Arsenal v Burnley review – Sanchez saves our blushes

Arsenal were at times very close to our brilliant best against a hard working, determined and in form Burnley side. Despite Arsene Wenger making a whole host of changes to the Gunners starting line up, he was not taking this FA cup fourth round tie lightly and with a bit of luck we would have won it by a big margin.

Once more, though, Arsenal did not seem to get the rub of the green and along with the odd misplaced final ball that meant that the game was a lot closer than it should have been. But it was a positive performance as well as the right result and we also saw some valuable time for players like Elneny, Coquelin, Chambers and Gibbs.

Arsenal started well and could easily have been over the hill and far away by the time Calum Chambers found a fantastic finish to an Alexis Sanchez through ball and a sweeping team move to open the scoring after 19 minutes. We were passing the visitors off the park but we had also looked a bit nervous at the back and that came back to hurt us after half an hour.

Failure to clear the ball a few times and then a free header for Vokes gave Burnley an unlikely leveller and for a while they looked like they might cause an upset but we rallied and really should have been ahead before the break. It took less than 10 minutes after the restart, though, and just like the first it was a brilliant team goal, Alexis providing the finish this time to a cross by the excellent Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Apart from one last ditch Koscielny clearance and a bit of late kitchen sink stuff from Burnley we did not have too much to worry about at one end and we really should have finished a few more at the other, especially when Walcott was in on goal in the dying seconds, but all in all this was just what Arsenal needed.

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    1. 100%. was active and wasn’t afraid to strike the ball. I think it was ox who could have played him a ball within the first like 3 mins where he couldve had a 5 yard shot on goal. And at the end there Walcott couldve passed to him to seal it!

      1. knew walcott wouldnt score…
        he will have a purple patch again..then lose it – like always
        i like calum …still poor defensively but hopefully he can improve an not do a ‘gibbs’

        it frightens me how vital sanchez is to us. both goals – he was key

        wait our two most important players- are our biggest buys….gee arsene …a coincidence…

        close that window early …might aswell lol

        1. Calum’s future is in the centre imo, either CDM or CB (most likely CB). Playing on the right and in midfield gives him a sense of awareness on how we like to attack and how teams like to counter against us.

        2. LOL…@Muffdiver
          It’s really sad to know that Arsenal is quite an average side without Sanchez and Ozil.
          Many don’t agree with this though.
          The transfer window is meant to fill the quality gap, but we hardly use it. The window could as well, close early. 🙂

          1. Any team struggles without their best players, before Neymar and Suarez arrived Barca were heavily reliant on Messi. Whenever Aguero or Kompany are out they struggle badly even though they spend money on players for backup. And it’s not like we’re shit, we’ve been playing without our main CMs and Sanchez for months now but we’re still 3 points off the top of the PL miraculously. My only concern is our defensive play, attacking-wise we’re still alright without Ozil and Alexis.

            1. Very optimistic @GoonerLad.
              But we’ve not said anything different. You just agreed with me…but in a different way.
              Of course every team struggles without their main players…and we do too.
              Did you see the strength and drive Sanchez brought to the team today? We’ve missed that without him…and we’ve missed creativity without Ozil.

              1. mad at wenger for bringing on arteta: conceded useless corner, ..
                mad at walcott for being super selfish and not passing to elneny

                ox: pls keep trying, it will come.

          2. I think Arsenal007 is either the most hypocritical or most cynical person alive! Surely how can anyone say without Sanchez Arsenal is an average team when the fellow just returned from a long term injury just last week? I think if somebody has nothing useful let him keep his ignorance to himself instead of letting out a heap of nonsense.

            1. LOL…@Davidrusa,
              Sorry if my comments offended you. 🙂
              However, believe it or not…Sanchez gives Arsenal an extra drive that we miss when he’s not around. Ozil also gives Arsenal equally gives us an extra creativity we miss when he’s not around.
              We will be nowhere close to the top of the BPL without those guys.

