Arsenal v C. Palace Review – Woohoo! Gunners go 8 points clear at the top with easy win

Arsenal really needed to go into the international break with a confidence-boosting 8 point lead over Man City, our only danger to the Gunners winning their first EPL title for 19 years.

In the first 20 minutes, Arsenal has the lions share of possession, but the two first good chances fell to Palace. The first was Louis Saha flying down the wng, cutting inside and taking a great shot which Ramsdale finger-tipped against the post, but the bounce came back against our keeper and Rambo was lucky it didn’t deflect into the net.

But after 28 minutes our nerves were settled when Martinelli took a crossfield pass smoothly and slotted the ball into the corner to give us the lead.

Less than ten minutes later we went two up thanks to starboy Saka, who calmly slotted it between the defender and the keeper to make it two, and we went into half-time with a nice cushion in our quest for the 3 points.

Arsenal came flying out after the break with the boys continuing the pressure, although Saha was always a menace and nearly forced a penalty but Saka dealt with him bravely.

Ten minutes ito this half we went 3-0 up, with Xhaka sealing the points when he somehow lifted it over the keeper after a brilliant finish into the bottom-left corner after a swift one-two with Trossard.

But maybe we relaxed too quickly, as our defence was a bit lax and allows Shlupp to get one back in a scramble in the box, and the game was back on at 3-1.

Saha caused more problems and teased the ball across Ramsdale’s goal line and nearly gifted Palace another goal, but we went straight up the other end, and that man Saka doubled his contribution with another well taken shot that had to be checked by VAR for offside against Jesus but was quickly confirmed.

So then it was just a question of shoring up and making sure our defence wasn’t troubled again, although Saha again had one more chance in added time.

Now all our Arsenal fans this evening can get our bragging rights out for at least two more weeks while the boring interlull is in process.

Onwards and Upwards!

C’mon you Gooners!

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  1. Crystal Palace were pathetic, but all our players played very well

    Maybe we would’ve won against Sporting, if Trossard played CF in that game. His playmaking skills are better than Jesus and Nketiah

    Ramsdale’s distribution skills and reflexes made him perfect for a long competition like EPL. But we need a bigger GK who’s excellent in penalties, if we want to win UCL or EL

      1. It’d be fantastic if we can have him back. Donnarumma or Robert Sanchez would also likely be a good competitor for Ramsdale

        1. Strang comment, GAI. As you well know, no teams have two world class keepers, as no top keeper settles for being number two.

  2. Just too excited
    Hats off to Odegaard for thanking us all. He looked absolutely shattered. His tireless energy- amazing

    1. He pressed Crystal Palace like a mad man. Leicester City won EPL with Okazaki played like that behind Vardy and Chelsea also won EPL with the tireless Kante

  3. Today we needed an answer and what an answer we got 🫶 Top of the league with champion football 🔴⚪️

  4. Superb! Great all round and some major plusses. My MOM jointly White and Holding who was as good as I’ve seen him and maybe has finally understood how to play in this team? Honourable mentions for Tierney, Saka, Martinelli and Ramsdale. Almost faultless display – their goal seemingly caused by having TOO MANY defenders back! Only minor negative maybe that Jesus, despite his 10 minute superb opening cameo, is still off his best and needs game time. Pleased that Vieira wasn’t subbed on – maybe we have learned our lesson for this season? Great stuff guys well played all!

    1. Holding was excellent guy as was White
      I didn’t have any complaints apart from seeing Palace score
      It was awesome having not been to a game this season.

  5. Great win today. Everyone put in their shift and the team camaraderie is there for all to see. Hope we continue on this trend after the international break and continue to dig out wins even when teams seem hard pressed to overcome. We have some tough fixtures coming up and hope we just take it one game at a time and one win at a time. I believe we can do it. Coyg.

  6. Great win and performance, this game showed that whoever we buy in the summer as competition for the first 11 have to be hardworkers, this team is full of hardwork and they help and run for eachother, arteta has done a great job with the team and work ethic, so people like zaha or pepe should never come into this team as they are too lazy and could disrupt the behaviour, i hope diaby or rice/zubimendi etc. are equally hardworking players

  7. Fine article PAT, with just one depressing, though true thought; “the boring interlull”.

    What a tedious bore international weeks are and I reckon almost ALL Gooners agree!

