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Arsenal v Chelsea CONFIRMED team Looks good to me!

Arsenal could not be better prepared than this, so should win this game easily—–

172 thoughts on “Arsenal v Chelsea CONFIRMED team Looks good to me!

    1. Eddie Hoyte

      Our high pressing is too deep, we’re exposed at the back and midfield is too open. Kolasinac is too poor, I hope Monreal plays next week.

  1. Break-on-through

    We’re playing too deep, its gonna take Emery time if he wants us pinging it like PSG.

  2. Abel

    We should be 3-0 down in 15 mins if not for diabolical finishing from Morata who has missed a penalty and I free header.
    This defence , certainly worse than before.
    Bellerin is still crap.
    Unai emery must still be learning English if this I his ide of pressing.

  3. Kenya 001 Arsenal

    Booom! Ramsey injured he will 100% certain sign that contract now. How fate works just mentioned it.

  4. Break-on-through

    Ramsey’s a loss, he’s that midfield runner through the middle that some fans don’t realize you need.

    1. Maks

      Why would Ramsey go to Chelsea when they have Ross Barkley, very simular player, and Loftus Cheek too looks like new Ramsey ha ha ha ha

    1. AY75

      Ease up… it’s a pre-season match….. I’d rather we lose this one, and beat them in the league.. and the game is still in the first half…… I hope Emery is taking the necessary notes though

    1. Tatgooner

      kolasinac sokratis mustafi bellerin mikhitarian elneny aubameyang and emile smith rowe.
      cech our best player while ozil and guendozi trying to make something happen

  5. Innit

    I predicted earlier that Lacazette and Aubameyang won’t both start. I wonder if that’s because it’s a friendly or if Emery has decided to only play 1 striker in matches.

    We need to get another top experienced winger/attacking midfielder. Also, hopefully El Neny won’t start against City.

    1. BenardoM

      If Unai cant be able to use both Lacazzette and Auba then he has no reason to being at Arsenal

  6. Dan

    Whoever thought we would make top 4 is totally deluded all we have done is add numbers to the squad and not top quality that is desperately needed I doubt we will make top 6 afraid plenty more years of doom and gloom this club needs a miracle to turn things round!!!

    1. AY75

      Sheesh!……. u needn’t call him a moron…… but his comment was infused with pessimism

    2. Dan

      Explain in your world how this team will do anything we have bought veteran defenders one is totally paceless 1 youngster that has to prove himself at this level a goalkeeper that is error prone. Torreira is the only decent signing something we been crying out for years so we will see at end of season who is a moron!!!

  7. Me2

    Emery won’t last a season.
    Arsenal are supposed to be moving in a new direction but this looks exactly like Arsenal under Wenger.
    Giving the ball away.
    Not looking bothered.
    Emery gone by next summer…

        1. Declan

          Spell check me all you like but your original comment is still reedickyoulus however you want to try and be clever.

    1. Innit

      It really does look like a Wenger type lineup.

      Im just hoping Emery is only giving players the opportunity to prove themselves and trying this formation. Hopefully he will make beyter decisions and will do his best against City.

      1. Me2

        And a Wenger type performance I might add.
        No passion.
        No pressing.
        No effort.
        No chances.
        I am waiting for Emery to rip his mask off to reveal it is actually Arsene Wenger…

        1. Maks

          What match are you watching? Again one โ€œgreatโ€ FIFA player who whish can grow facial hair like golden boy.

  8. GanjaMan

    I really hate those matches where we are really shaky in defense and really poor in the final third at the same time.

  9. Declan

    Half time. We have come back well after the early goal. Guendouzi has been our outstanding player in the half. He reminds me of Fabregas in his heyday. Mustafi has saved us a couple of times and we have played some good stuff but our attack has been terrible.

  10. BenardoM

    Arsenal need a sensational coach like Pep to set the rhythm first the other coaches can inherit the team.

    1. Someone

      You are naive !!!! Chelsea has Gorginho and Fabregas in midfield and we have 2 teenagers and an amature player like eleney and between them Only Guendouzi is holding the midfield, Add Xhaka , Ramsey and Torreira and then expect Emery to work his magic.

    2. RSH

      oh my. already we start turning against Unai… over a FRIENDLY. You’ve got to be joking me

  11. dammy

    arsenal fans panick easily .
    losing is not the end of the world ..
    I think we expect too much from arsenal , we keep forgetting that this is not the arsenal of old ..
    we are the 6th best team in England for a reason.
    btw I don’t think they are playing too badly .

