Arsenal v Chelsea Europa League Final – Embarrassing game as Cech is our MotM

It was definitely a great pre-game display by the Azerbaijanis with lots of noise and flashing lights, but the first half didn’t really live up to the billing. Arsenal started very confidently and the first half hour it looked we were well in control. Lacazette was worrying Chelsea’s defenders and nearly had a very good call for a penalty but the VAR showed there was very little contact at all.

Laca and Aubz were looking good on the right flank and Kolasinac seemed to always have lots of space down the left as well, but despite all the penetration there was very little in terms of end result. After the 30 minute mark it looked like Chelsea had worked out Emery’s tactics and suddenly they were all over us. The closest to a goal was Olivier Giroud shot cutting across Petr Cech’s are but luckily Cech managed to get down and palm it away strongly. Giroud is obviously very keen to end the tournament as clear top scorer.

The Gunners were under the cosh after that and to be honest we were lucky to get to half time on level terms. All in all it seemed like everyone was playing safe but I was impressed with Maitland-Niles and Lacazette most of all.

Arsenal were straight away in trouble after the beginning of the second half when Giroud put a brilliant header past his old team-mate Cech. Chelsea were looking more and more confident so it was little surprise when ten minutes later Pedro was given a top-class pass from Hazard and Arsenal were right on the ropes and left with a mountain to climb.

You just had to feel sorry for the 4000 Arsenal fans that travelled when Hazard made it three with a very well-taken penalty, but Emery made some changes and from nowhere the sub Iwobi scored a brilliant goal to put us back in with some hope with 20 minutes left on the clock.

That hope lasted but seconds as Hazard and Giroud combined to score another classy goal to make it 4-1. At this point we are just hoping it doesn’t get any more embarrassing…

Emery takes Ozil off to give us more of a chance and replaces him with Willock, but Willian comes close to making it five and it looks like Cech may actually be our Man of the Match! Then Azpilicueta has a blast himself and Arsenal look like a beaten side with no answer to Chelsea’s superiority at the moment. We can safely assume we can’t win this and I am going to finish this review and I don’t even care if we score again in the last two minutes!



    1. Can I hear you say IWOBI

      I expected the coach to ring the changes at the start of the second half as he normally does but I don’t know what happened tonight. Iwobi should have been brought on earlier not when 3-0 down already.

      What a GOAL from the Nigerian. The rest of the team except Cech should go and hide their faces

  1. Sue baby please come out????
    Let’s give you that hug you need, Pat don’t cry.
    I ain’t watching a single Europa league game next season.
    After today, I’ll drive Ozil out of Emirates myself

    1. How could you coz the man is determined to stay put

      BTW Iwobi-san shone bright tonight. Dribbled past three players and blasted a thunderous goal

      It was a shame Emery had to pick the mega shirt-seller over our own graduate

      1. At least he pleased the followers of the shirt seller. Imagine if half of the energy spent on sending Wenger out was spent on the owners, the club would have been counting trophies now. Deluded fans like their delude club owner.

      2. Ozil out weak in every aspect even when we r down he can’t even run/walk quicker when subbed real lazy

    2. Eddie, I knew it so I was prepared. My husband told me to not watch so that my water doesn’t brake. But I don’t think it’s the fault of any player. Emery just doesn’t respect defence, we attacked Chelsea at the beginning, but they stopped us from scoring, went for the counter attack and they scored.if we don’t score why should we concede, I don’t believe in Emery so I keep my stand.

        1. Awww Sue, I woke up this morning knowing we will be shit, I called my brother and told him Chelsea will be winning. Pat discouraged me from watching, I did watched but I was too convinced we were going to lose. It wasn’t our day. We didn’t play badly. Emery just don’t care for defending, it has hunted us so many times this season. I still love you and I hove we will still come to chat you were the first to use the on game chatting.

          1. I actually thought we might just be up for It tonight – how stupid of me!!
            I must admit, I didn’t watch after it was 2-0.. I can’t watch a thrashing.. and I’m glad I didn’t see it… was bad enough seeing Giroud score!
            We’re in such a mess, who knows when we’ll ever come out of it..we may never!!
            Yes you’d better still come on here to chat, I’ll miss you otherwise!! Love & hugs ?

      1. Totally agree,emery hasnt can’t grasp the premier league clubs game plan, I’m all for a new manager.

    3. Oh Eddie…. of all the nights to capitulate… I’m absolutely gutted… what a bunch of donkeys!
      So it had to happen… Cech getting MOTM (as most of us didn’t want him to play)
      Iwobi scoring!!! Someone said Pedro was a headless chicken, so of course he had to score… and Giroud (like many others) came back to haunt us… and Hazard does what he always does against us

  2. You’ve gotta be kidding me with Cech as our MOTM, because I thought he was supposed to block Chelsea’s second goal. Some Arsenal players are simply not worth it

    As what I have said, sell the useless CAMs, get lethal wingers and switch to 4-3-3

    The no 10 strategy will only work if the no 10 is either highly skilled like Messi or if he is a workhorse like Okazaki. Playing with a clueless no 10 and three old CBs reduces the number of midfielders, which makes Arsenal get dominated in the middle

    1. We lost the match based on formation.People will think Chelsea were better but they really weren’t.Imagine a 4-2-3-1 with Ozil,Iwobi,Auba and Laca in attack in their correct positions.We would’ve beaten them.Im so ashamed and disappointed because tactics has cost us the win.Look how we breached them when we changed the system.

        1. The man stood there and watched us get dominated in midfield.He then changed to the four back system knowing it gives us a better chance to score when the match as already over.What do you know?We then breach Chelsea’s backline time after time and miss several clear cut chances.This is something we couldn’t do with the three back and especially in the first half where all our play was more or less telegraphed and predictable

      1. We have been using 4-2-3-1 for more than a decade. Still no major trophy and that formation is very vulnerable to counter-attacks

        Ozil was a passenger behind two excellent strikers, let alone behind only one striker. We all have seen Ozil’s no 10 movie before

        1. You’re not getting my point.Relative to this team the 4-2-3-1 suits them.I don’t know what Emery sees in the three back which causes Arsenal to play terrible and which forces us to overwork to create clear chances because the relative positions of our players makes it difficult for us.The 4-3-3 is good but since we always use Ozil then the 4-2-3-1 is better.We could’ve easily beaten Chelsea from the start if we started with that formation

          1. Arsene Wenger!!!
            Thank you for all the trophies and good memories. Hope some day we’ll ever experience such nostalgic moments again.
            Emery…the great gambler, all motion no movement. Has anything changed?