    Latest news : City drawn againt Sheff Utd in FA CUP semi. Whcih means almost certainly City are going all the way to the final, so more games for them. Good news for us.

    1. Saliba gets a rest, that’s one positive, should be fit by the time we play Leeds

    2. It’s a sad indictment of the modern game that, that’s true. I loved internationals in my youth been to see England many a time in wc, ec qualifiers and friendlies. Now, because the qualifiers have become a formality with zero risk involved it’s just an annoyance. Worse, you spend the whole time worrying you may lose a key player on international duty, just as we did in December. The establishment whinges that we’re ‘unpatriotic’ but its hard to get motivated watching England play montenegro for the umpteenth time in a group match, knowing full well they’ll score a hatfull, the press will go berserk and declare us as certs to ‘bring football home’ when we’d all rather be roaring on the gunners in a title bid!

  8. This is the Arsenal we have been seeing most of the time congrats to the lads. Wish Ramsdale had clean sheet but we move. 10 games more COYG.

  9. Holding worries me, but great game today son. At one point he was up the north bank end looking for a goal lol. If he had scored today would have been mom for sure.

  10. Ben White was TERRIBLE today. Was skinned by Zaha, countless times and caused the corner for Palace’s goal.

    As for Zaha, Dude still got Speed and Aggression, even @30 yrs.

    We should get him in the Summer as we have UCL next season and Will be playing in many Competition.

    1. Boy, are you OUT OF STEP with all other Gooners, who are all praising White to the skies. Perhaps you are a Palace fan though, as that would explain that extraordinary opinion!

    2. You’re contradicting youself Vinny! White was terrible as he was beaten a couple of times by a player you want us to buy? Since when is it a crime for a defender to concede a corner? And no mention of the numerous contributions White made in attack? Virtually every fan saw a different player to you today…

    3. Sorry to disagree. Ben White was IMO a very good player today. He maybe was tricked by Zaha 2-3 times but was able to keep him quiet the entire game otherwise. He also was very good in our offense, getting both key passes for Saka’s assist as well as goal.
      Regarding Zaha as a possible player for us, if he is on a free and somewhere around Nketiah level of wages it would be great. Anything more might be troublesome for us.

      1. I also thought that Zaha would be good as a Support player if his wager aren’t too high but after today I dont really want him anymore, he is a very good player but I think he is too lazy and it would be a hindrance to our team with very hardworking players, I wouldn’t want him to disrupt the work ethics, what do you think Sid? 🤔

        1. Zaha will always beat any player for pace as he did a couple of times today with white ,but nothing came of it and you have to look at the contributions he made going forward where was Zaha ?Hardly tracked back and waiting around for everyone else to do his job and you want him playing for Arsenal ,that ship sailed 5years ago .
          White was excellent today as he as been all season .

          1. Hopefully be the end of the Saha rumours to Arsenal nowhere near the sort of player we need decent player but not good enough to play for any of the big clubs perhaps spuds will be his best bet!😀

        2. Very good point to discuss Krish. Me personally I think he might be a good shout as a dribbler to throw on 75 80 mins at opposition teams tired rbs. I know he would be a liability for our overall play and at 30 isnt exactly mouldable into a MA type player. Maybe your point would be more likely and he would turn out to be Willian 2.0? I just felt purely interms of takeons he would be better than Marti if we are looking to switch from defense to offense, but I think Marti would be overall more effective. His exploits in the left inside half channel have earned us many goals either directly by him or through rebounds which shows his accuracy to shoot at particular zones and angles. And offcourse he is a better defender. I guess at present Nelson is better suited than Zaha.

    4. You are not a football fan if you think Benny was terrible today, he was exceptional, he has been outstanding all season and just like you and Southgate, no idea

  11. Good WIN!
    Ramsdale kept 2 goals out.

    zaHa would be a blight to the total team futbol that AFC are currently playing, hard pass forever.

    Anyway, as good as it could be after the EL loss to comeback with a WIN!

    Rest and heal up Saliba and Tomi.

    Let’s go!

