Arsenal v Huddersfield Preview and CONFIRMED starting line-up

Arsenal are flying at home this season and have won an amazing 11 League games in a row at the Emirates, and I really can’t see that changing this evening. With a game every 3 days until the New Year I thought Wenger would be doing some of his famous rotation magic, but Le Prof has made it clear that every point is like gold dust at the moment and will be playing his best team available.

Tonight that means that it will be a strong side, but Mesut Ozil is out through an illness and Alex Iwobi has a dead leg, so those two are definitely not available. One player that is a definite starter is Aaron Ramsey, who won ius the penalty to beat Burnley on Sunday. Wenger said about Rambo before the game: “He is an excellent player and very important for us. Let’s hope he can continue that run because he is a guy who drives the team forward in a relentless way. He can go from the first to the last minute and has the engine to do both sides of the game and that is what we want. He can defend well and attack well, he can go in the box and that is why he got the penalty on Sunday because he was in the situation where he could provoke that.”

So with Ramsey guaranteed, this is the team that we predicted….
Koscielny  Mustafi  Monreal
Bellerin  Xhaka  Ramsey  Kolasinac
Alexis  Wilshere

And here is the OFFICIAL confirmed team….

Wenger clearly hasn’t rotated his players with Manchester United in mind, or will he change this side for the weekend’s match-up?

Updated: November 29, 2017 — 6:50 pm


  1. Better looking team but would prefer Jack to Xhaka.

    1. Jack is twice the player Xhaka is and a level above Ramsey.For those people who think Ramsey is better ask yourself if Jack had Ramsey’s fitness how he’d perform.To me he’s far better though that’s not really saying much.We need to find a way to fit Wilshere in the team and we also need a DM which I think Coquelin if played in his right position and not box to box can do well.

    2. Very enjoyable game. Our big boys have turned it on. Am more comfortable with our performance.

  2. Jack to come on and make the difference

  3. In photo lacazette starts, in what you wrote Welbeck starts. Which is it?

    1. read the article

  4. This line I think is trash, isn’t to be what we wait to see ozil is back
    This the line up
    33 Cech
    6 Koscielny
    20 Mustafi
    18 Monreal
    24 Bellerin
    8 Ramsey
    29 Xhaka
    31 Kolasinac
    11 Ozil
    9 Lacazette
    7 Sanchez

  5. It will be 4 days of rest until Sunday. That is more than enough (same as playing CL on Wednesday and league on the weekend).

    1. And how many times have we heard Wenger say (after a bad result) that we where a bit jaded from the midweek game…….?

  6. Strong line up, basically our best 11 except for Xhaka, but he is decent for this type of opponent.

    Not sure who Wenger plans on dropping to bench Vs united tbh.

    Xhaka I would drop, but I just don’t like him.

  7. So I guess the question is, can our starting 11 do 3 games in 1 week?

  8. Dopeass start

  9. 1-0 & ozil is playing .. wtf is happening.

  10. How many goals does lacazette have already??? A nice start. I but wenger will make early subs in this match.

  11. Kos, Mustafi and Laca are solid tonight.

    Meh for the rest

    1. özil too has already played over 5 superb passes

    2. mustafi has a tendency to make the occasional glaring mistake like xhaka though. made a couple in the first half

      1. true but he’s much more consistent than mistake galore santa xhaka. had 1 season to adapt, no improvement in attitude concentration and defensive responsibilities.

  12. Is Sanchez playing or do we have 10 on the field?

  13. sanchez is playing real shitty.. özil and ramsey having a good game

  14. Team playing like p*****s..
    No drive , no hunger
    Go collect your wages you shamelsess players

    1. No matter we win, lose or draw
      I’ll keep saying the same thing- XHAKA IS A FRAUD

  15. The boys are doing well, let’s get behind our team for this match, they deserve our support. 3rd place already, progressing & on the way up. COYG……

  16. First half Arsenal playing sideways a backwards
    way to play Arsenal great motivation from Wenger
    just give me a brake!!!

  17. Is Lacazette injured??

  18. lol lacazette off, f**k wenger. did it against watford and stoke and we lost pts.

  19. If we lose this game wenger must leave !!!!
    Is lacazette injured????
    Why wenger whyyyyyyy????

    1. doubt we will lose to a team that has on average less than a goal a game .. but the failure again to dominate the midfield is getting worrying … xhaka again is utterly hopeless dont understand why he is still on give wilshire a run

  20. Can’t wait to see AFC passes to the opponent stat . . . geez, must be the most i have seen in recent memories!
    Hard to watch sometimes.

  21. when ozil gets it right he really is world class

  22. Boom boom game over.

    Ozil class these last 2 games, hope he keeps this up. And who says he can’t assist from open play.

  23. Ha ha all you haters we are 3 nil up

  24. . . . . so far, 23 seconds of great AFC football (3 lovely goals (on top of the dismal remainder).

    1. . . . . make that 37 seconds . . . hee, hee . . .

  25. Ozillllll domination

  26. if we lose ozil it will be criminal management

    1. Only if he continues giving his all.

      I have a lot of time for people that are humble and give their all even if they fail, but to not give a rat’s booty is criminal.

      Long may this attitude continue.

  27. There’s only one Mesut Ozil ?

  28. ozil will get man of match but ramsey was magnificient, his run and positioning between the mid and def lines cause all sort of chaos for huddlesfield.

  29. Lol typical welbeck almost assisting with a mistake strike

  30. And Wenger got that guy Kolasnaic for free? What a get! What a player!

    1. He had a poor game tbh

      1. lol if his poor game looks like this, man sure is world class. seriously he had an above average game tonight, a good game and he would have 1 or 2 goals in this game.
        the man is allowed to have a dip in form even hulks gets tired then he gets angry beware man u.

      2. Still a great signing! If we bought him he would have been regarded a quality signing and we got him on a free. Xhaka has been poor for much of the season but had a good game tonight. He ran more than any Huddledield player and had the most completed passes.

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