  12. GanjaMan

    Iโ€™m just not feeling Elneny so far. Looking forward to Xhaka and Torriera.

    Mkhi strikes me more as an impact player than starter. Dembele please! Lol

  13. BenardoM

    If our play will be of questions by Sept then Ivan might escape to AC Milan to avoid confrontation from Fans

  14. Tatgooner

    will alll these moaners be quiet please.
    emery was not going to work miracles. no coach ever does.we were supposed to have realistic targets this season.
    we should look to either go for top 4 or win the europa league.
    whichever is easier

      1. OzzieGunner

        After all Wenger got 10 years to win another FA Cup. It’s about time someone set up a separate site for justarsene fans.

  15. dave

    first half ratings
    chec….10- would be 3 nil if not for him
    bell….3- getting run ragged by a teenager…poor crossing
    mustafi….7- best defender so far
    sokratis….5- why did we buy this guy?
    kola….5- poor in defense but lively going foward
    guend….8- trying to make things happen….no support though
    elneny….2- done absolutely nothing so far
    smith….4- not involved enough
    ozil….6- hasn’t seen much of the ball but looks dangerous when he does get it
    miki…5- a couple good moments but mostly invissible
    auba…7- missed a good chance but looks lively otherwise

  16. GanjaMan

    Old man Cech pulled off a few brilliant saves in the first half. Chelsea couldโ€™ve been further ahead not even counting the penalty to be honest. Hope we improve in the second half.

  17. Sue

    At the end of the day this is a friendly! Don’t get me wrong I hate losing to Chelsea…. but this won’t be our starting 11.. I’m not liking all these doom & gloom comments on here about Emery lasting a season blah blah blah!
    Come on Arsenal turn it around in the 2nd half

  18. BenardoM

    I think Bellerin is more of a model than a footballer nowadays.Let’s give game to lechistener against Man City.Bellerin is a hair designer

  19. Avenger

    Chelsea should have been two goals up but Alvaro Morata blue it off. and Peter saw it coming I hope the second half will be better with changes
    and we have hopes to win it

    1. Innit

      We do have better strikers than Chelsea. I didn’t rate Morata highly even before he went to Chelsea. Probably Conte’s worst signing.

  20. Babasola

    just watched the first half highlights, we not as bad as most are saying here
    common its Chelsea
    but then Hudson is destroying Bellerin over and over, he needs to be substituted he just can handle the boy

  21. BenardoM

    Anyway.The season that we went Unbeaten we lost our preseason game to Bernet Fc and what followed in the league was tremendous.I hope the team selection will be done from this match.

  22. Kenya 001 Arsenal

    @sue i dont lyk this negativity either i believe we can turn this around come on gunners

  23. Me2

    I think Arsenal fans are so used to seeing this
    When they see a performance like this they are right to say “here we go again”
    And why is Ozil still at the club?
    Terrible attitude….

  24. Me2

    Emile Smith Rowe looks a good player.
    Would like to see Ozil, Ramsey and Bellerin sold though.
    Wenger players with his attitude drilled into them which is why they are so ineffective.

  25. antbadapple

    Ozil and Miki together arn’t tough enough and Elneny certainly ain’t the future of our midfield..
    Still , its only 1-0 and this is experimental more than definitive side.

    1. Chuks_CEO

      Wat happened bro? Not watching o ๐Ÿ˜ญ
      Well i won’t take this match so seriously as some of us are currently doing. In any case, i just wanna see improvements from last term

      1. Break-on-through

        He had a good goalscoring chance but a deflection took into the keeper. Lacazette just missed an easy chance, easy enough, one you’d expect him to nestle in bottom corner.

        1. Chuks_CEO

          Shows dat at least we are trying bro. Thanks for updating me.
          From past knowledge, arsenal cannot be predicted wit pre season games as in d past, they usually won lots of games in preseason and messed up with first few games still.

      2. Abel

        That’s the problem. Only improvements are Mustafi and Cech. The rest have regressed. Guendozi, bright but a liability in defence as he has lost possession in front of the defence while trying to play his way out of trouble.

  26. Avenger

    The final touch is missing in this game but the right changes at front
    will made the difference we will see still 30′ to go…..

  27. Abel

    Where is the high pressing we were promised Unai would bring?
    Where is the direct attack?
    Where is the defensive stability?
    The only thing different is the fact that the gaffer is standing on the touch line barking out instructions instead of shivering in the dugout!

