Arsenal v Besiktas review – Alexis puts 10 man Gunners through – JUST

With Arsenal having to do without some big players like Aaron Ramsey, OLivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs and Mikel Arteta, thisd delicately poised second leg Champions League play-off was always likely to be a tricky encounter for us.

And so it proved in the first half, with Slaven Bilic’s Besiktas team being well organised defensively and causing the Gunners some problems at the other end. We were nervous as well and survived a couple of possible penalty calls before Alexis Sanchez put us ahead on the stroke of halftime with his first goal for his new club.

It was a lovely move with Debuchy and Wilshere being heavily involved begfore the Chile international finished well. But it was then vital for us to control the second half and put the result beyond doubt. Alexis had struggled to get into the game in the centre forward role, much like at Everton, but Wenger was happy to stick with him after he scored.

The Gunners were looking a lot more comfortable after the break and the Wilshere Alexis combination nearly produced a second early on, while the pace of the Ox on the right was a potent weapon. But whether it was nerves, fatigue or lack of focus, Arsenal started to get sloppy with about 25 minutes left, giving the Turkish team plenty of encouragement.

Then Arsenal had two great chances to seal it in quick succession, but neither Cazorla or Chamberlain could take them and it got even tenser when the ref showed Debuchy a ridiculous second yellow, even harsher than Ramsey’s last week. What is it with refs and Arsenal?

It was tense but the lads did well to hold on and make it 17 seasons in a row that Arsenal are in the Champions League draw.

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    1. ahaha really intense game. Big respect for Besiktas though. They played a great game and made it arduous for us. Wish them all the best in the Turkish league.

    2. w/o sanchez constant hounding (leave alone the goal ) we dont win this one.

      take a look on replay the contrast in hunger between sanchez and ozil: ozil MIA. v.sad.

      wilshire runs hot/cold within one game: some deadly giveaways in 2nd half

      we need clinical finishers or our guys (ox) need to become more clinical: i think there’s a fairly good chance ox will get there, but in the meantime we have too few attacking options.

      monreal much better this season than last.
      flam has run his course: we’re crying out for a carvalho.

      1. a bit harsh in general. I agree about Flamini. He’s been on the brink in these last few games. But he is definitely still worth having. Still don’t know why Özil is playing on the left. He will come good, only his second game back. So Wenger please stop playing him out of position. That said Cazorla performed really well.

        a bit sloppy sometimes in holding onto the ball and some passes, but generally better than the last games. I really hope Carvalho will join, plus another Centre back and NOW DEFINITELY A STRIKER. NO EXCUSES. I would love Cavani, but I have a feeling Wenger will go for Remy or Bony. Both of those would be good buys. I think I would prefer Bony, scored 22 goals in his first season and didn’t pick up an injured after December.

        1. Grit and Arsenal are one again. My goodness we have learned to win ugly. Sanchez was amazing, Ozil can not play as a left winger, play him in the centre or rest him.
          Cazorla was good specially the last 20 minutes he worked his ass off. Debuchy unlucky to get sent off. Arsenal lucky with non-penalty calls.
          MOM Sanchez-Wilshire-Cazorla
          Ozil worst player on the pitch, not his fault, move him where he can do his magic.
          Need a clinical striker, a good solid DM. Same story for the last 3 years.

          1. Didn’t Ozil assist the goal? Without his clinical pass, no goal. Good work by Wilshere though, and yeah Wenger needs to realize Ozil underperforms on the left. Still beats me why he insists on playing him out wide.

            1. So that he can accommodate Wilshere in the middle. Simple!!
              Wilshere is the golden boy and in Arsene we trust!!!

          2. Has played 2 matches, granted but Ozil just doesn’t show enough fight. Doesn’t get stuck into tackles.In fact more often than not tries to avoid tackles Even his final ball yesterday was shocking. was stumbling all over the place. Defensive work is pathetic and he is in the wings? Santi on the other hand was brilliant yesterday- mostly in his defensive work. Pressed continuously and got stuck into tackles. Given that for both Santi and Cazorla , AM is the best position, I would rotate them and not push either of them to the wings just for the sake of it. Play Campbell there. the guy needs some game time. Ozil meanwhile has to stand up. It is too early to judge but if he continues like this, he should be benched and other players who can contribute more to the team need to play !

      2. Good news lads! The Guardian who are reliable are reporting that we are in for Remy and Falcao.

        1. Did you see the Boss respond to the question on Cavani or Falcao? He had that smile before he said “No”

    3. Today we so the real jack. The brain and heart of afc. ridiculous red card for a challenge he won!!!!! Cant blv dis fckng referee. Debuchy was gud so as santi!!

      1. I would like to give NACHO MONREAL a shout, who was just as solid all game as Debuchy. Nacho doesn’t get alot of good shouts on the blogs and papers because of his dodgy defensive game but he had a good performance.

        1. Hear, hear! But you have to be prepared to heard from this board that Monreal is not Arsenal worth have. To me, Monreal is a new signing and that is not a joke. The lad is actually more reliable than Gibbs. No injuries toll, no fuss, good crosses. Just plain old Arsenal. Gibss better watch out.

      2. Ref booked started booking players for fun in the second half.. Not just our players either. Surprising after he was so lenient with the penalty calls in the first half.

        We’ve received a red card in 4 of our last 5 Champions League games… What’s going on???

