Arsenal v Burnley review – Alexis at the double again!!

Arsene Wenbger named an unchanged Arsenal side from the one that won away at Sunderland last weekend, hoping to finally get some momentum going in the Premier League this season. And the injury to Jack Wilshere meant that the Englishman could not return after missing the last game due to a suspension.

And the Gunners started pretty well, building pressure on the Burnley defence and creating chances, with 70 percent possession, seven corners and 13 shots in the first half, but without managing to breach their back line. Danny Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez looked the liveliest and most likely, with the Englishman very unlucky to see his mazy run and shot blocked by the arm of a Burnley player.

They also got away with a decent penalty shout when Boyd handled but the ref did not see it. Cazorla had a couple of great chances to score and the Spaniard was getting closer, as was Alexis and with Burnley offering little threat going the other way, we turned the screw before the break but could not quite find that crucial opening.

But getting to the break all square seemed to encourage Burnley who were more adventurous in the second half and nearly got the opener but for the long legs and alertness of Mertesacker. However, the lion’s share of chances were coming our way.

Ramsey replaced Arteta and Cazorla had a golden chance to score but his point blank effort was somehow blocked. Then it was that man Alexis again who broke the deadlock, heading in from a Chambers cross. And Chambers then got his own goal minutes later after Welbeck’s shot rebounded for the youngster to prod home.

Walcott and Podolski came on for the last ten minutes and both could have added a third but great saves from Heaton denied each one while the German crashed a brilliant volley off the woodwork. But Alexis did add a well deserved third that keeps us on a roll.

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  1. davidnz says:

    Thank goodness for Sanchez 🙂

    1. nicolaile says:

      We need to keep playing Alexis in this free central role. WOW HE WAS EVERYWHERE! such directness and energy. Wonderful passing too.
      Best player in the league right now.

    2. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:

      People were crying for a demigod… a 30 goals forward.

      There it is.

      1. SaveArsenal says:

        Sanchez is our savior right now, if it wasn’t for him…
        I can see that Wenger has turned Welbeck into Giroud #2.
        The free running attacking player that he was when he arrived is now passing the ball back with his back to goal and doing way too much tracking back for a striker.
        Wenger’s dirty prints are all over it!

        1. Budd says:

          Not true. You will never see Giroud charging down the flanks with speed. Just because he gave two back passes for the shot does not make him a pivot. Even Ramsey & Chambers had two similar moments today.

          1. SaveArsenal says:

            Two back passes!!!
            what game were you watching?
            At least 5 times I would have liked to see him have a go solo as he had a shot, maybe not clear but not 6 defenders blocking goal!
            If he doesn’t shoot he won’t get goals.

          2. rd_gunner says:

            I agree, he has stopped the lone forays when he used to go for goals on his own! I don’t care how he gets it- he needs to get goals

    3. Wazzzimbo says:

      Theo going for the Henry look haha. Can’t wait to see Alexis on the left & Theo on the right o a regular basis. Are we sure that Chambers is just 19, he’s going to be an animal for us!

      1. SaveArsenal says:

        Hah! Tell that to KJ who called him ‘rigid’ in his ‘line up and score prediction’

        KJ wouldn’t know football even if one of Podolski’s volleys hit him in the face!

    4. arsenal207 says:

      to be fair, Alexis is, without a doubt, the best transfer done by a club this year. And we need to give Wenger credit for that.
      Chamber also worth the money spent.

      1. luvdaguns says:

        fully agree, if we are going to blame wenger for everything bad, then we need to give him his due, he has given us sanchez, The Best Player in the EPL, and he is ours!

      2. SaveArsenal says:

        Credit my hairy ass!
        One good deed does not undo all of the shitty inept transfers he has made.
        Wenger needs to put a lot more transfers on the good side of the scale before he is OK with me.
        So the fact that we started the season with 6 defenders and haven’t had a DM in years and haven’t had a top striker in years and that he signed some of the most useless players we ever hadn’t heard of is all forgotten with one signing and a win over Burnley?
        Great performance from Sanchez and Chambers, Walcott looked strong (fitness coach I presume) but if that had been any other team we would have conceded goals, make no mistake, they were getting through our defense and had 3 tremendous chances.

        all of our wins have been against teams in the bottom 6, anything above that we drew or lost.
        Stick your credit for Wenger!

    5. juhislihis says:

      What happens to Özil? When he return he rightfully claims the the 10 spot. Walcott walks right back in the right wing and IMO Sanchez should be our striker and let Lukas play on the left wing. If not Podolski, then Sancheez on the wing and Danny as the forward.

