Arsenal v Cardiff – Form guide and banker bets – COYG!

Arsenal have not had a lot of luck lately, especially with the never-ending injuries to our defenders, but there is no doubt that the Gunners have an exemplary record at home in the League, not having lost since the opening day of the season. Here are all our home games in this campaign so far…..

Not only have we not lost for 11 games, we have also taken all three points against every team in the bottom half of the table (although Huddersfield did give us a scare!). It is also worth mentioning that we beat Leicester, West Ham, Tottenham and Chelsea by two clear goals as well.

In contrast, poor Cardiff have only won one away game which was during the crazy congested Christmas period when we always get a few shocks. Here are their away games this season….

Since their crazy away win at Leicester, the Bluebirds have failed to score in their subsequent four matches, against teams like Gillingham, Huddersfield and Newcastle and Tottenham. They were hoping that Emiliano Sala was going to be their saviour from Nantes and the devastating news about his disappearance cannot have helped the feeling of despair in the Welsh capital. Losing 3-0 to their main rivals for the last relegation spot, Newcastle United, last week won’t have helped.

I read lots of other previews before writing this and even JustArsenal’s in-house pessimist Dan gives us an easy win, but I am inclined to go with our UK’s betting experts advice, who are going for a 3-0 win for the Gunners. I am pretty sure that Cardiff won’t score, and if they do, we will score many more! So I’m having three bets on this one….

Arsenal to win to nil @ around 23/20

There will be three goals or more in the game  @  6/5

Arsenal to win by exactly three goals  @  4/1

What do you think of those odds?

Sam P

Updated: January 29, 2019 — 2:17 pm


  1. Arsenal should be able to beat Cardiff easily on paper

    OT: Sky said Arsenal paid Wenger 17.1 millions for the sack. This and Ozil’s 30+ million salary must be the reason why Emery only got fifty millions of transfer budget in this season

    1. Saw news about Wenger being sacked on Twitter at from some guys at the time but I doubted.Turns out it really happened.They never made mention about the £17.1m part but they stated that he was sacked but intentionally branded as him walking away.

      1. I’m surprised that no top clubs get him

        I would have retired if I were him, like Rijkaard

        1. Wenger needed another team years ago.Just like I’ve always said being average for one team does not equate to being average for another.I believe he can do a good job at another top team.His style of play is very effective with the right mentality and with top players.He’s better than a lot of coaches I see today but his time in Arsenal may make him seem not good enough for some top teams.

          1. @gotanidea. Wenger WAS NOT paid £17.1 million!
            That’s the amount paid to him and the numerous backroom staff also sacked.

          2. I never said he was paid £17.1m.I implied that the whole issue of money was never talked about.

          3. Sorry thought you were referring to me.

      2. but Arsenal said it was mutual consent and not a sacking? Wait… are Arsenal LYING to the fans?

        1. RSH, why would they be lying?

          Gotanidea, secondly, if he received his reported salary, that is also not the sack.
          Please read up on employment laws gotanidea

          Thirdly, what are you on about gotanidea?
          Wenger’s leaving was the reason UE only got the transfer budget he received?
          What’s next on the list of his misdemeanors?
          Failure to realise Lichsteiner was c**p?

          OT and good news: The Emirates is to be used as a venue for the upcoming Rugby League World Cup.
          More exposure for our home of football and I wonder how much influence Tony Adams had on the decision to choose our ground instead of Wembley?
          Before anyone says it, this decision had nothing whatsoever to do with AW or UE.

      3. And you claim to know what is going on and who we are after buying! But you did not even know he was sacked, despite all the evidence! ANYONE COULD TELL YOU THAT WERE IT UP TO WENGER, he would still be managing us aged 90! Of course he was sacked!

        1. Well there we have it, Jon knows he was sacked, so ignore what the club has just said, ignore what Per said and you’d believe it and not ask any questions!

          As even further proof of his insider knowledge, Jon knows what Wenger would be doing at 90 and for those of you with bad eyesight he’s highlighted the fact that ANYONE should have know it anyway!

          (As a realist, I must admit that I have missed the alleged evidence sent out from the club or detailed by AW himself, but I won’t let on…. don’t want to be called a dullard or, even worse a snowflake).

          Thanks Jon, any other confirmed opinions for those of us not blessed with your insider knowledge?

          1. Ken This self fantasy of him resoigning that you continue to indulge in does your credibility no credit. He WAS sacked BUT to save the face of a man who had myriad admirers, yes even me, for the many years of glory he had brought us way back, they or Gazidis mainly, told us he had decided to step down. YEAH RIGHT! Wenger , left to himself to decide, would have still been here at 90! After all, I realise – he added sarcastically – that you know full well that Gazidis never lied! Honest Ivan, the fans friend, eh Ken? I prefer Harry Potter for fantasy. THAT IS AT LEAST HONEST FANTASY.

  2. BREAKING: Arsenal abd Barcelona ‘are details’ away from agreeing a loan deal for Denis Suarez with the option to buy for £20.7m after Dennis Suarez signed a new deal.

  3. How much did you get paid to post this betting advertisement?

    1. How much do you pay towards keeping this site alive?

      1. Game set and match. Administration wins

      2. Well unless he uses ad-blocker and a myriad of other security precautions he has paid significantly although perhaps less if he didn’t like most ignore the eu protection that popped up (no matter stupidly low you might have sold it and I suspect most the sites income comes from it anyway) with the substantial amount of data you sell to the 3rd parties your partnered with (which I’m guessing you are entirely naive as to quite how deeply that data can be used or even quite how much information they gleam from the access you grant) so yeah by commenting he contributes.

        In the not to distance future people will be required to pay individuals directly for that kind of intrusion. That is without talking about clicks and comments and what they mean for basic non-intrusive revenue or that comments drive clicks and comments from other people on top of that. He can still question the blatant promotion of betting sites particular from people that clearly have no successful history in betting who offering tips purely as add. As someone who both does have a successful history and did work in the industry and still knows odds compilers I can tell that instantly and anyone else with knowledge of the industry would too. The article would be considered complete trash and a joke within even the most casual betting community. It’s a poorly done ad.

  4. i understood there was no ads on this fine site. did i get that wrong ?, or did the rules change ?.i am , after all, a bear of very little brain . hahahaha.

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