Arsenal v Brighton Review – A dismal night after Arteta makes 10 changes..

We all knew that Mikel Arteta would be making changes, but i was surprised to see TEN changes from the weekend, with only William Saliba keeping his place, and there must be a problem with Turner as the youngster Karl Hein was in goal.

So Brighton started off more settled and the first 20 mins they were looking dangerous, but suddenly Reiss Nelson burst through the Brighton midfield and found Nketiah who finished it perfectly in the top corner.

Our lead didn’t last long though, as 5 minutes later Karl Hein made a booby and fouled Danny Welbeck in the box. And our old boy converted it well. 1-1.

The game carried on end to end, with Nelson looking particularly good for us, but we got to the break still all level.

Arsenal started the second half brightly with Eddie hitting the post, Nelson came close with his head and Lokonga is having a go as well in this half, here is Eddie’s Unlucky strike..

Then disaster as Mitoma puts Brighton ahead again from a very fast counter-attack.

Arteta responds by putting on Martinelli in place of Marquinhos…

But it didn’t do much good, as ten minutes later Lamptey got on the scoreboard with Brighton’s third, and Mikel Arteta is looking very worried and throws another couple of big guns on, with Tierney and Vieira off and Jesus and Zinchenko will have to work miracles in the last 30 minutes but Brighton continue piling on the pressure.

The only good news I’ve got is that the Spuds are 2-0 down to Nottm Forest!

With ten minutes to go Arteta also brings on Xhaka for Lokonga, but surely its too late now….

Martinelli had a go but just shot at the keeper, and soon after Holding had a header saved.

Once we saw there was five minutes added time, it didn’t suddenly give us hope, and we limped through to the final whistle.

What a disappointing night!


  1. Hopefully the result makes Arsenal realize that most of their fringe/ squad rotation players are rusty and not ready to compete in EPL

    Maybe they weren’t motivated because of the minor trophy, so the coaches had better force them to train harder or Arsenal sign some new players in January to intensify the internal competition

    1. I beg to differ GAI
      Those playing tonight should be playing their absolute best to give themselves a chance to get a more regular game.

      1. Agreed, SueP. If they can’t show an improvement in FA Cup games, I bet some of them will be loaned out next season

      2. Totally agree SueP. One has to question some players drive and mentality when given the opportunity. Arsenal were lucky Brighton also played second string lineup; if not it may have been worse.
        Once again poor finishing cost Arsenal dearly. Arsenal needs a “goal scoring and finishing” coach.
        The current squad is nowhere near strong enough to compete on multiple fronts. Imagine if key players are injured?
        Its funny how the League (Caribou) Cup becomes meaningless until you win it.

    2. From all indication Arsenal need to add atbleast 2 or more players in January to make top 4 baring injuries to senior players or challenge for EPL trophy. The fring players are clarely not ready for EPL.
      I also guess they didnt prioritize this cup.

    3. Here’s the minor trophy thing again. They are fighting to be in the first team. It’s in their interests to try and perform at their best regardless of the competition

  2. Got to watch the first 35 mins before it went dark on the streaming sites .
    What I do see was Eddie playing like we saw at the back end of last season ,Vieria once again looking like a complete waste of 30 million ,hein made a slip up on the penalty
    But looked good before hand .
    Not to bothered about the result on a personal lvl ,as it’s not exactly a competition that matters to us this season .
    Onto the next 👍

  3. A midfield trio of Elneny, Lokonga and Fabio is almost useless. Brighton are a good team and would have given our first team a torrid time had they start.

    I am certain Elneny is gone in the summer, I am hoping Kompany reunites with Lokonga in Burnley, Fabio still have two years to prove himself as he is just 21.

    Others may not agree but I am happy we are out. On to the next one!

  4. Our 2nd 11 is not up to a scratch. Get In 5 new good legs if we are to sustain our position in the league.

  5. I’m disappointed, I went to my first Caraboa (League Cup) final, against Swindon at Wembley and we lost that 3-1 too.

  6. Carabao cup not good for London teams this season
    Arsenal 1 Brighton 3
    N/Forest 2 Tottenham 0
    Man City 2 Chelsea 0
    West Ham 1 Blackburn 1 ( Blackburn won 10 9 on penalties

  7. Remembering the furore it kicked up when Ferguson said Man Utd were not going to enter the EFL and FA cups,
    Arteta realises that he has to *say* that he cares about the competition, but the team he put out suggests otherwise.

