Arsenal v Burnley – Confirmed Team for Premier League clash with Burnley

The teams are out for today’s Premier League encounter between Arsenal and Burnley.

The Gunners are without a win from their last four in all competitions, but they are still huge favourites to come away with win at home to the Clarets this afternoon.

Should we win, we will move back up into fourth spot, at least until Tottenham take on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, although after being beaten home and away in the cup by the Champions League holders, they will surely not be expected to take points from that game, meaning we should be able to end the day in the CL places.

We do have some personnel issues to deal with, including suspensions for both Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka, which meant that the manager had to make a decision in midfield.

Earlier on, we predicted the following line-up, with little official word on which players were in fact available for action:

Chambers White Gabriel Tavares
Lokonga Patino
Martinelli Odegaard Saka

As you can see below, we were on the ball except for Chambers and Patino.

What are your scoreline predictions after seeing the starting XI?


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        1. Apologists will tell you to stay calm and not over exaggerate this draw with 20th place Burnley.

          This is progress remember? Too many are happy with 6th place, so no big deal we are on pace with their expectations.

          Oh, and some worried Arteta will go to City, ha.

  1. Strong enough team, if we don’t win we are in trouble. If we win then we will be in the Spuds bad dreams psycho-mind. We MUST buy a midfield player and striker in the next week or say goodbye to the teams above us disappearing into the distance….including the Spuds. No sign of any players….goodbye Edu goodbye Arteta….season finished. You know this is the truth.

    1. In games like this, the bench is very crucial. Burnley are a rugged side and we would have to make changes from the bench, which we do not have. I can’t see any game changer in the bench and we dare not loose any of the starting eleven to injury early in the game. It’s gonna be a very very difficult game to win.

  2. The doommongers are out in force again. GAME NOT EVEN STARTED YET TOO. Sigh!

    Whatever happened to “supporting your club”???

  3. The team looks great but without strength,
    Arteta should know we need physically fit midfielders, Partey is good but we need 1/2 more, midfield is where games are won, we can leave the CF position for now,
    I hope we win today by 4/5 goals, let’s be ruthless.

    1. It’s not saliba’s fault he won’t play. Arteta, the genius decides to see quality and send it on loan

  4. We are a very slow paced team all round. We need to be moving the ball up the pitch a lot quicker. We’ve dropped by alot of margins from the team that played City. This makes our top 4 hopes, really hard.

  5. Great to see that the referee bias continues, if Arsenal played like Burnley are doing we would at least had one player sent off. It’s becoming so much of a joke that Im considering to stop watching football altogether. More often than not, refs ruin tight games for Arsenal, but for teams like manu they grant offside goals to give them three points.

  6. Low energy manager low energy team … another 45 minutes … against the worst club in the league … why arteta will not move us back to where we belong … man city after him .. can’t make some of these football stories up … I wonder how many minutes Jon fox needs to work this simple lesson out

    1. I can see Pepe coming back a different player with alof of confidence from the AFCON. He is a great player in flashes which isn’t enough but hopefully now can be consistent. Rather give Pepe a go than sign another winger.

      1. I truly hope so Sean. He surely has a talent and it’s very unfortunate that we can’t utilize it to our advantage.

        1. Exactly and I blame Mikel for that, Pepe needs gametime too. How the hell is Saliba not playing here already, Dino/Matteo also. All young stars who should be on this squad.

          Mikel has had some bad moments and these are a few!!

  7. I’m listening on Arsenal radio. Suggestion that Burnley were lucky to get away with not getting a red card

        1. I think we can all guess if that was Xhaka he’s going for an early bath Sue it really was a nailed on second yellow.

  8. Is anyone watching this palace game. Palace have been battering Liverpools goal for end of 1st half and beginning of 2nd half, should be winning the game tbh. Well done Patrick, has those boys fired up 🔥

  9. Our bench today shows how once again our squad is seen to be too weak for the top level. If a players has 5 years at the very top and there are around 25 in a squad, then you have to get 5 players in every year just to stand still. Simple arithmetic. How often have we bought 5 quality players year on year?

