Arsenal v Brighton Review – We can’t take advantage again and blow our top four chances

Unai Emery picked a very attacking side, although his defensive line-up looks worrying with Koscielny left on the bench as a precaution, and his choice seemed to be working when Mhkitaryan hit the bar after just two minutes. Arsenal looked fully in control and it was little surprise when Jahanbakhsh stuck out a leg and tripped Monreal right on the corner of the box. He looked like he missed the ball it was an obvious penalty, although there were a few doubts from the pundits. Aubameyang converted this one and we looked like we were in for an easy evening anyway.

Brighton didn’t really threaten at all until the 17th minute when a long range free kick gave them calls for a handball and penalty, but the ref wasn’t interested. The Gunners then decided to sit back and bore our opponents to death with the sideways passing until the Seagulls started giving Leno a little work to do. But the last 15 minutes of the half saw Arsenal, and especially Lacazette, going full pelt for a second goal, but Ryan was playing a blinder and we went into the break with a slender 1-0 lead.

The second half started with Arsenal coming close a few times a few times in the first ten minutes, then calamity! Xhaka decided to trip up March as he bombed towards Leno’s goal and Anthony Taylor points to the spot. Murray makes no mistake and we go into the last half hour with it all square at 1-1. We should have been out of sight by now.

Arsenal go all out for a second with some urgency and both Aubameyang and Lacazette came close, but we were leaving more gaps at the back as Brighton tried for a breakaway and a shock away win. It wouldn’t have been a surprise but even the draw feels like a loss today.

Oh well at least we are guaranteed a Europa League place again next season!



  1. 200+ M squad couldn’t beat the mighty Brighton Albion. What’s the point of having 40+ M CAMs/ no 10s like Ozil/ Mkhitaryan, if we are hardly able to unlock mid-table teams’ defense in last three seasons?

    This is when we need a towering target man like Giroud, that can break a parking bus when the creative midfielders are useless. Aubameyang’s finishing was shocking as well, cannot wait until Emery changes the strategy to use inverted wingers instead of using two strikers

    And Xhaka’s thoughts and decisions are simply too slow for a team as big as Arsenal. He is useless if he cannot score and assist in set-pieces, because he cannot dictate the tempo either

    1. More upsetting .

      These bottle job useless EMBARASSMENTS have ruined Aaron ramseys farewell


      1. Just been announced at stadium
        Welbecks gone too

        Fine by me .
        Announce everyone else now

        Banter era lives on

        Dead club

    2. Sometimes I really don’t understand Emery’s team selection. I know he had the Valencia game in mind but for God sake… START YOUR FU*KING BEST PLAYERS UNAI!!! This was a game that begged for Iwobi’s pace and trickery on either flank to help unlock a very stubborn defence but instead he started Mikki.

      Iwobi didn’t start ang this my fellow gooners is the reason we lost today. Now we can kiss 4th place good bye.

      Chelshit will finish 3rd and Spurs 4th. Arsenal will go on to win the Europa and qualify for champions league. Emery is the Europa cup specialist so I’m not worried.

  2. Terrible substitutions by Emery.He should’ve only substituted the non existent Mkhitaryan for Iwobi.For those who ask why I hate the three back this match is an example.The painful thing is in recent weeks when he decided to play the four back he didn’t start with our best players.Look how we were peppering Brighton until the change of formation and players.Ozil was also having a great game in his favoured role yet someway Emery thought a naturally defensive formation is better than an attacking one by switching to the three back while we were in search of a goal.We looked like scoring until the change to the back three.If only he didnt change the setup it was likely we wouldve scored.Emery and Xhaka cost us the game.Our best players were Ozil and Lacazette.

    1. Ozil did not produce any assist nor goal in the last few matches, home and away

      He was useless but Emery has no other option

      1. Exactly .How on earth can you blame the manager .He had nothing else on the bench to bring on.In my opinion qualifying for CL is pointless .As I have said numerous times we have to look at a 5 year plan to get this club even to start challenging for the title.At the moment we are light years behind Liverpool and Man City and even if we spent 200 million that isn’t going to change.We have to start using are younger players and to buy with are small transfer budget players who want to play for this club and not hear for the money,of which we have at present far too many .These players will not be going anywhere until their contracts expire.So it will be a slow process and we have to except this is the case

        1. The change in formation lost the match for us.Up until that we looked like scoring.It was like we went defensive but we were attacking Brighton.His tactics cost us big time and when I saw Guendouzi and Kola doing up I suspected we were going to a back three.