              1. and again: its not a coincidence that they cost us the most. the market is (roughly) fair. we wont win PL with 8M buys.

          3. Do you really understand what you`re saying ? Sanchez is just coming back an injury, and we`ve been doing pretty good without him. Second, most teams build their teams around 1 or 2 players (ie. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, etc). For Arsenal, our main players are Sanchez, Ozil, Cech and Cazorla. So it`s not true to say we rely on Sanchez.

            1. LOL…@Dawa
              It will be unfair of me to say Arsenal solely depends on Sanchez or Ozil…or any other player for that matter.
              I still stand by my comments that they individually give us the extra drive (Sanchez) and extra creativity (Ozil)…and we have missed it without them.

      2. I think OX doesn’t want Elneny’s name break internet
        First 3 mins Elneny make a superb goal huh:- not only that, there are series of uncouthness cross Ox should have make to his team mate but he didn’t. Ox need to sit back and watch the match again and again. What make Ozil great and famous more is king of assist not goals. Goal would surely come gradually.

        1. Well if I have to choose between cheering at Akpom scoring a hatrick against third tier team or cheer at Giroud’s 15 missed backheels/Walcott’s missed sitter 1-on-1 against second tier team, I cheer for Akpom!

          1. hahaha

            love me some giroud back heels to the opposition or
            gibbs cruyff turns which make him do a roly poly over his own legs

            lol too funny

            1. So long as someone is scoring and we win that is all I care about, not going to rue any could have been when we get the job done ..Alexis baby, soo glad to see you.

              1. interesting giroud was playing out in the field today, but trying too hard to be too fancy. just take a shot giroud!

        1. @muffdiver
          That sh*t was pzzn me off to no end. Dude does well on the hold up play then fluffs it with those parfait soft ball heels…

            1. liked elneny:
              * not afraid to take a shot,
              * defensively, was a bit shaky ,but will improve

              super mad at walcott for not passing square to elneny : that would’ve been 3 and elneny’s first.

          1. There’s just way too many wobs Wenger out brigade, on this site to make any sensible, or positive comments, before some fool picks through the win for negatives. God I wish we could convert some Liverpool or new castle fans.

          1. LOL…Those back-heels were pleasant to watch. 🙂
            Did you see the pass Giroud missed given Theo from the halfway line? Imagine if that ball was on Ozil’s feet. Theo probably might have missed it though 🙂

  1. Decent game. Still shocking how the Ox and Walcott seem to be struggling. Iwobi is definitely a gem though! COYG

    1. Ox is doing alright to be fair, he just needs to be composed in front of goal, eventually composure will come as he gets older. Still only 22…

      1. i agree.
        chambers i see as a dm aswell, lots to learn.

        but theo and gibbs?
        they may look like they have same mum but different dads…
        i ask after that many years- when will we see the best of them

        1. That Walcott miss at the end was just disrespectful, if the Burnley Winger didn’t panic with ball in his feet they could have easily equalised…..Players like Walcott r really running out of excuses!!!

      2. I’ve been very critical of OX, and with reason. But today he was much better, just hit the target son. You might get a lucky rebound or whatever but blasting it all the way to White Fart Lane won’t do any good. Unless it hits one of those rat turds.

      3. Ox takes one dribble too many and needs to keep his head up. 3 minutes into the game he missed Elneny’s run. Campbell would have seen that and put in a pass.

  2. For the first time in many years we have a midfielder in Elneny who isn’t scared to shoot outside of the box. Am sure he will finish with some goals before the season.

    1. Hahaha
      Surely that was Ramsey wearing a Wigg? ? ???

      I’m not surprised that Elneny had a good game, I was expecting him to score before kick off, but I didn’t expect him to have 4+ shots on goal ? Ramsey won’t be pleased ?

      I just hope that Wenger plays Elneny regularly!

      And wtf was gibbs trying to do to Coquelin?