  28. Alatari Douglas

    We conceded a goal early in the first half & since then we have failed to equalize even after playing better than Chelsea throughout the match what a game though.

  29. Dean

    Honestly, some of our fans over react to everything. Its a preseason friendly, lets give the manager some time and judge him when the season starts.

  30. Me2

    Just like Arsenal under Wenger.
    Trying in the last five minutes.
    I have seen nothing from Emery both tactically or through his actions in the transfer market to show me that this season will be any different to the ten years of underachieving we had under Wenger.
    Sixth place beckons.
    We know why Emery was chosen – he was the cheapest option.
    Emery will prove he was the WRONG choice…

    1. kenneth noel

      shut up stop chatting utter sh&”t. one is playing a new formation in a 433 hen they play a 4231. two we did not start any of our starting midfield. three give the man a chancge to settle in we haven’t even played the first game of the season

    2. Dee23

      Was you saying the same thing when we spanked PSG? It’s Pre season, dude. Chill! You haven’t even seen our strongest 11 yet. When Torreira plays in the midfield with Xhaka and Aubameyang starts with Lacazette I suspect you will see a better Arsenal.

    1. kstix

      Arsenal fans are the most negative fans i’ve seen in my entire life.. nothing pleases u. if we had lost, u would shout emery out. now we get a draw and go to penalties and you’re expecting we lose the penalties coz of last time. did u expect emery would come and perform miracle of the mess wenger created in just preseason? Wenger has affected these players psychology to think that mediocrity playing is fine playing even the good ones end up bad… psychological re รฉvaluation takes time to perfect. the winning mentality needs to be drilled back. the “even though I’m not good enough but I’ll still play coz the coach likes me” needs to change to “if i don’t play well, I’ll be dropped”. emery is no magician. give him time for christ’s sake. wenger was a cancer to this club in the last decade. it takes serious work to flush that out in a season, let alone pre season

  31. Innit

    Lacazette is awesome.
    He saved our blushes.
    Im fine with 1-1 but this lineup will NOT work against City

  32. Mobella

    For those who don’t know what Ozil is for, that is it for you. Seeing what no play sees on the field with his frog eyes and not running around like headless chicken. The choice between PEA and Lacazette is still very much open for discussion. This maybe friendly but football match is played the same way. No team likes to lose matches friendly or not.

  33. Heyzee

    I’ll keep saying lacazette is a more natural finisher than aubameyang…I prefer him as the main striker…let auba support him

    1. Break-on-through

      Auba playing out wide is maybe why he was off today. Repetition is key. Same when CC plays out wide, or how Ainsley looks out of place when he moves back into the centre. Lacazette has looked very good in preseason all same, focused, ready, cool as cucumber.

    2. Break-on-through

      Auba playing out wide is maybe why he was off today. Repetition is key. Same when CC plays out wide, or how Ainsley looks out of place when he moves back into the centre. Lacazette has looked very good in preseason all same, focused, ready, cool as cucumber.

      1. RSH

        some of these comments are just absurd and treat preseason like it actually matters. The fact people are freaking out about Emery b/c we had a bad 1st half is just defies logic. Just as crazy as the people who raved about us because we beat PSG. Arsenal fans need to let Emery do his work and stop expecting the worst or best from him. This is all just preparation for the season, which goes very different than useless preseason games. I thought football fans would understand this, but that’s clearly not the case

        1. RSH

          im not even trying to seem more knowledgable than anyone eles, but it’s just common sense that we are a work in progress and Emery will address things he liked and didn’t like about the performance. And it’s common sense that these friendlies are about more than just winning the game.

          1. Break-on-through

            If you’re referring to myself, allot of that is tongue in cheek. Just glad to be supporting and watching club football again.


    Now that we’ve won the game lets wait to see what this Fans of little faith will come out to say.We played against Chelsea and some people expected the new manager to win 10:0, it doesn’t work like that. He needs time to sort players at positions. Those without faith can join Tottenham for all I care.

    1. Me2

      People have a right to an opinion whether you like it or not.
      Lets face it there were plenty including me who thought here we go again with Arsenal going out with a whimper – it was on the cards for ninety minutes until the equaliser.
      You are right though it is going to take time to stamp his style on the club, especially considering the world cup only finished a couple of weeks ago.
      Time will tell…

  35. Me2

    Well that something new.
    We would have gone out with a whimper under Wenger.
    Perhaps the future is a little more promising than I first thought…

    1. RSH

      this you trying to save face after you embarrassed yourself for 90 minutes? Imagine jumping to conclusion that Emery is a fraud over a flipping friendly. Manager is obviously aware of the problems and no manager in the world would sort them all out within one summer period. You need a reality check. It doesn’t matter if Arsenal won or lost this game because it doesnt mean anything. Emery is using it to see what is working and what is not to prepare for the season. Barcelona and Real Madrid lose preseason games all the time and it has no indication on how the season will go.