      Putting Özil on the wing has been and still is, insanity by Wenger.

      1. GOONSTER says:

        Ozil is one dimensional, Sanchez gives more more than him in all departments.. He will score, hustle, assist etc…

        1. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:

          Sanchez played LW free creative role.

          @Goonster: i dont understand your ozil hate, the man is not even playing

          1. Johannesburgunner says:

            @ Ljungbergs Cool Red Hair: Fully agree with you and thanks for bringing this up.Goonster is an Ozil hater, and its evident in almost every comment he has made here. Actually sickening to read most of them, as it has nothing to do with todays game.

          2. rd_gunner says:

            Not really sure what Goonster is but he surely makes a point- a point which made wenger shift ozil to the wings and one which made him say that alexis’s best position is may be central! Well one game against burnley is too early to jump to conclusions. But here is what he brings.

            1. Pace 2. Guile 3. Passing ability 4. Power 5. dribble 6.Strong on the tackle 7. Tracks back to stop counters. 8. Most importantly score goals. 9. Provide that thrust where he picks up the ball from DM and drives forward wanting to create something!

            Apart from passing and guile Ozil misses all of the above.

            Did you see how Alexis dropped deep in midfield and held of 2-3 burnley players, and twisted and turned them. If he manages to do that suddenly there is lots of space opening up for theo and co and it could be deadly!

            Having said all that one game is not evidence enough. May be the Manu game will be. Play alexis as cam and theo, welbeck and twhe ox as front three…I am licking my lips 🙂

        2. Johannesburgunner says:

          You are on a Ozil bashing mission in almost every comment you making. Sounds like a personal dislike you have for the guy. Ozil this and Oziil that makes you sound like a stuck recorder. Get off his case until he starts playing again and then comment.

      2. KickAssFan says:

        I’d rather play Sanchez as a false 9, together with Walcot and Podolski upfront.

      3. juhislihis says:

        No he doesn’t. For Chile Alexis plays as a forward in 4-4-2 formation with Eduardo Vargas. For Udinese he played as a winger, for Barcelona he played as a winger and a forward when Messi was injured.

        Never has he played #10. Check ever reliable, a site which acknowledges players best positions where they have been used the most in their career. Don’t be a Wenger and play players out of position, not when Sanchez is performing so well from the wing.

        1. juhislihis says:

          Yes, he did. Also cut to the middle, which he does regularly and which is why he could manage as a forward. #10 do not score like Sanchez does, they create.

          It’s obvious I can’t change your mind but let me know when the truth hits you. He has never played #10. Occasional runs through the middle don’t mean he’s an attacking midfielder. And everyone here knows that.

          1. rd_gunner says:

            This is the most absurd comment I have ever heard..No 10s don’t score as much..historically true but tell me 1 thing which u see in no 10’s which sanchez does not have.

            If you are talking of vision well then neither does cazorla and Ozil. Barring Fabregas, I don’t see anyone with that kind of vision who has played for us.

            If you can find a No 10 who can also score, isn’t it great. Look at my post above. There is every reason that Sanchez should play no 10. With this fragile mid field, we need someone in the attacking positions who can in fact attack, create, and also track back to help the defence. If Sanchez plays centaral, I would rather have Podolski/Campbell play left wing. Right wing is taken by Theo. Period!

        2. mohawk says:

          Thank You for the facts over raw emotion.

      4. GOONSTER says:

        Wilshere has had a few games this season and they have already written him off. Ozil was a joke since October last season and just continued from where he stopped this season but still bveing wrapped in cotton wool.. smh

      5. mohawk says:

        Let us grab reality. Either Cazorla or Ozil will play CAM. Ozil excels there so he must be played there. Whereas Sanchez is versatile and can play either wing (or even striker).

        The Arsenal lineup has been screaming for a quality player at LW. Wenger refuses to use Poldi or Campbell or Ox there, so Sanchez at LW is the most logical option.

        That way Wenger does a reasonable job of getting his best players on the pitch without playing non-versatile players out of position.

        Benching Ozil because of poor play is fine. Benching this 40mil player just because some fans like Sanchez at CAM is far less than logical or wise. Sanchez has shown he will excel anywhere in the attack.

      6. almostawinner says:

        lets not put a number to sanchez’s role.
        think of the formation as 4131 with
        welbeck/giroud at CF,
        caz/pod/campbell at LW,
        ozil/wilshere at CAM/#10,
        theo/ox at RW.

        sanchez’s “position” would be a cloud up front .
        its like a 4141 but with one of the forwards being “free”,
        and with ozil being the center.