      3. Santi was good because he played in the middle which is his best position. He is always good when he plays in the middle for for whatever reasons known only to Mr Wenger he keeps playing him wide to accommodate Wilshere in the middle. That is why there is no creativity in Arsenal’s game lately. Our two best creative players (Ozil and Cazorla) are being sacrificed on the left so that Mr Wenger can play his favourite son in the middle even though he has been very mediocre in that role.

        1. I must say that Wilshere stepped up last night. I would like him to improve on that. He has the potential and just need to show it.

    4. Dear Mr Wenger, Ozil is a a fusball player by heart, please don’t put him on the left flank, it itsn’t in him to cross.

      Shop tomoz, ‘just for men’ by the litre.

    5. Awesome game i thought, even though we played shite, lady luck is on our side for once.
      And that ref won’t ref again, yellow padded cell for him.

    6. Big win, we always knew it was not going to be easy and specially after debuchy got sent off for winning the ball. the ref was having a nightmare and it almost cost us. But great job from the lads, defended very well and besiktas didnt really create any chances. Good win and a big relief at the final whistle. COYG

          1. Haahaaaahaaaa that is a great news, for the time he come back Theo and Sanchez scored 40 goals between them. that is all the doom, haaahaaa!!! what next? it is my happiest day with the qualification and the Giroud news. haaaahaaahaa. Haaaahaaaahaaahaaaa!!!!! dear intruders may u thumb me down. Haaahaaaaahaaaaa!

    1. Arsenal haven’t played well ever since that win against mancity in the comm shield but the team gets positive results. I hope we beat Leicester and come back from the int’nal break as a different side.

    1. I nearly die o, chelsea fans was laughin at me, i was biz praying to my God to save me ds nit nd he did praiz be to his name

      1. Ozil was awful but is not his fault. Wilshere played better because ramsey wasn’t in the pitch. They can’t play together thought!

        1. wilshire/ramsey not being able to play together solves
          the problem of overplaying them: let wilshire own the FA & other cups
          until he becomes as consistent as ramsey.

          let ramsey play in EPL and CL.

          1. EPL, FA cup, League Cup and Champions League. That is 60+ games a year for a successful club (40 for Manu) so we need to have good players rested and ready to play.
            Ozil and Cazorla should switch at CAM and Wilshire and Ramsey at CM that is the way to keep them fresh. Theo and OX can do the same as well. That is why we need alternatives for DM Carvalho could switch with Arteta depending on the opponent and the way we play.
            We need to create alternatives for the LW and the CF position. As well as central Defense.

      2. Hahaha, the Ozil fan boys as always giving Ozil credit when he does not deserve it..

        Ozil has to step his game up, I don’t know but he just does not fit into the PL, he is too weak, no work rate, goes missing each game etc..

        He needs to learn from his team mates, Sanchez, Cazorla, Walcott, Wilshere, The Ox , Ramsey etc, these guys will run and get involved even if they are having a bad game.

        Ozil has to fix up..

        1. Cazorla, involved? Now that’s a certified Santi fanboy stepping up.

          Until this game Santi has been absolutely HORRENDOUS. Offensively and defensively. Not invisible but just horrendous; losing possession, misplaced passes, killing all our counters etc. Unless that’s what you mean by ‘involving’, not just being invisible but just horrendous.

          Compared to Everton match Özil was much better (at that game I criticized him rightly due so). He created/was creating our 3 best chances (the goal, the OX chance and the Sanchez #2 chance). He should not be played on the wing though.

          1. People quickly forget just how poor Santo has been and honestly was still a bit sloppy today with his passing considering he was playing in his favoured position

          2. I would take Cazorla all day if you told me to choose…

            In his first season he got 15 goals and 15 assists. Last season was his worst but he was just 1 assist off so called best #10 in the world..

            Cazorla together with Ramsey won us the FA CUP..

            Cazorla together with Ramsey were very influential in us winning the Charity Shield at the start of the season..

            Now I am waiting for Ozil’s contribution so far, £42 million vs £16 million…

            I want all our players to succeed but if some are not pulling their weight I am not going to b.u.m lick them… Sorry..

              Yet people are saying he is awesome..

          3. @Juhislis: Compared to Everton Ozil was bettter? you really have low standards..For a top player, he goes missing too work rate, no defensive contribution, no zip in the passing. Let me highlight the 2 lowest points from yesterday’s game

            1. In the second half-On the counter, Ozil takes the ball and wants to go solo, when Alexis was clearly in a better goal scoring position. What happens, Ozil trips on himself and loses the ball and Bestikas start a counter

            2. In the first half- Ozil for once runs at the defence and just needs to play sanchez in and he makes an atrocious final ball (in opposite direction to which Sanchez runs)

            If Ozil was an academy player, i wouldnt mind these mistakes..isn’t he supposed to be our talisman? Isn’t he the guy for whom we said “NO” to Fabregas..if he IS that guy, he needs to stand up and produce those world class performances that justifies a 40 million transfer. No one denies Ozil’s class but let’s do away with past reputation now! It is time to perform!

        2. I’m sorry but when cazorla is out on the wing like Ozil was he plays exactly the same. Ozil was the one who was able to play a ball through their defence which is something we didn’t do. That is the difference between a good player and a world class player. when they are having a bad game they still have the ability to change it with one pass or shot

          1. Bull, Cazorla had the goal to get us back into the FA CUP… Cazorla had the Goal to get us going and winning the Charity Shield..

            What you talking about?

            1. If Ozil had scored the FA cup and Charity shield goals instead of Cazorla… well, I don’t know what the Ozil fans would say 😀 Better than Messi maybe? 😀

              1. Lol… I just find it cringeworthy the way our fans are so wrapped up in Ozil.. The little he does is magnified like wow..