          2. 4231 was played under Wenger, and as much as I am a fan of AW I think we need to allow an evolution of new ideas and allow it to go where it will and see if it works. I dont like 3 4 3 personally (or 3 4 2 1) but also we dont have the players capable of doing what is required for us.

            Today we played with a real fear of what losing could mean then playing to our ability. It was just not arsenal out there. Errors, positionally in the wrong places, no one reading the game well enough… it was all like watching a losing boxer going through the motions.

            Of the team that started today, 3 or 4 players are true starters for me and 4 are squad players while 2 need to be sold.
            I want to see unai 3 4 3 team with 80% of the players there his choice and see what we can do.

        2. Ozil needs to go! We need a complete overhaul!
          Ozil, Miki, Cech, Lichtsteiner, Monreal, Kos, Jenkinson, El-Neny
          I’d even say Kosalinic & Xhaka as well, these players can’t be starters if we want to challenge

          I love Torriera look at how much it meant to him, he cried! Where Ozil just walked off sulking.

          Build team around Leno, Torreira and Laca.

      2. True emery does not learn he has been losing games with his back 5 and still goes for it. Should have surprised chelsea by reverting to a 4-2-3-1. So much for being tactically better than arsene wenger. Emery is useless we have no identity. Can’t wait to see how useless he is with his own players.

      3. I agree with kev. To me, we play our best football when we play with 4 defenders and not 5.

  3. Clearly another match we lost based on formation.I don’t get why Unai Emery decided to go with the three back.This Chelsea team aren’t better than us.The tactics wee poor.When he changed the system and brought on some wingers we were breaching their backline with ease.Hopefully this match puts an end to this nonsense formation

    1. Should’ve been an easy one. Wingers caused havoc for them in our match at Stamford Bridge. This lineup was so predictable as well. Painfully predictable, and that is why it was so easy for Chelsea to sus us out. Chelsea did enough to switch it up, and they have a player like Hazard where it doesnt even matter how predictable you think they are. I am going to hate to hear how everyone is going to call for Iwobi to start now in hindsight. He’s never been as bad as he’s been treated this season. Compared to the performances and attitudes of others. Some ppl honestly owe him an apology. Going after Iwobi when ozil tarnishes our badge.

      1. It’s a real shame because contrary to what many think this Chelsea team aren’t better than us.I knew we would breach their backline if we changed the formation which we clearly did time and time again.We were being dominated in midfield and Emery just stood there and allowed it to happen.The four back might have been riskier defensive wise but a far better risk due to the firepower Arsenal possess in Laca and Auba.I absolutely dread that system and moreso when you know you we’d win with at another system

        1. How about we start with a back four and AMN and Kola couldn’t defend Hazard and Pedro down the flanks, we trail 3-2 at halftime then 6-3 at full time? Would that be better?

          1. Yeah that was right. Emery knows that our team cannot defend properly so that was the reason he used 5 at the back

        2. No they weren’t better than us, they just know what it takes to win trophies in Europe and home.
          Buy players who affect games and know how to win at any cost..

          Unfortunately , AFC are now known as bottlers and also rans..

    2. We cannot use 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 either, because we have no good dribblers

      I want Arsenal to put our no 10s in a fire sale, because they are utterly useless in this season

      All they can produce are merry-go-round passes without end products (apart from the big bucks of their jersey sales)

    3. Sack Emery. He is not good enough. Get in Allegri, Conte or Arteta. And Steve Bould, what does he do in the Club? I don’t get it. Does he teach the defence at all. The way forward is to be ruthless. It starts by sacking Emery and bringing in another coach. A coach that will drill the defence. I’m just disappointed. Supporting Arsenal is not good for the health. Emery is not the right man to take us forward

      1. Agree need a world class defense coach, need a physical fitness instructor . And a whole new team of players who are willing to play for pride and the fans.And the coach.

      2. You can sack 10 more coaches and nothing is going to change if we don’t invest more money in our defence

  4. Ozil is the most useless overpaid player in our squad. How many times did the commentators say the name Hazard in the game? And how many times did they say Ozil? There was no comparison. That’s what a number 10 is supposed to do.
    Give him away for free. An embarrassment in an Arsenal shirt.

  5. Crap team crap manager crap owner and after next year no more Thursday night football because we be mid table at best and who said Wenger was crap he would have put more of a fight then this crap

      1. John, in 49 years you haven’t seen an Arsenal team finish worse than fifth? Please think again.

        1. Ozzie you mistake being a consistent also ran as success me thinks!

          Great for the self sustaining business model not so great for the trophy cabinet . Success and all costs, failure at none!

          1. ArseOverTit, I am also not happy with our club Arsenal underperforming. Thus I am not “mistaking being a consistent also ran as success.”
            As someone who has followed the Arsenal for 57 years, I am just questioning the proposition that the current squad is the worst in 49 years.

  6. I hope those are the last 76 min i had watched of Ozil in an arsenal shirt…ir drives me mad watching a so cold and blood less player in the red AND white…and emery wants yo guide us yo one of top 10 of europe :/

    1. I have never seen where a player of a losing team is subbed off, and the player strolls out

      1. I also was shouting at the TV for him to hurry up. Totally disrespectful but doesn’t surprise me with him. Watching torrera was what I expect.

  7. Massive clear out needed starting with kronkie

    Do not buy tickets or you are part of the problem and don’t give me someone else will have it there are empty seats

    1. I don’t want to waste my time commenting because there is alot to hate on. I better keep the bitterness to myself but I better take the next step. Enough is enough.

      1. No hate dude just honest opinions, if you do t like other people’s opinions don’t look on social media

  8. Too slow build up, unfortunately poor decisions by AMN for 2nd and third goals, missed chances. I just felt we played nervously early on. Ozil little impact, willock made more chances, sad, sad, sad – I now wonder if the club will back the manager to make changes

  9. WTF Ozil so bad. He knows he’s bad, why dosent he tell Emri- look coach, i am bad, i have no intention of fighting, dont play me. Have some digniti man.

  10. Lacazette & Auba amongst biggest disappointment today

    And Phil, can you once again say you don’t see what Iwobi brings to this team

    Only him brings that threat to the team

    Once again Ozil nonexistent, I don’t see him good enough for any premiership team anymore
    He used to be quality but now – too many poor performances

    1. I do not rate iwobi. But in the arsenal squad for the past 2 seasons, he has been better than ozil

    2. Sack Emery. He is not good enough. Get in Allegri, Conte or Arteta. And Steve Bould, what does he do in the Club? I don’t get it. Does he teach the defence at all. The way forward is to be ruthless. It starts by sacking Emery and bringing in another coach. A coach that will drill the defence. I’m just disappointed. Supporting Arsenal is not good for the health. Emery is not the right man to take us forward

      1. Sack Emery? You are kidding if you think Allegri, Conte or even Arteta would come to the Emirates without a massive transfer budget for a major overhaul of this squad.
        Guardiola couldn’t succeed with this Arsenal defense and midfield.