  12. Arsenal since that defeat to mcity: 19 goal scored; 3 per match. 8 more wins should win it, LET’S GO

  13. Great result, those eight points must look enormous if your city!!
    Have to single out Holding and Tierney – not because they MAY have been better than anyone else, but because they came on and were, immediately, up with the pace of the PL.

    Holding has been given some serious grief on JA from the usual suspects, suggesting he’s not good enough… perhaps they will give it a rest now?
    Tierney looked as if he had never been away and his ball to Saka was so intelligent.

    The crowd, once again, played their part and I hope Patrick Vieria was watching, as his name was chanted.

    Now we have the international break and, while understanding the frustration, it will give time for the backroom staff to work on the players.

    This WAS the pivotal result for me, let’s see if city can handle the pressure that the pundits and media reckon we, The Arsenal, can’t..

    1. Thats true I also loved Holding, I generally like him a lot and think he is great as a Backup CB i am not sure If other teams have better CB’s than Holding as Bench players, I had some doubts if he is enough technical to spread the play from behind as I thought he would be lacking in match fitness but he was immense, he is a great squad player IMO

      1. He was good today and you are absolutely right that as a bench player he stood in admirably today. If required after the break, he looks good for the team

      2. Holding is a great back up, he is happy at Arsenal, but needs more games to get a PL medal, same as Tierney

        1. There is nothing to prevent the club having a medal struck to give to Holding and also to any other player who does not play enough to automatically qualify for one, if they so wish.

          I think that ALL PLAYERS who have played at all this season, no matter how little, OUGHT to qualify for a medal, IF we win the Prem. Who else agrees? It is after all a TEAM sport.

          1. And in fact that’s to receive one automatically. Apart from that the winning club is given up to 40 medals (including the ones gained automatically by players appearing in five or more games) to distribute as they see fit.

      3. I don’t know our some of our fans do see Holding few season ago before he was injured against Manchester United , he was our best defender that season he was unbeatable he has won us two domestic cups. Has for me I will want Holding in our team has a full squad’s player cause each season is very long, we need quality players and Holding belong to that.

    2. KEN your last line makes it clear that to you -and to all of us- Citys next Prem game at home to Liverpool is ALSO another pivotal game.

      Just as I wrote a day or so ago when I stressed, though you argued – that ALL our and CITYS games to come are pivotal. Until the title is decided.

      But for some strange reason you won’t have it!! Why not?

      Even though in your last line you have, effectively, admitted what I say is true.

      1. So Jon,
        as usual everyone else has a low IQ (compared to you of course), and even though we won 4-1 and went clear the top, you are still not going to talk about the football.

        1. Actually jon the was the pivotal moment in our season ,a chance to go 8 clear (which we took ) which now leaves city with an awful lot of work to do ,any low IQ fan will tell you they would rather have points on the board than games in hands .
          Sometimes you just have to admit you’re wrong and move on ,knowing you though you will argue your case when there is absolutely no argument to be made .

          1. DAN if you care to read and read PROPERLY and PRECISELY what I said to KEN and what I did not say, you will find that I said all games to come, for both clubs, are PIVOTAL(OR CRUCIAL).

            I included todays game and agreed that it too was pivotal. Until the title is decided, it is AS PLAIN AS THAT ARSENAL PLAY IN RED AND WHITE, THAT ALL GAMES ARE PIVOTAL.


            I also never said and never claimed that being eight points ahead is NOT better than having a game in hand Of course it is!!

            I also accept City (and ourselves) both have an awful lot of work to do. I NEVER CLAIMED OTHERWISE DAN.

            I do wish you would concentrate on EXACTLY what I say and not what you misunderstand me to have said!

            1. Like I said in the week you will always have an answer for everything ,surely it’s tiresome ?
              I’m not going to get into an Argument as your never wrong .
              As for an Apology 😂good one jonny boy .

              1. Dan KIT you are mistaken to claim that “I am never wrong”. You clearly have too high an opinion of my intelligence!
                Neither do I have an answer for everything, though I do have an answer for most things that you falsely accuse me of saying, when I have, in fact, never said such things.

                It is cowardly and lazy minded to falsely accuse others of saying things which they have never said.
                Perhaps a good way to prevent you doing so again, is to do as you do and deliberately accuse YOU of saying things you have never said!

