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Arsenal v Chelsea Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction (in Dublin)

Tonight both Arsenal and Chelsea are preparing to continue their good pre-season form when they meet at 8pm in Dublin. Unai Emery has been teaching his new charges the way to play his pressing tactical game, while Maurizio Sarri has been pushing a very attacking style, as David Luiz described Sarri’s style when asked yesterday. ‘I love this philosophy, to play high with a lot of possession of the ball and in a technical way. So he is trying to help us every single day to learn his philosophy to help Chelsea.”

Arsenal have managed a 1-1 draw with Atletico Madrid, despite losing on penalties, and battered PSG 5-1 and will have a lot more first team-players available for tonight’s game than our rivals. But Chelsea’s makeshift side has also performed well, starting with a 1-0 victory against Perth Glory in Australia before beating AC Milan on penalties after a 1-1 draw in Nice.

Eden Hazard, N’Golo Kante, Olivier Giroud, Gary Cahill, Michy Batshuayi, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Thibaut Courtois are all unavailable for Chelsea due to their World Cup exploits. Despite these stars not being available we can expect to see Cesc Fabregas, Pedro, Alvaro Morata, new-signing Jorginho, Victor Moses, Alonso and Azpilicueta on the pitch at some point along with a host of youngsters, while I am sure that Emery will start with most of his top players that have looked so sharp in pre-season, especially Aubameyang and Lacazette up front.

Here is my predicted line-up to start the game…

Kolasinac, Sokratis, Chambers, Bellerin,
Guendouzi, Ramsey, Ozil, Mkhitaryan,
Lacazette, Aubameyang

But whatever teams come out at the start, we can expect an exhibition of attacking football from both sides. Obviously Arsenal will be featuring some of our impressive youngsters as well as the game goes on, but I think we will have by far the most senior players on the pitch and should be able to get another confidence building win. Emery will want to get Sarri worried about Arsenal’s visit to Stamford Bridge in three weeks time.

I’m predicting a 3-1 win for the Gunners and I want us to go into the City match on the opening day with an unbeaten record under Emery…..


47 thoughts on “Arsenal v Chelsea Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction (in Dublin)

    1. stubill

      He’s not injured as far as I know, or can find on the interweb, a couple of Spanish sides have shown an interest in signing him, but Arsenal don’t want to let him go. He only has one more year on his contract so he could go on a free next year.

      It is a bit strange how he seems to have disappeared during the pre-season friendlies, with no mention of him anywhere.

      1. Khadii

        Monreal resumed training on monday.
        U guys seem to 4get he was part of Spain’s squad for the world cup

        1. RSH

          yup, came back with everyone whose NT participated in R16/QF ties. Xhaka, Lichtsteiner, Torreira, Monreal. Only Ospina isn’t back because he’s expected to leave

  1. Innit

    I dont think lacazette and Aubameyang will start together.
    Also I believe Bellerin will play RB and Kolsanic will play LB.


    Hope we play a decent game and come out winners to boost our confidence.
    Kev, will we be signing a player (s)?
    A winger or midfielder?

      1. Andrew E

        I know it’s off topic but Liverpool paid £142m for a goalkeeper and CB (Van Dijk) surely they are not still living off Coutinho??

  3. Simon Williams

    Want to see Guendouzi in a more competitive match – which I think this will be. Really think he can make it into 1st team!


    1. Innit

      Me too. Guendouzi was impressive. He should be given the opportunity. If he is good enough age shouldn’t matter. He looked so good that I think he can rise above El Neny as back up DM to Torreira

      I hope he gets at least 45 mins today.

      1. Maks

        Real test for Guendouzi will come against Stoke or Sunderland. Wait! There are no S&S in PL this season. 🙂
        Now with “S” we have Southampton, the team which under Hughes plays like Stoke.


    Monreal was on holidays and just returned to training this week alongside Torreira, Xhaka and Stephan. He is not injured.

