Arsenal v Chelsea – Match preview, Predicted line-up and betting predictions

Arsenal will play host to London rivals Chelsea at the Emirates this evening, as if you didn’t already know, and this is just the type of game that could get our season back on track.

Our side are blessed in the attacking department, something that today’s rivals are actively trying to secure this month. The Blues have no Morata today, and are actively trying to get a deal over the line to sign Gonzalo Higuain, a massive name like many other Chelsea flops over the years, and one who may actually arrive well out of form also.

He isn’t over the line yet, so I shouldn’t waste your time on him really, but it does highlight the fact that our opponents will be arriving without a centre-forward with any kind of form, with Olivier Giroud even likely to be left on the bench in favour of a front three consisting of Pedro, Willian and Hazard, or possibly even Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Unfortunately we don’t have a defence that is able to keep clean sheets either so you have to expect our opponents to get on the scoresheets (one PL clean sheet since the start of October), but it will be our attack that will have our derby rivals worried.

Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mesut Ozil is a trio that is full or creativity and goals, and one that will not be taken lightly by Chelsea, who will be concentrating on their defensive work ahead of the game. The former German international is expected to make his return from injury today, although whether he makes the starting line-up is yet to be announced.

Predicted XI:

Bellerin Mustafi  Sokratis Maitland-Niles
Torreira  Xhaka Guendouzi
Lacazette/Ozil  Aubameyang  Iwobi

I know Emery has been opting to field a back five lately but after some unflattering performances, I’m hoping he has seen the light and will opt to revert to a back four with the return of Bellerin this weekend for such an important match.

We remain undefeated at home in the Premier League since the opening day of the season, when Manchester City took advantage of Unai Emery’s breaking-in period, and I certainly don’t expect this Chelsea team to end that undefeated run.

Aubameyang is our top scorer for this season, keeping tabs with the guys at the top of the charts in the league, and he will be my pick to open the scoring today also.

Betting tips and odds (prices correct at time of posting)

There are certain to be lots of goals in this game. Arsenal to win and both teams to score is very well priced at 17/4 (5.25) with BetUK

Who scored all our goals? Get on Aubameyang to score first at 15/4 (4.75)

But I believe Arsenal are going to get bak on track today, and I can’t resist a small bet on Arsenal to win 3-1 at a great 24/1 (25.0)

What are your predictions for today’s match-up? Will the thrill of the derby fire us back into top gear?

Pat J

Updated: January 25, 2019 — 8:54 pm


  1. My line-up prediction:

    Bellerin . Mustafi . Sokratis . Kolasinac
    …………..Torreira ….. Xhaka
    Aubameyang ……. Ozil ……… Iwobi

    I hope Arsenal can contain the speed of Hazard, Pedro and Willian. Giroud’s headers are also dangerous when he comes as a sub

    1. Gotanidea I doubt Hazard can be managed today because of how reckless our defence is and how Emery set the up. The unfortunate thing is he seems to not have learned anything from our previous defeat. Still I wish us luck!!!

      1. I think the most effective method would be cutting the supplies to those three pacey attackers

        Therefore Arsenal attackers must actively disrupt Chelsea’s defenders and midfielders, so they would not be able to build their attack from the back and would be forced to play with more direct balls

        Ozil did not harass Jorginho enough in their first meeting, hence Jorginho was able to dictate the tempo and flowed the ball forward to Chelsea’s attackers. If Ozil plays as no 10 again this time, it would be his task to pressurize Chelsea’s deep-lying playmaker

        1. Don’t expect Ozil to do sh!t. Ramsey should start ahead of him as our no10 if Emery is going go a 4231 formation

      2. I really don’t want to see another Hazard wonder goal today!
        We all know that Torreira has to play.. I like gotanidea’s line up. Will be glad to see Bellerin back (if selected) after all the doom & gloom we’ve endured recently, we need something to cheer us up… that something being all 3 points!! Come on Arsenal let’s do this ?

        1. He has Iwobi in his lineup, are you sure you like that? ??

          1. Well TH14 who else could play??? ??

          2. So you agree we need him and he is useful then? Wonderful!

          3. Hahaha you wish!! I’d rather play Gunnersaurus, but can’t see him being selected today ???

          4. It shows that you don’t really support the team , because all we hear from you is iwobi this iwobi that and slating ozil Incase he takes you’re precious players spot in the team .
            You should wants what’s best for the team not an individual player .when did you start supporting arsenal ?when iwobi broke into the team ?

          5. every fan is drawn toward favourites – you cannot take issue with that its natural. when ppl criticise alex iwobi’s place in the side – including myself, its often because we’d be happier to see him prove us wrong: but imo he fails “big time” to be convincing as an arsenal threat but we’l just have to wait and see what more he’s got.