        2. Ad PAT A challenge to you from me! Show me where I have ever said that.

          If you can, you have my pledge to give you one thousand pounds to give to any charity of your choice.

          You will not find such a comment, because what you say is a lie and traduces me. What you say is a wicked lie, as you well know! Shame on you!

      2. Dear oh dear Jon – city’s next game ISN’T pivotal for us, as long as we keep winning OUR games. I’ve just been reading the comments during the game and saw how you got involved with VAR again – why not concentrate on the actual game… unless you wasn’t watching it?
        VAR was used properly by efficient referees, end of the story!!

        1. Dear oh dear KEN. So are you saying that we are likely to win all but one of our remaining games ?

          City will be only two ponts behind us, if they win their game in hand and beat us up there Then we would need to not drop a single other point. THAT is WHY each game for both teams is pivotal until the title is decided. Stubborn man!

          IF you aresaying that, then you are not living in the real footballworld and are getting as carried away as some of the very young fans on here . THEY have the excuse of little life and football experience. You do not!
          As for VAR, I am mystified by your untrue comment, as I have said nothing at all about it concerning us whatseover, since our debate several days or more ago.
          Finally Ken, “unless you WASN’T watching it”!! I thought you were at least basically educated!

          1. I find it rather disturbing how you pick on people’s grammatical errors when it’s obvious they are only out here to express their feelings on the teams performance. Does that make you feel any better acting like the grammar professor on here ? It doesn’t matter what errors one makes as long as the message is well communicated and clear. It’s not too late to respect others opinions without making them feel less of themselves. The world is a better place when mutual respect and NO BULLYING.

            1. Untrue Edward! I picked specifically on KEN,albeit rather mischievously, as I know him and talk with him by phone occasionally.

              I have never previously thought him lacking in English skills, which is why I said what I said , to him alone!

              Of course you could not be expected to know that so why you chose to blunder in,unknowingly , into something that does not concern you , is puzzling!

          2. Jon, you got into a conversation ABOUT VAR while the game was in progress – I checked the times!!
            As for my education, I was told to always answer questions, whixh you, plainly, were not…. so were you watching the game or not?

            1. Wrong KEN. I simply replied in general terms to another post which mentioned VAR.
              However, I did not mention VAR nor did I mention it at all, neither directly nor even implicitly I await your apology therefore for yet another falsehood about what I wrote.

              1. Jon, wriggle, wriggle, wriggle as much as you want.
                I said EXACTLY what you are saying you got into, a discussion about VAR… I didn’t say you mentioned VAR did I?
                Now, check the times, 3.27 and 3.37, while the match is in progress, you are, as usual, calling out fans who don’t agree with you and entering a discussion around VAR.
                . You should be doing the apologising to other fans and I ask, once again…. was you actually watching the game and, if you were, was it so disinteresting you decided to discuss var and other fans state of mind??

                1. As I am not a criminal in court and you are not the prosecuting barrister, I will say MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! OK!!

  14. How impressive Leo Trossard is. Signing of the Jan Window by anybody. Great assist for Xhaka’a goal. Xhaka is reborn. There must have been an exorcism because he is now soooo good.

    1. True, Trossard is a superb player to have, as a Starter and as an squad player, especially for next year when we are in the CL and its great to have Xhaka who is a physical monster, you can count on him to play 60 games as he is never injured and goes into every duel without fear

  15. The big jug is so close now I can almost smell it.

    If Klopp, Conte or Morhihio was in charge of Arsenal , we wouldn’t have so many Thomas

    1. Do you mean doubting thomas, Gunsmoke? Like people doubting we would win the PL trophy?Yeah maybe but depends on which versions are you speaking about. I dont think Mourinho, Klopp or Conte would have made this team, in the sense the composition and tactics. And as we know in football, their tactics if not continously improvised would mean that Arsenal would not be able to compete with rivals. Current coaches who seem to be able to continously evolve/ be tactically superb most of the times are Pep, Don Carlo, Feyenoord Coach(surprising name but he is getting good plaudits), ETH, Xavi, Dortmund coach, Niko Kovac, Japan coach(at the world cup, gave a good show with the team) and the next rung consisting of Will Still (even more surprising name, Reims Coach), Nagelsmann, PSG coach who was sacked,Tuchel and Arteta.