    2. Mobella

      A lesson there for you my friend. How about keep calm and keep your opinion to yourself until match finishes. You don’t need to infest the site with your negativity while the match is still on. An advice from someone who knows that football match is like a biscuit you never know where and when it will crack.

  36. TH14atl

    Glass half full kinda guy over here. Encouraged about what we’re trying to do on the field. If we’re going to play a system that requires a dynamic winger, then I hope we purchase that player. If we don’t want to purchase that player, then I hope we don’t play that shape and we play 2 up front instead. Excited to see how we keep growing.

  37. Zamari

    I literally just made this account to say that some so called “fans” on here should be ashamed of themselves, no wonder people think arsenal fans are a joke. It’s embarrassing!

  38. rawcazette

    i guess some fans are so hypocritical ..just an apology will do for ga’all shitty fans …its never over untill its over

  39. Zaidy James

    How’s that kid. Hudson-Odoi. I’m jealous!! His a monster made Bella look like a school kid.

    1. GunnerJack

      It’s been very clear or a long while that Bellerin cannot defend to save his life. Maybe get Lee Dixon in for a few weeks to show him how it’s done.

  40. The cassette

    As a good a squad player Elneny might be at his stage it would be a good move to move him on and get Nzonzi, sure El’s younger, but we have enough in the team to cover for him, plus Mateo really makes El look poor, El’s just too safe a player for me, which is not a bad thing but its also the very reason he might never get to develop beyond his current level. I’m certain Nzonzi can offer us exactly what El offers plus a lil extra. Only thing that counts in Els favour is his age, and his humility. Like him as a player but we could do with better. Nzonzi is that guy, plus the lack of hight in the team is a lil concerning to me.

  41. Jackson

    Ozil was a monster today and his link up was excellent… Wonder if you cry babies watched same match… Guendz***** was not all that he lost possession so much if it was a real match we should hv been punished for his sloppiness…. Bellerin still a school girl ND need tutoring… Game was decent we did well… You all expect miracles without follow steps.

  42. John Ibrahim

    6 players for 70m is a good deal…

    this is only a friendly…fans should not get too worked up

  43. kklin

    That guy #Counsel is a total joke. I can imagine how he treats people around him already. We really don’t need such people spitting nonsense on this site this early concerning our Coach.

  44. Afolabi

    lets calm down. with the second half performance, we definitely could destroy any team. Good performance lads.

  45. GunnerJack

    Question: Where will Ramsey be for the new season?
    Answer: On the treatment table.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist:)
    Let’s hope he’s fit to play against Lazio so we can gauge if he’s made any improvement.

      1. GunnerJack

        After watching him injure himself in the warm up maybe any bids will be swiftly retracted. He could have at least waited until we sold him.

          1. GunnerJack

            Visions of a dark and bright future:
            Dark: Ramsey made captain, goes out for coin toss, ref throws coin in air, Ramsey sprains his neck looking up at it and is taken off injured.
            Bright: Ramsey replaced by AMN who, together with Ozil and Guendouzi, runs the show creating many chances. Arsenal win 4 – 0.
            Well, I can dream can’t I? ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. mozart

    what i think is that emery is just playing mind game here…cus in few weeks time we re gonna face chelsea in the epl so i think he doesnt want sarri to get his plans for the chelsea game,,,tink he is trying to be unpredictable

  47. ruelandohysical

    Another good work out against stronger opposition

    Points to look at

    Ths is not our starting 11, did not watch the game but from the highlights
    have made some observation

    – Ramsey, Ozil, and Mik are basically play makers, we cannot start all 3 together, all 3 narrows the attack and pressing would be an issue up top, also weakens the team defensively.

    – Iwobi staying left or right would be more beneficial to the team
    – Laca and Aub mus start in the first match
    – Bellerin must be given a crash course in defending
    – Cech looks mean, some decent saves too
    – Fans stop being dramatic most of the errors were Bellerin not the CBs
    – and last, Emery will start making his decision on what tem to use coming EPL kick, he will be using the last preseason game to look at the late comers

  48. Maj Adega

    Arsenal did not play a great game but found a way to win! This is what we all want but could not get under Wneger.

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