Arsenal v Chelsea – Expected Line-Ups and Tactical advice!


Dear Gooners!

Good day. Hopefully we all are ready for the Super Sunday. First vs Second! Arsenal finally are in a good shape and have a complete team. Only time can tell whether Arsenal will have one last shot at the title or not.

Let’s consider the scenario first. Arsenal is the closest competitor of Chelsea for the league title. But they are still 10 points ahead of us with six games to play for. They will definitely play for a draw. A draw would leave Arsenal 10 points behind Chelsea with five games to play. Then Chelsea will need only two wins from the remaining fixtures. I am quite sure Mourinho has done the math already.

But if Arsenal can win the match, then Arsenal can cut the deficit to seven points and then Chelsea has to win three matches out of five, which is still very easy for a team like them. But if we can get a win, obviously it will disrupt their balance and mental state a bit. So, who knows what might happen if we can manage a win. But only a win would do that.

Predicted Lineup

Chelsea (4-2-3-1)


Arsenal (4-2-3-1)


With Chelsea’s all three forwards out injured, I think Oscar will play as a forward and Willian and Hazard will play as the wingers. This give them a pacy frontline of three with Fabregas as the CAM. In the central midfield, I think Zouma and Matic will partner with the back four and goalkeeper remaining same.

The strength of this Chelsea lineup is the pacy front trio with Fabregas providing the supply. And in defense, it’s arguably the best defensive line up in the league. So we will have to prepared for some parked buses. I could find only two weaknesses in this lineup.

1. Front passing from Matic and Zouma. Less creativity compared to the Fabregas-Matic partnership
2. No real strikers. Strikers like Sterling and Oscar win matches against the smaller teams, but in a big match they don’t work, mostly.

Now, let’s discuss our lineup. Ospina is the clear first choice goalkeeper. The back four should be Debuchy, Gabriel, Koscielny and Nacho. Debuchy and Monreal are defensively more disciplined than Bellerin and Gibbs. So with Hazard and Willian in the opposition, they are first choice full backs I think. Mertesacker is not 100% fit yet. So, I think we will witness a Gabriel – Koscielny partnership. The fullbacks should not burst forward at the same time. Against Hazard and Willian’s pace, Debuchy and Monreal are no match. They have to have a perfect game.

In the center, Coquelin and Cazorla are obviously the better choices where Coquelin does the dirty work and Cazorla does the creative work.

Then comes our attack. Sanchez- Ozil- Ramsey has become a very solid three for us in our 4-2-3-1 formation. Sanchez will be guarded by Ivanovic and Ramsey by Azpilicueta. Ozil will be marked by Zouma. Now here comes the tricky part. We have to play out of our normal game play. We have to shoot long and from outside the box. We can’t rely on our passing the ball to the net to find the perfect goal. Ozil, Ramsey, Sanchez all three can shoot from outside the box. We can only hope that one of those shots will end up in the back of the net. And finally comes Giroud. The fullbacks have to cross the ball to him to find some headers for him in the Chelsea box.

So I think, these two should be our strategies while attacking. Shooting from distance, and crossing the ball to Giroud to find a header. One goal for us, and then they will start attacking to keep Mourinho’s streak against Wenger alive. Then we can play our natural game, the beautiful game in the most beautiful way.

We are in a great run of form and have a strong team but breaking Chelsea’s defense is no easy task given the fact of our lack of ability to score against tight defenses. Hopefully, we will win tomorrow. A win tomorrow will definitely prove us as contenders in the next season. Arsene has a story to complete in the next season.

Thanks for reading!


Hasib Ahmed

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  1. Really need a true winger on the right, not ramsey! it just makes our play to slow. i would start welbeck instead

    1. Welbeck isn’t ideal either really. He comes too central. To break Chelsea down we’ll have to stretch them and get the ball out wide, Welbeck isn’t great at staying out wide. On style of play alone, I’d have to go for Walcott. But since there seems to be a problem with Walcott, Wenger seems to think so at least, I’d have to go for Welbeck too but he has to be disciplined. Welbeck is a lot better defensively that Walcott though, which is a bonus considering we’ll have to defend against Hazard on that side of the pitch.

      I wish Ox was fit. He looks like he could be such a good player if he got a run in the team. But I suppose we say that about a lot of our players. Other than height, what does Ox not have in terms of ability?