    6. Wazzzimbo says:

      Maybe it will finally force him to play Ozil in the middle, probably not though… Maybe Ramsey?

    7. ArsenalGenes says:

      Adrian Durham had top 5 signings of the summer list in which sanchez was not there. What a twa*.. And now he is saying balotelli to learn from alexis.. Crawl on the sewer you pig,..

    8. GOONSTER says:

      Don’t compare Ozil to Sanchez.. Sanchez is on a different level, the guy can play anywhere.. I was so happy when we signed him, he is the type of player I always want to play for Arsenal, lazy players p*ss me off..

      1. juhislihis says:


        I don’t know if there’s anyone you can compare to Sanchez, he must have 3 lungs. Not does he run throughout the game, but he also is DEADLY. He is 169 cm tall and yet beat that Burnley defender to Chambers’ cross.

    9. KickAssFan says:

      I say sell Podolski, BUT KEEP HIS LEFT FOOT.

      1. medvet says:

        we must transplante the left foot of podolski to cazorla, LOL

        1. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:

          To Ozil

          1. juhislihis says:

            Marco Reus. Should’ve been him 2 years ago.

    10. th14 says:

      Ozil better learn how to play on the wing because i dont see anyreason why we should move alexis from his new position as a support ST.

    11. Grim Bligh says:

      Look at you all being fooled,it was mighty Burnley and Arsenal struggled to score against them for 70 mn.The old man keeps on playing his favourites and the others can rot.
      I wonder why the guy kept Campbell if he will not play him,why play Ozil or Cazorla on the left wing when you have Podolsky.The team did well as they always do against weak team but the tactic remain the same,look how Arsenal were better at the end without the usual suspects forced on the team Wilshr,Arteta etc..
      The team is good but the stiubborn manager will not make them win anything…

    12. ArnSam says:

      Beautiful beautiful game..that’s the Arsenal i’ve been missing.
      Thank God jack got injured and thank God wenger divided his double pivot by 1(took off arteta and brought on ramsey) no wonder that’s when we scored and went rampant all over the burnely. LP9 two beautifully taken shots denied but still showed what yo made of, chamberlain was fine today too, i think second best player on the pitch and two assists and a goal from the full backs whooooooooooooooo perfect winding up of what i’de already declared my worst day

    13. olafsson1987 says:

      Alexis is an one man army for Arsenal atm. I think that he is a worldclass player and the rest of the team is very far behind.

  2. ab04 says:

    Sanchez what a player…!
    great game from chambers he got a assist and a debut goal,hopefully many more to come!
    Man podolski left foot is something else in the world
    Overall great game by the team..coyg!

    1. Gooneristic Truth says:

      Poldi’s left foot almost took the goal post off the ground… I wish he’d hit it hard enough to set off the goal-line technology watch so I can see the look on the ref’s face! Lol!

  3. Kojima says:

    Sanchez… Wow! He is the most composed player i have seen, a classy genius on form, in other news Walcott’s back, COYG!

  4. Mick The Gooner says:

    Just me, or did it actually start to look like Arsenal at the end of that match?

    1. Gooneristic Truth says:

      I saw some Arsenal today!

      1. juhislihis says:

        For about 75 minutes it was FC Sanchez, then after Podolski and Walcott came in, it was Arsenal!

    2. Aditya says:

      I finally saw my arsenal today……. 🙂

    3. alejandro1301 says:

      Poldi sanchez and walcott had me off my seat in emotion, had not been so excited by seeing arsenal play in a long time. Rambo did well too, hope he gets back! Can we see these four together again? Hope so really, Wenger should’ve noticed that. Sanchez the most in form player in all the BPL no doubt!

  5. Greg says:

    Alexis sanchez is truly “top class”! Coyg!

    1. Mesut O-grillz says:

      I know he’s frustrated at our squad sometimes like we have been, but you know this guy is happy here in England. Once Neymar came on the scenes at Barca, Sanchez was kicked, punched, and thrown to the back of the line – just like Pedro is now since Suarez is back.

      And here he comes to Arsenal, playing 90 minutes of what he loves best – football. He loves it, we love it. So thank you LFC for selling Suarez. Thank you Wenger for the signing of the summer. And thank you Sanchez for being the best Gunner this season by far.