                But the likes of Giroud,Wilshere, Cazorla, Monreal, Arteta, Mert etc are crucified for every little wrong they do..

                I just can’t stand it… All I want is for every player to get the same treatment, just because the others cost less than £20 million each does not mean they should be taken a p*ss out of day in day out while £42 million player performing poorly too get preferential treatment..

                I am not on that boat…

                1. Lol you mention players who deserve to be crucified because they weren’t or still ent up to afc standard. Put Ozil through the middle and you’ll see the man shine. Put him on the wing like what happened with cazorla and he’ll flop. And mert deserves no criticism what so ever. He has changed this defence

                2. dude what are you talking about, Ozil gets crucified all the f*cking time on this site. But everyone has their own perspective of the game which is why you’re gonna get people who will defend him as well. Same goes with Jack, Giroud, Arteta, Merty, and the rest of the squad – people are gonna love or hate them for their performance no matter what. So please don’t single out Ozil and say he never has never been crucified. I read it all the time.

            2. I like cazorla a lot, even more than ozil. In most days, he creates more, gets goal more, but sometimes he has bad days, may be because for playing in wings. He plays well in center. But ozil always delivers at center, always creates chances for team. If I have to pick one? I don’t know, I want both.

  1. Dirty cheating c*nts shipped back where they belong, Europa League.

    Oh and referee can s*ck on, he literally s*at his pants in the second half like they always do.

    OX needs to train on finishing, my God the chance he had..


    1. I almost agreed:
      About OX: Sometimes is not about bad finishing but good goalkeeping. I dont thing that a certain striker in our team would make that good positioning as OX did 😛

    1. Sanchez for sure, he was sensational in my eyes
      But Jack did a very very good job tonight!! He’s a fighter!

    2. It’s alexis for me. He was really good in the 2nd half and his decisition making was wise, a shame he didn’t get his 2nd goal.

  2. Wilshere was great in the absence of Ramsey. Just needs to watch out for those close tackles in the box. Debucky got a BS red card. Cazorla looked much better and it’s nice to see Koscielny and Mertesacker get another shut out

        1. good game, but just for some periods…. MOTM: sanchez.
          Finally a player with balls in the team…

  3. MOM Wilshere today, really had a good game. So did Cazorla. Though the game got scrappy at times, really loved the fast paced game. Really hoping that Ozil and Alexis get their understanding together soon.

    1. Ozil and Sanchez are very different players. Ozil is NOT a speedy winger, he is a SUPERIOR CAM from the middle of the field.

  4. barley made it past the finish line. Thank goodness! And someone needs to tell Wenger to tell his players to play like UCL spot is on the line every match, what fight from EVERYONE, even from players like Ozil, Cazorla. And Wilshere, what a great game. And maybe Alexis can cut it as a forward. But my goodness… that was still not fun lol

    1. i’m afraid i didnt see much hunger from ozil.
      but a number stepped up to be more dogged than usual: cazorla, monreal,

      ox should start every game until walcott comes back and even then he should start some.

      flam: v.enthusiastic but clumsy and will cost us when we face stronger opposition

      1. Ozil was making a few challenges and acutally pressing after Debuchy got sent off. Even tho he was only on a for a few minutes afterwards. It seems everyone wants to fight once Champions League is on the line. Wenger needs to do a better job of motivating some players because thats probably the hardest ive ever seen Cazorla fight for sure.

        1. Seriously, Cazorlla yesterday was like a man possesed in the second half..was everywhere. just wonder why he cannot put in half decent performances like this in the PL. For starters, we need to stop playing Cazorla/Ozil on the wings. Given that Ozil anyways does not have the stamina to last for the entire 90 mins, splitting minutes 65-35 between Ozil and Cazorla, whoever is playing better, can be a starting point.

  5. Alexis ran his bollox off. Everyone gave their all there. I want to say Monreal, a player whose had some stick, good game. JW a different player when Rambo ain’t there. Well done boys. GOOOONERS!!

  6. An entertaining game. Gave hart attacks to everyone..

    Wilshere played well. Alexis was a beast up front. He harassed the Besiktas defense with his determination.
    Unlucky red for Debuchy.

    All in all, a good win, but we missed a lot of chances.

  7. Please Arsenal have your players stay on their feet. No need for red cards especially challenges in the middle of the pitch. I remember Ox’s challenge last year 1st game then out 4-5 months all over a silly challenge where he caught his leg.

  8. We have somehow developed grit as a team and we continue to build on it. Good effort today.

    I only saw the second half, but I enjoyed the work rate of Wilshire, Cazorla, Sanchez, and Chamberlain.

  9. Besiktas were playing dirty in this game, and the ref went mental in the last 20 minutes.
    Good games from Alexis and Wiltshire and Monreal needs a mention too as he played excellent down the left.

      1. Lol Wilshere slipped and was a yard away from him. That diving c*nt could’ve taken the shot but went for the dive.

        Debuchy challenge was 50/50 but I think he got it right.

      1. Yes putting “one” good ball in in the entire 90 mins is just not enough while wasting and killing 10 other opportunities.

  10. Wilshere, Monreal and Sanchez fantastic games!! There’s the Wilshere we all know and love! Also excellent timing for Sanchez first goal , he’s a true fighter, never gives up!

    Phew lol

  11. Damn it Arsenal, why do we have to go through this sh*t every time? I guess it wouldn’t be fun otherwise, said no Arsenal fan ever.

