Arsenal v Chelsea – History means nothing tomorrow

There has been much talk about Arsene Wenger’s woeful record against Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea sides, despite both managers saying that games are won on the day, not by the history books. As Mourinho himself said: ‘I am not proud of my record against Arsenal. For me achievement is to win on Sunday, it is not the other 12 matches against Arsenal. I don’t’ look to numbers and what I did against a manager or a club.’

‘I think my players don’t even know about this record unless they watch TV in the last few days or read the papers. Matches are isolated events with no relationship with the previous one and I don’t think they care about it. What they care about is the way we work and the way we prepare ourselves for the game.’

Mourinho has also revealed that he will have Didier Drogba and the rookie U21 striker Dominic Solanke in the squad for Sunday, which should make it a little easier on the Arsenal defence, who have only conceded five goals in their current nine-game winning run.

Wenger believes that beating Chelsea is just another hurdle to be jumped for his team, after winning at the Etihad and Old Trafford this year. “Beating Chelsea is another target that we have set ourselves and it is in front of us, so what we want is to go into it with the needed belief, hunger and desire,” Le Prof said on

“They had a strong start to the season, they were consistent and are the team who have lost fewer games than everybody else,” he added. “That’s why they are where they are but they made the difference at the start of the season.

“I don’t think that they have taken more points than us since January but from September to January they did. They have been consistent throughout and they relied on a strong defensive record that got them the championship.

“Having said that, it’s not over and we have to fight until the end to get as close as possible. You never know. We have to continue to believe that we can get closer and closer, and we have that opportunity on Sunday.”

Chelsea may not even be bothered if they lose this game, as they still have five more easier games to get the two wins they need to win the League, but Wenger feels that a win is very important for Arsenal. “We have three main targets,” Wenger concludes. “The first is to solidify our position in the league. We are in second place at the moment and we can make this position stronger.

“The second target is of course to keep our run going. The third target is to get closer to Chelsea before the end of the season. When you have an opportunity like that, you want to take it.

“We dropped points at the start of the season but since January we have been top of the [form] table. We have an opportunity to show that improvement is consistent.”

No one can deny that Arsenal are in fantastic form, but this is the ultimate test for the Gunners even if Chelsea have a 37 year-old as their main striker. We MUST win to keep our confidence running high right through to next season.

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. Damn it!!! History means just about every sh*t tomorrow, hear me??? Chelsea and Drogba??? It’s always a bad sentence when those two are used together, in an Arsenal context.

      If we can’t win, WE MUST NOT LOSE TOMORROW!!!

    2. And benik afobe scores….so sad w lost this 22yr old homegrown player for just 2million and we re holding tite to one yaya sanogo.

      Afobe has got the presence the, the pace, the work rate and most importantly the finishing to hurt any premier league team…

      The saddest tin is that he was never given the chance to express hmself in the 1st team….got the feeling we lost our very own harry kane….

  1. this game is huge
    can arsenal do it?
    can wenger do it- can he beat mourinho?

    on a positive note….

    no one has mentioned aob or akb for weeks!
    thats a record!

    things looking up?

    1. ATM, screw the AOB/AKB division. One has to pray Wenger wisely selects his team and tactics: BASICS.

  2. Ideal weekend
    1. Arsenal beat Chelski and Maureen
    2. United lose
    3. City lose
    4. Spurs lose
    5. Liverpool win (would love it if pool took the place of united or City and knocked one out of top 4)

    Ultimately I will settle with a Arsenal win

    Arsenal 3-1

  3. Wenger: ‘it’s easy to play defensively’
    Jose: ‘If it is easy you don’t lose 3-1 to Monaco, you draw 0-0 and win in Monte Carlo’.

    Chelsea fans: ‘José 1-0 Wenger’

    So I suppose this is Mourinho’s big attack on Wenger. The fact is we didn’t play defensively against Monaco, if we did, we probably would have won the tie. We play attacking football, so really his response is stupid. If losing to a team that made it to the knockout round of the CL is some big embarrassment, which it is, I don’t see anyone mentioning Chelsea getting beat 4-2 by Bradford.

    When you actually look at it, it is Mourinho in the wrong here. He played defensively in Paris, but even when playing 11 vs 10 men at Stamford Bridge, they couldn’t get the job done. Why? They couldn’t play defensively anymore, the onus was on them to attack, and they couldn’t do it. Much easier to defend than to attack José…

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