  6. Gooneristic Truth says:

    Alexis, what a fella! He’s ‘dat real man’! When will his teammates take a cue from him?

  7. REiGN says:

    Sanchez is just incredible. I don’t know where we’d be without him. But give credit to burnley, the did well.

    1. Gooneristic Truth says:

      Too much heat was on Heaton! Poor guy!

      1. juhislihis says:

        He can thank the Gods that Podolski thunder didn’t hit him, it would’ve taken heads and arms along with it!

      2. Wazzzimbo says:

        Fair play to the lad, he pulled off some class saves.

      3. NY_Gunner says:

        @Gooneristic Truth
        big ups to Heaton. He made some damn good saves. Big ups to the Burnley squad as a whole. They made it hard for us and defended well…

  8. ButtFlaps says:

    Sanches purchase OF season!!! Good to see WALCOT back!!!

  9. juhislihis says:

    10 month absent Walcott still better than OX. Wow. Walcott got vision, did yo usee his lob to Podolski?

    Podolski deserves a start, because he can deliver from the left wing AND he’s a poacher. Extremely unlucky not to score twice today (and yet he played less than 10 minutes).

    Podolski – Sanchez – Walcott
    ———– Rosicky/Cazorla

    I would drop Cazorla because he isn’t playing well at all. Miss Özil so much right now!

    1. juhislihis says:

      Oh and Chambers: what an utility player! Great CB but so good at delivering from the plank. And the lad is 19! Congrats on your first Arsenal goal!

    2. GOONSTER says:

      How can you miss a player that does nothing for the team?

      1. juhislihis says:

        1 goal, 2 assists from 2 matches playing CAM. 0+0 in 7 matches playing on the left wing (and once in the right) this season.

        Can you see a pattern? I care rats ass how lazy he is or looks. As long as he delivers balls and creates chances, he plays.

      2. Mesut O-grillz says:

        totally right @goonster. Ozil has done nothing for Arsenal.
        – No Arsenal assists to his name
        – No Arsenal goals to his name
        – Never created any chances for Arsenal… ever.
        We should’ve sold him and kept Lord Bendtner.

        1. GOONSTER says:

          Ofcourse he has some goals and assists. Cazorla that you don’t rate has some assists and some goals too..

          For £42 million and £150,000 a week we expect more than just 8 assist and 4 goals from last season..

          1. Mesut O-grillz says:

            where did you ever see me NOT rate Cazorla? Can you show me please?

            I don’t care if you don’t like Ozil or not. But that’s all you ever comment about these days, whether he plays or not. Give it a rest.

          2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

            How can you miss a player that doesn’t even play?

            The same way you miss one that plays for another team.

    3. ronniec says:

      I agree, I want to see Poldi-Sanchez-Walcott upfront..
      Who cares if Poldi does not track back, Sanchez will do that for him.
      We will scored LOADS of goals by them.

      Then next game we will again seeing Cazlorla, Welbeck and Sanchez (till Theo is 100%)

  10. Popeye786Sailor says:

    There r good players & bad players and then there’s Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal legend in the making.

  11. John Legend says:

    Oh Alexis!
    What a Guy.

  12. Greg says:

    Alexis sanchez is in a total different league by himself! What an awesome player he is! Coyg!

  13. Mick The Gooner says:

    Liverpool lose, Everton draw, Alexis brace, Chambers first goal, a clean sheet, the return of Walcott and the Manchester derby still to come, good day. Only speck is that ridiculous penalty Chelsea ‘somehow’ were awarded to get their win.

  14. Alex.Aus says:

    I’m beginning to think we might have to sell podolski because we can’t keep paying for goal repairs

  15. rotimota says:

    What a great game we have today. The team entirely deserved a round of applause (and Alexis deserve more than double, what a great and marvelous player we have in this team). Please next match no Arteta and Flamini together. Let’s keep today match spirit going…
    God bless entire Arsenal and the Fans!

  16. Greg says:

    Calum chambers put in an awesome shift today! He is just improving into a great defender all the time! Well played lad a goal and assist! Coyg!

  17. juhislihis says:

    I want Özil in the middle and if someone is at his end, it’s Cazorla!

    1. GOONSTER says:

      @juhi….But Ozil has not had any impact on Arsenal since he joined,.. Cazorla did in his first season. Sanchez is having an impact in his first season..

