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Arsenal v Blackpool Confirmed Team – Jenkinson starts!

I think today we really are going to see Unai Emery’s rotations seriously come into play when Arsenal face Blackpool, especially with the crucial match against Liverpool coming up on Saturday. When I did my ‘Pick your team’ post a couple of days ago I didn’t know about our injury situations so my new revised prediction for tonight is….

Lichtsteiner.. Mustafi.. Sokratis.. Maitland-Niles
Willock.. Guendouzi.. Smith-Rowe
Mhkitaryan.. Nketiah.. Welbeck

And now we will wait patiently for Emery’s confirmed selection…

It will appear here..

Before you go, I have to inform you that thanks to a heavy fall last night I am writing this with my left-hand and will not be doing an after match review. If anyone wants to help out by sending any articles over the next couple of days it will be very much appreciated, just until i regain use of my right hand!

49 thoughts on “Arsenal v Blackpool Confirmed Team – Jenkinson starts!

  1. Innit

    Interesting. A bit weaker than I thought
    Anyway, we have a strong bench if we need players to step in ie Aubameyang, Iwobi, Torreira, Holding

    Should be good enough to win.

    Looking forward to seeing Smith Rowe and Niles in particular


    1. edward

      not worried about blackpool-if the slow first half continues against liverpool-they will be outa’ sight by lunch time!!-i think they are over thinking tactics to start the first halves-to much information!!!!

  2. jon fox

    Rotten luck about your hand Pat, hope it is soon better. An interesting team chosen tonight and clearly Emery has taken full account of what poor opposition Blackpool are. After the jaded display at Palace, it is sensible to leave out all the key players, as he has, with Liverpool only 70 hours away.

  3. Grandad

    The lack of natural left footers leaves an unbalanced look to the side and I don’t see the point of playing Lich at left back where he is clearly uncomfortable.We should not expect too much from AMN on his first game back but providing we match Blackpool in terms of effort, we should win with a goal of two to spare.Will we keep a clean sheet, I doubt it.

  4. sanmi.marvellous

    Lich of all people ?
    Can’t believe this, happy though.
    1-0 let’s do more damages tko them

  5. GanjaMan

    We really need to start recruiting more left footed players. I could never be onboard with right footers playing left sided unless they’re inverted wingers. The only left footed player on the field now is Cech and he’s in goal. It just provides better balance… Then again it baffles me sometimes how professional footballers can be so one footed.

  6. Raja Danish

    We will win today 2-0……
    Guys Which starting 11 You think should be played on Saturday against Liverpool?
    Mine 11 will be:
    Lichtsteiner(if bellerin is unfit) Sokratis Holding Maitland-Niles(if both monreal and kolasinac are deemed Unfit) torreira xhaka Guendouzi Ozi Aubameyang Lacazette
    Formation: 4-3-1-2
    Bench: Cech Mustafi Welbeck Iwobi Ramsey Mkhitaryan Smith-Rowe
    i will pack the midfield to neutralize Liverpool Midfield and then allow ozil to dictate his game and feed those through balls to aubameyang and lacazette to finish the chances.. We can change formations during the game where we can sub one of a midfielder and one of attacker auba or laca with iwobi and welbeck in a counter attacking formation of 4-2-3-1 where ozil at No. 10 position iwobi and welbeck on wings and torreira and xhaka in Midfield and auba or laca as striker and back 5 remain same as i above written…. Fingers crossed for saturday!!!

    1. Gily

      One game at a time remember.
      Guendouzi has been sent off with two yellow cards. They are now pushing for an equaliser having pulled one back.

    2. Robin van payslip - read my comment and then imagine me dropping a mic

      I can’t see us winning 2-0

      Mostly because they have scored

  7. Robin van payslip - read my comment and then imagine me dropping a mic

    The English Ozil *wipes tear from eye*

  8. Sarmmie

    My prayer now, along with us not conceding another goal, is that torreira shouldn’t get injured cos if he does…

  9. Raja Danish

    Thats the difference between Cech and Leno.. Cech can’t play with his feet.. luckily blackpool man was offside

  10. Sarmmie

    Whoo, they’ve got their own red
    I’m not watching it but hope it wasn’t a bad foul on any of our players?

    1. Sarmmie

      Positive, we won going into half time and I’m sure we would have scored more if not for the guendouzi red card

  11. Break-on-through

    That’ll do it, Litch, Rowe, a wonky referee, and a female linesman who can’t get enough of us. Well done lads. Unbeaten in 13, is it, let’s start another winning run just for kicks!

  12. Kenny Rolfe

    Watched the Arsenal game on Firstrow, how you Cech fans now, done his usual, trying to dribble out of his six yard box, made a complete idiot of himself, lost the ball fortunately for us the ball went to a player who was offside. Would have made it 2-2. Told you all before, he’s got to retire. Martinez must be second to Leno

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      Make you right break-on-through, Sunday league referee, even the commentator was taking the p** out of him

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        The team he started with tonight tells me Saturday’s team will be:
        Bella Holding Sok Monreal
        Torriera Xhaka
        Iwobi Ozil Auba

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        Sue, what d’you think about our old mate Mourinho getting off a charge of swearing in Portuguese. Nothing changes Sue especially if former referee, head of the PGMOL and massive Manchester United fan Mike Riley has anything to do with it.

  13. Abu

    The first in a long time Arsenal played and there is no match report from Is the game that in sequential?

  14. Quantic Dream

    Jenkinson surprisingly played well yesterday. Offered a lot of support for our attack. Whipped in a few decent crosses and was even responsible for the goal Smith Rowe scored. Maybe he can come back to the team and fill in at the left before our regular fullbacks are fit. He’d definitely do better than Xhaka on the left. Guendozi a bit disappointing, gave away some needless fouls and was duly sent off.

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