Arsenal v Chelsea Match Preview & Predicted score for derby clash

Chelsea will make the short trip across London for this evening’s clash with Arsenal at the Emirates.

The Blues come into the tie with some contrasting form. They’ve won just one of their last four matches in all competitions, and while they sit just outside the top four at present, they have only beaten one team inside the current top 11.

Unfortunately for Arsenal, we are far not part of that top 11 at present, nor are we in the sort of form that would give us the belief that today will be our day, but in a derby match, anything can happen.

Against Spurs lately, despite the loss we performed much better and while we are still lacking confidence, just one win could turn our fortunes around.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 19: Dani Ceballos of Arsenal looks dejected following his sides defeat in the Premier League match between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park (Photo by Jon Super – Pool/Getty Images)

Our side has lost six of our last eight domestic matches, drawing the other two, but this sort of form will not last forever, and I can’t think of a better time for it to end.

On paper, Chelsea are flying high and with an amazing squad of options. Delving deeper into their form they are vulnerable, unaware of their best formation, and struggling to perform against the better sides.

A strong performance from our side today will rock our opponents, but we can’t afford to come out the gates slowly and allow Chelsea to build up confidence, because that could result in a demolition.

Mikel Arteta needs to channel the manager from last season that was able to frustrate teams, because this Chelsea will lose their heads and grow frustrated.

I know I’m probably in the minority that believes we can get a result today, but I feel like we will be set up to frustrate Chelsea today, and can hopefully keep the scores level after the hour-mark, when we will hopefully be able to call upon Martinelli and Aubameyang to chase the result.

I’m going to go for a 2-1 home win, and I know many of you will laugh, but come the end of the match, I hope you will all be laughing with me.

What are your predictions for the big match?

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  1. Yes we’ll be happy with any win in our favor. It’s been a long time…

    OT: I see a lot of similarities between Carzola and Buendia, even though Carzola is far superior when it comes to ambidexterity.
    Why are our scouts so blind?

    1. With the funds made available and expended over the last five years, surely our player recruitment could’ve been much better.

  2. I have seen the predicted team for today, xhaka straight back in, poor poor team selection. We have not got a chance with Chelsea’s speed and ability we are a beaten docket.

  3. Lampard gave Arteta his first defeat.
    He will give him his last.
    Lampard learned the job much faster than most other ex-players. He has the right to continue.
    Arteta doesn’t. He lost his last life ages ago.

  4. My optimism is gradually going down the drain. Relegation starting us in the face.

    Maybe we should be learning and reading more articles about teams in Championship. Let’s know details of teams that are our potential London derby mates: QPR, Watford,(Troy ‘Cojones’ Derby), etc

    We might have beaten off more than we can chew, this time around.

  5. If we do laugh it would be hysterical laughter with tears of relief streaming down our faces. Like winning the pools just as the bailiffs are at our poor.

    I really cannot see us winning but I have a strange and heart rather than head run opinion that we may well get a draw. This is not a rational opinion, which WOULD be a defeat, but an instinct.

    1. Arteta has already broken two old record so It won’t be surprise if he breaks this as well. After all records are made to be broken 😜

    2. lol. Arsenal should buy 2 attacking midfielders (Isco and Eriksson) in January. We also need to sell Mustafi, Kolasinac, Socratis, Xhaka, Ozil and Chambers in January. Send Nketiah and Willock out on loan.
      Emile Smith Rowe should start in midfield today. He should be in the starting 11 going forward.

      Arteta should stop being NAIVE and ARROGANT. The midfield is the weak link. We need a midfield that score goals. Get in Eriksson and Isco In Janaury.

    3. @Sue, whenever there is a record coming up like this before any of our match it’s always a bad result..
      A lot of our records has been broken recently, go and check that but I seriously wish we win this one.

  6. One point would be a victory today and bring a smile.
    As for laughing most Arsenal fans are in pain and in tears, trying to laugh.

  7. As I went for a 2 – 1 win on Dan’s predictor, then that is what I hope for, but not expect. If the team don’t turn up today, I will break all the Covid rules, drive down to LC from the Midlands and give them the Xhaka/Pepe treatment (metaphorically speaking, of course)!!!

    1. SueP
      Making me smile Sue. That’s what they need. They need a good woman to give them a talking to, and I am not joking.

  8. although I really want arsenal to win. I believe chelsea will give us a 3 nil spanking or a 3 -1 spanking. would love to be proven incorrect though.

  9. With the players we have we can have two teams one for Epl another for Europa in a 4231 formation as follows.
    Team 1
    Amn. Holding. Gabriel. Tieniey.
    Patey. Luiz.
    Saka. Willian. Auba.
    Team 2
    Cedric. Saliba. Mari. Kolasnac
    Elneny. Xhaka.
    Bellerin. Ceballos. Pepe.
    I believe if we fielded the above team 1 consistently we can’t be in the position we are in.
    It also means that even with injuries & suspensions we should not be depending so much on academy players like Nketiah&willock.
    Thirdly the entire Team 2 ,save for Martinelli & saliba should be moved on for us to get quality back up for team 1.

  10. Arsenal need to make two “cheap” but crucial signings to restart come January.Yves Bissouma and Emilliano Buendia.

    Clear the deadwoods and give the young ones a chance.Saliba,Rowe,nelson,wilock.
    Clear out the following players:
    These could save the club close to 600k per week.

    In the Summer
    Luiz should go
    Cebalos should return and
    Pepe if he won’t improve.

    Last but not the least,sack Arteta if our games hasn’t improved.It is not all about results at this moment we can’t even connect 3 passes and that isnt promising at all.

  11. Shall see the lineup.

    I will go for a draw again.

    If TP is back in. Aub in. Willock in. No William. No xhaka.
    I will go for a lucky win.

  12. 0-3 Chelsea win. We only win this game if Chelsea beat themselves somehow. Maybe a couple of sending offs would do it? Other than that, should be a comfortable win for Chelsea.

  13. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1. Aubameyang & Martinelli to score Saka & Pepe to assist. Giroud to score for Chelsea.

  14. Lampard is clearly a better manager than arteta they have a superior squad and better youngsters … They make mistakes at the back though that can be exploited… I simply can’t see us winning or even playing more positively … Suspect he will put put a defensive line up coz that’s all he can do and players have lost confidence … Just not up to the job and the sooner the crooked yank comes to terms with that … His investment is looking shakier and will collapse if relegated … The sooner we can turn the page on yet another cheapskate option to “make Arsenal great again” … those made in China MAGA hats should be dirt cheap now

    1. My head says 0-4
      My heart says 2-1
      I dont need another defeat because we will definitely be in a relegation battle.
      2003/4 invincible seems a lifetime ago and I was watching us against spurs wen we won the league and looked at the players we had then to wat we have now
      Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira
      Now we have xhaka aubameyang and elneny
      That’s our problem

  15. I don’t want to be negative but I think it’s going to be ugly.

    I’m literally on the verge of tears😭😢. I remember having tears when we lost in Champions league final and when we lost 8-2

    But this is the worst season ever so far. We are close to relegation zone

    1. Yes. I am happy Smith Rowe is starting. Finally, Arteta is doing the right things. I just wish he discontinue the 3 at the back. Also, I dont know why he starts Xhaka week in week out.

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