          6. Very fair comments waal2waal. The favorites part esp as we can all relate to that. Even though I don’t agree with your total judgement of Iwobi, I can appreciate it though because you sound like fan who wants him to make it but you just have your doubts on whether he can be good enough – for what you expect of him. That’s fair, completely, it reminds me of when Jon Fox said that most fans on this site can make good points whether or not he agrees with them. Not sure of exact words but something along those lines.

            Some fans can come off as haters, but it’s too hard to tell if it’s just a case of them hating simply because he wants the player to become a truly big player. It is easier to spot fans who go overboard in praising a favorite or targeting another player so to spare their favorite from a slur.

          7. Oh please! Spare me that sermon Dan… At the moment, Iwobi is what’s best for the team but I don’t expect you to see past the hatred you have for him..

          8. Nice try TH14. I also like Gotanideas lineup, though I do think Auba plays better on the left, but so does Iwobi. I hope Iwobi and the other guys just up the pressure, even if Che try to play a slow game we should say F that, we’re in the humor and we have places to be.

          9. Its going to be a long evening with lots of disappointments lurking around.Xhaka/kos thats 1 goal down before kick off.kola/guendo and thats another goal down.Thanks ozil aint there or that would be 3 if luck Emery the super deluded one.

      3. Good game, our defenders doubling on Chelsea attackers, ummmmmmmm that is a rarity. Kos the captain my hat off to you.

  2. Good luck guys, you’ll need it??..
    I hope you enjoy the game and you don’t cuss today, I’m getting some weird thoughts that Emery will definitely push the team to the extreme today because if we lose then he can kiss fighting for top four goodbye.. Now pushing the team to the extreme can either go rightly and work out, or it goes wrong and the whole media especially Paul Merson will come for his head??..
    Let’s hope the team knows the importance of this game though, and I hope we develop a style of play soon and not this crap we do every week.
    Pat I’m okay with your line up though I’d replace Niles with a natural LB..and Guendouzi is having Lots of pressure on him lately.. well only Emery know what he wants

    Gotanidea, your lineup ain’t bad either, but I’d prefer Lacazette on the RW over PEA who can’t dribble or disturb, we need his sense up front.

    Sue, it’s not too late, find a good record down so you’ll sing along while you watch the game?? .. don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. I have my YouTube playlist ?

      1. Sue, I think we must go with seasoned team, but what happened t o Emil Smith;Rowe and Reiss Nelson?

        1. ESR has been injured… there was talk of him going to West Brom on loan – surely not!!
          Nelson is playing in Germany

          1. Thanks Sue. Lots to keep up with.

  3. The line up I’d like to see but know I won’t is:
    Bellerin, Socrates, Koscielny, Monreal
    Torreira AMN
    Iwobi, Ozil, Kolasinac

    I really hate the back 3 but have to admit Kolasinac has put some good games in so would be interested in seeing whether he has any potential as a winger (because he’s not much of a LB in a back 4). Tough leaving Lacazette out but great option from the bench. It’s sink or swim time for Ozil. Tempted to put Mavraponas in but no point rushing him back against Chelsea’s attack.

    1. I would like to see this line up too Trudeau.
      Kolasinac has played so well offensively and we need him there.
      AMN can deal with hazard and either of Lacz or Aub should start on the bench to help keep pressure on Chelsea with fresh legs when needed.

  4. So! Reports are Gazidis has told an interested AC Milan NOT to sign Mesut Ozil. Apparently he does not think he is worth £350K a week. Story is on The Express.

    1. ??? bloody hilarious… Gazidis is such a buffoon!

      1. Is he that wnkear who said Arsenal will soon be rivaling the biggest teams for the best players.

        1. That’s the one alright… what a tw*t

          1. Gazidis is a massive hypocrite, because he was the CEO who sanctioned Ozil’s upgraded contract renewal!
            Hopefully he does to AC Milan what he did to Arsenal.

          2. ozziegunner, not just a hypocrite, but a very devious, calculating one as well!
            After agreeing to issue the contract, he sat back and let others take the flak for agreeing it.
            At least it’s starting to dawn on here who did actually rubber stamp it and let’s hope A C Milan suss him out quicker than we did.
            The guy’s a leech to the game of football.

    2. Lol and you believe that poo…was be forced to raise Ozil’s salary? I for one, I was very glad Gazidis left us, after years and years of lies upon lies, telling us we’ll challenge other teams for trophies, the whole 200 million pounds kitty büllshit, the delaying of contract talks and making us lose money.. There’s nothing he’ll do over there at Ac Milan, If he couldn’t do shït with Arsenal who’s yet to sink, is it with Ac Milan that is already sunk he’ll do wonders with?, Ac Milan will need new owners to ever get back to the top not Gazidis, same way we all crying for a new owner.