  12. No wonder our players get injured so easily, Wenger runs them to the ground, FFS, why can’t he ever make substitutions in the first 60 minutes likes the other managers?

    I think wenger is not tactically comfortable, his starting 11 are his tactics and he is scared to make changes because he does not know how to change formations and tactics..###

    I love Wenger but I think he is behind the other Mangers tactically, we play the same way from Monday to Monday…

    1. Ramsey and Wilshere in same starting XI is a death wish, thats what ive learned. Ramsey/Ozil linkup just needs to be reignited. Wilshere still has only had one good match, lets not hype him up all over again.

      1. I hope you watched him before that injury!! Today after long time he played like that. It is not hype. It is his class. He can produce this kind of stuff all day long. So he deseves the praise and he will kick on with this. Because the standars set by old jack is so high. Today he showed that who he is. It’ll be just a start for him.

  13. Entertaining game, some good performances from players stepping up and showing what they can do.

    Why is it though that crappy continental Ref’s have to ruin what was a perfectly good game of football with ridiculous yellow/red cards?

    For sure, some cards were warranted, but a lot weren’t!!

    Good game though.

  14. Do not care how we won. We are through to CL and that is all matters right now. Now Wenger let us see some signings that we are all waiting for.

  15. I’m not sure I’m still alive. I think I was actually pronounced dead in the additional 4minutes.

  16. Of all the players to put in a great performance, Jack Wilshere is one that we were all waiting for.

  17. I love Sanchez work rate, he runs from minute 1 to last… Cazorla was very good too, The Ox too but has to get some personality into his game.

    And Kossy, what a warrior, he reads the game well and is commanding, our best CB…

  18. mesut ozil has lost alot of my support. cant justify him anymore.

    such an amazing player, but doesnt look bothered

      1. Please get out of it.. Cazorla plays their but tracks back better than Ozil..

        If Sanchez who played as a striker can run all game form minute 1 to 90, he was tracking back as far as the center circle, and he is was a striker.

        Stop these excuses for Ozil, he is the weakest link in our team, we play with 10 men most of the time with him in the team. Sorry but he has to step up like his team mates…

        1. Ozil is physically weak, and ill admit it, hes lazy as hell. Wenger knows this but puts him in a winger role where tracking back is required. Wengers fault for playing him there, and Wengers fault for not screaming in his face to get more physical and learn to track back. Truth is you cant cut it in EPL if you dont have some type of workrate, and thats the worst part of Ozil’s game, and it too obviously hurts the team. Wenger needs to coach Ozil better honestly, and Ozil needs to realize he has to step it up.

          1. Very good and honest analysis there.. That’s all we are looking for, we shouldn’t be in denial over Ozil, I defend him to the bone on public forums etc.. But back in house (On our Gooner blogs) I will say some home truths about him…

            Why should the likes of Giroud, Cazorla, Wilshere, Monreal, Arteta, Mert etc be cursed to the limit for their poor showings but OZIL never and ever gets the same amount of criticism even if he has been poor for months..

            If a player is not performing, he deserves criticism, but if it’s one rule for Ozil and a different rule for the rest, then I am not going to jump on the band wagon..

            It’s Double standard..

            1. “Very good and honest analysis there” – why because he agrees with you, funny that. Having a laugh or something, Ozil never gets criticised???!! The most ridiculed and abused players on this forum are, in order 1) Giroud 2) Ozil (although to be fair 50% of the total abuse comes from your bleating, repetitive, obsessive posts on the subject) 3) Mertesacker 4) Arteta 5) Monreal. In other words possibly 4 of the most EFFECTIVE Arsenal players (top scorer, top assists, least error prone defender and best possession stats).

              5 clear cut chances created tonight; 3 by MO with an assist (in 70 mins) and 2 by JW. This lazy, weak, floating turd of a WC winner and Europes top assist man over the last 5 years still manages more creativity than all the other fanboy favourite midfielders. Christ, he must be good. If blood, guts, 2 footed challenges, poor tackling technique and red and yellow cards are your thing we have enough of that going on elsewhere in the team to keep you interested. If Ozil stays fit this season he will out-create and out-assist everyone in our squad without breaking sweat.

              1. who was saying Ozil is useless, who is saying hes not a good playmaker? Terms of playmaking, hes one of the best. It doesnt change the fact he has a next to nothing work rate, which was completely okay in La Liga, but in EPL, you will get physically bullied off the ball a ton and we saw that a lot last season where Ozil was completely outmatched and ineffective in too many matches. It seems you’ll defend Ozil until the end of the earth, but you cannot admit there are areas in his game that needs improving.

                1. RSH: I have no team favourites and I have no interest in defending a player for the sake of it – but I will defend any Arsenal player against what I see as a vendetta or worryingly unbalanced abuse. He is what he is, he lacks physicality but he is our most creative player and I don’t think anything is gonna change that. It is just a matter of personal opinion/emphasis; if he creates then I am not too bothered about his physicality – if he doesn’t improve and move on from an OK first season in terms of creative contribution then I will happily change my stance.

              2. @johnestown or whoever you are, we did not pay 45 million for him to out assist players in “our team’. We paid for him to out assist everyone in the PL and dominate it, and he is yet to repay our investment. Wing play or not, you cannot deny that his overall play was awful yesterday. May be he is rusty, and only time will tell. But as RSH says, he needs to adjust to the epl style. “Princesses” don’t survive in the epl. For me it is a no brainer- wenger has to step in . sit down with ozil and cazorla that one of them will play center, and has the onus of creating and bossing the final third. We cannot afford both of them in the team with no work rate!