      So to me Ozil is the odd mad out…

    2. rd_gunner says:

      @Juhislihis and all the ozil fan boys: Take a break guys. The “ozil” chant is not going to change the facts. We bought him for 42 million..Yes almost 2.5 times our previous biggest transfer so there will be expectations. if 8 goals/assists or whatever you are bragging about is what we can get, I will rather spend the money somewhere else. Leave alone the goals/assists. The guy does not even have an impact in games anymore. Ozil has to prove (like Alexis) did that he is a big player- one of the best in the world like we all think he is. He has been given ample time but is yet to produce..u don’t spend 42 million and wait for 2-3 seasons for the the player to bloom.

      Sometimes transfers go wrong..they have in the past and nothing suggests they will not in the future. We critics have nothing against ozil- it is just that the ozil experiment is not working and we are not Chelski/Shiity/manu who can have a 150k/week on the bench. I would rather learn from this mistake and let him go- and spend the money sosmewhere else. At the end we all are arsenal fanns and we should aim for what is best for the club and not individuals. For 30 million and 150K/week , I am sure we will get one of the worlds top most CB/DM

      PS: All those people who just thumb down, please present your arguments. It is NOT a popularity show contest! Your arguments will make me think NOT you thumbdowns!

  18. ryanh27 says:

    Sanchez was brilliant again, another clean sheet… Good performance by the team in the end… Can someone tell me why podolski isn’t starting? He was denied by an unbelievable save and off the post, plus an assist, all in the space of 10 minutes, surely that warrants a start? Maybe it’s just me.

    1. juhislihis says:

      Actually it was Gibbs’ assists the one for Sanchez I think. Unless Podolski got a touch on it?

      ANYWAYS, I completely agree. He scored the winner against Anderlect and again, played less than 10 minutes.

      1. ryanh27 says:

        Might have been Gibbs, thought it was podolski for some reason, anyways I think his form has been better than welbeck… Even though I like welbeck I think podolski should get a chance to show what he can do by being given a start

  19. abishek says:

    2 assists from 2 full back, I LIKE IT…

  20. Greg says:

    We witnessed sanchez vs burnley today! Coyg!

  21. Mick The Gooner says:

    It just hit me. We actually scored from a corner. Wow..

  22. Adienl says:

    In the other news, Chelshit get lucky.

  23. Big Gun says:

    Gibbs, Monreal and Chambers were brilliant today, especially Gibbs was menacing down that left flank and his crossing has improved tremendously. The scoreline was flattering for Burnley – Cazorla, Ox, Welbeck, Podolski all should have scored. GREAT to see Walcott back cannot wait to see him, Sanchez, Welbeck working together.


  24. cheeterspotter says:

    Call Sanchez into the office Mon morning and lengthen his contract,double his wages and then add an 100mil buyout clause to his contract.

    1. ArsenalGenes says:

      100 Million is not safe buy back clause.. We should have 200 million.. No i think 300..
      And I am serious..

  25. RSH says:

    Our best match of the season by miles! Finally purpose to every time we went forward. Alexis Sanchez is WORLD CLASS, and what we have needed for years and years! What a players! Ox was also outstanding today, a true winger performance. Chambers, goal/assist, defensively solid, what more can you ask from the boy! And Walcott looks like he never left. Finally our season is back on track. Now Wenger PLEASE keep the 4-2-3-1 formation, DO NOT go back to that rubbish 4141. Now get Ramsey and Wilshere back into form and we can hopefully find consistency. (And Podolski is so valuable. More gametime for him please)

  26. Shah of Arsenal says:

    Alexis Sanchez deserves a 10.0 rating!

    Arsenal played well today, we had some great opportunities to score in the first half, but were just super unlucky. It was getting a little frustrating but alexis just put on one hell of a performance.
    Glad to see Walcott back too.

    Felt bad for cazorla, he just needs a goal to get his confidence up, he had a few shocking misses though….

    Finally we scored off a corner too!

  27. GOONSTER says:

    That’s what I am talking about, all this bullsh*t of players need to adopt is bullsh*t…

    Players bought in the region of £28 million and above don’t need this rubbish of needing time to adopt to the league, you pay that type of money for already made players who should hit the ground running…

    1. Seetsuma says:

      There you go again, Goonster, bringing up another anti-Ozil post. Let me straighten some things out for you. Firstly, Sanchez himself has stated that playing on the left wing is his favorite position as it allows him to cut inside and shoot. Secondly, even the best playmakers in the world take time to adapt, especially when leaving a league like La Liga or the Serie A and coming to the EPL. Not only is it a more physical, quicker paced league, there is also a change in language, culture, and you need time to gel with your teammates. Have you ever tried to live out of a hotel for work? Your work production drops, and that’s for the average person, in the same country that they speak the native language of. YOU try moving from Madrid to London and playing for an Arsenal team with a massive injury list, all while living out of a hotel room. Let me know how that goes.