      1. Same here Eddie… let AC Milan deal with that ?

  5. Hazard is awesome. Scares me.
    But Lacazette and Aubameyang are better than Giroud and Morata
    That said they can still score against our defence

    My main concern though is lack of creativity among central midfielders and wingers. Lacazette and Aubameyang need to be serviced better.

  6. Loosing points against Westham and other relegation favorites then here we’re trying to be naive and showing some aimless optimism against the big boys??? There are consistent and glaring deficiencies in this team in some key positions that have be ignored in some instances for over a decade now.. The defence is shambolic, can’t even remember the last time we kept a clean sheet. We’ve got zero wingers who can dribble and harass from the wings etc. Teams that are stronger than us continue to strengthen while we the 6th wealthiest club is busy with loan negotiations for players who aren’t starters in their own clubs. Emery should have demanded cash for rebuilding before he could accept the job offer.. Nobody will stomach him the way we did with Wenger because unlike Wenger he’s not brought silverware and the chances of him doing so with this squad is close to Zero. Top four is a Pipedream for Arsenal.. We’ve been in this mess before.. Familiar Territory!!!

    1. In all honesty I don’t think West Ham would ever be considered a “relegation favourite” with Pelligrini as manager.

      1. Lenana, at least give him a chance to try and win some silverware!!
        The injury list is easing and AW didn’t win anything in his last two seasons did he?
        Still top four, fa cup and europa cup to judge him on.

  7. I always wished that the Arsenal Trinity would leave ie Wenger, Gazidas and Kroenke.
    Kroenke will never leave though.

    1. And even if Kroenke dies, I just assume his son then has full control. Maybe another 50 years of the Kroenke dynasty at least! So depressing.

  8. Omg Wolves manager was sent off for celebrating with his players after their winner!! What a joke – have seen Klopp do a lot worse, yet he never is!!!

  9. “He is the same (as Ozil),” Emery replied when asked why Torreira has been relegated to a bit-part player in recent weeks.
    Says everything about Emery. Torreira first season in EPL and being called inconsistent like Ozil. Nice way to build your players.

    I do not get as excited for games anymore, they are boring to watch, we’re turning back into boring boring Arsenal.

    1. Midkemma you read what I did. Did your jaw drop as well? Cringe and wonder WTF? I’m leaning a bit to your side regarding Emery. Not seeing how throwing players under the bus wins them over.

      Thinking he won’t be around in a few years. Waiting for Emery out chants and posts. Has a bit of Jose in him in regards to blaming players and ignoring his responsibilities of selection, set up, and tactics.

  10. Just read where Emery having a go at Torreira now, saying he’s like Ozil. WTF? Nothing to say about Xhaka, Mustafi and others? Wonder what Emery would think if players held him to similar account.

    Surprised if Emery lasts more than couple years. Any chance we can get DB to manager senior side?
    Guess Emery really does love creating friction with players.

    Dangerous game he’s playing methinks, poking fan favorites.

    1. That is shocking Durand.. if he carries on this way he’ll be the next Mourinho (meaning no one will want to play for him) come on Unai sort yourself out, you can’t keep dropping our best players.. it’s damaging the team & you may find yourself being given your P45!!!!

    2. I think that it’s just his communication, the language barrier. Sounds like he is saying that it is normal for players to miss games if their performance drops or if another is playing better, or sometimes for tactical reasons. I think he meant it is the same for Torriera as it is for Ozil. Torriera’s performances have dipped throughout the festive period, and last week he was poor, also we’ve all said that he looks tired. I could easily be wrong, but I believe what Emery meant by, worse, was purely performance related and energy levels.

      1. Perhaps, but doesn’t explain Xhaka, Guendouzi, and some defenders being held to same standard.

        Laca works his a$$ off for teammates, gets left out or subbed, yet Auba can not track back, float and disappear and what does Emery say? Nothing, crickets.

        As if we aren’t rife with problems and Emery goes full Jose on players. Can’t make this stuff up, Absolutely and utterly shocking. Speaking of inconsistency that he’s so fond of, I’m sure his criticism of Xhaka, Mustafi, Kola, and Auba should be coming any minute now.

        Unless he feels he’s above being questioned about his tactics and his “inconsistent” treatment of players and standards he holds them to. Too much Jose in this one, the force is weak in him

        1. Some fair points.

  11. FFS, thinking Emery talking out his a$$, criticizing players when he has done jack sh!t to fix defense. Pot thinking its better than kettle.

    Emery pushing his luck, Emery out chants incoming, Ha.