  5. ramprogus

    I sincerely wished arsenal could have bought Mina the Colombian to consolidate the defense

  6. Declan

    I think both Torreira and Guendouzi will get game time tonight.
    O T but did we dodge a bullet not getting Martins on a free? Sporting are now demanding €100 million for him and it will go to court if not settled.

    1. RSH

      sounds like unnecessary drama we avoided for sure. I wonder what grounds Sporting is demanding compensation on? Contract was able to be terminated after the attack, and Atleti technically signed him on a free transfer. Guess it all comes down to what was written in the fine print about his termination. Doubt they’ll get anywhere near 100mill though if they do get compensation.

  7. Sue

    Gutted this match won’t be shown on Arsenal’s website, but at least the Lazio match on Saturday will be!
    I hope we win tonight! COYG

    1. Durand

      Sorry to rub it in Sue. Game on ESPN2 at 3pm here in the States. Simply beautiful for me as I fire up the grill now. 1st pint gone, the backup and rotation pints ready and waiting.

      1. Sue

        😃 well if only I was in the states on holiday! You’re sorted then Durand 🍻 enjoy the match, I was going to say have a great evening, but it’s afternoon over there?!

          1. Durand

            Its 2:15pm here presently. I get many games but not all.
            About 5 hours ahead of you here on East Coast of States. Love the early game time

            1. Sue

              When I was in Florida a couple of years back, we managed to watch 2 premier league games before going off to the theme parks! Loved it!!

              1. Durand

                True Sue! I watch weekend games 7am to noon Saturdays and Sundays and rest of day for the lady. We both love how it works out, CL and Euro league kick off 3pm to 5pm.

                Fantastic for tv viewing, but never see in person.

                Spuds and other Filth come for friendlies only 30-45 minute drive away. Don’t care, never been never will.
                For me it’s the Arsenal or nothing. Rather watch Arsenal on tv then drive 30 minutes and see Man Utd or Liverpool.

                1. Sue

                  Lucky you Durand! I’d love to live in the states! Next time my family & I visit will be to New York 😊

                  Love the way you say spuds & other filth 🤣


                  1. OzzieGunner

                    Sue, don’t emigrate to the USA before you check out Australia and New Zealand. By the way I have visited 44 states of the USA on 11 visits since 1979 and haven’t been tempted to leave Oz permanently.

                    1. Sue

                      Jeez you’ve clocked up some miles! I’ve often looked at ‘down under’ it does really appeal! Maybe one day Ozzie…….

              2. stubill

                just noticed my other comment is awaiting moderation so I’ll try again.

                Sue try

                w w w.

                It’s a bit of a faff getting rid of the pop ups, but you can usually find one of the links working ok, as long as you have flash installed.

                I’ve used it when I’ve been away from home a few times.

      1. Ken1945

        Yet another Arsenal player wants Ramsey to stay.
        Mykonos has come out in support of the player, so in Emery we trust, as he’s the man who has spotted, along with Wenger, the true genius of the man.
        Just sign the damn contract Aaron, so we can move forward.

  8. omonaija

    I just hope no one get injured. Moreover, i think our expectations and demand on our new signings should be minimal,especially on Geundouzi and Torreira. lastly, the crop of players in our squad lack height good enough for aerial combat, and i think this is an obvious flaw which opponents can take as their own advantage. I just hope Emery notice this and make some amendments before 9th of august.

  9. Dubgun

    I wanted to go to the game tonight but…60-80 euro for a “Friendly” game. This ICC is a real cynical money making rip off. Going to different countries to fleece people on tickets and jersey’s for a makey uppy tournament!

  10. Ak47

    It should not be win win I refer they loss n work more on their mistakes before man city game which am hoping for our first 3points

  11. Alatari Douglas

    Arsenal can’t seem to find the right rhythm & or get a proper hold of the game as we seem to be out of sorts in the opening stages & wow! Bellerin concedes a penalt, Cech saves it alright, game on. Let’s see how the game pans out but there aemre still concerns cos we can’t seem to get a hold of the ball yet with 16 mins already gone.

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