      Ozil doesn’t score goals, he assists and creates them. I’m not sure if you are aware of this, however an “assist” is when you pass the ball to somebody who scores. This particular skill requires you to know where they are, where they will be, and how best to pass the ball so that they can score. All of which requires you to know how your teammates play. While I am not taking away from the ability to score goals, it takes a hell of a lot less knowledge of your teammates to score, than to set up an assist.

      As for Ozil not doing anything, here are some facts for you. Last season, his first with Arsenal, Ozil created 71 goal scoring chances in just 25 league appearances – the equivalent of 2.84-per-game or a chance every 29 minutes of play. The only players who created more chances than him? Nasri, Silva, Suarez and Hazard. Hazard led the league with 88 chances, however he creates a goal-scoring opportunity every 31 minutes. If you can’t do the basic math, Ozil took 2 less minutes to create a chance. It’s not Ozil’s fault that he was without Walcott for most of the season. The chances were created by him last season, he just had the likes of Cazorla, Sanogo and Bendtner trying to score them.

      Why the hell wouldn’t we play Podolski/Giroud/Welbeck at striker, Sanchez on the left, Walcott on the right, and let Ozil do what he is one of the best in the world at, create chances as our attacking center mid? This season, Ozil has play 2 matches in his No. 10 role, and he played brilliantly. He assisted 2 goals, created plenty more chances, and even managed to bag a goal himself. That’s with the likes of Cazorla and an out of form Oxlade-Chamberlain trying to score. Imagine how many of those chances will go unwasted now that we’ve got Sanchez and Walcott back.

      I’m not saying that he should be a guaranteed starter, all that I am saying is that every fact points to him deserving a chance. If you still don’t think he should be given a few games at the No. 10 spot with Sanchez and Walcott on the wings, then you truly are simply an Ozil hater, and you might as well stop supporting Arsenal. As a club, we don’t need a fan who hates one of our players before even giving him a real chance.

  28. SoOpa AeoN says:

    summary: SANCHEZ the saviour……………. WALCOTT the game changer…………….. PODOLSKI the potent…………….. CHAMBERS the shieLd

  29. RSH says:

    yah Cazorla was shocking today. He really could’ve had 4 goals in the last 2 matches. Don’t know whats happened to him.

    1. GOONSTER says:

      I really rate Cazorla but I have said since he joined us 2 seasons ago, he has the poorest shot accuracy in the league, he always gets in good positions but he just lacks that accuracy…


      1. RSH says:

        i still believe in him. He just cannot score lately. Everything else was fine today, but its frustrating he cant finish off chances that he would’ve his first season.

    2. Mesut O-grillz says:

      he just needs to put one in the back of the net.

  30. andyarsenal05 says:

    Thank God we win. Brilliant performance from Sanchez and nice work by Chambers and Gibbs. Also have to be said Heaton, Burnley’s goalkeeper. Great performance by him too.

    And again no more In Wenger We Trust but In SANCHEZ We Trust.

    1. Brada b says:


  31. Twig says:

    Cazorla didn’t play badly, that’s being harsh. Other than the chances he missed, his overall play was quite good.

    1. luvdaguns says:

      true, perfect off the bench player behind Ozil, he has been our hero, and we turn on him like this, not right!

    2. GOONSTER says:

      At least he was involved, better than missing all game like some other players..

      1. Mesut O-grillz says:

        I know right? I mean what did Ozil actually do today? I never saw him. It was like he was invisible or something.

        1. GOONSTER says:

          Lol… I can just see the hurt in you guys comments whenever we say some home truths about Ozil.. But you will light up when it comes to dissing Wilshere, Giroud, Arteta etc….


          1. Mesut O-grillz says:

            Ozil, Ozil, Ozil, Ozil, Ozil, Ozil that all that comes from your mouth. Told you earlier. Don’t care that you don’t like him. People have the right to opinionate on how they feel here about players. But Ozil is all you ever talk about. We can be talking about Wenger’s pinky and somehow you’d bring up Ozil.

            And I never diss Wilshere or Arteta and never to the extent that you have dissed Ozil. Stop making assumptions.

  32. kingson says:

    Monreal deserves some credit too…..played really well today.
    What more can I say about Alexis that has not been said already!