          1. No it didn’t .The players played with no urgency until Brighton scored.They all got what they deserved

            1. Sorry then we must have watched a different game.We were on had to score up until then.The formation switch made it easier for Brighton.Up until then we were peppering them and we were on hand to score.Imo we would’ve scored because we’ve hardly drawn at the Emirates when using our best players in the right setup and Brighton’s defence is nothing special.

                1. I’m not the kind of person to be calling for a manger’s head though.This is only criticism.I wonder how Emery thought a switch to more a more defensive formation could help us win.Im guessing he thought by including Iwobi and Kola as wingbacks he could’ve have more attack minded players but what he didn’t know is that the formation he used cost us big time.

            2. Sorry then we must have watched a different game.We were on had to score up until then.The formation switch made it easier for Brighton.Up until then we were peppering them and we were on hand to score.Imo we would’ve scored because we’ve hardly drawn at the Emirates when using our best players in the right setup and Brighton’s defence is nothing special.

              1. It should’ve been Iwobi for Ozil.

                Ozil has not contributed at all this season. His talk of wanting to stay at the club is because he knows now he is not worth 300,000 a week anywhere. So will milk our club till the very end.

                His slow pace brings the whole team down. You expect your highest paid player to show some heart and boss games.

                1. Wrong! I’m all for selling Ozil and I don’t rate him that much but with respect to this game he was one of our best players along with Lacazette.
                  Iwobi should started at LW in place of Mkhi then Auba should been at the RW.There was nothing special about Brighton’s defence and it was Arsenal who lost the match today through poor tactics and bad decision making from players.

          2. Kev I don’t know the match u watched but as remember, the 3 changes changed the game as we dominated but couldn’t score. It’s EL or burst for us now. bring it on I still believe in this season ending happily

            1. Arsenal naturally dominated because we were in search of a goal but the relative position of our players made it difficult for us to break through Brighton’s defence .This was caused due to the change in formation.We were peppering them until the substitutions and subsewuent change in formation.I can’t believe you thought the substitutes made a positive impact.Infact I would only have started Iwobi for Mkhi because though average he’s been far better this season than Mkhi who has been non-existent.

              1. Kev, whenever Arsenal don’t win it is always Emery’s fault. Don’t you think the players have to take resonsibility, or do you think Emery should play for them as well? Arsenal’s lack of clinical finishing and diabolical defending has cost the Club this season. Unfortunately football is not played on paper, but the team selected was strong enough to have beaten Brighton at home. These players don’t earn their money and lack professional pride too often.

          3. We never looked like scoring at all. Even the goal we scored via penalty was as a result of carelessness and overzealous on the part of the Brighton defender.
            We looked like scoring against Crystal palace, yet we lost.
            We looked like scoring against Everton yet we lost.
            We looked like scoring against Leicester city, yet we lost.
            Next week, we will look like scoring against Burnley, still, we will lose.

      2. Give it a rest he did more in the 1st half than wrecking machine iwobi as done all season

        1. You have no idea about what you’re saying.Mkhitaryan has been almost non existent all season.Even the dreadful Iwobi has outperformed him this season which says a lot.If Emery had only changed Iwobi and sent him to LW then we may well have won the match.I don’t rate him but relative to the first team he must start just like how I always say even though I don’t rate Ozil currently he must still start.

            1. Ok if I could understand you’re post then maybe I could reply to you
              I’m not ozils biggest fan BTW so he’s no lord to me

    2. Ozil? He plays one great ball un the first half…nothing More…best player ??? :/

      1. I don’t rate him and want him to leave but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t tell the truth.He and Laca dominated the attack up until the mistake and tactics change.From there everything we started doing had no plan.I wonder what Emery sees in Kolasinac.He’s in no way an impact player and in a match like this he should be starting rather than coming from the bench.

