Arsenal v Brighton review – Professional job puts Gunners 5th

Arsenal are still playing catch up in the Premier League title race, and with both Manchester United and Man City in ominoius form and winningtheir own games yet again yesterday, the Gunners could not aford any slip-up today at the Emirates when Chris Hughton brought his EPL new boys Brighton and Hove Albion to town.

Without being too spectacular Arsenal got the job done and never really looked like we would mess it up, although I feel that the scoreline could have been much heavier if the second minute pile driving shot from Alexandre Lacazette had found the back of the net rather than crashing back off the post.

That would have set the tone and rocked the visitors but as it was it took another quarter of an hour for Arsenal to take the lead through Nacho Monreal who pounced after a goalmouth scrable in which Mustafi and Bellerin had shots blocked.

By then Brighton had settled though and they made a good fist of fighting back, hitting the woodwork themselves through Solly March. The Gunners had some decent chances to double the lead before the break, most notably with a four man break which we should have made more of.

It took a bit of time for us to get going after the restart but Alexis Sanchez then burst into life and really made a difference, setting up Iwobi for the second with a sublime backheel in the box. He also brought a great fingertip save and was causing all sorts of problems.

With no Ozil, though, and with Ramsey having an oiff day the Chilean’s class was often wasted and the game drifted away from us a bit towards the end. No real complaints from me though, as we got the job done and are now level on points with Chelsea. Not bad for a bunch of no-hopers eh?



  1. Did not see the first half, but it was a good second half. As if Brighton were just standing there, waiting to be punished.

    Great assist by Sanchez and good shot by Iwobi.

    1. That’s the best way to build our confiedence back, a win is a win.
      I wanted to see a bit of JACK WILSHERE though.

  2. Two different goal scorers, three massive points and a clean sheet… Good to win just before the Intl break. Well-done Boys!

  3. Sanchez getting in there hope he gets to full fitness before big matches ,great to see his runs and cutting in.he also linked with laca positive sign.

    1. Yeah even when Alexis isn’t 100%, he is still very useful and fun to watch. I will miss him next year 🙁

  4. 3 points and a clean sheet
    Always love that
    Job done

    What I liked is that Monreal and Iwobi kept pressure off Lacazette, Giroud and Alexis
    Its nice to see different players scoring for a change

    Watford next after the international break
    I hate international breaks because sometimes you get injuries and you get two weeks of boredom lol

    Well done boys

    1. and Iwobi is coming to help us get to the world cup this weekend.
      Wishing all Arsenal players on international assignments good outings (I hope none is facing another) and injury free international games especially Sanchez who can be dampened if Chile mess up again. Please return sound and healthy and in good spirit.
      Let’s enjoy the win.

  5. Good solid win. Wish we could look like we want to hammer a team rather than over elaborate especially when the subs come on. Just wanted to see Jack get a chance as Ramsey wasnt convincing today. Great effort & result

  6. My sad point was that Laca’s shot that hit the post from that distance out. How I wish it had entered, it would have done a lot of goods to him and us. I wish him better luck.
    We won and am okay. If we can climb up without being notice we can surface at the summit taking others by surprise then start fighting.
    I think Alexis has realized that being indifferent can not help his cause whether he stays or goes so he coming up. That assist was of Alexis that we knew.
    Forget about the low score line. Let’s be happy with the win after all we didn’t concede but scored.

  7. It was a good game for us and massive point the goals could have been up to 4 or 5 if not for good defensive work by Brighton,but the substitution was wrong and after the substitution Brighton took over the game for up to ten minutes, Ramsey played 90mins,Walcott for iwobi Wenger got it wrong ,……Sanchez was outstanding today kudos to him,

  8. A win is positive buy I’m still not sure about Ramsey / Xhaka

    I was ask by segum to look at how much money we’ve made from sales in the last 3 years it’s just over 64m
    So we’ve actually spent 136m in the last 3 years
    Around 45m a season

    In my opinion not enough seeing are we make far more and the fans deserve the best, name t all transfers work out but if you don’t speaks your limiting your choice

  9. I think this team is warming up nicely, to take their place at the top or thereabouts.

    I think we are in for a great season, if injuries don’t blindside us again. This team will do well and probably compete for the title.

