vieira stuck up for his teammates like that, it was an awesome sight. So if it’s a choice of letting players get away with it – Or taken a yellow card in retaliation. That’s a no brainer. I get that you like Coquelin but I stand by everything I said. I know exactly what I like and what I do not like. Another thing I don’t like, FYI people trying to twist words.

      1. Abel says:

        @ Break on through, you are welcome to your opinion on Arsenal players which you have every right to hold.
        We do not need to argue back and forth about it. Besides this is a separate thread, so there is no need joining issues emanating from a different discussion here.

  16. Towers says:

    Same old Arsenal.No spark,no pressing no nothing!Just average.

  17. Ronny says:

    Nelson looking good walcott hungry and with a point to prove.
    We must never play per and m niles at the same time

  18. Gunners says:

    Iwobi is very poor and indecisive today. That Nelson guy is a gem of a player

  19. Ronny says:

    Who needs ox we’ve Nelson 🙂

  20. Abel says:

    Giroud finally gets the goal his play deserves.
    Kudos to Nelson, if I was Bellerin, I’d be very worried.

  21. Ronny says:

    Maitland niles = sh*t. So not ready.

    1. Raj says:

      Poor guy is playing out of position.

      1. Abel says:

        He was also not getting any help from Sead.

  22. Abel says:

    What a bullet from Iwobi. finally some quality from him today after a previously dismal display.

  23. JW Holmes says:

    Iwobi played well today

  24. Koktafo says:

    Who is nelson?

  25. Ronny says:

    Maitland niles = sh*t. So not ready

  26. Ronny says:

    Reese Nelson, no?

  27. Peter says:

    Nelson and “Hulk” ?, Mert? , Iwobi average, Valcot

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