  11. No one person really stood out as shocking, it was just a poor team performance, especially in defence. Even first half, pretty much all Chelsea second half. Hazard ran the show, but our defending was shocking…as always! Chelsea deserved the win, and were easily the better team overall.

    For all those fans constantly slagging off Iwobi, he was easily MOTM. Scored, created our best opportunity, and generally caused problems running at the Chelsea defence.

    I thought Xhaka was okay, and Cech did well, but I think he should have done a lot better for the first goal, and that was crucial. Yes it was a brilliant bullet header from Giroud, but Cech was already on that side of the goal. I honestly feel Leno saves that.

    I wonder what Ozil’s excuse is this time? Hopefully the Ozil debate has FINALLY been put to bed. I have never understood the ridiculous Iwobi/Ozil comparison some fans keep using, but that is looking a little laughable again!

    So much of this team is deadwood, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the summer. Under Wenger we never would have beaten Napoli, let alone make the final, so there has been some improvement. Not a lot, but some.

    1. I’m not a big iwobi fan and I still think he’s average but he scored a cracker today and he and willock put others to shame

      1. Point of correction, an average player in that situation would balloon his volley over the bar coz that’s what average players do whereas a “top player” like Iwobi did what top players do in a moment like that. Take note!

        1. 99/100 Iwobi scuffs that and it bobbles our for a corner, have a day off mate. He scored a good goal and played well but he’s still not a top quality player

    2. Arsenal have a very serious ownership problem … Team has declined massively since the yank took control … We are not a club for this guy just an asset sales n his portfolio that can be used as collateral for his various financial schemes …and as long as its value goes up or even if it stays stable he is going to hold on to it even as the club goes down in footballing terms …no need to make big changes … That’s why he kept on wenger for 6 years too long and why Emery as a don’t rock the boat man was a perfect replacement … No future for AFC under either guy sadly but given kroenke is staying put focus should be on bringing in a winning manager with a. Positive football vision who can rebuild

    3. Xhaxa always been bad , Ozil never there , Cech should not have started, defense rubbish, midfield non existent, Lacca and Aubam gone on holiday. Bad . Worst I have seen in years.

  12. If arsenal think anyone is watching them play Europa league football, they’re having an f-ing laugh ???. Use the transfer budget to terminate ozils contract, I don’t want to see him in an arsenal shirt ever again. I have nothing positive to say about his legacy at arsenal. He wasn’t even a hot and cold player. In the 6 years he’s been here I can’t tell you ONE big game where I was so glad to have ozil in an arsenal shirt, spineless coward. If he was a man he would at least come to terms with how trash he has been and accept he needs to be moved on. I’d 0181717% rather see Willock fumble and make mistakes than watch ozil play one more second of football

    1. Arsenal has to do whatever it takes to cancel that contract. This cannot go on a second longer.

  13. Who deserved the MOTM if not Cech?
    Did you see our field players?
    I can’t even blame this one on Emery like I’m seeing people trying to do on here, these players are they worth it?
    Our defense that we all knew, Even Leno would’ve concede and still get the MOTM, Our attackers and midfielder were all poor, this isn’t on Cech or Emery like Kev is pointing

    1. What did you expect Emery to do this season with that bunch of players and the crippling injury list?

      1. Declan, you are correct, ThirdManJW, Emery could set up different, respect Chelsea’s ability, care for our defence, not make use conceded many goals like we have been doing all season. Defence defence defence. Chelsea didn’t score in the first half but didn’t concede as well even though we tried. Emery doesn’t learn.

          1. He was let down by the players yet again! Yet again in a big game, where was Ozil? Defenders to a man were shocking! What can Emery do about that? Different tactics and formations aren’t going to suddenly turn the deadwood into quality players.

            1. I think you’re bigging emery up way to much ,
              “If it wasn’t for emery we wouldn’t have made it to the final “
              You did see the teams we played right ?we played one good side in Napoli all through the tournament ,and even they are not the team they were 3 seasons ago . As soon as we face a good solid side we were embarrassed ,score could have been 8-3 it was one of the most embarrassing finals that I’ve witnessed .this is form a manager who part up defensively aswell the blame lies with Emery ,he’s not good enough ,poor game poor season .
              Half the fans are more worried about iwobi scoring a goal than the fact we just missed our chance of playing with the big boys next season .SMFH

            2. Emery was wrong to rely on players that culdn’t even beat Brighton or Palace. Depending on Ozil in a final is insane. His fault. Should’ve made better decisions. He was doing great when he dropped that fool to the bench and we were winning matches.

            3. He was let down, huh? He let himself down. Square peg round holes, we just needed 4 draws to qualify for top 4, he couldn’t do it, infact the team reversed, became worse. A good manger will address the problem of his team. If they didn’t match his ideas during the season, then he will do something else today. He will set up differently, use what he has to maximise our potentials. Chelsea played differently from the way they played us during the season, set up like a lower team, protected their defence, hit us on the counter. We went out the same why we usually do, doing the same thing, left the defence open, conceded more than 2 goals, walked right into Chelsea’s plan. It always works for any team with the same plan. Emery is indefensible please.

              1. So what manager could have done any better with this awful squad plus the injuries? I am not saying Emery is or isn’t the right man for us, but it’s ridiculous to judge him on his first season with this rubbish squad, that isn’t even his! 90/95% of it is Wenger’s.

                1. ThirdManJW. I know he didn’t buy the players, he knows them before getting the job, they were in tandem for the first half of the season, premier league managers understood him, it always happen and that is why there is no invisible team for a very long time now. But my major problem with this man is that he doesn’t include defending in his plan, ThirdManJW if we don’t score why should we concede so much? We could have pushed the game more if we defended Chelsea the way they defended us in the first half. We played well but we just don’t defend. Emery doesn’t learn!!! He had the same players at the beginning of the season so no one can tell me the players are rubbish. Our manger is not one given to swift learning. He leaves us open to anyone that wants to score. He hasn’t improved any player this season, he is average.