        1. The real reason we lost the match was Xhaka idiot and untimely pulling and clipping of Solly March legs in a vital are like 18-yard.

    3. WTF was Xhaka thinking … he lost us the game …
      Emery making 3 changes at the same time killed our momentum … we were more in control of the ball before the change. They parked the bus, but we had no plan B, we are so one dimensional. The depth of our squad is shocking … i don’t know how many times Iwobi gave the ball away. We are on par with one of the worst Man U team in history … cos this is the worst we’ve been

    4. Our best players were Ozil and Laca. Laca yes our best player but Ozil heheheheh. Maybe playing well is to hide in the field

  3. I blame unai emery …
    We were on the cusp of scoring.
    He brings on 3 stooges …we throw it away

    Europa league side get 5th …nit exactly shocking is it…

    1. To be fair to Emery, he started 6 stooges. Not a lot he can do with absolute trash!

      1. Yes it is always players fault. The coach can’t do no wrong. There is nothing as good coaching but bad players. The same players that went unbeaten for 22 games, the same team that are halfway into el final. How come they suddenly not good enough in the last 6 matches? Yeah, they are sh**t and the coach is a saint

        1. Mainly the same players who finished 6th last year, not within a bull’s roar of a Champions League place.
          At the start of the season no one expected Arsenal with this squad strength to be still competing.

    2. He cost us the game with the formation change big time.He should be brought on Iwobi for Mkhitaryan and allowed the rest to play.Xhaka has always been Xhaka and I never rated him but the tactics change and substitutions cost us big time especially the Kola one.We looked like scoring until he changed the system.

  4. Arsenal threw away top 4 finish themselves, we have all the chances to be there we sleep when it matters most, our attack as be worrisome. Europa title is d only chance for UCL now

  5. Apart from lacca and holding I do t care if any of the others leave

    Today no one deserves above a 4
    Mustafi and Xhaka again liabilities
    Would any of our back 5 get in the top four sides
    Cheap club with cheap goals
    Why do certain players continue to get a shift surely we have youngsters who could do as well and get experience
    Sorry emery not good enough 6/10 if you’re name was Wenger Jon Fox would be all over you

          1. It’s the opposite genius
            jF is always blaming Wenger as most of us did however, I hold emery to the same standards

  6. I’m so tired of this crap year in year out. Our downfall started with Kroenke buying his way into Arsenal, and it just keeps spiralling downwards. Top 4 should have been ours weeks ago, but this defence and this coach is not up for it. Doesn’t matter who our manager is, with no investings we’ll keep going down. We haven’t got anything to do in the CL either, EL has become our level. I’m absolutely fuming!!

    1. I’m afraid we would slowly descend to Everton’s level if we cannot get rid the aging and erratic stars in the summer

      Because of their contracts, we would be stuck with them for another two seasons and Emery would have no budget to rebuild due to the lacklustre stars’ mega salaries

  7. This team reeks of mediocrity. The season is unravelling right before our eyes and is on the brink of being declared an absolute failure. Can’t even beat BHA at home at such a crucial stage of the season? For how long will we tolerate sub-par players like Mkhitaryan and Xhaka and their bumbling mistakes? I am deeply disappointed by this result today. Now Spurs are laughing at us with their backsides pressed against the top 4 glass ceiling.

    1. Sanchez has been successfully running his mission as our Trojan horse at Man United, but they also managed to give us theirs, Mkhitaryan

      He was a goal machine in his last season at Dortmund, but his skills seem to have vanished in London. I guess that’s what huge salary and comfort zone do to a once-a-football-star

  8. Before the match against Crystal Palace, the top 4 is for Arsenal to lose. But Arsenal went into suicide mode and lose the top 4. This team need housekeeping but the owner don’t care!

    1. Disappointing Kenny! Palace, Wolves Leicester and Brighton and one big shiny point! I’d normally be aggrieved but I’ve grown to accept this Arsenal team are painfully average! Ah well we move on to Thursday.

