Arsenal v Brighton match preview and predicted score

Arsenal to get back to winning ways against a stubborn Brighton at the Emirates.

I was looking forward to doing this Arsenal v Brighton match preview simply because I am far more confident than I have been in a while.

The defence was shocking against Norwich City on Sunday and there were the usual negatives. However, I also felt that there were some positives that we have not seen for the last couple of months.

The lads twice came back from being a goal down, they showed a fighting attitude that has been missing. That bodes well for the future. It shows under the right manager they do have the right character to dig themselves out of the rut they now find themselves in.

Freddie Ljungberg knows these players and knew what he was doing when he picked that line up against the Canaries. It was a shocker but we are probably judging him too early. He needs time to implement his vision and no matter how long he was assistant to Unai Emery he was never in a position back then to do that. He has a little time now.

I fully expect the players to be far better tomorrow night as they get more used to what Freddie wants from them. I do not see too many changes being made to the team that started against Norwich and that alone creates stability.

The fans will be behind the team 100%, there will be no toxic atmosphere and that will put the players in a far better place than has been the case recently.

Brighton is obviously going to pose a danger, we now know that any team we face is dangerous but we also know that an Arsenal team playing to its true ability can beat teams like Brighton. It is just getting them to that point and I am hopeful Freddie will do that.

The game will probably be tight but based on the improvement I saw against Norwich, the fans being fully behind Freddie and a positive atmosphere at the stadium tomorrow evening I am going for a home win.

Predicted Score

Arsenal 2-1 Brighton


  1. gotanidea says:

    My prediction on Ljungberg’s lineup:

    …………….. Leno
    Bellerin . Mustafi . Luiz . Tierney
    ……. Guendouzi ……. Xhaka
    Pepe ………… Ozil …….. Martinelli
    ……………. Aubameyang

    1. georgie b says:

      @gotanidea yes I would include Mustafi;for better or worse he is a dynamic player.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I’m going for 1-1. I expect another shocking team selection from Ljungberg, which will negate the improved tactics he has already given us.

    1. SAGooner says:

      I on the other hand believe that his team selection will be one that we can far easier live with than those in the recent past. He’s had a few days with the players now.

  3. GB says:

    We could be down to 14th tonight so it’s extremely important we beat Brighton tomorrow or we will be in a terrible situation especially with games against Man City and Chelsea in the next week or so. The crowd need to be in good voice but I fear there be a low attendance due to it being a Thursday night late kick off and it’s live on tv.

    1. GB says:

      By the way it’s free to watch only on Amazon Prime which you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and also watch the exclusive games over Christmas and New Years day!

    2. Sue says:

      I’m going, GB 😝
      There was loads of tickets on the ticket exchange, so yes, a lot of empty seats!


    I expect arsenal to win.I predict 3-0.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    We’re gonna have to do something to change our luck, really, really like. Things can’t keep going on like this, wtf did we do to make our club run this way. We were said to have class, AFC have class it was said, teams should try to do things the Arsenal way ..that was the same as saying teams should try to do things the right way.

    WTF happened, I feel like we’re in a coma or something, first Che came along, then City, and now Liv (come on Leic by the way)

    Smithy, listening to himself speaking yesterday made me think that Arteta might not be a bad choice.

    Ljungberg or Arteta, Freddie would probably have been his right hand man, if not Per.

    Pep got a similar chance at Barca and he didn’t look back, he was also the first manager that I seen in Europe with those pressing tactics, Germany tried to claim them, but Pep is the first that I’ve ever seen with a manic press.

    1. Sue says:

      Come on Leicester – love it, BOT 👍

  6. Le Coq Monster says:

    I agree AdMart, this will be a tight game……….tighter than Kroenke`s Wallet…………..I think we will just about edge a close game in injury time 9-0.

  7. We should play the Arsenal way. We should give Freddie all our support and time. I would prefer a back four of Tierney-Chambers-Socrates -Belarin. Also I would prefer Torreira to play the DM role with Xhaka and Willock alongside him. Pepe has to start along with Martinelli and they can support Auba.

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