                  1. Of course he has a plan for defending, it’s the players that are so bad at defending that’s the real issue here. Under Wenger, they’ve been given pretty much zero coaching in defending for years, and Emery has inherited this problem. The players are rubbish, and I honestly cannot believe you’re defending them?

                    You’re completely wrong about him not improving any of players. Bellerin has been trash for about 2 seasons or more, yet has massively improved under Emery. We have really missed him. Holding was another I was fine with getting rid of, yet he’s not only our most improved player, he was arguably our best CB at the time of his injury. Iwobi has improved a lot. Laca has also. Ramsey has looked more effective under Emery. Even Xhaka has improved!

                    What did Pep do in his first season? Or Klopp? If you’re going to judge a manager after just one season, especially given the awful mess Emery inherited, then I guess we’ll end going through a manager a season at your rate. He has to be given time.

                    1. ThirdManJW so you think any of the mangers you mentioned would have qualified outside top 4 give the position we were? Or that we would concede 4 goals again today? A final? We still ended up playing the same way conceding the same way we did during the season, no changes? GOD HELP US THEN!!!! What happened to this players at the beginning of the season when we went unbeaten? Are these players different from the players he used. Thinker Man??? got it wrong. I put everything into consideration!!!, I am not narrow minded.

                    2. Jesus Christ people, get a grip. The guy overachieved in the league; 5th with the 6th best squad and that is despite coming into a team very stuck in it’s ways after 22 years with the same regime, and in a brand new country for him. Getting to the cup final is merely an extraordinary bonus accomplishment, and things didn’t go our way. At least give the guy a few transfer windows to push us on, now that he has worked with the squad and understands its deficiencies. It’s not the manager’s fault we don’t have a similar transfer budget to Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool & Man U & our players are very obviously hugely inferior. Can’t see many managers doing any better- it’s a very hard job and it’s just got even harder. Unfortunately, we aren’t in the Champions League again & the likes of Umtiti, Boateng, Partey & Pepe are now off the table… as may be any sort of adequate transfer budget.

                2. Please when are you going to stop using that as an excuse to defend him. Let me remind you that Sarri didn’t buy the players he just defeated Emery with. That same Chelsea team that was so poor last season and this season as well but he got them into two finals and battered us in one. Valencia that we beat over 2 legs would murder this Chelsea in this final. That is what makes it painful. This team is good and better than the performance they gave today and better than Chelsea’s. It is not about whether the team is good or not but can you tell us what you think Emery is doing with this team. Attacking? Defending? Pressing that he so much talked about? We don’t have to wait to demand result from him. We can not say we gave Wenger 22 years so he must be accorded some time when it clearly show that nobody understands what he is doing. The combined age of the defender he selected today is 97 years.

                  1. Chelsea players “downed tools” on Conte, as they did on Mourinho. Reflects on the players attitude, not their ability.

                3. Surely losing to Palace and drawing with Brighton determined our season
                  We never play well when we play 3 at the back and surely our team tonight it wasn’t worse than C on paper just we were set wrongly
                  Knowing that our defence is crap might as well use our attack but no ,we just played like a small team against a big team
                  And by the way I don’t find Emery inspiring at all at his interviews ,his English is not improving and not much makes sense of what he is talking about
                  And on top of all our game is not watchable and entertaining and has no identity anymore

                  1. Clearly a lot of you think it’s the manager, and not the players, so I guess you’ll be happy then if we changed manager but kept the squad together. Cannot wait to see Ozil tear teams apart next season. Xhaka bossing midfield. Kos, Mustafi, Sokratis our rocks at the back. Might even win the league!

                    1. ? ThirdManJW, Emery if sacked would at least get another job on his achievemebts; these players are virtually unsaleable except for Lacazette and Aubameyang.

      2. Nah I’ve been his biggest supporter but he’s constant tinkering has cost us. Arsenal have been garbage for 10 games straight and that’s cause players like jenkinson, lichsteiner, Mustafi, and ozil keep on getting given chance after trash after they’ve proven repeatedly that they’re trash

    2. I’m usually one of Ozil’s biggest supporters but today he did not try hard enough to create space for HIMSELF, let alone our strikers, who also had an off day.

      1. look its not just today . its just glaring for the whole world to see now . someone will come with his pass accuracy .lol. Willock and Iwobi made Ozil look like an academy player how ironic.
        we need a brand new defence , koscienly is passed it , so is Monreal , Kolasinic needs to go, so does Xhaka ,Ozil has to be disgraced out of the club . not a shot on goal ,assist or whimper of a key pass .
        i said this before we went 22 games unbeaten because he did not feature in those games .
        AMN is no defender but he was the only available RB.
        We lack balance in this team and every game seems like we play 7 against 11 men .
        the truth should be said Emery was pressured to play Ozil regularly by the media , fans and i am guessing the board . most of us knew the truth but thats another agenda all together .this playing 2 strikers experiment should stop ,they need to compete with each other .
        Emery deserves a lot of blame . For allowing people like Steve Bould to remain in this club . For not letting youngsters have games . for fielding wrong formations .
        We need to begin a new project with a new philosophy .
        and please people can say good job to Iwobi for doing what he did despite the insults from wicked senseless fans

  14. And lets be honest. We started the game with three good playres- Laca, Auba and Torriera. Thr rest are finished like Kos, Monreal, Chec. Mediocre like AMN, Xhaka, Kola, Socratis, or patetic like Ozil.
    We need 7-8 very good players in order to have a decent squade next season.

  15. Chelsea won on tactics, we played well but didn’t score, Chelsea played alright and they scored because we couldn’t prevent them with our formation. Chelsea were not better than us, the difference was that Sari knows our weakness, the only weaknesses we had all season, never addressed, never adjusted, Emery doesn’t understand what to do. Emery has done less than average.

  16. Ozil very lackslustre tonight IN SPITE OF HAVING A GOOD LINE UP and glad he was subbed. Be interesting to see what UE will do with him in future. Thought Iwobi did well when he came on and as usual had the guts to attack defenders, unlike the woeful Kolasinac, and hit a great goal. Cech did his best so hope no one has a go at him.

  17. Maitland Niles cost us the game..period…he is clearly to blame for second third and fourth goals

      1. That’s a,pretty dumb comment … The problem is that Emery does not have a football philosophy that can be instilled in players so it looks like 11 individual players and no sense of a team … Fallacy of composition Guaranteed not to get best out of individuals or the team ..

        1. That is exactly why I said it was over after the first goal. Arsenal consistenly crumble after the going gets tough. heads down, quality of our game drops tremendously. Very often, we get scored on a second time just a few minutes after we first concede. Cazorla’s FK in FA Cup won us that trophy. If we didn’t respond when we did we would never had come back.

