Arsenal 3 – 0 Burnley Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 6
He had very little to do all game.

Chambers – 7.5
A lot better today overall. More fluid play and he managed to net an assist as well as scoring the second.

Mertesacker – 7
He wasn’t tested much but was strong in the air when need and sprayed the ball about well enough.

Monreal – 7
He’s really adopted the “Koscielny” role pretty well. He’s not as adventurous or tenacious but he still maintains a good position and plays intelligent passes forward.

Gibbs – 7.5
I felt his performance was pretty strong today. There was a lot of offensive variety and he managed to get an assist near the end.

Arteta – 7
He was solid today. Played good forward passes and kept the tempo going.

Flamini – 5
Pretty meh performance. Made numerous defensive errors and just doesn’t offer anything in attack. He has to play higher up with Arteta on the field and offers nothing.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6
He was pretty anonymous for the first half but started to help build the pressure in the second. Not really a stand out performance though.

Sanchez – 9 (MOTM)
He was sensational once again. Completely relentless with his pressing and his on the ball work was impressive. He scored the first goal when it looked like we’d fizzle out to another draw and netted the third to cement the win.

Cazorla – 5
Didn’t do anything impressive today. He really has lost it and I don’t understand why. Maybe he’s not suited to playing with Sanchez and Welbeck. Or maybe since the team isn’t based around him anymore, he’s suffering.

Welbeck – 5.5
He failed to really affect the game. Doesn’t seem to do well against teams that sit back. It’s still early days but he needs to develop that side of his game more.

Ramsey – 6.5
He helped speed up our game in midfield and added to our attack which eventually got us the first goal.

Walcott – 6.5
It was nice to see him finally play again and he was actually pretty decent. Made a couple of good dribbles, put in a good cross and had a shot saved by the keeper.

Podolski – 6.5
He was also decent when he came on with a shot saved and another one rattling the bar.

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  1. Slowly but surely our arsenal will finally hit form,yesterday we created many chances,now all we need is to try and convert many ass we can,start doing this against anderletch

  2. Slowly but surely our arsenal will finally hit form,yesterday we created many chances,now all we need is to try and convert many as we can,start doing this against anderletch

  3. “Maybe he’s not suited to playing with Sanchez and Welbeck.” Spot on for the Cazorla rating.
    I think we really should look for Podolski to grow into this team or buy a new left winger very soon. Cazorla seems weaker every game, which is a shame because 18 months ago he was the best player on our team.

    I was very impressed with Monreal today, he’s proving he can do a decent job against the lower ranked teams providing the opportunity to rest Kos and Per now and then. Chambers also fantastic, hard to let sink in he’s only 19 (!!) and he’s playing for a top club on a regular basis and very consistant aswell (despite Anderlecht game).

    WELCOME BACK FEO! Looking forward to Anderlecht-home!

    1. @Skandalouz.
      “I was very impressed with
      Monreal today, he’s proving he
      can do a decent job against the
      lower ranked teams
      providing the
      opportunity to rest Kos and Per
      now and then.”

      Important observation. Gives me hope.

    2. Rubbish Cazorla starts alot of the good moves,these rating are stupid how can you give Arteta 7 an then give Flamini ratings must have been done by an idiot,as soon as Arteta went off,we scored an started to cut them open,cos Arteta slows us down.To say Flamini offers us nothing defensively is also idiotic.

  4. Somehow fair, but OX and Per should swap ratings, 7 & 6 respectively, coz Monreal did more than per, and Ox did very well

    1. Game fitness. Seeing yesterday game, Wenger has a point. But Aaron will catch up eventually, there’s no doubt. I hope he hits the form he had in the beginning of the season.

    2. Flamini should start ahead of Arteta,if you have ask this kind of question then i don’t think you know football.Flamini isn’t great but clearly he is our most competent DM,Artetas useless

  5. Ox a 6!!!

    I know it was only Burnley but give the kid what’s due, he was making runs and pulling the Burnley players around the pitch.
    HE was unlucky with some of his crosses no to get an assist.

  6. Ox did do better but to me not that great. He did get into play or I say did cross more than usual. When you compare Walcott and him, you can feel the different of quality. To me he still very raw but now Walcott is back and I think he will go back to as a back up again.

      1. if you disagree tell me,which areas Walcott is superior the only ones i can think of are pace an maybe finishing,other than that when it comes to passing ,shooting,dribbling,heading an playing with his back to goal the Ox is superior

        1. “Maybe” finishing – a bit cheeky to suggest there is some doubt on the matter. And finishing and scoring is no small matter – a proven finisher is worth more to a team than all the technical attributes in the world – especially at AFC where good technical players are not exactly rare. Theo’s goal return in the past 2 years makes it abundantly clear that he is in a different league when it comes to finishing. Theo plays nearly 100% within his skill set and strengths and that is what makes him so much more effective. AOC is a joy and a liability in about equal measure. Easy to forget just how young he is but he is fast approaching the time when he needs to show glimpses of being the finished article – still a way to go.

        2. @true goon… The OX is better technically and dribbling, that’s about it..

          Wacott scores 10-15 goals a season, up to 10 assists a season.

          And he is better defensively. The OX is can’t hit the target, does not score goals, does not create assists..

          So I think he has still got a long way to go, he is older than Sterling but sterling is miles ahead him..

          I like THE OX, but he has not improved, he is hit and miss, just like Podolski, Wilshere, Cazorla, etc….

      2. Agreed. I know a few die-hard Southampton fans who will tell you this with absolute conviction based on their observations watching them come through the ranks at Soton. BUT – Theo is several light years ahead of AOC in terms of effectiveness and value to the team. Theo has a few years on him but it remains to be seen whether AOC can become the player his talent warrants. Aside from Alexis he is possibly our most exciting player – but he his decision-making is terrible and he is probably our most wasteful player in possession, possibly because he takes more risks than the rest but all the same he needs to recalibrate and play more with his head than his heart IMO.

  7. OX 6?.. Not sure u watched d game… That lad ws lively all game… 2nd best player for me in d game ystday. Monreal lookd solid as well

  8. I was looking through another article and again saw this myth of we need a LW. Some fans keep making up this LW need.

    Can someone explain the formation we would then play?

    So if we get this so called LW, we would then play Walcott on one side, the new LW on the other side, Ozil in the #10, Welbeck/Giroud upfront. Ramsey B2B and Flamini or Arteta DM..

    So then where does Sanchez fit in or play?

        1. So true. Seems pretty obvious to me that with everyone fit Sanchez will be slowly eased in to a predominantly left side free-roaming position, a la TH14 – the rest will be tweaked around that. We have enough permutations in our front 5 to frazzle the brain and although extra quality is never a bad thing our next priorities simply have to be in the 5 in front of the GK.

  9. I think one big positive to take out of the game, is that Wenger should be starting a front line of podolski, welbeck, sanchez and walcott. When these players came on we looked alot more dangerous, and since Pod, San and Wal are all clinical finishers we would have enough fire power to see off most teams.

  10. The OX and Cazorla were rated too low. I’ll give them a 7. You need to go watch the highlights or the replay to appreciate what Cazorla brought to the team. He used the ball very well and helped set up the 3rd goal.

  11. Ox was 2nd best attacking player after Sanchez, took on players, put really good crosses into the box. Burnley could not contain him.

    If that were Jack, you would probably give a 10.

    Mert dealt with arial balls but did not look comfortable at all.

    Flamini had a good game, definitely better than Arteta.

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