  9. the quality of squad is not good enough but it is slightly better than last season and Emery has failed to improve on our performance that’s because the man clearly has no footballing vision and for that alone he needs to go … He will never take us back to top 4 let alone competing with best of Europe … Lots of people on this site want to give him more time … Sorry that only works with someone who has a clear path forward this guy is a man manager with a mediocre record which looks good because of Sevilla triumphs but the fact that we could b in the final of EL with Chelsea confirms that it’s not a top tournament … He should go along with monreal mustafi koscielny xhaka Ramsey miki and aubemayang … Iwobi and guendhozi on loan … we need 4’quality players 2 defenders a b2b and a winger .. So unless the greedy yank is willing to stump up 100m on top of sales we will be in this same spot or worse next season

    1. Oh yeah we’re gonna do a Fulham and get relegated eh? If we don’t disclose our budget we’ll be able to buy smart (or better, bring players through). No more of that nonsense about spending millions because it doesn’t always work.

      1. Rkw, I ask you and others, if Emery goes which well credentialled competent manager/coach would be attracted to the Emirates given the current squad, the proposed transfer budget, Kroenke’s ownership and the self sustaining financial model?
        The top managers follow the money and want to be supported by the owners/board to succeed. Emery like Wenger before him, given the money being spent by other clubs in the EPL is not “Merlin the Magician.”

    2. You must be one of those people who were only hoping that Emery fails big time so they can quickly come out and show everyone that fought for change how wrong they were. This is Emery’s first season with this mediocre team. To say that he has failed and needs to go because he did not give us top 4 in his first season clearly shows the type of football fan you are. IRMC!

      1. Yawn … The kind of idiot fan that allowed wenger to carry on 6 years past his sell by date .. Stop blaming squad if u can’t beat palace and Brighton at home with that squad u r failing as a manager … Spurs Chelsea had same squad as last season and improved coz both managers have a vision of how to play football … Please tell me what u think emery’s is …

    3. It is the type of you that wanted to give Wenger an extra year. What will you have him do? You seem to think our squad is great…open your eyes. Which of our center backs are better than that of Brightons? Thesame team that couldn’t make top four for the past two seasons is thesame team you expect Emery to perform with.

      1. Again .. Why make a change from wenger if u didn’t expect an improvement in managerial quality … I was happy to see wenger go and while not enthusiastic about Emery was willing to give him a season to prove himself … But the kind of football I have watched us play in last 2 months is actually worse than under wenger’s lost decade … And when u look at emery’s past record there is nothing to suggest he’s a winning manager who offers an attractive style of football … His cup triumphs are like wenger’s during our lost decade and big Sam could deliver a title for psg …

  10. Mr M. Owen said after the match that he doesnt think that Arsenal fc should be in the top four and I wholeheartedly agree with him. I am devistated although we can still play in the Champions league by winning the Europa league.

    Every single playing should now do an introspective of themselves, come back buzzing by putting three quality performances in the remaining games in the Europa league. Please Arsenal fc, do it for the fans.

    We ask to see you in the Champions league come next season.

  11. I feel sorry for the Arsenal fans who pay to watch that absolute tripe! We got what we deserve and now we’ll finish behind utd as well! That team owe us fans a performance on Thursday!

    1. Spot on.It was awful.They only made any effort after Brighton score.As I have already said the players got what they deserved.

      1. Absolutely true sir! When the pressure was on we bottled it, We’ve had many opportunities to nail down a top 4 spot and couldn’t take it.. picking up 1 point from Palace, Wolves, Leicester and Brighton is an embarrassment and they’ve only got themselves to blame!

  12. This is what happens when you decide to only start playing after 70 minutes. How this team in its current form can arrogantly stroll around for 70 minutes thinking the game was won is beyond me. Spineless #gotwhattheydeserved

  13. So spurs will block us from 4th and then Chelsea will beat us in EL final (if we get there) and that’s us buggered for yet another year. #to$$ers.