                1. @rd_gunner or whoever you are. “WE paid”, “yet to repay OUR investment” – you on the Arsenal board or something, too much self importance mate. “For me it is a no-brainer” – there you go again. “No brainers” are usually the preserve of a disengaged mind and narcissists – YOU telling Wenger precisely what to do to sort out your problem.

                  “You cannot deny that his overall play was awful yesterday” – funny thing is, I can. I can say he was pretty average but “awful” is just plain daft. Bottom line is his ball put it on a plate for AS to score in a 1-0 massive game with £30M at stake. He was involved in 3 of the 5 chances created. Whilst that doesn’t exonerate him from any criticism about his unsullied shorts and lack of sweat it should cut him the minutest bit of slack. Maybe we should go for someone like Lee Cattermole, that should give you a proper hard-on and he wouldn’t offend your delicate sensibilities.

                  I have no particular interest in sticking up for MO, I’ll do it for any Arsenal player I think is on the receiving end of unnecessary, unbalanced or blinkered abuse.

          2. That is a &^&% analysis. I played against a guy like Ozil. He was languid, Never in a hurry, made killer passes all day. We could not get the ball off the guy. Was he a winger? hell NO, he was the first true creative attacking midfielder I ever saw.
            Ozil is not Theo or Sanchez, It is stupid to make the comparison.

        2. I understand what you are saying but you can’t seriously face that there’s a difference between Özil’s and Cazorla’s backtracking while they are played on the left wing. They are both NON-existent. : D

          Now Cazorla was put to his natural position and he was great while we put a guy who has played all his career AMF, on the left wing.

    1. i know: i was an ardent ozil supporter. and i 1000% wish he still comes back.

      but incredibly, with all that was on the line, with everyone around him showing immense hunger, i saw almost no hunger from ozil. with me, his flag is falling. v.sad.

      the only excuse maybe is that he can’t play when wilshire is at CAM. so basically, we either have
      ozil+ramsey on the field, or wilshire+X, but wilshire doesn’t play well when ramsey is on,
      and ozil doesn’t play well when wilshire is at the #10 CAM spot

      1. So now he can’t play because of Wilshere? It was Giroud who was being blamed for Ozils poor showing, now Wilshere?

        The Ozil fan boys keep going on about he needs quick players around him, Sanchez and The Ox have played 2 games in a row with him, but I ain’t seen what everyone keeps telling us about his game..

          1. Just a small detail captain – don’t expect that to matter to the Goonster, he can’t write a sentence without the word Ozil in it. An assist and 2 other chances created in 70mins in 2nd game back, playing out of position without perspiring enough.

    2. Dude, this is just his 2 nd game after a lengthy break. He missed preseason training. He is still unfit.2-3 Matches is needed to really gel. Dont blame a player for the sake of it. We are not spuds. We are gunners. Be proud n support the team and players. Already we have a media conspiracy against us. If we cant support our players then who them??? ! ! !

  19. Best players :
    1. Wilshere : MOTM . What a performance!
    2. Sanchez : A real fighter. Lion heart. Even at not full fitness he kept going and fighting.
    3. Debuchy : What a work rate this player has. Passion and aggression oozes from his play. Made so many crucial tackles.
    The worst :
    1. Ozil : I can understand he is still not fit yet but still he was way off the game. May be playing him on the wings was reason but anyhow he had a very bad game.
    2. Mert : If it was not for Kos or Debuchy, Mert threatened to gift Besiktas goals on more than one occasion. Slow and awkward. Could not even won headers properly.
    Honorable mention :
    1. Monreal : Played well and was good going forward.

    1. Ozil “way of his game” but still our best creator – that is one hell of a put down for the rest of the team.

  20. I am starting to get mildly concerned about Ozil. We all know that the lad is an immense talent, but he’s just not at his best. I really hope this will be his breakout season. I have full faith in him! COYG

    1. Do not worry. He still not fully fit and was playing out wide. But yeah i hear ya. He looked too lost.

    2. It should have been his assist for the goal. It took a deflection of Jack and feel in Sanchez’s path. He kept us ticking.

      I thought he did okay. I never expect him to score a 30 yards screamer. Thats why I don’t get disappointed.

  21. if wenger doesnt go out and spend his 50m…oh i forgot he has just delivered on half his boardroom promise cl (plus 4th place to come)… we need a DM to boss the middle tomorrow flamini just aint it…and another striking option to match sanchez…even so with monreal mert and debuchey at back we will not be solid enough…chambers should be in the starting line up for me with kos gibbs and bellerin and carvalho…wilshere slowly getting back to his best is a good sign…i hope it was just tiredness and an off day for ozil as he was awful..and ox is still work in progress…but at least tuesday and wednesday nights are booked up til xmas

  22. Alexis needs a partner in crime. He would do well with a support striker, like Aguero does dor Shitty. Gr8 spirit from boys .

  23. How many chances did we not put away. Phew. Could easily have been a 5-0 drubbing. The ox needs to up his finishing. How many fouls did Alexis win for us? I lost count.

    Its was a stroll in the park, I think.

  24. Ox needs to work on his finishing. This lad can easily score 15 goals a season if he improves his finishing.

    1. Giroud could score 50 if he improves his. Why is it 1 £11m player gets slagged for not scoring 25 but a £15m player gets encouraged for never scoring

      I know some people favour some players more than others.