  16. Good three points. Congratulations boys. The coaching crew should tidy up some little little negative things in order to avoid conceding goals. That emotional display by White was unnecessary which led to corner that eventually resulted to goal. That display was unprofessional to say the least.

    1. Silly talk Henson Gunner.
      You tried to sully Ben White reputation with a suggestive comment.
      Did you ever watch Juventus FC during the later days of Chellini, Buffon and Bonucci these guys were happy when they defend a corner or concede a corner even though it later led to a goal.
      Support your team guy even in good or in bad time

  17. Before the match I would gladly have accepted a 4-1 victory, hence some of the rather negative comments of some contributors saddens me.To those who are looking for perfection, stick to your computer games.Once again the much maligned Holding was very good as was Tieney in his cameo role.

    1. Now even games are difficult to play perfectly unless you are specifically referring to FIFA, lol.

  18. 🔴⚪️After today’s victory, Arsenal are now the first side in English Football League history to win as many as nine London derbies in a single league season. Source TeamTalk

    1. If we beat chelsea and west ham, that “goal” Brentford scored would be an even bigger pill to swallow!!

      1. I’m very impressed Ken. I stay realistic and don’t expect anything but decent performances. Step by step 🫶

    1. Nah, more on the CAPSLOCK button on his keyboard lol. Jokes aside, Jon is a very respected commenter here and I think most of the things he says is more of a parental form of chide than any serious mockery.

  19. OT. This Kardashian lady is pure bad luck.
    She was at the Emirates in our last game…BOOM WE LOST!!
    Not like I’m blaming her but look what she’s doing to PSG. She’s in their stadium currently and they are 2 goals down to Stade reinnas!!.
    I thought she was an arsenal fan though.
    She had better keep off my dear untainted club.

  20. My take- pretty good overall performance except maybe the starting 10 mins. Palace tried a physical game with counters and we adjusted. Holding was really good as was White. Ramsdale did well to get down on time and put a finger on the ball after some criticisms for his dive timings midweek. Saka Ode Partey and Xhaka were great and allowed others to get into the groove and play freely. Some of the things Ode did with the ball were genius, especially the trio on the right. Glad Marti scored. But tbh, more than the goal, I feel one area he has been successful for us is shooting in the left inside half channel. Either he scores, or he forces the goalie to parry onto the path of an onrushing attacker to score the rebound. This has also earned us many points I believe. On the flip side though, I think he has become slightly less penetrative as he was first half of the season but that either looks tactical or fatigue. Everyone else said all the good things about Trossard and the impact he is having so my only input here would be- What a signing he has been for us!

      1. I was speaking more in terms of how he seems to prefer buildup more as opposed to direct running at the opponents earlier. Also feels just a tad bit unimaginative and slow sometimes when he does take on. This is not for every action, and I also mentioned he has improved his shooting accuracy, particularly from the left half channel which has got us goals either directly or through rebounds. Not a knock on him, just an observation. Maybe he is learning a new style. Anyways as long as he is happy, fit and firing my words mean nothing lol.

  21. Great win at a significant point in the season. There is a chance after the international break that we can be a mountain of points clear. Pressure on city.

      1. Yes Dan, if we win against Leeds and City lose to Liverpool, it will be significant. Who said PIVOTAL 🤣

        1. The form scousers are in can’t see them beating city think best we can hope for is a draw anything else will be a huge bonus! They will prob play there game of the season against us!

  22. Rob “Samson” Holding brilliant today. Don’t cut that hair till the end of the season.

      1. It won’t be pivotal if city lose to pool and we carry on winning Jon, as we will be a minimum of eleven points clear.

  23. Am happy with the performance. Pleased with Tierney (who I believe should be more involved in the team) and Holding who gave a solid display. With Jesus I am very disappointed and it is becoming clear why Mancity were keen to get rid of him. He hardly scores and brings very little to the team. We should sell him at the end of the season and offer £90M for Victor Osimhen.

    1. @Quantic Dream: You may be the ONLY fan who feels that way about a player who is slowly returning to full fitness after almost four months out with a serious injury.

      Maybe you just became a fan. For your information, Jesus along with Zinchenko, Saka, Partey, Saliba, and Odegaard are the primary reasons why Arsenal is eight points ahead of Manchester City.