    1. UE was the one who ruined our top 4 chances by tinkering with the squad. The palace game was an absolute nightmare.

  14. The only way the situation gets worse… Is for one Arsenal player to speak out against Emery.

  15. See a lot of Arsenal fans acting as though Emery owes them top 4 and champions league football. Like Emery was given enough transfer kitty and a better team to work with. I’m still looking at the positives from Emery’s first season in England with a rubbish squad and a cruel transfer kitty. Give him enough money to buy the players he needs/wants, then we can realistically judge him at the end of the season. Anyone who will criticize Emery at this stage is not being fair at all.

    1. We judge him on the SAME criteria as Wenger
      So he is expected to do better
      Have we ?

      1. @Sir alu is spot-on

        How can you expect a new manager to improve Arsenal tremendously, if he just took over from a 20+ years old regime and was given only 50 M transfer budget

        Only Ranieri could do that in modern football era, yet Arsenal’s scouting system doesn’t help either

          1. Conte Won the league with Chelsea in his first season. We have every right to blame Emery. We have no business losing against Crystal Palace, Wolves, Leicester, Everyone and picking a draw against BHA. When this team won against Man United and Chelsea, u never called them shitty players. Unai Emery should have fielded a strong midfield against Palace. He never had a Plan A. Going too defensive against mid table teams. Have a plan A. Play a 433 formation. Get your first team and work on them. He should have consider a loan move on January for Defender. He signed Suarez but hardly use him before his injury. No fight. We need at least 3 signings. A winger, A Box to Box player and a Central Defender. He is solely to blame. Spurs did not buy a player all season. I wish we went for Luis Enrique..we need a coach with Personality. If we don’t get into the cl next season, then Emery should go.

            1. The Chelsea players downed tools and stopped playing for Mourinho; many of the current Arsenal squad don’t have the tools to start with!

      2. Please help me with the criteria then! I bet you, if Wenger was to be here at this time, we would have been 9th by now. The truth that most of the fans are blatantly ignoring is the fact that playing in the EPL today is harder than it was yesterday. We need massive improvement. A typical example is Liverpool.

        1. Load of crap
          Emery signed 5 defensive players and our defence is a embarrassment to the club .you can slag wenger off all you want but he bought us some of the best football this country as ever seen .this as nothing to do with him .emery as been here full season now ,he had January to sign players but still you blame wenger .

          1. And how many years did it take your almighty Wenger to achieve that feet? I bet you are one of those people hoping Wenger stayed even after finishing 6th consecutively.

            1. And I bet you’re one of those people who only come and post on here once a year when arsenal lose and moan ,I actually wanted wenger to leave 6 years ago so you’re post is null and void .

              1. Wenger won the EPL in his first full season as manager (1997/98) and I recall that we were playing attractive football. However he did inherit the best back four in the country, not even Kos would have got into that defence. Instead Emery inherited probably the worse defence in the club’s history but his additions, Sokratis and Lichtsteiner, have been poor. He needs another season before we judge him, mind you if he was at Chelsea he would probably have gone by now.

  16. I hope we will win EL, but I feel Arsenal is not ready for CL. With players like Mustafi, Lichstainer, Monreal, Xhaka, Iwobi, Kolasinac we are not ready for Barcelona, Bayern and even Porto.
    Emery also shows strange moves (like today) and it is obvious that Arsenal players are dead tired (like everybody of top 6 teams in PL) but Emery has no subs to rest them.
    Only trouble is that Chelsea and 5pur2 are above us and they are not much better at all.

      1. Who in, who would come to the Emirates and do better with this squad, overpaid players who won’t move on and minimal transfer budget?

  17. Aaron Ramsey Of ten times the player of Xhaka on his worst days
    To replace him it will cost 50m and someone at the club let’s him leave WTF

  18. I don’t even know what to say. This team brings so much misery to millions of fans worldwide. Majority of our starting players need to go. And our bench must be the worst in the league. F U arsenal for ruining my week, all the way from Kenya.

  19. We lost to Everton , crystal palace, wolf, Leicester n now Brighton , this is just too poor of emry n the boys

  20. Emery came with good statistics of all arsenal players to get d job, he agreed to work with the budget. He did all these just to get d job,

  21. Arsenal beat Mu and Chelsea and did not
    concede at all.They have also beaten europa teams better then BHA.
    Why this drastic change in form and
    It is easy to play against Arsenal who willpass from the back until the sun sets.
    You get a 10 men defence and hit on the break.
    That’s how the gunners have lost.
    Hopefully they can dispose of Valencia and win the europa.Then all will be forgotten

      1. Damien, with the length of the srason, plus cup competitions you believe any club can play the same 11 game after game?