      1. Giroud is a strker, Ox is a winger. And if you look at Ox’s gametime, he acutally doesnt get that much. But agree his finishing needs to greatly improve. He misses some clear chances too often.

  25. Such a close match…if arsenal were to loose today i would have become a manu fan..hey wait the r not in the champions league lol…COYG!!!!!!

  26. Damn, that Sanchez and his never-ending runs. JW10 gave it his all but his tackles, need to be sorted out. And Monreal, great game. Ozil? Well, couldn’t blame him much for being played at LW but he could’ve given much more. That little magician called Cazorla, keeps on mesmerizing.

    Anyways, a hard fought win towards the UCL.


  27. Wenger didn’t rule out signing a striker. He just said we have players that can play there if needed. I think we’ll have 2 signings in the coming days – a DM and a ST.

  28. Paul Merson has just said that Arsenal fans pay a lot ohf money to watch Arsenal so the club should spend the money and get a top striker. I agree.

    1. Love Merson but intelligence is not greatest attribute. Since when do paying audiences determine the business decisions of the provider – you get a seat, thats the deal. If you don’t like it then you can always withdraw your hard-earned cash and naff off.

  29. Santi was top notch today. He was seen all around the pitch today from attacking to defending. Love this guy.

    And yes we into the CL. Now lets see how many more marquee signings we do. Cmon Wenger nail it this time.

  30. We only make one sub this match, wenger must be so pressure till he forgot his bench still got ppl.

    Listen to winterburn on arsenal player, regarding CF, he said wenger got his own ideal, nobody can talk thing into his brain skull.

  31. ah! today is an unforgettable day of mixed feelings in my life. So it’s true that when problem gets to a certain stage, one can easily become a living dead. This match enveloped me in tention to the extent of sweating uncontrollably inside my living room with a 2-horse power air conditioner cooling at its highest degree. My very noisy highly vibrating phone was in my pocket but when i would check it after the match i saw 32 missed calls. Thank God it’s now straight to champeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  32. Wilshere was on fire. Fair play to him. Ramsey and Wilshere are not compatible. Obvious when you observe how bad Ramsey and wilshere have been so far this season but the night where it’s just wilshere, he’s incredible.
    Alexis Sanchez is pure class. Hard working, wonderful touch but still doesn’t look 100% sharp. Few times where he scuffed the ball. Tasty prospect that he’s incredible and isn’t even firing in all cylinders yet.
    Monreal was brilliant. Pace, positioning and determination. If he can keep that up he’ll be just fine.
    Özil actually pressed the ball and there was a point where Monreal got caught (the only time I can remember Monreal being left wanting) and he sprinted back and filled in at left back. While Özil still looks short and is lacking understanding with Alexis, he seems a bit less lethargic. Hopefully this is the season where things start to come together.

  33. a bit of a fail performance from wenger:

    * did use subs at 60min to waste time and bring on fresh legs (campbell for ozil would’ve been great) [rather than put ozil on LW, just rest him; he needs it and campbell needs mins on LW]

    * debuchy was on yellow: should’ve replaced him w chambers.

  34. Wilshere had a good game,sanchez had a good game but my MOTM is santi Cazorla,he didn’t put a foot wrong today

  35. Yes ia m one of those fans myself and my son pay a lot of money to travel from Staffordshire to see them play, the palace game cost us over £200 membership/tickets fuel food and parking

  36. Alexis, a player that put on 100% in the field, I am so glad that you are a gunner. Thank you for being a gunner.

    1. agree. And stupid fans from other clubs were saying he was too small and weak for EPL. They must look foolish now. Has the workrate, and has the physicality. He’ll do great.

  37. Anybody see Wenger being asked about Falcao?! He was asked “is Falcao within your price range?”. Wenger replied with his ‘it’s in the pipeline smile’ and simply said “no” and quickly moved on to the next question. Imagine that!! Arsene bringing Radamel to the premier league!!

  38. Our players are going to be knackered for Leicester at the weekend, but we’ll have a rested Ramsey back then to be our engine, and some more confidence.

    1. against leicester, wenger should show faith in his bench.

      bring on campbell, roziscky, chambers, podolski. maybe even sanogo.

      rest ozil, wilshire, monreal. maybe santi.

      1. Wilshere has played a lot so resting him would be sensible, but putting him on the bench after a great performance tonight may be bad for him.

  39. alexis sanchez collapsed at the whistle- my word i would love vidal to join him,

    such work ethic is awe inspiring

      1. It will be a very very sad day when Vidal signs for Manu.

        I really can not believe we are not going for him. I would take him over Cavani. We have Sanchez, Theo, Campbell, Giroud, Sanogo, Poldi, who can all play up top and score a number of goals but we do not have a Vidal.

        Imagine Ramsey and Vidal in the middle of the field. Two of the most tireless and technically astute goal scoring midfielders in all football. With two midfield dynamos like that and Wilshire as their sub and Ozil with Cazorla or Rosicky subbing him is the best midfield in the EPL.

        Theo on the right and Sanchez on the left would probably constitute the best Wingers as well. Yes i know a striker is needed damn, Campbell or Sanogo, or Poldi can depitize until Giroud comes back maybe? Aaargh its hard but i know

        So lets get Vidal AND Cavani problem solved 🙂

  40. Apparently accoutring to the sport bible Arsenal have made 32 million now that are through to the group stage, Sanchez fee, so let’s go spend Cavani and a DM

  41. Miss on a perfect opportunity to kill of them game. Chance is being missed, seconds later Red Card. My nerves where gone and i need a new phone now.