      If you cannot decipher that, then there is no help for you. As for Tierney, it was great that he got some minutes – but the gaffer knows what he is doing.

      1. @Kpankulu
        I know Jesus has been out since the world cup but even before he got injured he was already on a goal drought with his last goal coming in the beginning of October. Not a good sign imo.

    2. QD congrats on being UNIQUELY the one single Gooner who thinks as you do about Jesus.
      Almost everyone else thinks precisely the opposite, as I also do!

      1. @Jon fox
        Sometimes being in the minority doesn’t always make someone wrong, I remember I was also in the minority when I called out Lacazette.. another fan favourite with very little end product.

        1. QD, then you were certainly not in a minority of just one, as you probably are with Jesus, as I AGREE WITH YOU ON Lacazette.

        2. @QM
          Being in the minority is one thing, being a single guy from all Arsenal fans to have this opinion for Jesus is UNIQUE as Jon said. You have to be a genius or insane.

    3. QD, very harsh (and unfair) on a player returning from a serious injury, who was in good form making a serious contribution to the team prior to that injury.

      1. @Ozziegunner
        Okay maybe I was a bit harsh.. but it doesn’t look like he will reach 10 league goals this season.

        1. QD, 3 months out doesn’t help! Arsenal doesnt have Eland Haarland; the goals are spread around snd hopefully Jesus can contribute with gosls and assists.

  24. Very good game by the lads. What a great way to return to winning ways after the midweek blip. Going forward we will need a good ball playing number 8 to partner Partey. Xhaka is good for the balance of the team but on numerous occasions that he found himself in dangerous positions to pick out a final pass, he seemed to lack ideas and misplaced a pass or went sideways.

      1. No doubt about that and his work rate has improved although he doesn’t clearly win the tackles. I just think a better player in that position will give us more goals and assists. I might be wrong though.

    1. We have won as many games this season as we did for the the of last season….22
      Anyone still doubting our manger is not good enough
      Anyone still doubting our team is not good
      Been a fabulous season to date
      Onwards a d upwards

      1. AB, but it was the same manager last season!!!
        It’s the players he’s brought in and the style of play that is the difference!!!

        1. I would have to disgree with you Ken
          The difference is the belief
          The new players have added to the team but winning has given us that belief and confidence
          The manager and majority of players are a season older and wiser.
          Last season we played some sublime stuff but when it mattered we folded.
          22 wins last season wasnt a fluke and at times the stuff we played was as good as this season.
          We just didn’t have the winning mentality and confidence to express our selves.

        2. He has brought in a couple of really important players this season in Jesus and Zinchenko, but Jesus has been unavailable for many games, so those 2 are only a part of it.
          The main reason is, all the work being done last season and the season before. Assembling a young squad, which Arteta has developed, and in the process gotten rid of players, who were standing in the way of the cultural change, that Arteta also has managed to implement.

          1. Nice saying Anders, it’s part of a plan and strategy. Young quality players that can stay together and build a strong unity. I expected this to happen next season, but it’s already here. The potential for further development is huge.

  25. It would be even better if Liverpool beat City in the early kick-off and we beat Leeds giving us eleven points clear with nine games to go, that’s 27 points and we will only need fifteen points that’s five games we would need to win

  26. Nothing new to add but loved the rebound after the Sporting loss. Just watched Conte’s,s interview and I imagine what he was trying to say is, “Why don’t my players have the same desire as Arsenal’s “, credit to Arteta then and the leadership group within our squad. Also to the true believers in the fan base. I can feel the atmosphere here in Australia at 3.00 am. Have been watching the young kid, “backflip boy” on aftv leading the chorus. Another Nick Hornby in the making.

  27. “The first was Louis Saha flying down the wng, cutting inside and taking a great shot which Ramsdale finger-tipped against the post”…. Louis Saha? I know palace are not looking good but I don’t think they’re quite desperate enough to bring him out of retirement just yet….😜

  28. Fulham couldn’t buy a penalty at Old Trafford. Frustration resulted in stupidity by Fulham, but the decisions verged on highway robbery.. There was no fairness or equity in the refereeing; is it incompetence or more sinister?

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