  33. Twig says:

    Chambers had his best game in an Arsenal shirt. Good to have a RB who can deliver a decent cross into the box 🙂 . Sanchez is now the 3rd highest goal scorer in the league. What more can I say? £35 million well spent 😉

  34. Sumo says:

    Last twenty minutes was “Arsenal is back baby”. 😉

    Szczesny was class. Did you see him clap the Burnley goalie after he saved Poldi’s rocket?

    Now Ramsey and Mesut please return to form. Than we will see who fcuks whom. Very happy today. Theo Walcott is back. I can’t stop smiling. 🙂
    Come on Anderlecht, lets play.

    1. Brada b says:

      Argree m8

  35. Brada b says:

    Our best match of the season but ill like us to do that against big teams #COYG #IN17WETRUST

  36. Greg says:

    Alexis sanchez for PFA player of the year! Coyg!

  37. ruelando says:

    I actually see improvement in the team, still questions about our defense, but really some good plays, Cazorla could have had a Hattrick, many may be on his back but i think he is important to this team tactics at the moment far more than wilshere and ramsay.

    Cazorla actually helps Sanchez game, because they communicate well with each other, cazorla and sanchez are always talking in the game, therefore chemistry is building and it is showing in sanchez play.

    Burnley can count themselves lucky because this match could have been a sunderland score and that means we are on the improve .

    Now hope to see a fresh team for tuesday with some replacement, we are at our favorite spot 4th in the league and improving

  38. Thando says:

    It clear for everyone to see that sanchez is going to be a player of th year(if he avoids injuries) but F.A alwaya f*ck us up,last season koz wasnt even on the team of the year before that year it was carzola.for me chamers is my young player of the year.i know it stil early but if they perform at this rate nothing can stop them

  39. van_Al says:

    Guys don’t get too excited We played Burnley..come on now !

    1. davidnz says:

      Fair point.
      Swansea away will be a better test.
      But enjoying the 3-0, 4th place
      Super Sanchez, Chambers,
      Walcott returning Podolski a hot sub.
      And we do this without Ozil Debuchi Giroud Wilshere Koz.

  40. Mesut O-grillz says:

    Glad we are having this trend of… what’s it called again…. winning? Let’s keep this sh*t going Gunners. Anderlecht, #17 is coming for youuuuuuuuuu

  41. iamvia says:

    It seems only me saw podolski’s first shot…even szeczney was clapping. I love the performance today. Watch out as chelsea starts to fade..COYG

  42. Trudeau says:

    Sanchez is going to get tired if he has to carry us too much longer but I can’t see that happening, we’ve just got too much talent to be a one man band. I can really see Podolski, Theo and Ozil easing the burden for Alexis in the next few months. And if only Ramsey circa 2013-14 could reappear…

  43. SoOpa AeoN says:

    now wenger needs to answer me this!….. WHY DOES HE LEAVE IT SO LATE IN THE GAME BEFORE MAKING SUBS?

  44. Thando says:

    Now the pressure is on for ox,he didnt use the chances he was given by wenger to try and make it hard for theo to get back in the first for arteta why did he start?ramsey was available.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      And when he was subbed Flamini bossed midfield defensively very well…

      1. Thando says:

        @ny gunner arteta is finish at top level and i know people will thump me down but we tend to control the midfield when ramsey is b2b

  45. Enigmaticben says:

    This is a better performance I swear…we’re getting there gradually…bring on Swansea…bring on United #WeAreTheArsenal

  46. fred cowardly says:

    I’m glad we eventually won. I don’t think I could stand another “Positive out of a bad result” or “lets look on the bright side” type post. Also, losing or drawing to Burnley would have made me commit Seppuku or Hara-Kiri

  47. ronniec says:

    KJ’s rating on Poldi – N/A, he could not score a $hit.

    Anyway, good 3 points, a better game but remember we played against Burnley, one of the worst teams.
    Want to see more consistency against better teams.

    Want to see a front 3 of Poldi-Alexis-Theo and hope Wenger will give this combination a chance. Just a couple of games…

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      KJ will probably give MOTM to Wilshere even though he didn’t play


  48. royalman says:

    Ppl should stop blaming wenger for Ozil its not fair. Metsu lost form, fine! Well, Sanches is everywher today, playing like a horse, work hard, score goals, hungry dan any other player. Two games four goals, imagine! I want to apprc8 Monreal too, playing out of position, yet, he is doing it.