  3. Walcott! How can you miss that chance?! Absolutely rubbish… Just do a dummy and pick a side or just chip the ball over the keeper. What on earth do you do at the trainingground? Not Arsenal quality at all….

    1. where is our scoring going to come from (besides sanchez) ???? ???
      really hope walcott and giroud get back to their scoring ways.
      reckon we’ll see some from elneny tho.
      his out-of-the-box shooting will keep defenders honest. hope wenger encourages it.

  4. Walcott missed another sitter.. We miss way too many chances. Giroud was invisible today, didn’t find anyone with his flicks and backheels. No wonder our GD is worse than Tottenham.

    Nervous performance but there were some positives as well. Sanchez is back, Chambers and Gibbs were solid and Iwobi, oh my what a player. If he beefs up a little he can be the next starter.

    Jury still out on Elneny of course. I didn’t see him win any tackles which was little disappointing as was his lack of pace. Hopefully his traits will be revealed in his next appearances. OX was good as well! Very composed with his crosses, just needs to hit the target when he’s in the box.

    1. Giroud plays best when Ramsey and Ozil are on the pitch, now you see the importance of a midfielder supporting the striker.

      1. Despite the fact that Özil-Giroud is the most productive attack pairings, it doesn’t go to show how many chances are being wasted. Özil-Giroud can score 30-40 goals a season but if Özil has created 150 chances for him, well then we have a problem.

        1. ozil and suarez- would have literally ended the earth

          suarez would have invented the ‘double hat trick’

          still we havent got a striker deserving of mesut

          1. agree. arsenal deserves a striker that strikes fear into opposition. that can create for himself. that does not miss sitters.
            but wenger’s primary value is player development and faithfulness.
            our only saving grace is that giroud is 30, so that may prompt wenger to find someone [just hope its not another 8M development project]

    1. that 1:1 is to me the litmus test of a WC striker. can you imagine RVP or henry or suarez missing from there? sad for us, we dont have such a striker and our manager is putting player feelings & development above ruthless drive to win PL.

  5. listen people, without new strikers we will come short in winning anything big in the end. giroud is a superb bench player and thats it, and how arsenal is paying walcott 140k a week is beyond my wildest imagination, i dont know why the f… they pay him so much. just why??

    the only hope i have to have a go for the title is that others will suck way more then we do, and that somehowe sanchez can carry us through the season.

    we need more quality, the ones who cant see this are stupid or dont care.

    1. I can’t remember if you sided for or against but I remember when Theo was being courted by City and Liv when just about every Gooner wanted him to stay, he was important for the chase with CL places and we were losing players at that time, we offered the 100 thou he asked because if Theo had of left Arsene would have gotten slaughtered. Theos best position is right wing and when he is fit and playing there regularly he is one of the highest scoring widemen, assists and goals. Personally I believe he deserved another contract but not sure about the extra 40 grand, I reckon it was due to Alexis and Ozil being highest earners and Walcott was delivering more than Ozil at time.

      1. whenever walcott’s contract is up for negotiation, he goes thru a purple patch of 2-3 months. just saying.
        walcott’s getting an unbelievable deal for 140K. i cant see it being renewed but u never know w wenger.

  6. A bit of a nothing game really…. funny that the commentators were trying to make out Arsenal were in danger in sections in this game as Burnely, like Arsneal seemed to just want to play a little kickabout (lol) and neither team looked liked they were trying.

    Nice to see Coq, Sanchez and Rosicky come back. Iwobi looks good and a nice debut from Elneny too.
    Shame the fans couldn’t get more chants and noise going though but all good we are through to the next round. 🙂

  7. Good debut for Elneny..the best thing about him is that he ain’t afraid to shoot and does have technique for the same

  8. Positives
    1. We won and through to next round
    2, Alexis has started scoring- goal and assist
    3. Eleny, Chambers and Iwobi looked good

    Walcott still seems to be struggling. At least got an Assist today but Walcott wasn’t on today

    1. Theo Walcott is not a good player he never as been he has his moments but will never be a ARSENAL legend even if he played until he was 50, He is far to over rated i would cash in on him and buy someone that will earn there wage

    1. Don’t worry, he will be back in a few weeks. Wilshere on the other hand… well the next time we see him will be on the FA cup parade shouting anti-Tottenham chants. This is after sitting out the whole season!