    Looks to me like he was happy with either result. There’s either less on the schedule if we lose, or more game time for the fringe players if we win.

  8. I didn’t watch the match but from what I read I hope Arteta makes the most important signing in January which is a DM. That is the signing we need and no matter how much its ignored that will continue to be proven again and again

      1. That and any other attacker can wait until the summer depending on injuries. I’m not a fan of striker dropping very deep and what not and I also can never see Odegaard or Vieira as CM’s.

      2. Any consistent goal scorer, who knows what a goal looks like and can put the ball between the posts and under the bar. Maybe Arteta can hand out drawings and photographs at training sessions.

  9. I expected Arsenal to lose when i saw the line up Not end of the world but shows Arsenal need a new striker im afraid players like Nketiah and Nelson not good enough Marquinhos Vieira Nd Lokonga not ready as yet so we were always going to be up against it tonight I hope as in years gone by this match does not have a domino effect on the Wolves game at the weekend

  10. Its sad but in the great scheme of things, it matters little. I would have liked to go further but it changes nought!!!!!!

  11. Agree with most of the comments here. I don’t get fans who say complain that we have too small a squad and then complain when we drop out (along with half of the EPL) of the most minor competition we compete in – hech we don’t even need it to qualify for Europe this season! As with the final Europa games, it restated two facts that we all knew already: 1 it’s almost impossible to motivate our top players for games that don’t matter when the main prize is so big 2 our second string, who SHOULD be motivated, aren’t. And they also either aren’t ready now or in many cases never will be. No correlation here with our EPL prospects, no surprise, no regrets. Just happy it showed the Board again where we are. Two more players please!

    1. Arsenal will finish 2nd this season, that’s for sure. All other teams are falling apart. I don’t see who else can climb upto 2nd place .

    2. It is regularly trotted out when we lose certain games that some players are “not motivated”. I disagree with this view and I feel that it does not make sense.
      There is a significant drop off in levels between players in certain positions. And we cannot send out the same players for all the games.
      Arsenal’s squad is simply not strong enough.

  12. Once we move away from the first team we are pretty dreadful tbh, very light squad outside of first 11

  13. Did we learn anything new from the game today? I don’t think so. Just another confirmation that the squad is too thin or, not deep enough to compete in all competitions. At least 3 proven premier additions needed in the January window. Developing a habit of loosing could be extremely harmful for out title ambitions.

  14. I know this was a loss, BUT

    In the bigger scheme of things, this loss may turn out to be a blessing!!!!

    The loss might open up some dates to finally play our postponed match with Man City.

    That game should give us an indication of whether we are merely top 4 material or true title contenders.

    I hope the latter, if only to shut up the “Pundits”

  15. Fringe squad not even near the fringe squad og Brighton. That’s strange.
    Among all prospects in January is Marcus Thuram, an experienced striker who is out of contract in Summer. Bring him in and/or even Zaha. We need to booster the attack to survive top 4. Also bring in Danilo. All of them don’t cost more than 50M,
    These defeats play on us psychologically.
    Brighton is a well-groomed side. Their senior squad will cause us problems in December especially if by any design, Saliba and/or Partey are absent

  16. A squad needs to gel , and the first 11 has. This match was a chance for the rest to see how it works and get used to it.

    Last season we seen the good and bad while the first 11 settled in and now the rest are getting in there now and then to see how it goes.
    So relax the caks and be glad that they got there shot so when called upon in the main one , they will be more prepared.

  17. Well it looks like in long run it will work in our favour as we will have to play less games, stop with the hate and negativity towards Viera. He is a fab player, some players need a bit of time to settle down specially when they are in a complete new environment n culture. He will prove his doubters wrong and show his class next season. I am telling you he is a player with calibre of David Silva. Also ppl bashing and labelling our bench players as not up to mark, need to understand even world class players will struggle if they don’t play regularly and you put combination of 10 new players on the field. Players need confidence which comes with playing time and consistency, they need to play with each other on regular basis to understand each others game and have that chemistry. So I really don’t blame our players for today performance. I don’t blame Arteta either he is trying to protect and rest the starring 11 for more important fronts.

  18. Roberto De Zerbi is no slouch. After so many media jokes, he made Graham Potter’s Brighton even better. They are 6th in EPL and Carabao Cup is nonsense so no worries for me that Arsenal left the competition.