    Good to hope and I dare to believe.

    1. What? No.

      Top 6. We are no way near City, Utd and Spurs.

      Very lucky against West Brom and lucky with the first goal against Brighton. Happy with the three points and a clean sheet but the problems still remain.

      1) Positionally, Ramsey, Xhaka and Bellerin were all over the place, 2) too much overplaying, 3) weak/useless (direct shots) at goalkeeper (why not shoot at the corner of the goal?), 4) defence weak at corners/free kicks, 4) vulnerable when not in possession, 5) weak tackling/winning the ball, 6) Still not sure Lacazette is an upgrade to Giroud.

      1. Greatest comment for this article. Blunt and direct, no sweet words at all to show the reality of Arsenal’s current situation.

        If you guys think Arsenal’s football and management levels are close to the clubs he mentioned above, see the Premier League’s current players’ statistics. The lists are dominated by those clubs, and the most through balls list shows that those clubs do not like to play safe like Arsenal.

  10. Wengers tamed Xhaka so much so that Xhaka doesn’t even put a foot in for tackle. He got two harsh red cards last season that must’ve set Wenger off and told Xhaka to not go rough into tackles anymore. That is a shame. All Xhaka does now is many short passes and then occasionally some great long pass.

    Last years Xhaka was much better.

    1. I can see where you’re coming from tat. We are not good at breaking down teams who play very defensive but much better counter attacking. I also don’t think Wenger encourages shots from outside the box, except free kicks of course. I sometimes think we need to get wide more and put crosses into the box rather than trying to walk it in.

  11. Xaka position is the most replaceable player – with Elneny and Wiltshire considered better players in that position by some (including me)

    Monreals been superb recently. Worried don’t have good cover for him – hope that doesn’t bite us in the Arsenal later in season

  12. Bellerin was really solid.

    Only one player seemed to be more prone to errors than the rest and that was Ramsey. Why can’t he keep it simple?

  13. How we would replace Sanchez??? This is certain that we would move to city with Free Transfer…. Who is there to replace him??! I think next we would require at least 2 top attacking players… I think Lemar and Draxler will be good enough to compete… We will get Draxler easily because is want away players in PGS after arrival of Neymar and Mbappe…

  14. Not convincing but better than a good display ending in a draw. Some of the players like iwobi and xhaka seem to be too cautious in their play while Sanchez (he did that a couple of times) and Ramsey hold on to the ball way to long instead of playing a simple pass to a teammate which can easily open up the opponent. Laca is a real deal just need to improve physically. Walcott is still useless. Monreal is a huge player for us. Big points today going into the break

  15. It was a safe match, xhaka is beginning to worry me I think Elneny, wilshere and ramsey should rule the midfield. Lacazette is still off pace for me but we al know he is class, to be at his best he needs to carry the team like Sanchez does. I still think Wenger needs to leave I just cnt see how Arsenal are gunna match city and United with their current attitude except Wenger pulls off something world class

    1. Sincerely playing with Ramsey as your midfield partner, you’ll need all the caution you can buy.

      Try to notice when xhaka play with El…

  16. Xhaka/Ramsey combination is not up to standard. I think Carzola/Elnerny or Wilshere should be tested. Ramsey does not special qualities to hold the ball too long, thats his biggest weakness. He should just play simple. His strength is only hard work. He went AWOL.
    Sanchez realised that by having negative approach to the game is not good for either Arsenal or himself as his value will go down, by so doing it will chase away teams that are interested. Good display Mr. Sanchez

  17. Even after a win u guys r still moaning!!!! Wtf,!!!! The most ungrateful fans in d history of football,its no longer about winning,its now About number of goals scored,seroously u guys r pathetic! U get 3 points winning against man u and also 3 ,points winning against crystal palace

  18. Arsenal are not playing plastic balls ,it leather some of Arsenal writers are just writting nonsense about d players and the coach. I am appealing to them to let that man concentrate with is boys without silly distraction please

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