Arsenal v Burnley Player Ratings – Brilliant all round team performance

Arsenal played an awesome dominant game and actually turned that into goals as well as no defensive errors. Where have we been going wrong all year? Looking forward to winning an away game at last. This record can’t go on much longer..

Anyway here are my ratings…..

Cech 7
Only had to do two saves but did his job well…

Bellerin 8
A lot better than midweek. Everything went well and two assists

Chambers 8
Looks nailed on to be first choice next season if he continues like this.

Mavropanos 8
Definite star of the future. Hasn’t put a foot wrong yet. Why wasn’t he playing before now?

Kolasinac 8
Another one that has come into form all of a sudden and a good goal.

Wilshere 8
Jack has not been up to scratch lately but now he’s playing for his Arsenal career?

Xhaka 7
Is he proving us all wrong at last. Why do they all come good with nothing to play for?

Iwobi 8
Has definitely improved lately, and a screamer of a goal.

Mkhitaryan 9
If he stays fit next season he will be immense

Lacazette 9
His partnership with PEA must be continued. Again, why wait until now?

Aubameyang 9.25
Definitely Man Of The Match. The new manager must be looking forward to next season already…


Ramsey 6
No complaints

Welbeck 7
Great third choice striker right now. Unlucky not to score with that cracker!

Mertesacker 20/10 A very emotional day for the German. I hope he wasn’t too nervous!


  1. Innit says:

    PEA and The Casette were excellent together

    1. Sue says:

      They’re awesome!

    2. Fab says:

      Breaking News: Thiery Henry, the new Arsenal Manager. Who expected this? Was this the reason, he has not paid farewell tributes to Arsene yesterday? But that is spot on.

  2. Sue says:

    Totally agree… everyone did really well… Bellerin had his crossing boots on (finally) ?
    I really like the look of Mavropanos… he’s a beast in the making!
    Loved Kolasinac’s goal (eye candy!) Even Iwobi scored, I nearly passed out!!
    Loved cheering BFG every time he touched the ball…brilliant!!
    Well done AFC… proud to be a gooner ? (now please beat Leicester!) COYG

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Just got home after the wonderful day on Sunday.
      Agree with all your comments above, especially Mavro. His reading of the game was really good and he certainly is not afraid to challenge for anything.
      Cheering Per was brilliant wasn’t it and that sliding tackle he made got an enormous cheer didn’t it?
      Was so pleased the supporters gave Arsene the send off he deserved and I didnt see one empty seat until after the lap of appreciation ended did you?
      I also got to sign the book of acknowledment that was in the Armoury, but I had to stand in line for nearly two hours to do it. Just shows you what the gooners really felt about the man.
      Arsene’s first comment when he spoke after the game regarding Ferguson summed up the mans class and our football club will miss the man who is totally respected throughout the world.
      Our supporters really showed Arsene what he has meant to the club and the banners were superb.
      I thought another brilliant example of Wengers respect was the Burnley supporters chanting his name and the gooners clapping their involvement in his finale.
      Like you, I am now waiting to see what happens during the summer and I just hope that Kronke (loved the boos) and the board took on board the fans support for this club and Wenger.
      They daren’t let us down now surely?
      Looks like Enrique or Allegri, either will be good, but still would love Vieria and Bergkamp myself.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        I would love Dennis involved somehow,he’s got that star quality about him -love the man and player he was .Have also heard good things about him .

        1. Andrew E says:

          Fully agree, possibly my all-time favourite but one big problem, he doesn’t fly!!

      2. Sue says:

        Ken…. everything about Sunday was perfect & I’m glad you enjoyed It! I didn’t see an empty seat, just a sea of red & what a wonderful sight it was!!
        Yes it was nice of the Burnley fans chanting Arsene’s name… I have to say I did find it all overwhelming… It brought a few tears to my eyes & a huge lump in my throat, it’s the end of an era.. but like you – I’m glad he (& BFG) had a great send off… I loved the t shirts & the sign above the Armoury (nice touches) the boo’s for Silent Stan rounded the day off ?
        Here’s to our bright future Ken, I am looking forward to It!!
        Once a gooner.. always a gooner ?

        1. Andrew E says:

          Sue, I would have loved to have been there, saw it on the Telly which was emotional enough. Sad that Thierry Henry chose to cover a nothing match rather than say a proper goodbye to the man that made him what he is today.

          I have been following your posts for some time and it is obvious that you are a true supporter of our great club. It’s a great pity that I will probably never see a match at the Emirates again as distance (350 miles) and age (?) will prevail.

          Anyway now that AW is going I hope the bitterness will now stop and we can see our great club back at the top.

          1. jon fox says:

            Can I point out , for the sake of perspective, that Henry already has a job as a Sky pundit and was working that very day. He is not Arsenal manager nor likely to be anytime soon . So his clear first responsibility is to his career at present and feeding his family , which earning money does do. He is allowed free choice and if he chose, as he did, to work rather than take a day off to applaud his ex boss, who except an unfair fool could in truth blame him? Not me, for one!

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            Hope you don’t think Iam being presumptious, but, as I travel down from Scotland for games, I wondered if you were in a position to be “collected and returned” for games?
            Of course, if you are southern based it wouldn’t work.
            Anyway, just a thought fellow gooner!

          3. Andrew E says:


            You’re an absolute gent and thanks so much for the offer. It unfortunately won’t work for personal reasons as I can’t be away from home for any length of time.