      1. @J McLovin
        He’ll come on as a sub in the final match, just to get the medal…Like he does every year.

  9. i miss those days when ur girl used to give u ‘favours’ just cause she wanted to..not because she wanted something in return

    1. @muffdiver
      Never been with a babe who did anything just because “she wanted to”….You must know some real keepers.

      1. Yeah, all the stinky skanks I’ve been with only want my albino Scandinavian snake.. Sometimes I feel like just a piece of meat. Just a joystick you know

  10. I’m not impressed at all.its like there is no fight in these players at all……I seriously don’t know what to say abt my team.

  11. 1. Nine fringe players
    get game time.
    Ospina Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
    Ox Iwobi Theo Rozza and Arteta.
    2. Coquelin back from injury.
    3. Elneny completes debut.
    4. Sanchez back and scoring
    5.Players rested.
    Cech Monreal Bellerin Mertz
    Campbell Ozil Ramsey Flamini.
    22 players now available.

    1. thank you david for cheering us up a bit.
      interesting he bought on arteta instead of flam to give coq a rest.
      maybe flam’s being punished a bit for his lack of discipline?

  12. Iwobi in my opinion is technically better then both Walcott n ox and should be ahead of them why on earth are they ahead of him??? Goals assists? ??
    Favourites it’s a joke

    Sanchez was Sanchez that’s what world class brings u, also iv been impressed with gibbs yes he was going thru a real “stinker” patch but think he’s gib ally realised not just his arsenal but England future is up for grabs and has started playing a lot better.

  13. That Chambers tackle on Coquelin could have easily resulted in a red card,lol…..the chaotic defending never ends at arsenal, you would think they were trying to defend MSN… God have mercy on us when we meet barca!!!

    1. barca is a foregone conclusion; just hope its not embarassing. we dont have enuf players to contest CL. wenger’s too cheap , not ambitious enough, and too deluded.

  14. AW should have put a better team out because it could have gone all tits up. But now he can say this team won and we played well? We could have done with a real 3-4 gole game but a win is a win I guess. I want Arsenal to retain this cup as it would be something very special. From now on full team in the cup and PC in gole plz as there is no need to rest a keeper and take chances because peter gives confidence to the back line

  15. @ny gunner, don’t get me wrong monreal is our starter that’s cemented and I don’t mind gibbs as a back up. One position I am really worried about is right back if bellering gets injured were screwed also the chances burnley created today bloody he’ll any decent team with a good striker and we could have conceded 3 easily. Sanchez was the only only 1 who actually looked like scoring don’t get me started on the ox and theo lol
    Iwobi looks composed and a real talent after all having Jay Jay okasha as ur uncle must have some benefits 🙂

    Must win against saints at all cost’s

    1. wenger needs to show the stick to walcott: if he doesnt shape up, iwobi and campbell get to go ahead.

      i liked that wenger took rotation seriously tho today (altho putting arteta on the field was too much for me). he achieved his objective of giving play time to a lot of “fringe” players .
      really hope walcott can learn from that so next time, when it matters, he doesnt fluff his lines.
      we cant afford both giroud/walcott not scoring.

  16. We need to do a better job of keeping the ball in the final minutes instead of bombing guys forward. If you get a clear break like the one Walcott screwed up that is one thing but we gave Burnley too many chances but not retaining possession.

    The worst example was just in to stoppage time. Ox has the ball on the right. No defender is pressuring him. Yet he sails a high, pointless cross directed at nobody out of bounds for a goal kick. Stupid!

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