  22. Disgusting the club let Ramsey leave
    You can tell in his interview he wanted to stay

  23. If you say the truth about the coach and his players you’ll be called an Emery hater, why the fvck did we switched to a back three just when we were piling up the pressure on Brighton?
    Xhaka? Lol I believe I have no words to say about him, other than he’s no different from Mustafi.
    seriously we need a Sheikh, it doesn’t matter if we pull a United stunt and buy players without going anywhere, just sell out some of our midfielders and the complete defense line.
    I dread that UEL final against Chelsea, that’d if we even get rid of Valencia

    1. Thank goodness someone noticed.We were on hand to score up until the formation change.Imo we definitely would’ve scored the 2nd goal.The three back made it more easier for Brighton to defend and our attack seemed to lack cutting edge after that.Xhaka and Emery cost us the game big time.

  24. Can we sign the ajax manager, get Marc overmars, and give him £200 million transfer

    1. Shouldn’t Arsenal try giving Emery £200 million first rather than wasting money paying out his contract?
      £200 milion, Kroenke would die first before handing over the funds.

  25. Emery disorganized this team some don’t even know their purpose of playing and his tactics terrible we can’t hold position..What a mess??

  26. You go like “they will be beaten by Valencia and even if we manage to beat them, we will be thumped by Chelsea”. You later get glued to your tv hoping for a positive result at the end of the day. Then when your prediction and your confession comes to pass, you come on here again and talk nonsense. Arsenal fan(s) indeed. IRMC.

  27. Very painful this night…how I have followed,supported and hoped that I will be rewarded someday,I quit now,I wish the supporters all the best.I bow out now.Peace.

  28. To those who keep saying it’s all about money… agreed. But only against the top 5 teams. Against the smaller ones we should be winning, cause our squad is way better than theirs. It’s all about the right tactics, the right mentality and the vision of the manager and the board. Arsenal has been missing those things way too often this campaign.. Let’s hope that we are going to win the EL this season, or else we are doomed to fail next season…

    1. It’s about team balance. Madrid went a period without winning the league or champions league even if they were spending so much on so caller big name players.

      We have used up so called big players that can’t make a balanced team. We bought ao many flawed so called big name players for large amounts even if it would have been better to go for players that we needed and balanced the team.

      Our massively overhyped and overpaid big name players (big in Name only) are very flawed.
      I think Laca is our best of the lot.

  29. For everyone who thinks Emery is the victim of a bad squad left for him and will do better when he gets “his” players, please think again. The guy has no idea how to build a team. Take a look at all the players he’s been linked to in the past transfer windows and not a single one is a future prospect or current star. He had always benefited from a good sporting director picking the team while he does experiment that only worked with the players he had at Sevilla that’s why wherever he goes he tries to carry them along (remember Krychowack at PSG and trying to bring 30yr Banega and co to us) so if y’all feel with 500 million he’ll get anything other than a Europa League final then that’s a movie I’m eager to see how it’ll play out.
    For God’s sake the guy spent 3 weeks chasing after Denis Suarez when we needed a RB desperately and when he finally got his man he couldn’t even get him to play a total of 90mins in 4 months.
    The squad is bad yes but Emery is not the right man to fix it. Just my opinion

    1. I think its time I admit, he isn’t the man for the job. Once losing a title to Monaco in a one team league is poor.

    2. Actually we went for a number of players, who would provide some attacking threat on the flanks, which we missed. We were after some descent players, including Carasco and Pericic, but Sanllehi and co. decided for the cheapest and risk-safe option of loaning Suarez. At RB we had at the time 3 replacements for Bellerin, with AMN doing very good at times…

  30. Only scrolled through a few posts on here but I would imagine it’s the same ones talking the same crap .
    Gotanidea- we need inverted forwards like ,Sane,salah,mane,messi.
    ThirdmanJW,why is ozil on 350 k a week
    Kev-lemar is 100% done deal
    Gotanidea- iwobi should be CAM because he’s a wrecking machine .
    Not being funny but we lost today not because of wenger ,or ozils wages ,we lost because our team as no fight in them ,to get 1 point from 12 is an embarrassment to our club .
    We all no the real reason ,our owner ,so please stop with the excuses .