    This team is crying for a striker.
    Depuchy is phenomenal.
    Wilsher loves the ticky taki game play, had a decent game but got tired at the end and started to lose focus.
    Sanzhez is just perfect.
    Merti is to slow, i am srry but if Wenger chooses to develop Chambers as a Cb, Merti will be benched.
    Ozil- Shocking on the flanks, i feels srry for him, Wenger should not kill his football off or we will feel srry for this.
    Chambo- is not ruthless, he needs to take players on, and also hit the balls in the net.
    Cazorla was fine.
    Monreal- is to insecure. Always afraid to tackle a player for the ball, always waiting instead of pushing.
    Kos- Boss
    Flamini- neat but not good enough.
    Seza- nice.

  42. Phew!! Now arsene ring those agents inform them we have cl progression and get moving on the outstanding signings. There are holes that desperately need filling for the long haul. Well done boys 🙂 coyg…..!

  43. What a game! Arsenal is going to kill me one day… Wilshere had a fantastic match, Sanchez was working really hard and Monreal has been looking solid for a while now. I was also impressed with Chambers, he was solid as usual, and despite the yellow card he already came to the pitch trying to organize our defense. He even created a great oportunity from a cross.

    We’ve got a big problem in midfield though. We can’t play Cazorla and Ozil together because one of them has to stay on the wings and we cannot have both through the middle because we need a box to box. Ramsey and Wilshere can’t play together as well, I don’t know why. Wenger needs to realize this, specially regarding Ozil and Cazorla being played out of position. I hope we make some more signings.

  44. Well done boys! But after that Rocky Horror show in front of goal tonight, the boss when asked still believe we have enough strikers. I hope he was pulling the interviewers legs as if ever we learnt anything tonight, it was that we need urgent striker reinforcement! To struggle against Betiskas as we did tonight shows also that we do not have what it takes to challenge for the European Crown. I hope we don’t get disgraced against more polished teams. The only player that really did it for me tonight was Jack Wilshere . He answered his critics in the right way. The jury is still out on Ozil. Phew, what a relief! Now boss go buy us some solid players!!!!

  45. Wenger just told French journalists on Canal+ that he is “happy” with his squad.
    He does not feel the need to look for a striker… Campbell, Walcott, Podolski and Sanchez can play there.
    He also confirmed that Giroud will be out until January, at least…

    The journalist asked him if he was going to bring a CB (since Manolas signed for Roma)?
    He said that he was not sure, but we still had few days for business(es)…!!

    We are not in the group stage of the CL, but we are also clearly short at the back… We won’t, obviously, bring a DM.

    I just hope we won’t be hit by more injuries…!

    1. Wenger will never show his hand. Arsene will never give an honest answer when questioned about trades.

    1. ziggic aint a top class player, sanchez can continue playing up front then we just sign calvaro ( team complete)

  46. Monreal has improved. Puts decent balls in and has worked on his defensive game although he can still get better.

    Debuchy, Cazorla, Alexis and Wilshere the difference on the night.

  47. Just not good enough. Yeah JW AS had good games but arsenal will be ripped to dreads by EPL top 6 end of. This team we played are nothing and in 180 min we get a lucky one. AW after match saying we do not need a striker???? And no sign of a world class DM honest to god what is it with this man. 17 years of CL but never one it. Go for the EPL not something we are ever going to win

  48. what a relife wenger said we are not intrested in zigic also not in welback , wenger also said falco is not in his price range

  49. SkyBet now have us at 1/1 to sign Cavani, was at 3/1 before.

    Something behind the scenes could actually be happening.

    1. We’ll sign someone.. Cavani? I’m not sure.. But we will sign someone, we just needed to get though tonight first. An extra £25m in the bank and the attraction of CL football, confident that means another class player joining the club.

      Arsene is very stern in his spending, he won’t spend money until we actually have it, now that we have it he can spend. We had money regardless of tonight’s game, that could mean we needed the guarantee of extra funds for a big money move? Or maybe just the player demanding CL football, perhaps both. Regardless, we can offer both now.

    2. Yeah I often have a sneak look at those but think they are just enticing people in to part with their money with Cavani. We have the same odds (1/1) for Carvalho and rather bizzarely even less odds (1/2 on) for Draxler – go figure that one!!

  50. We’re on an 11 game unbeaten run at the moment – 7 in the Premier League. 12 if you count the community shield. Haven’t lost since Everton away last season. COYG!

  51. is it only me but i thought flamini had a shocker of a game did not really do his duties well hardly saw him break up play and also nearly cost us a goal my number 1 priority is a dm

  52. Wenger will bring bodies in. He was too emotionally invested in todays game. And sweating it a lot more than usual. Which suggests there are deals in place which hinge on CL qualification.

    1. or he could use todays game as proof that Alexis can cover for Giroud and nobody comes in. Sadly I think thats more likely to happen.

  53. When asked about Zigic, Wenger asks “Who?”. Thing is hes done this with Cazorla before, but honestly, Zigic really isnt known so it might have been honest. I hope so.

    1. Wenger probably could recite every squad player in every team in every European league. This is a guy who only knows football – you ever heard of a geezer who cites his hobbies as listening to political debates and walking!!!!!!!!? He knows who Zigic is for sure – he scored against us in the Carling Cup Final for starters. Still the biggest bollocks rumour of the summer but unfortunately seems to be the one many believe for some bizzare reason – perhaps it is the sheer shock and terror of it even being the feintest of prospects.