          1. Emery just needed to be brave at half time. I blame him for waiting and giving the tactics another 15 minutes before making subs, that proved costly as chelshit scored 3 quick fire goals.

            The improvements were seen after the change in tactics and personnel as we constantly breached the Chelsea defense. The introduction of Iwobi San (the only player in the squad capable of beating his marker with the ball) gave the match a new dimension and the Chelshit defense a new threat to deal with.

            I keep siting the attacking partnership that Iwobi San has with Kola as our most dangerous attacking prowess but the coach for reasons best know to him didn’t give that a chance to flourish from start today.

            With this it’s safe to say Ozil is finished, he showed us exactly what a talisman shouldn’t be in a top club like Arsenal. Watching him kill time as he strolled out of the pitch was the last straw.

            Tomorrow I will start a petition on change. org to have him gone from our club. I urge each and everyone of you to go and sign and support this movement.

  18. 1. Cech MOTM????. am i the only person who watched the actual game and goals. leno is more agile and saves Girouds first goal. didnt have a good game at all.

    2. niles is not a right back and needs to be replaced in summer with quality. not good enough for our midfield so sell him on and stop wasting time with these players

    3. iwobi deserved to start and should have been back four with him on wing from start

    4. Koscielny needs to be release and use wage to purchase a mid 20’s faster and stronger CB. same goes for nacho. too many dinosaurs in this team and getting older and slower by the week.

    5. individual errors cost the team a result yet again. Arsenal have a serious serious problem with individual mistakes in players games. chelsea just didn’t make them and we did. look at all there blocks and tackles to keep them in the game.

    f**k this stupid f**king club.

    1. I would rather also bring back Cazorla on a pay as you play contract, or Ever Banega we don’t have a playmaker at all, sell the entire back 4 if we can sell Laca and Auba in order to bring in money and buy more players who fit to play for Arsenal

  19. Most of this squad is just not good enough and now we won’t have enough money to buy actual good players. Another season of Europa League football incoming…

    1. As i was saying, we have to sell one of our strikers to fund better players. No other way. Personally, I keep laca over Auba. And Auba is at the 2 year mark already on his contract so if AFC are keeping their word on not letting anybody go down to last year anymore, let’s cash in.

      1. Thing is that both can be world class on their day. I expected so much more from them today but they did nothing all game. I’d take Laca over Auba as well as at least he tries every game and he is a few years younger than Auba.

        1. This is a position we’ve put ourselves in and the only way out of it is to raise funds, and sell deadwood. We cannot improve with a 40mill budget. It’s not possible. Auba we can at the very least double that 40mill. Harsh reality of our situation.

          1. Thing is that it is going to be difficult offloading some of our players as they are on some ridiculously high salaries that will put potential suitors off signing them and we’ll be stuck with them once again. I just hope we get rid of as many deadwoods as possible in this next transfer window.

  20. Honestly……..we have to many mediocre squad players who are just not good enough to play against a top 4 premier team. Seriously we were beat by a poor Chelsea team. This is not good for a club of our stature. Someone needs to sort out our defence and jettison our dead wood.

    What is wrong with playing 4 at the back?

  21. Emery has failed by his own standards. He targeted the Uefa cup, he FAILED! He also failed in getting a very possible top four place. I say Emery out. Lets try Max Allegri

      1. Allegri wouldnt even bother applying, since he wouldn’t leave Juventus for Real Madrid.
        I agree with you Gizzle; he would laugh at the quality of the squad and the transfer budget at Arsenal.

  22. Poor performance, weakest midfield I’ve ever seen with Arsenal. Defense is shockingly non existent. Tons to do in the Summer, clearout mandatory.

    Rebuild will take years and years with Kronke as sole owner. When will fans have enough of this? Europa league our new top 4.

    Gutted with this squad, shambles all around.

    1. I have no confidence with Kronke fixing the problem. Sven not around anymore, we look in a sad state. Almost rather rebuild defense with our budget and kidnapp a top midfielder.

      How can 3 defenders at the back play worse than just 2 CB’s? Only at Arsenal.

  23. We used 4-1-2-1-2 to dominate Chelsea at the Emirates with Ramsey as the false nine. Emery did not have the balls to use that strategy again and opted for the safer three-CB formation

    He might not the right man to set a foundation for Arsenal, but he must be given one more season. Next season there should be no mercy for him

    As for the players, there should be no mercy for the underperformers in this transfer window. KICK the MILKERS OUT

  24. Lol.. I’m done with this joke of a club.. Cmon just think about it. Losing 4-1 to Chelsea in a European final in a season defining match says it all.. No spine.. No fight, no passion.. Banter!!! Stop watching the games.. I know you’re probably addicted to this club as I am.. But you can control it.. Stop making Kreonke money… Boycott games and change might come..

  25. Embarrassing shower of shit! I’ve stuck up for Ozil but he can go! Rest were shit! This is just a bye product of us completely cocking yo the league! Bloody disgrace and no heart! Brighton and palace were where it went wrong! Disgusted in this team and manager needs to get his head out his arse!

  26. And sorry Sue, i should have alowed you watch from behind your sofa. I had to switch my tv off in the 65th minute…

    In the end I will have to say Emery is stupid for gambling our top 4 chances.

    1. I backed him until he started throwing games away and completely got this final wrong. I don’t think he is the man to take us forward if he blows it this badly when in the crucial moments. Doubt he will survive all of next season. And even if he does his contract will not get renewed b/c he has no chance of getting UCL football next season if the likes of Miki, Ozil, Kolasinac, Monreal, and the rest of our joke defense are still around.

  27. Even KEOWN was embarrassed by the fraud Ozil hiding. Morally, Arsenal has the right to sue him for the return of all the millions he has conned from us in wages. The club will now move Heaven and Earth to offload this fraud this summer. It is over for him at Arsenal – he must now leave. Despite tonight I am optimistic of a more successful season by using our younger players far more next season. THE OLDIES AND NON TRYERS WILL ALL BE SOLD OR LET GO, ONE BY ONE. Can’t wait personally.

    1. Emery should’ve used our younger players far sooner. He blew it by picking unreliable jokes in crucial games. I don’t think I can mentally handle seeing The Fraud in our kit ever again. I’ve had it jon. And call me crazy, Emery’s first mistake was loaning Calum Chambers. Shouldn’t have done it. I really think we would’ve been even 3 points better off if he stayed, and that would’ve made all the difference. I’ve backed Emery, but these last couple of months he’s made wrong choice after wrong choice. And he put this pressure on himself by putting it all on the line in this one match.

