Arsenal v Bournemouth match preview and predicted score

Arsenal looking to extend unbeaten run to eight games as they welcome Bournemouth to the Emirates

It would be a little naive to get too carried away with recent Arsenal results. But the signs are good that the team is improving. Wins in the Europa League and Carabao Cup are uplifting but the Premier League is a whole different ball game as Bournemouth will no doubt show today.

The fact that most of the fans were disappointed by the draw at Old Trafford shows how far Arsenal have come over the last few weeks, The belief is there that we can beat almost anyone, especially at the Emirates.

But we cannot forget the first-half performance against Aston Villa and second half against Watford. There are no easy Premier League opponents.

A lot will depend on what team Unai Emery puts out. But I am confident it will be a team strong enough to beat Bournemouth.

The Cherries will give a good account of themselves, they have some very good and dangerous players and will be a test for Arsenal today.

They will try and take advantage down the flanks if Tierney and Bellerin are absent. They will also try and shackle Pepe and Aubameyang and will look to spoil and be negative when defending.

If Arsenal takes a positive attitude to this game I am certain they will win, if they set out negatively as they did against Tottenham and Man Utd then points will be dropped.

Arsenal must play to their strengths and not Bournemouth’s and the unbeaten run will extend to eight games.

In better words, if Arsenal drop points they will only have themselves to blame.

Predicted Score

Arsenal 3-1


  1. 🖒what more can be said.

    ___________ Leno ________________




    1. Knowing is always playing too safe in EPL. I won’t be surprised if we see willock or torreira for ceballos.

  2. How comes that our defence in PL is so weak that people are so sure we’ll let in at least a goal? Why not 3-0?
    Then let’s use cups team defence. At least Mustafi has not conceded a goal yet.
    We are not lacking goals sources up front. We are going to win. A good game? Leave it to the boys. Hoping that we’ll have a good number of them on parade today. Arsenal 3rd today.

    1. Maybe now we know that Mustafi is not the problem. The problem is with the defensive coaching? Just my guess.


    Just like the Aston Villa game, this game lose or draw will be forbidden..
    It’s going to be a difficult match but with the right selection and attitude we can take all 3 points..

  4. we all know it will be a struggle to get the 3 points .Emery will make it hard for himself and the team to win ,aslong has he has his 35 defensive players in the team we will be alright ,and if all fails hes got Xhaka to high five with .
    Think Nonny is spot on with the team and ill go 2-1

  5. Thought I was the only one who saw the hi five between Emery and Xhaka on Thursday.those two obviously has something going on between them. I give up

  6. Could we just have same line up as thursday Unai? Bournmonth cant be stronger thant standard Liege, can they?

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