    1. karonito says:

      Monreal is really impressing me in the Cb position that ifKosielny was Back,i would drop mertesacker for him

  49. Oga@dtop says:

    9c weekend. D chelcheats stole a draw wt diving. We are Arsenal.

  50. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Back in top 4. Drinks are on Wenger

  51. ruelando says:

    i do not mind the arteta/flamini combination, we have to ensure our defense is water tight, with the back 4 being short on confidence, clean sheets are a good way to build it, he brought on ramsay the right time too not in the 80 + minutes, but 60 plus which gave him enough time to get going.

    Arteta/Flamini combo slows down our attacking instinct, but it allows Sanchez the space to move freely, i would even use it to december, hopefully we will have a proper back four by then

  52. Ronny331 says:

    Great win today, hoping Ramsey can find himself soon and Cazorla gets the goal he needs to boost his confidence.
    Food for thought, who think this will be our back line when Kos is back?
    Chambers, Kos, Monreal, Gibbs.
    When Debuchys back:
    Debuchy, Chambers, Kos, Gibbs.

    Sorry but we need to find a way to bench Per!
    Also no Flamini and Arteta together, it does not work!


    1. karonito says:

      Even when Debuchy is back,i might be tempted to leave Monreal in the middle cos he doesn’t make as much errors and rash challenges as chambers

  53. Ronny331 says:

    Just saw the game stats, 68% possesion, 32 shots and 13 on target, thats more like it 🙂

  54. NIKK says:

    We got a problem!
    Can’t expect Sanchez to bale us out every time!
    Wenger needs to sort it out in next 2 transfer windows!

  55. Thando says:

    @ny gunner arteta is finish at top level and i know people will thump me down but we tend to control the midfield when ramsey is b2b

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      No one is going to thump you bro. You are factually correct.

  56. Ronny331 says:

    OT: watching Pep v Klopp, Pep’s winning.
    All this talk of Pep replacing Wenger in a few years, how different is Pep to Aw?
    Pep is always on his feet jumping up and down, shouting and kicking every ball, Wenger sits on his seat mostly 🙂

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      He was doing that when his team went a whole season unbeaten. Let’s not get carried away. The dude has his issues but his pitch side manner isn’t one of them (unless you are a Mourinho, Pardew or Jol fan and hate violence)

  57. Ronny331 says:

    @thando. It’s surely no conincidence that Areta is coming to the end with us, (Captain), Per is shocking and also needs selling, (Vice captain). Wenger makes some strange decisions.
    I think he appoints based on the most senior/respected players regardless of whether they play or not. Can’t really say their are any vocal leaders on the park other than Flamini. For me I’d make Kos captain and Ramsey VC.

    1. rd_gunner says:

      Kos for me.

  58. fred cowardly says:

    Sanchez has everything
    1. Top Class overall Quality
    2. Speed
    3. Passing
    4. Scoring
    5. Passion (saw him yelling at someone, pumping himself up etc)
    6. Amazing work ethic (no laziness)
    7. Versatility (can play LW, RW, CF, striker)

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Plus a cool name

  59. fred cowardly says:

    Just realized that Sanchez is only 2 goals behind the goal scoring leaders. Sanchez has 7 (Aguero and Costa have 9) Maybe should turn Sanchez into a striker like Wenger did with Henry. And perhaps get Reus as winger

  60. Thando says:

    @ronny331 Me too

  61. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Media hate us so much that SSN are reporting our score as 1-0


    1. Justsoccerfan says:

      Now our match don’t even show live on TV as priority match. I don’t know your area but here arsenal was screen at 2nd channel.

      Last time arsenal don’t start game together with the power house (MU/MC/Chelsea).

  62. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Adrian Durham discounted Sanchez in the summer. Now he is bigging him up and telling Smellotelli to learn from him


  63. Aussie Jack says:

    When I was a kid growing up in the north of England some seventy odd years ago the only shoes I had was clogs. (I was one of the lucky ones).
    Where ever I went I walked and ran, kicking very conceivable object on the way, stones, coke, cans, you name it. Every thing along the way was a target and I was not happy if I missed. Kicking a ball came later, an old tennis ball. So, for once I agree with Arsene Wenger we sorely miss `street football`and the rough and tumble of life that made the champions of English football. By the way, congratulations on the win, it`s a start. You`ve picked a winner at last in Sanchez.

  64. Aussie Jack says:

    No doubt in my mind Sanchez is the best thing to happen to Arsenal since the `Invincible`days, just so long as Wenger doesn`t start giving him instructions or make him captain.

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