      1. RSH, I agree Emery has made mistakes but when set in context, to get this lot of subpar players and that sick joke of a defence as far as he has is to my mind a near miracle. Unlike many Gooners, I am always a total realist and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, stupidly hype way past it players and others who have never been remotely good enough in thr first place but who on having one or two decent games are then called world class by SOME thicko fans. That is intensely untrue and frustrating. I love and VALUE the whole truth, not half truths and evasions and do not use them myself. I call a spade a spade, as that is the whole truth.
        It is blindingly and obviously that the main culprits for the state we are in are Gazidis for contracts suicide; Wenger for his flat refusal to care about coasting players and for encouraging and tolerating them at all (plus his total aversion to defence and PROPER defenders). Also Kroenke for being a morally corrupt and dreadful anti fans multi billionaire who cares not a jot about Arsenal , nor most of his other clubs either. The first two villains are gone, though their awful crimes against our club live on and daily harm us. The third and most deadly enemy still owns us and the whole truth is that unless and until we rid ourselves of this morally corrupt monster , our club has no chance to ever again seriously challenge for Prem titles and CL.

    2. Thing is that we’re going to struggle with offloading Ozil as he earns £350k a week and no club in their right mind would pay that much for him.

    3. You’re mored worried about ozils performance to be proved right than the fact we just missed our one chance to play in the champions league next season .
      Maybe you should lay the blame with the coach ,you know the one who’s in charge ,the one that does no wrong in you’re eyes to again be proved right about wenger .
      There was more important things tonight than being proved right JON ,but you seemed to have missed that part .

      1. Admit Ozil is garbage at the very least tho. How long can you keep ignoring the obvious. It’s not about being right, it’s about seeing what is right in front of your face. Yes, we are all upset about not getting UCL football OBVIOUSLY. And we are also upset there are players on this team that get away with s*** performances and get paid handsomely for it. It’s a joke and if you want better for arsenal you wouldn’t support it.

      2. and yes i have also criticized emery as well. He has been making horrible decisions these last months. One of them is relying on Ozil, among the other players that routinely let the club down.

        1. Xxnofx… I blame Emery very much…
          I blame him for picking a football scam like Ozil in d team

          1. Yet, others were crying out for Ozil to be picked every match.
            I’m sure the Arsenal Board is looking forward to being inundated with applications from justarsenal posters for the Arsenal manager/coach postion.

  28. Can I just ask out of interest, to see if its maybe just me… but does anyone really care about the result tonight?
    After Ajax disaster , I am completely apathetic towards this game and any subsequent Europa League Final. I honestly just don’t care.
    If the unthinkable happens, and Spurs win the Champions League at the third of fourth time of trying, in the same season when they have opened their shiny new super stadium, then Arsenal might as well call winding up orders and cease to exist as a football club anymore. We might as well reopen as a carpet shop.
    The last 13 years would have been a complete waste. Every single player we have sold over the last 10 years — a complete waste. This Emirates stadium journey, well, regression, which has slowly morphed us into this 6th place finishing Premier League Club — has all been for nothing.
    As the very premise and principle behind the move to the Emirates Stadium was to give us the platform we needed to become a European powerhouse — but as things stand — we could not be any further away from being that a reality.
    Honestly, everyone start taking precautions for a Spurs win in that final. Start scouting for heavily dense wooded areas out in the aether, anywhere far far away from civilization will do. Just somewhere, where we can all live out the rest of our days in solitude – undiscovered — in time, perhaps we will start a new evolutionary chain of apex hominids. Illusive in the deep forests. Much like the legendary Sasquatch.
    I am being deadly serious.
    Begin gathering supplies and all key living essentials; sleeping bags, fire wood, hunting knives, cooking utensils and just any other necessary camping paraphernalia you can think of. Don’t forget of course to start drafting ‘leaving home letters’ for your loved ones, so they have something to remember you by.
    But this is it gentlemen.
    The end.
    It is here.
    We had a good run.
    Before I sign off from reality, I will leave you all the coordinates to my wooded utopia.
    I bid you all adieu.
    For those that care to join me — I will see you on the other side.
    For the others that decide to stay — good luck

    1. While I don’t agree with most of the stuff you’ve just written I will say that this is me done on here till new season starts ,so I will also say goodbye ?,see you all in August ,have a great summer .

      1. Xxnofx you’re just going to change your pseudo name and picture and continue with bashing Iwobi on this site. I know you can’t do without it… it’s your drug.

        So don’t act like you’re leaving till August, who believes that ?

    2. Same as me. I couldn’t care about the Europa league when at the back of my mind I can envisage Spurs winning the CL league.

      Sick sick feeling.

    3. I am far less upset than most other dyed in the wool and lifelong Gooners on here, whether oldies like me or younger fans. We ALL care but being a total realist all my adult, which is many decades back, I never indulge hope where the evidence points to us losing. I hoped we would win, of course I did, BUT DID NOT EXPECT IT, HENCE A LESS DISAPPOINTED REACTION AFTERWARDS. TOTAL HONESTY WITH YOURSELF IS A GREAT ANTIDOTE AGAINST SILLY EXPECTATIONS. Trouble is to so many who refuse self honesty , then find out the hard way that hope, which is good, then becomes expectation , which is unlikely and as such, also untrue. In life you reap what you sow.

  29. Wenger beat Chelsea and Man city with a weaker team, he was not even having a defensive midfielder and the defense which include inexperience Holding and so called snail Per Mert didn’t perform as bad as this. So bad to have some people that got kronke into control in charger of the great club that is now becoming something else.

  30. Next year we need a new LB, two CBs, all for the starting 11, a squade RB and GK, a strting box to box, a playmaker and two wingers.
    But with 40 M we will get 1-2 good players at best. Unless we sell and unless we will have 2-3 young players making a huge breakthrough, we will be 6-7.

  31. same old same old no matter who the manager is when no funds available what do you expect, the problem stems from the top the owner is only interested in taking money out of our club, and when we are a mid table club he will want to sell and that will be arsenal done for for many years

      1. Did you hear of the Newcastle take over? It is the guys from Abu Dhabi they say, the ones with the Oil money ? If it happens then we might have to battle as many as 8 teams for European spots and with our self funding principle, it won’t be difficult slipping into a mid table team.

        1. Don’t forget Everton. They might get Usmanov to team up with hos business partner Moshiri.

          Rumours flying about talking about Spuds ready to spend more than £50 million on one player.