    1. Lol I’ve seen that inverted winger post more than a few times with Salah, Mane Sane Messi ?

  31. Going=

    Litchsteiner ?
    Monreal ?
    Mhikt ?
    Chambers ?
    Ospina ?
    Eleny ?

    As much as the list above seems sensible and realistic – if not from a fans perspective but also from the clubs perspective I dont know if all of these players will be sold because that takes TIME and interested clubs.

    I want to understand what unai feels. This will give a true indication of what he is thinking.

    One sign is good, rightly or wrongly the ruthlessness of letting Ramsay go and not renewing Welbeck contract shows the club do have ideas. It was worrying that Litchsteiner was also not announced…maybe the rumour I heard that he was signing a new deal a few months back is actually true.

  32. As usual, Xhaka fu**s it up again!

    Stupid ass muppet fails to engage the right brain matter and gives the penalty away (again)!

    Xhaka and mustafi are liabilities..

  33. Let’s be realistic guys, we are not a side with the quality to make an impression in the Champions League ,indeed it could get worse next season as I expect teams such as Wolves, Leicester and Everton to strengthen in the close season.No we are on a par with Man Utd who like us are faced with a major rebuilding job, the only difference being they have the financial resources to improve quickly whereas it make take us 3/4 years before we become a force again.A gloomy outlook you may say but a realistic one with our current owner.

    1. Good sensible post as usual Grandad. However I think 3/4 years is a bit optimistic with the Kroenkes in charge but I hope that you are right.

      1. ??Arsenal will need to rebuild from the Academy and intelligent scouting across all leagues and countries.

  34. My overall view why we did not make it to CL.
    1) Xhaka, Iwobi and Mikhitaryan should have been benched after every game the caused disaster for Arsensal
    2) Although we had bad defense such as Mustafi, Monreal and Sokratis, our main problem was the lack of sharpness in the box of the opponents. At every match, there were at least 2-3 moments attackers of Liverpool, MC, Chelsea or Spurs could easily score
    3) Unlike the top 4 teams we pass the ball for very, very long time around our defensive instead of kick it out straight to the forwards since our midfielders have been terrible. The meaningless passes caused panic in our defenders when the opponents rush forward into our box
    For the coming season, I wish I could see Xhaka, Mikhitaryan, Iwobi, Mustafi, Monreal, Aubameyang, Guoendouzi do exit from the club

  35. Emery the chief bottler. His panicked change of tactics cost us the opportunity of scoring.
    The worst arsenal team ever irrespective of what they win. Suddenly the 3-1win over Valencia doesn’t feel safe anymore, thanks to Emery’s continuous gambles. If we choose a defensive tactics against Valencia rather than play to our attacking strength, Valencia will cancel the deficit easily.

  36. it’s going to take time to rebuild Arsenal. looking at the players UE brought in am not sure whether he has the vision and the guts to achieve much. he is not abad Manager but again Arsenal is unique. he spent nearly 70 million last season on average players. he should have identified exactly the specific players the team needed..the holding and aball carring midfilder who could act as alink up man,a Cazola type of player to take pressure off the not amanger but it is basics he is missing. iwieh he could sit down with his team and fix the issues..blame the owners but the manager must first prove he can move the club forward.expect no much investment next season because EU must show he can manage the investment.

  37. The only players i want to keep are Laca, Torreira, AMN, Belllerin, Holding, Guendozi, Sokratis, Kos, Mavo.
    Maybe Sells – Auba (reluctantly we cant play 2 strikers and if we need to sell one to buy 2 wingers then Auba to go) and Xhaka (he’s good but we can do better), Iwobi (still young)

    Ozil, Miki, Monreal, Mustafi, Jenks, Lict, ElNeny all need to go.

    I want players who are hungry!

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