            My son lives in St. Albans and has Arsenal in his DNA and goes through the same misery and joy we all go through. He does get to see them on a regular basis job permitting. He told me he is sad AW is going but at the same time excited for the future which probably reflects my feelings.

            Thanks again Ken and let’s hope for a bright future.

          4. Sue says:

            Andrew… thanks for your comment.. It was a huge day for the club.. and we’re all gooners, whether we attend or not!
            I agree with you about the bitterness & definitely want the club to be back where it belongs!!
            Who do you think will be the next manager? Out of the 2 that are mentioned I’d like Allegri. But one day I have to say I’d love a former player to takeover. Always wanted Wright to… he’s the reason I’m a gooner! Time will tell hey!!

          5. Andrew E says:

            Sue, I’ve always rated Allegri not only is he a great strategist, his teams have great balance in defence and attack. His record as a manager would automatically command respect from players. Let’s hope that they don’t go for the cheap option!!

            Funny enough my daughter started supporting AFC because of Wrighty. I can’t remember why I started it was so far back but I do remember seeing Mel Charles (John’s younger brother) and Vic Groves (Perry’s uncle I think). Highbury mid-season was like a ploughed field at times, how times have changed for the better.

            You’re right, once a gooner always a gooner!!

          6. Sue says:

            All this expectation about the new manager… like you said, I hope they don’t opt for the cheap option!! I saw yesterday that the club are planning to announce ‘him’ just before the world cup – we shall see!
            Wow you have seen some changes! Onwards & upwards Andrew!! Up the gunners ?

          7. Andrew E says:


      3. jon fox says:

        KEN, Are you serious in preferring Viera and the non flying Bergkamp to the formidable Enrique and even more wonderful Allegri ? Surely you are jesting? If I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT ALLEGRI WOULD ACCEPT A QUITE POSSIBLE OFFER , I WOULD BE DRINKING CHAMPAGNE THIS VERY MOMENT. But I am not and I don’t ,sadly.

        On another matter, I agree that the whole club , ex-players, board and fans showed enormous class yesterday. Nearly as much as Arsene himself showed with his humility and self deprecating manner. Total class!

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Jon Fox,
          On your second point re. another matter:
          The man has always been total class.
          The fans and ex players were brilliant and gave him what he deserved.
          Shame I cannot agree about the board.
          Kronke should have shown the same respect and been at pitchside along with the rest of the board. They let him down yet again.
          Regarding Vieria and Bergkamp, I do believe these two men could be a success. They have had experience and know what we gooners expect. They have Arsenal DNA running through them and if we don’t take a chance with them, someone else will.
          If we are going for the two men you suggest (I am quite happy with them as well) Kronke will have to open his purse and I doubt he will give the reported £200million war chest reportedly being demanded…hence my V and B suggestion.

  3. gotanidea says:

    They usually play well when there is no heavy pressure from the opponents

    In the last season, they also had brilliant runs with the new 3-4-2-1 formation, but then they struggled in this season’s early matches

    Cannot wait to see what the new manager will bring for the next season

  4. Okiror says:

    @Jon Fox by Chance were u called Davidz on this site some years back, that guy was always articulate in his comments and had d best grammar but u seem to be d one if am not mistaken

    1. Phil says:

      Okiror-I have it on good authority Jon Fox has only just learned how to read and write.This explains why he is never off this site.God Bless Him

      1. jon fox says:

        This is a wicked lie. I WAS off this site and for a full hour too, only yesterday! And I learned to read and write before I was even fifty years old. But this comment was actually written by the infamous Davidz, my alter ego!

        1. Okiror says:

          That means ur not Davidz?

    2. jon fox says:

      Not guilty of impersonation Guvnor. Honest Injun! So you feel that there are only two people, me being one, with good grammar and a gift for articulation who have ever been on this site. I reckon you owe many other people on here a sincere apology. And the five pounds I promised you for flattering me will be in the post tomorrow! The actual truth was that I was fortunate enough to receive a good education and have been writing in a professional capacity for much of my long life. HARDLY UNIQUE IN THIS THOUGH, I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.

      1. Mwsupporter says:

        These comments did make me smile, ‘articulate and good grammar’ how does that explain the rather ridiculous use of capital letters mid sentence, from the English language
        Perspective it shows a lack of knowledge and education I would have thought.

  5. fabi says:

    It was a meaningless game hence no pressure but the Greek lad looks like a beast

    1. Tas says:

      Burnley could of leaped frogged us in to six which would of meant that we had to start the qualifying round for the EL way to early which could of nackered our players after having to take part in the World Cup , no rest which could cause fatigue even before the season starts, so yea there was pressure for us to win

  6. John0711 says:

    Xhaka proving us all wrong? I will be generous and say a handful of half decent games in two years fml
    Wow simply wow

    1. Mohamed says:

      Does it prove the players wanted him gone? And now showing their class or Burnley just paid their respects

      1. John0711 says:

        The players may have wanted him gone however, Xhaka has been poor for two seasons, not just the last 6 months, so your argument fails sorry.
        He cannot defend, awareness of players running off his shoulder is none existent and personally, I think his forward play is bang average. Workrate is average

        NO one will buy him if he’s for sale AMN is 100% better

        1. RSH says:

          he’s quite simply not a CDM and has no business playing in that position. His role for Switzerland is even slightly different and he’s more of a just a deeplying CM.

      2. Lexynal says:

        Yes players wanted him gone and went on an unbeaten runs of games including knocking off AC Milan, CSKA Moscow and came close to qualifying for Europa final….wanted the only available chance of trophy …ALL SO THAT WENGER gan be sacked?
        What are you smoking?

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