  32. I don’t think it was embarrassing..

    Giroud (aka the Lampost to some Muppets on this site) scored a great goal and it changed the game. AMN great first half, shocking second. He’ll learn. Aubamayang was useless for 90 minutes but we all know he’s class. Willock had flashes. Iwobi was awesome in a cameo but needs to show it consistently. Ozil? I honestly don’t know how folks can continue to defend him.

    Sign a top CB to partner with Holding and a quality leftback so we can revert to 4 at the back, trust some of the youth (Nelson, AMN, ESR, Willock, Nketiah, Bielek, Ameachi etc) and keep the faith with the likes of Lacs, Aubamayang, Torreira, Iwobi, Xhaka, Bellerin and Leno we’ll be okay next year.


    1. Trudeau, after this I for one won’t be defending Ozil in future. That’s if he’s even selected. I think this match was probably necessary for UE to take a good look at some of our players and maybe help him to decide who should go/stay.
      With our limited funds I fully agree with your ideas for signings and to give our younger players a chance.

      1. Willock, Nketiah, Mavro or Medley should’ve had far more game time. again, when your first team is so bad, you have nothing of value to lose. We have first team players that have no business being at this club. Iwobi and Willock (suprise! Arsenal Youth products who actually care about this club!!!!) were our two best players. And, yes, the rest of the team was still playing like trash when they stepped up so it wasn’t just Chelsea taking the foot off the gas. Emery’s fault for relying on trash. Wenger did the same thing.

  33. We are loosing Ramsey – our best attacking midfielder
    & Keeping Ozil – the worst attacking midfielder I’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt

    I feel like crying

    Common , Willock as 10 couldn’t even be worse
    In short, being a player less than Chelsea couldn’t be worst

    1. and how’s Ramsey our best attacking midfielder…. can you please back it up with stats….for more than a decade in this club… can you tell me how many assist he has for arsenal…. you all talk about Ramsey as if he is not part of the headless chicken midfielders we’ve had just because he is going to juve…we will all see what becomes of him in juve…. good riddance to bad rubbish… and how this Niles of a guy gets away with blue murder in this forum is beyond me….of course the popular scape goat has to be ozil….

  34. Chelsea used their number one goalkeeper, Arsenal used second keeper( now retired), what a terrible mistake, this is supposed to be a premier league affair, why didn’t we play the better keeper tonight, the tactics was wrong because of this fact.

  35. Remember the 1990s when our finishing positions were 10, 4, 12 and 5? In which Tony Adams and Steve Bould were our CBs? I’m sure we can trust our youth to take us forward this time 🙂

  36. We have shipped goals all season and this is yet more evidence of where our main problems lie.Basically we are a team with defenders who cannot defend.I have a lot of time for AMN but he will never make it as a conventional RB or wing back and sadly the same applies to Kolasinac..Not one of our centre backs is top quality and with this complete dearth of good defensive players I am amazed we got so far in this competition.No doubt Emery is fully aware of our weaknesses and hopefully tonight’s performance will encourage him to give the likes of Chambers ,Bielik and our very talented youngsters an opportunity on the big stage next season.They certainly could not be worse than a number of the experienced players who have been consistently poor throughout this season.On a brighter note I thought Iwobi and Willock did well when they came on against a Chelsea team that were made to look good by our inadequacies.

    1. I quite agree with some of thing said except our defenders are not good. I think our major problem at the back is our defensive tactics. We need to look at that befor we look at defenders. Arsenal defends in isolation. This is evident in that 5 years of Wenger and Emery is doing the same. I watch highlight now and I saw Chelsea defended in 6-7 players while we had 2 or max 3 when we are under attack. Pair Van dyke and Maguire in CD with that kind of defending they will concede trailer load of goals.

    2. Oh Grandad, How much I look forward to your wonderfully cathartic posts which are a sensible antidote to all the immatute hype of inferior players, coasters like Ozil and the fact that we have not had a top class outfield defender at the club since Kos was in his prime , some time ago now. Realism and truth in fact. How much I love truth and scorn self delusion.

  37. Today was easily Ozil’s best performance this season and that is to show you how useless he has become. Some of us made Myki and Iwobi a victim of Ozil situation. The truth is that they were not as bad as Ozil fan base made them to look. It is even a shame to compare Ozil with Iwobi. Compare Ozil to Erickson, de bruyne, D. Silva, Willian and you will know how bad he has become. He is our worst player this season and even one of the worst players EPL this season.

  38. I wouldn’t be hurt in the slightest bit to see Tottenham win the champions league….. that might actually spur (pun intended ) arsenal fans into action…. for how much longer will we put up with mediocrity….. the owner needs to be ousted…. deny him the funds….. no buying merchandise, empty stadium, matters not if you’re a life long season ticket holder….. in my opinion, if you truly want progress for arsenal, you’ll do whatever it takes to rid the club of the greedy leech….. and as for Emery, I don’t think he would have done any better if funds were available….. he’s average at best, it was pretty evident from his time at PSG…. although I preferred him to arteta, when it was down to one or the other, but he was never my first choice…. I mean we were in a strong position to finish third, and we ended up fifth, like that wasn’t bad enough, we get this debacle of a final…… how wasn’t he able to pick the right team and tactics to win us this game…. first European final in God knows how long, a chance to win arsenal’s first European trophy in recent years, champions league football, more funds for transfers….. I mean we had all the bloody incentives to win this final, and he couldn’t motivate the players…. we had better get allegri, or conte, before a more serious club gets them…… and as for the players… most of them don’t even deserve to wear our shirt…… well, I should just go to bed…. ciao gooners.

  39. Ozil just been subbed and it’s the first time I realised he was even playing lol!
    Let us hope Ozil comes good next season

  40. I just spent the last hour talking to my wife about Arsenal. Shes not a football fan but takes an interest in arsenal (because of me…how kind). She saw the score and froze and said ‘what happened?!!’

    Further down the discussion, I went back to the days of 89 to the early 2000s to the Emirates move. One point she made was that in the end of AW he looked like he didn’t care. But I think in the end he knew he was done. The scent of disagreement was too vast.

    In short though we got taken over by other clubs who created the right structure/platform to develop on and overtake us.
    It was 6 years after moving to Emirates we made our first major spend in Ozil. But 6 years on I think his best is behind him. It was the first 6 years after the first move to the Emirates were we drifted and others caught us up.

    This coming season now is a huge moment in our history.
    It will be 6 years of importance now to rebuild what we need.