  54. Great win Arsenal!…I for one still have faith in ozil and although he was appalling on the wing I’m glad to see him and Mert get more playing time under their belt this season

    Looking forward I’d hope Wenger would drop Ozil to the bench against Leicester and give Campbell a chance to shine. Depending on his fitness keep sanchez at centre forward (he had a gut busting 90 minutes and may need a breather) or use sanogo first half who showed a good understanding with campbell at the Emirates Cup. Keep Ox on the right wing


  55. we are going to play a little game now til Monday called where is dicky law and gazidis at? its like wheres wally? i can grantee you all they sure as heck wont be hanging around the emirates the next few days you will probably hear ones been spotted in Dortmund and another in Lisbon and goodness knows where else maybe a flyby through paris or sunning it up in Monaco pretending to watch the grand prix its all a mystery atm but they will be doing wengers secret work for him i can see one BIG GAME CHANGER COMING SOON wenger wont be able to help himself it will make ozil deal look like pittence he needs it and just you watch our title odds drop quickly when we get the BIG NAME WE WILL BE BUZZING I AM THINKING (INSERT NAME HERE> REUS) NOBODY HAS ASKED WENGER ABOUT HIM SO HE WORKS UNDER THE SHROUD OF DARKNESS TO SNAP HIM UP AH AH HA HA AH! COYG

  56. We didn’t do it by the skin of our teeth, but by the coating of the skin on our teeth, and although I only turned up at the Emirates for the second half, I didn’t think our performance was good enough. I don’t like criticizing Özil, because the more criticism he gets the worse he seems to become, I think he’s trying, but he just doesn’t seem strong enough on the ball, and this is a (part) European side, so we can’t say it is due to the EPL physicality. It is just too easy for opposing teams to bully and shove him off the ball, and as soon as he get shoved, he loses his balance and composure. I did think he was working on that towards the end of last season, and becoming better but he seems to have regressed again.

    I also don’t understand why we didn’t bring on some of our more physical players such as Campbell and Pod, (although admittedly Pod does labour in defence) as they were pushing us about a lot.

    What this emphasized is we need a target man who can hit the back of the net. At the moment Ramsey is the closest we have to that in the absence of Giroud, and while Alexis may mature into doing that, he isn’t there at the moment. The problem is, the more Wenger is told that we need a DM and striker, the more likely it is that he’ll go out and buy another attacking midfielder. In fact I was really surprised we didn’t blow everything on di Maria…..

  57. Does anyone out there think we are buying a big name striker or DM in this Window?

    Thumbs up if yes down if no

    1. I think the only definite buy is a 3rd/4th choice CB who could possibly double up in CDM or vice versa. Expect he is looking for a left footed Calum Chambers clone – he would have every permutation covered then! My heart thinks there is one surprise on their way but my head keeps kicking that in to touch when I think about it too much.

  58. Phew! What a ride! The team overall is really only playing at 50% of it’s ability. Some good performances – Debuchy (ignore the stupid red), Monreal, Sanchez, Ox (aside from the fact that he really should have scored). Some average performances. If the ref had awarded the clear cut penalty for Jack’s tackle…I wonder what the fan sentiment would have been towards his performances. Yes a better overall display from Jack but it’s clear he is not ready to be a DM (AW said that he thought Jack could be one!).

    The team are struggling to get into sync with each other which is understandable and a few players are still short on fitness and sharpness. It showed today with the miss passes, passes not picking out the runs.

    Funniest moment was the Besiktas guy who dived near the touchline when Alexis “tackled” him. LMAO!
    The ref must be schizophrenic – don’t know whether he was a friend or foe….didn’t award the penalty against us but red-carded Debuchy and how about the Chambers and Szez yellow cards! Chambers comes on (the 4th official let him on)..and within seconds gets a yellow!

    I was expecting Campbell to come on – can’t understand why he didn’t. He has enough quality to cause that Besiktas backline lots of problems.

    On our fitness – I think the new German fitness coach is taking a different approach to building the teams fitness level and we may be seeing the effects here. Instead of building it up quick (where it eventually tapers off through the season)…it may be that his fitness regime is about gradually building longer lasting fitness to stay the course of the season. Not sure really – just a theory.

    Quite a bizzare game in all respects. Well the important thing is we’re through and into Pot 4.

    We are fortunate our next game is against Leicester (as opposed to being away against some of the stronger teams). Based on our performances to date we should have enough to beat them. Wont be a walk in the park that’s for sure.

    We can see the challenges in adding new players into the 1st team and the time it takes for everyone to sync with each other. Having said that, it is a non-negotiable in terms of a DM and a STR….we simply have to strengthen the squad.

    Get busy AW and bring in those new GUNS!

  59. Here’s an idea. Why not buy a winger to play as a winger and a number 10 to play as a number 10 instead of trying to play three players intent on occupying the same part of the pitch ? My personal feeling is that Gnabry would do a better job on the left wing than Ozil not because he’s a better player but because it comes naturally to him. Just make the tough decision and leave someone out. Nothing is stopping you from replacing whoever is picked on 60 minutes if they’re not doing the job. Another point, Jack is a player that likes to run with the ball but has limited succes down the middle. Despite this he is never used in the wide position where you get the extra space that he desperately needs. Perhaps if he was the one moved wide he wouldn’t keep running with the ball until he gave it away. I wonder what percentage of balls sacrificed in midfield are due to Jack running into a cul-de-sac.

  60. it beats ma imagination 2 pulp at how some pple who call demselves fans come on here
    cast down our players….most Arsenal fans will make very poor pple managers…

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