Arsenal squad issues to consider ahead of Burnley visit

Some squad issues Wenger could think about by KM

Arsenal welcome Burnley in what should be a walk in the park on a Saturday afternoon. They’ve conceded 16 goals, they have only grabbed 4 points so far and have only scored 5 goals. Anything but the 3 points would be a huge blow, but we’ve managed so far to create trouble out of nowhere so it’s never as easy as it looks.

We have some squad issues. Wilshere will be joining the injured list for this game most likely, and Gibbs has a small chance to miss the game too. I don’t think we’ll miss Gibbs, because Bellerin will start as right back anyway in my opinion and the fact we’ve started the seasons with just 6 defenders is absurd.

With Wilshere there’s another problem. We know there’s talent in the lad but I’m not sure Wenger has found his best position. Another problem is that Ramsey, just like Wilshere, needs to play next to a solid DM which we don’t have. We’ll probably start with Flamini and Arteta. For me that doesn’t work. They are two players past their best with no pace. We need a Matic, Fernandinho, Yaya Toure or similar type of player to cover our shaky defense.

We’ve managed only 2 clean sheets, and they were against two of the worst sides in the PL Sunderland and Villa and both were away games. A Burnley side heading back to the championship is the ideal moment to make it the first two wins in a row this season and a first clean sheet at home.

And rotating the squad. For years we’ve been stuck with a good starting XI and no bench. Now we have squad players good enough to win such games but I still feel that Wenger will stick to the best he has. Lukas is surely on his way out after this season and Rosicky looks like he won’t be playing much.

The need for rotations is our bad fitness management and the fact we run players down to the ground until they are injured (Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny) are a few examples of players playing every game. Now Welbeck is also playing every game because Wenger doesn’t like having two strikers available.

It’ll be interesting to see Giroud and Welbeck available and what Wenger does with it. Maybe a 4-4-2 since we don’t have much typical wingers? Our game hasn’t been fluid and it’d be nice to see some good passes and some offensive play. Cazorla has been a shadow of his former self, and Ramsey is far from the form he had last season. Burnley is the perfect opponent for us to regain our fluency and gain some confidence.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. Andrew AFC says:

    Lets go after Burnley hard from the start and show them we will not be bulled.
    Arsenal 5-0 Burnley

    1. ljgomez says:

      yah honestly a good ole blow out would be fantastic
      and very much needed!
      i always feel we get 3 and stop
      lets destroy a team.

  2. Thando says:

    With sanchez,welback,carzola and ramsey everything is possible

  3. Usmanov says:

    Best comment of the day for me.

    People don’t seem
    to realise that a player like
    Khedira or someone similar
    like Busquets don’t need to do
    the Scott Parker job because
    they have much better
    positioning. Better spatial
    awareness facilitates
    , therefore no
    need to bust a gut to catch
    up with the opposition
    because they were in the
    wrong position.

    People who are saying he is
    injury prone are making him out
    to look like Diaby.
    Look at his stats:
    He has had major injuries since
    Before that he played his first 3
    seasons 2010-2013 at
    approximately 45 games per
    season with no problems.
    he played 4 seasons at Stuttgart
    without any major problems
    averaging approx 35 games per
    He played the whole World Cup
    save the Final
    He has had injuries this year and
    last year and all of a sudden he
    is made of glass. Why you
    discounting the 7+ years
    previous when he had no imajor

    1. Thando says:

      @usmanov it funny that those players you have counted play in spain not barclay where you need to be physical and every top team knows the importance of having a dm

    2. SaveArsenal says:

      What does it matter if he was fit when he was younger?
      That is past now, we live in the present, he is getting older and more injury prone in the less physical Spanish league, coming to Arsenla and the PL will make matters worse for him.
      He has been injured a lot and he missed the world cup final because of an injury he picked up warming up FFS!

      1. Goonsquad8 says:

        That is literally one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. You seriously just said we should only worry about his past even though in the present he is injury prone as sh*t. He was just out with an ankle injury or something and he had to have surgery on his quad (not sure if those are the 2 injuries exactly but you get the point). Some of the comments on here are hilarious

  4. Andrew AFC says:

    I want to see the best players play for Arsenal but if they haven’t got passion forget it. Sanchez and Welbeck have got it and I will back them all the way.

  5. Andrew AFC says:

    Burn Burnley Burn
    You have come to the Emirates and will be shot down in flames.

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      You are not an Arsenal supporter then. F-cking muppet.

  6. pubgooner says:

    This will do:
    – Casillas as GK
    – Kos
    – Wanyama
    – Ozil and
    – 7 duplicates of SANCHEZ
    Enough to win ALL major trophies..

  7. haywill says:

    i miss rvp 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Mick The Gooner says:

    The typical storyline that just happens for reasons unknown.. A little club that hasn’t won in a while gets a surprise win against one of the big boys.. Let’s just make sure that big boy isn’t us.

  9. Ronny331 says:

    Confidence and enthusiasm is needed but not complacency. Let’s go at them and kill them off early on. Not top many bodies committed forward as we are makeshift at the back and one of our cbs as usual will need protecting 🙁

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