    Unai I said needs another season because we have alot of outstanding issues from before his time.
    BUT he now has a huge job on his hands, and if he is not going to achieve what we demand or what should be demanded of him internally I feel his days are up.

    Investment is required. Injuries are part of the game…Chelsea had a few recent injuries…but our bench was shocking.
    Chelsea had Alonso, Cahill, Higuin, William, Barkley (senior) we had Lichtsteiner?, Iwobi, Welbeck, Mustafi, Gendouzi (senior). I mean that says it all.

    I must add, arsenal looked reserved and played with a fear of knowing a lost would mean no UCL next season. Chelsea played with freedom. When we dominated in the first half, Chelsea came back and finished the half better…knowing we showed we have all we had to give, they came back with more belief. We played with a lack of determination.

    Again and again we have let ourselves down. Surely if unai wants a future as AFC manager he needs to realise these players who let him down need to go – otherwise they will cost him his job…like that of AW.

    Arsenal are fearful of losing what they had, well they have lost that slowly over the last 13 years since the Emirates move and here we are.

    Its time we forget about arsenal as a top team. Dont be fooled by some of the names on the back of the shirt. Golden boot winner Auba is the only top player who could get into any of the other top 5 teams. No one else.

    We need to allow arsenal to build…but we need a sign of trust from the board that that is what we aim for. It doesnt all need to happen now, it was the first 6 years after the Emirate we drifted off, I see it will be 6 years of rebuilding to get us back competing at the top.. but that for me at that timeframe means we need serious changes this summer.

    Our womens team is far greater then our mens team – Super League winners.. So in our DNA as a club we have it to create great things. Let’s do it!

  41. the best number ten in the world was on fire tonight. unfortunately, for us, he was wearing chelsea blue. our best number ten in the world was a ghost, a flop, a hasbeen. he even looks like a dead man walking. how many ozil fans still insist this shadow is still the very best in the world in his position. hands up please, if youve got any balls that is . i am not angry though, i knew we were in for a mauling as soon as i saw the team sheet. eight of our starting eleven are mere bit players, they would not even get into a top team squad.there is something extremely evil still about our club, the great bottlers have once again lived up to their reputation.i do believe it is time for me to find another sport, maybe ping pong, or, tiddlywinks would be more entertaining. it was a real bad night all round for us . really looking forward to next season to see what calamities await us .

  42. Emirates is a very impressive stadium for a Championship division side, but that`s all we are now. The only way back is for Donald Trump to buy Arsenal and `tweet` Kroenke “you`re fired”.

  43. We haven’t hit rock bottom yet. Wait ’til we see spuds wins the Champions League. Hopefully that’ll wake all the fans up and start action. Don’t let that Yankee ruining Arsenal FC. We must have an owner that do have passion in football to move forward.

  44. The bulk of this squad has now failed two respected managers in Wenger and Emery. They exhibit no fight and collapse under the slightes pressure. Can you imagine this team having to go to Anfield and win 2:0 to win the league? No chance.
    A major overhaul is required, yet Emery will be given comparative peanuts by Kroenke and the board. Where will the £60 million from the Adidas kit deal go?
    I feel very upset for the travelling fans who spent £3,000+ to travel to Baku and if it wasn’t for Xhaka calling them over, the Arsenal players would have left the field without acknowledging these fans! Overpaid prima donnas!

    1. Well I don’t feel sorry for anybody… I feel sorry for myself. I have been feeling sorry my whole life for supporting this heap of garbage team. honestly, Everyone should stop watching the games. That’s the only way to rid the club of its decline into mediocrity.. Fans boycott might force a change. Now let’s hope Tottenham win the champions league. So that can sink in. P. S Ozil is finished at the top level.

      1. Fico, how much did the lost cost you and you can’t feel sorry for the travelling fans?

  45. What worries me is who can we get as a replacement for Aubameyang? The guy’s 30, he’s not singing an extension to play another season in the EL.

  46. It’s the corrupt Board and corrupt AW/Gazidis plus Shrewd – is it Stan or Satan Kronke that jointly brought us to this laughable state. Men! It was practically impossible to stand up and walk home from the viewing center last night, Arsenal’s fans looked as if we were in the morgue. I already knew that we have lost the game when I saw the starting lineup, I resolved to live through the pains as the fraudulent board, the media, Pat, Xxnofox, Jon fox, Lupe and co have succeeded in coaxing Emry to be featuring yesterday’s acclaimed strong squad that we all know they are failure prone. From the moment Emry dropped his stand against Ozil featuring or starting our matches our unbeaten run abruptly came to an end. From the day they succeeded in convincing him to drop/stop starting their so called “Headless Chicken” the one that is not fit for EPL not to mention donning Arsenal’s shirts (IWOBI) marked our confirmation of missing out of the UCL. Only Emry knows what stuff he’s on that he maintained that loosing band until both were sure that we’ve missed UCL spot before he made starting lineup changes in the last match and got fantastic away result that we couldn’t get at home even against Brighton. I guess Emry wasn’t happy as went back to the Lossing band starting lineup yesterday and those that wants us to lose in disguise based on sentiments applauded and we’re saying – that was the strongest squad. I remember them calling and mocking gotanidea but at the end history have vindicated the just. The headless chicken proved himself within 6 minutes, oh may God bless IWOBI. Anyone that gives him good remarks will be termed Nigerian as if it’s only in England and Nigeria that Arsenal have fans.
    Since we’re now shirt selling boutique club and not passionate trophy winning football club, between Arsenal’s no. 10 Jersey and Chelsea’s no. 10 I can imagine which one/brand will be the most sought-after individually not club wise after what transpired last night in the next one week, month and year. I keep saying that the fraud contract that AW and Gazidis roped Arsenal into with Ozil and Mihky should be scrutinized/investigated, contracts he never granted when he was running the show. What are their contributions to the present Arsenal team or are they enjoying pension? That contract puts Arsenal in the situation/position of a man that has tsetse fly perching on his urinating organ if he hits it, he may end up smashing his testicles but if he allows it to stay he is mortgaging his life. Emry should be
    firmly decisive over this matter with the Board. Emry tried in his first season, yet I put the blame of our not qualifying for UCL and not winning the Europa solely on him. His decisions in wrong choice of tactics and players selections when it mattered most costs us that.
    Finally we should start the campaign for Kronke out if he fails to inject good funds for players acquisition, he really does not have passion for football. Let’s hold on in buying next season’s tickets please. If it comes to boycotting matches let’s unanimously do it, let him, his family and board be the ones in the stadium and let’s see how they’ll survive. Thanks.

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