  19. I do not mind losing and being out this comp, but what I don’t like is seeing a rubbish performance like that.

    As well as MA does with top class talent, he(and his coaching team) seem clueless on how to coach and improve fringe players. This is a big concern because these are the players that need to cover 1st team payers when injuries/sickness occur.

    I hope he understands that he can’t just get a blank cheque every window? He actually needs to improve current players as well.

    1. @PJ-SA
      RealTalk. This is exactly what I criticised The Coach for last season. Relying too much on the starting 11 and neglecting to get the other players match fit enough through match mins to step in and have any kind of positive impact.

  20. Absolutely doesn’t make sense playing all these extra games when qualifying for Uefa is paramount. It’s a good thing Our focus should be on on Wolves. Than into a long break. Upward and Onward.

  21. We would have all been happy if the 2nd team had won this game though. This further buttress the fact that more signings need to come in in January. At least a CM/DM and ST/RW/LW. Very very important. Hopefully, ESR will also come in to do a job. Then by Summer, a proper AM/CM to compete with Ode and Xhaka or probably displace them and a good CB to compete with Saliba and Gabriel. That will be true progress.

  22. I honestly don’t care about this competition. Our squad is already so thin we had to feature many of our first XI’s in it.

    We will get reinforcements in January but realistically it’s only going to be 1 or maximum of 2 players.

    If we’re looking for a B2B midfielder, Daichi Kamada of E Frankfurt looks quite good. Very versatile, prime age, soon to be free agent. And if he’s anything like our Tomi, he will have great attitude as well.

  23. Before the match I stressed the respect I had for Brighton and their performance vindicated my thoughts.They are able to unearth real talent before they become too pricey and have a system of playing which is pleasing on the eye.As for Arsenal I thought Nelson and Nketiah did well yet they are criticised by some on this site who are unable to focus on the facts it seems.Our midfield three were disappointing and clearly this is the area where we need to strengthen.

  24. A cup game is an opportunity for every squad player to show what they can do. I do however think they would have done better if they got a few games with the first team lads before last nights game.

  25. damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
    funny how some fans on here can turn on a drop of a switch.
    always happy to read constructive criticism but some are moaning for the sake of moaning
    of course, we are all disappointed-on losing and going out the cup.
    but would we have been more disappointed on winning last night, picking unnecessary injuries, putting out a weakened side the weekend and dropping points.
    let us all have a reality check please people.
    we are far from having a solid 2nd 11, we all know that deep down. we have just got the first 11 on track and after many years of inconsistent performances in the league we are now putting ourselves in a position to actually compete for a top 4 spot or more.
    will the same moaning people on here be complaining if we walk away with 3 points at the weekend. we currently sit top of the league and should come out in the 2nd half of the season top and looking down.
    still a long way to go – 25 games, players getting game time, and some will come through and be very important for us in the future.
    enjoy the moment
    onwards and upwards….

  26. Fair comment AB.Classic catch22 situation where players will rarely be match sharp with the occasional game when they spend more time on the bench.I feel particularly sorry for our young keeper who was unfortunately culpable for two goals .Having seen him perform well, under adversity, with Estonia, he is bound to be feeling low today, but let’s hope he gets over his disappointment and proves to be the very capable stopper he is.

    1. good afternoon, sir,
      do hope we are all good
      sometimes it’s human nature where we make knee jerk decisions or comments after something we don’t like or see so i understand the frustration of some the people on here.
      MA is not stupid as to throw inadequate players into games regardless of some opinions on him here.
      we don’t have the luxury of having a world class 2nd 11 unlike city. we do though have a process and way of playing which takes a bit of time to get into the groove.
      personally, i am loving it. 22 wins last season and i can see us surpassing that this season and there is not a better feeling then your team winning

  27. The biggest losers of this loss are the second team players, who will have less opportunities to play games next year.

  28. Really, my only complaint is why Arteta sent in the first teamers. If you’re playing second and third teamers–whether for rest, World Cup health, whatever — don’t risk the top flight folks for what is easily the least important of the four competitions this year. We already know our reserves aren’t at a high enough level; this game just confirms it.

  29. It’s sad. I really wanted us to win the trophy because we’ve never won it

    Anyway, we are still in for other trophies

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