  12. OT Salah throwing himself to the ground again… no yellow card surprise surprise…

    1. He is making a habit of doing it, shame though. He doesn’t need that at all he is already a very good player.

      1. Am glad Chelsea doesn’t have a central attacker, at least we wouldn’t have to deal with one

  13. We got thrashed by Liverrpool and Palace are currently 1 nil up there!

    1. No doubt Salah will get a penalty at some point!
      Love it when they concede though, as all Liverpool fans keep telling me they have the best GK & CB so shouldn’t be conceding… vomit ?

  14. Ozil is benched… sigh

  15. @ sue
    And Ramsey starts Jesus Christ Emery is vindictive

  16. Omg am I seeing Iwobi is benched too???

    1. I can’t believe it too.,: we’re doomed ??

      1. I was waiting for that ? it’s not all bad – the tank is playing ?

  17. mikemematethemasterfarter

    chelsea have wingers in team &on bench sorry 2 say easy win,xhaka WAIT 4 IT how many goal conceding mistakes 2day……

  18. Should be playing with Monreal in LB. Kolasinac is clueless in defence.

  19. 2 real chances already missed

  20. That was a great chance missed by PEA again. If drop points in this match it will be largely due to missing chances like that.

    1. And that is the differences between Lacazette and Emerick.

  21. He did it again just like Cardiff

  22. What guendouzi is doing???

  23. The boss, you beauty!

  24. Wow what a performance by arsenal .get there boys this is the kind of performance we want to see.

  25. Koscielnyyyyyy on a dailyyyyy
    I knew it was right to play him.
    Experience counts for a lot

  26. What terrific pressing by Arsenal. Surely, the poor results are mostly down to the players not being able to keep up with giving in so much every other week.

  27. The best I have seen us play defensively this season.

    1. Totally agree. Plus Chelsea do not have a striker!!!

  28. Can’t get out today, how are we doing!
    The score looks wonderful….can we hang on?

    1. We’re playing beautifully Ken…. everyone has done really well…. so far so good

      1. Sue every defenders up for the game. Long may we continue to play like this. That our defensive work rate was excellent. So sorry for Bellerin. Wish him quickest recovery.

        1. ??? totally agree Pat

  29. Terrific half of football, all round. Need to keep it up, good energy, confidence looks better, and the defending so far has limited Che to half chances.

  30. mikemematethemasterfarter

    elneny 4 xhaka we might win this game,xhaka receving the ball round our D is a disaster waiting 2 happen “it ain”t half hot mom”…..

  31. I love how ramsey is been used in this match…running around jourinho. He got the engine for that.

  32. But why Chala playing deep line defensive midfielder???

  33. But why Xhaka is playing deep line defensive midfielder???

  34. 3rd would have killed the game

  35. What a block by Kos

  36. If those flick is what Juve giving Ramsey 300k for I’m so much happy they have him. What a bad sub Emery again. Why taken off Lacazette why Abu contribute less than him. No need for that double sub when you are 2 up

    1. looked tired to me, huge effort, great result! Auba has more stamina to continue the pressing shape, i’m sure that won’t be a problem next season as the whole team will have bigger lungs 🙂

  37. Aubayemang is useless without proper wingers. Why did Emery take off Laca and not Auba?

  38. Giroud doing a GIroud

  39. Lovely stuff. Koscielny, I didn’t think he had it in him, he looked every minute of all those years. Well done lads, great shape all game, we were on it!!!

  40. People asking, why this?, why that? …because it got the job done, very nicely I might add.

  41. great result, standin ovation to the defence and the boss….bellerin’s injury looked bad i’m worried, AMN has to play there untill he recovers, hope it’s just a twist nothing torn, we need him!

  42. Couldn’t watch today, but what a great result!!
    From the comments on here, Kos the Boss did it again today.
    All those who said he was past it, what are your thoughts now?
    Hector’s injury? How did it happen and is it serious?
    Same with Torreira?

    1. He was stretchered off with his left leg in a brace. Looked like he fell awkwardly… he was crying on the stretcher…. poor sod, I’m gutted. Be surprised if we see him anytime soon. Kos was MOTM.. he & Sokratis were superb.. Sokratis set Koscielny’s goal up… it was brilliant!!!

  43. och, sure twas a mighty win indeed.i am going to eat a celeberatory haggis tomorrow, this win needs ta be celebrated and naer forgotten.

  44. We played well today. Made Chelsea look very ordinary, harried and tackled well. Better team by far. Well done Arsenal!!!!.

  45. go arsenal

  46. this was a good post to read….so many armchair coaches….so many moaners and groaners….

    hindsight is a hell of a thing ! COYG!

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