    2. ospina
      bell gab kos mon
      ramsey/welb santi ozil alexis
      we want to win this game or if we win i am sure that chelshit will panic(they were very poor in last 7 or 8 game) and that will be the best chance for us to catch the chelshit
      2.debuchy played only one game i think bell should start the game

    3. Ramsey with Debuchy can’t work, its either Debuchy with welbeck or Ramsey with Bellerin, but considering Hazard is threat, i’ll play my experienced player,, Therefore i’ll play Debuchy and Welbz

    4. FFS, Welbeck has to play and on the right. IDGAF whatsoever, but welbeck has to play, together with Giroud.

    5. If we are playing rambo out wide then it will be wise to play a very fast and pacey fullback like bellerini for example. Debuchy and rambo is to slow out wide. But rambo Must play in this game. We need his energy and enthuasiasm against a chelsea team that will load the plane.
      Giroud will be the key. I expect a goal from Giroud.

      1. Yeah i agree with everyone’s comments above, not quite sure how admin has said the front three including ramsey has done well… in the games i’ve watch, id say ramsey was the weak link! I’m no way saying Ramsey is a bad player, he is world class BUT he just isnt the same on the wing! No more playing players out of position!!!

  2. Ospina
    Bellarin – Gabriel – Koscielny – Monreal
    Coquelin – Cazorla
    Ramsey- Ozil – Sanchez
    I am not sure he would do better in this match between Welbz or Ramsey.

    Subs: Theo, Welbeck, Scz, Debuchy, Gibbs, Jack, Flamini

    1. Ramsey in the mid translates into slower attacks. He’s defensive though and that’s a plus. Either him or Welbeck will do for me. I feel for Walcott but for this match he will have to sit out.

    2. Dear 007,
      I had to search really hard for my password, just so I can tell you its “Bellerin” not “Bellarin” its the second time I’ve seen you spell the Lad’s name wrongly.

  3. First goal is so crucial. If we get it, we will ensure a minimum of draw. We will need another to get the win. If Chelsea get the first goal, then i am afraid the maximum we will get is draw, defeat being more probable.

  4. OT: If we have an Italian final in the Europa League (Napoli vs Fiorentina), the EPL would lose its 4th spot. We better solidify our 2nd place spot by spanking the blue bus first.

      1. So am I – my understanding that is near impossible for the Italian “score” to overtake the PL this season.

  5. According to talk sport this is what Jose had to say about Fabregas.

    Jose Mourinho has taken a cheeky swipe at Arsenal by claiming Cesc Fabregas opted to join Chelsea instead of return to his former club as he was ‘looking for titles’.

    All I can say is bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Unfortunately Mourinho’s comments don’t line up with the evidence.

      Cesc stated repeatedly he wanted to come back to Arsenal but when Wenger announced that he would not pursue Fab because “his position has been filled,” then, and only then did Cesc seek and consider other offers.

      Sorry, Josey, we have memories AND twitter AND video AND audio AND sports story quotes AND…….etc

  6. OT: But I’m reading every where that we’ve agreed a deal for William Carvalho. Any truth to this? Everyone wants but Schneiderlin but it’s never the ones we’re linked to…

    1. The only thing that makes me believe this story a bit more is people are talking about the price plus add ons. It’s as if we have been talking to the player or his agent.

    2. I am not in favor of this deal which leads me to believe it is true. (i just would rather have many other more proven players first)

  7. We need to score first otherwise chelski will make it very hard for us to comeback if they happen to score first. It seems like in the last few games arsenal always start out very strong for the first several minutes then die off a little, but I think if we can score first in the opening few minutes we will be destined for 3 points.

  8. There is no way Oscar will be played as striker; pysioroom has all three Chelsea strikers returning for the match now, Mourinho is always completely dishonest about who is available or not.

  9. Will people stop advocating sticking Ramsey on the right ffs. Even Wenger doesn’t want him there, he’s just teaching Theo a lesson not to f**k with him!!

  10. Great choice to have Ramsay on the right, welbeck drifts too far in and theo just can’t defend. I think we will beat them 2-1 Sunday but it will be a tough game.

  11. Chelsea intend to hit Arsenal on the counter attack, don’t believe the nonsense spewed out by mourinho all 3 strikers will feature for Chelsea this weekend Oscar wont play up front, Drogba has been past fit, the other 2 are 50/50’s which means they’ll be on the bench or start but wont make it till the end, his game plan is to make Arsenal crumple under pressure were playing into his hands if we go out attacking. Chelsea have been winning games because their opposition were lead to believe they were controlling the game, wrong!!! Chelsea dictated the game by parking the bus, with so many men back it forces you to throw more men forward thus exposing your backbone, it happened against QPR, MAN U and will happen against us if we play all out attacking football why because with Arsenal we know when teams park the bus against us everyone comes forward including coq koscielny dubuchy/bellarin and monreal leaving metersacker to protect the fort, they create 1-1 situations where Hazard thrives. We could replace him with Gabriel but it wouldn’t work, again i like him but sometimes his tackles have a tendency of being a little reckless we know Hazard loves to go down like all the Chelsea scum. You could mention how coq would be back to cover, but he will be preoccupied Chelsea as i mentioned earlier will not play Oscar up front, Drogba is fit we all know what he is capable of, even if he doesn’t get anywhere near the ball, he is a proven striker in the league with an eye for goal, and ridiculously overpowered and still quick for his age, if his on the pitch his job would be to draw coq away from the heart of the midfield. I think personally we need to play the same game as we did against city, patiently wait back don’t commit to many men forward regardless of how frustrating it will get because if we sit back wait for them they will get annoyed and they will attack meaning we would have just used there own tactics against them.