  10. There goes the matador removing the best player of the second half for a player who won’t do much to change the game

  11. the radio commentator on Arsenal radio was going nuts about the lack of protection by the officials for Saka

  12. Does arteta understand that with no recognized striker you need players in the box .. did he learn anything at city

  13. Eddie go plz go my local pub team needs a foward bring lacca with u terrible players

  14. If we don’t win this game, then we don’t have what it takes to make the top 4 this season and the matador has to go.

    1. I’ve said that White isn’t good enough for us. £50m down the drain when Saliba was there and obviously ready from what we have saw him do in France with Marseille.

      Mikel picks his favourites and ships out players that are needed and better than what we have to then be held by bottom of table Burnley when Top4 was on the line. Same old same old

  15. Not being wise after the event, but I am not an Nketiah fan. He has no ball control nor link up skills. If he is the only player we have to bring off the bench then we will not beat any decent team.

    1. his 15 minutes were still better than martinelli’s whole game. martinelli couldn’t run past a single burnley defender. and saka marke out of a game by eric pieters is just embarrasing.

  16. That’s why Arteta has got to go! Has no clue what to do… we needed this win and he can’t muster up a plan to win at home to Burnley after the embarrassments of Liverpool & Forest. Especially with Spurs v Chelsea next and UTD winning. Well done

  17. another easy game to call. arsenal are finished for the season and performances wont be good again until end of the season. no movement in Janaury either besides maybe the useless arthur. this club just doesnt change.

  18. Saka was shit in these latest games, no passion its a bang average team, nketia coming of as substitute shows the quality of the team even tired, how many corners we have missed, tierney is an average player

  19. Well, what can you say… nobody here can be surprised by the result!

    The usual cracks are appearing in this squad and Artetas manegerial skills as we move into the business end of the season. Out of all competitions and fading in the league..

  20. Played Forest, Liverpool and Burnley, an absolute bowl of dross. After 2 years I know who should be leaving. Look at Conte’s effect on the Spuds….look at Arteta’s affect on Arsenal….in two years. We are being conned.

  21. OT
    Hows that a penalty for liverpool?
    Then the offside call yesterday for man united???

    Whats happening in this league????

    1. ive stopped bothering to mention it. the league is rigged, it’s more a fact than an observartion this season espescially.

  22. Harry Kane grows under Conte. Man management skill is essential to football management. Why substitute Emile Smith Rowe as he is the most dangerous Arsenal player for Burnley.

  23. lot of young lads on the bench give them a go with 20 mins to go no arteta no way eddie the eagle,lets b fair westwood should have gone but lacazettes miss i mean my 85 year old farher would have hit the target he mite not have scored but at least hit the target

  24. Some will defend Arteta though, watch, in spite of these facts.

    1. Defense good enough, Burnley didn’t score
    2. Our first choice front 3
    3. No Partey or Xhaka, even though they don’t score goals or provide assists.
    4. Burnley lost Wood to Newcastle

    Burnley place their brand of football and Arteta still has no answer. At least we didn’t lose 0-1 like last year.

  25. My question is why AMN was loaned to Roma on the first week of the transfer window and why AMN was pushing for a move away when we needed him the most?

    AMN should be transfer-listed at the end of the season for his lack of drive to help out the team and fight for a place in the starting lineup. The boy is sick!!!

    That stupid decision alone should cause Arteta his job if we do not make Top 4 at the end of the season since he is more interested in helping Roma to a Top 6 place at the expense of Arsenal. We basically played with 5 attackers and no recognized midfield player. Sambi played more as a cover for the defense.

  26. I remember when REGGIE was analysing our Top 4 position and most people were criticizing him for saying such. And he was called an hater cos he didn’t support Arteta.

    This is exactly what Reggie analysed that day and guess what position we are now?

    I just pray we don’t end up in 8th or 7th place diz season

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