    1. lets surprise chelsea: go over them w the long ball.
      also, would like giroud to be more mobile and draw his defenders out.
      RW: prefer welbeck over ramsey. welbeck is faster, and also defends better.
      my 1st pref for RW wouldve been ox, but other than that we have our best players in.
      koz/gabriel/debuchy/coq are a mean defensive lineup.

  12. drogba will start for them no oscar
    debuchy was bad against reading not match fit bellerin should start he is playing brilliantly and if ramsey is gonna start wide he will offer width on the right

  13. I’m tempted to drop Cazorla and Ozil from the game and play a 4-4-2. We really need to hurt Chelsea on the wings. They’ll attack us from the wings through Hazard and Willian/Cuadrado and the only way to counter that is to attack back. If Rosicky were fit, I would definitely pick him for this tie for his work rate.

    Welbeck Coquelin Ramsey Walcott
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

    1. Innovative there Twig – not sure Wenger is the type to rip up his system though to suit one match. For me attacking Chelsea on the wings would play right in to their hands – imo their FBs are a lot stronger and difficult to break down than their CBs. What their CBs are good at though is defending crosses so even if we get down to the bye-line to cross, it will still be difficult to convert the chance. For once I wouldn’t mind the intricate through the middle stuff – across 90 mins we will get at least one good chance.

      1. What’s risky about it? There are very little teams we can’t beat with this lineup. Ramsey, Coquelin and Sanchez are known for their immense work rate and that’s why I stuck them in the middle.

  14. Ospina
    Le Coq—-Cazorla

    The RB is a toss-up. If Debuchy truly is ready to go fitness wise than I would start him but that is debatable since he’s been out w/ injury and looked off of the pace when he played. Bellerin/Debuchy has a very important role to play.

    All in all it should be an interesting game and I am very much looking forward to our Gunners getting the three points! COYG!

  15. People here are so deluded by welbecks pace over Ramsey!! I wud definitely play Ramsey on d rite and not welbeck. Ramsey has got better movement and ball retention skills. Also he has a better understanding wid ozil Alexis and giroud than welbz. U cant simply play welbeck just to to defend better on d rite wing, I mean wat if hazard simply changes his side and starts to play on his rite side!! And welbecks pace has no use in dis game since Chelsea wudnt even bother playing wid a high line! D only imp
    decision to b made is at rite back.

  16. Have to disagree with the original article-

    We don’t want to start trying to play a different way. Yes we might want to be cautious of their pace, but shooting from outside the box, thats desperate, and we are better than that.

    I have no problem with the occasional long range effort, but lets play to our strengths, yes they have a good defence but we have great , clever, technically gifted attacking force, Sanchez can give anyone a hard time, as can Ozil, Giroud, Ramsey et al

    With Chelseas injuries (nice change) I fancy our chances, and think/hope/believe we will get all 3 points!

    Discipline will be the most important ingredient I think COYG

  17. I`m not putting my house on it but I think (with a bit of luck) we can take the points. Sooner or later Arsenal have to topple Chelsea, that`s the way mathematics go. Like or dislike I`ve always respected Maurinho, he is a great adversary . On the team selection, and this is where it will be won or lost, I would start with Welbeck not Ramsey on the wing, having Walcott in reserve.
    The rest is too technical for me.

  18. A Chelsea fan here nd I hav a few things to point out:
    1. I hope we are all treated to a sensational game on Sunday.
    2. I kno my manager, Mourinho, so don’t be surprised if Costa shows up at d Emirates on Sunday nd starts d game. Oscar as false 9? won’t hapn! Mou knows better dan dat.
    3. even if all our strikers ar out, it doesn’t make d job any easier 4 u lots. Remember d Eto’o – Torres -Ba days wen our goals usually came from defenders nd mid fielders?? Again in Old Trafford early last season, Mou played striker-less just to ensure he didn’t loose to Moyes.
    In all, I’d lik u lots to tek tins seriously. Mou is good at his job. I know u guys hate him (we adore him at The Bridge) but u must accept he is near perfect at turning tins to his favour.
    It will be tough, so doz stuffs u listed as Chelsea’s weaknesses will be nothing wen d game starts.
    I see a 1-1 draw.
    See u guys at ur beautiful Emirates on Sunday!!!

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