Arsenal v Chelsea review – Creditable but disappointing draw

Although JOse Mourinho started with no recognised striker in his Chelsea team, they were not really as defensive as we expected. THey still had plenty of men behind the ball and worked hard to close the Gunners down and give us no space, but they also tried to get forward when they could and get a goal to hang on to.

Arsenal were also careful not to expose the defence but were the team trying to go forward more in the first half, esopeciall after the opening 15 minutes as we began to dominate possession and force Chelsea to sit deeper. Coquelin was doing his usual sterling work to give our more creative players a platform and Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla and Alexis were zipping the ball around and trying to break down a very strong defence.

There were also four penalty claims in the first half, Fabregas betting booked for a dive in one of them, although replays show there was a little contact. The two before that on Oscar could have been given as well, with Bellerin brushing Oscar and Ospina clattering him after he had got his shot off.

Our own shout for a Cahill handball, which clearly struck his arm from Cazorlaโ€™s shot, was probably rightly called ball to hand and not given, although Iโ€™m not sure if it should have been as the shot was goal bound. All in all though it was probably a fair reflection for the game to be level at halftime.

Drogba came on for the second half and surprisingly, Chelsea came forward more and Arsenal dropped back and conceded possession but maybe that was a tactic to get us more space at the other end. We defended well and gave them few real chances but were also unable to create that golden moment at the other end.

On a few occasions it looked like we might be in but there were always blue shirts there to block, intercept or make a tackle. Or we could not get the run of the ball, like in extra time when it just would not fall for Welbeck. A creditable draw which helps in our quest for second but it still leaves Arsenal searching for a victory over Mourinho. Next season perhaps?

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        1. Because that would be logical and that isn’t our style. Ozil worst player on the pitch far as im concerned. Great miss at the end!!

          1. Rambo was terrific. he never hides. he gives 100% everygame. And some people didnt want him to start. Our most complete midfielder and capable of playing different roles. By far our best player last season. Like i said we are lucky to have Rambo at Arsenal

            1. LOL….ridiculous…whatever he is in midfield he was a complete waste of a player on the wing…lacked pace and touch and didnt go past players…if wenger doesnt invest in another world class attacker this summer we will always be nearly theres…giroud has improved undoubtedly but against top class defenders he is just another journeyman from ligue un…bellerin certainly our top choice fullback now hazard didnt get a look in…coquelin carzola ozil sanchez working together…so if we invest properly in summer we can overhaul this lot who are no great team for sure..but have a world class manager who gets more out of players than seems to be there

              1. why would you expect Ramsey to get past players, he never has! He’s a CM and he did a great job on the right today. It seems like you are insulting Ramsey when you should be insulting Wenger if you didnt like the way he played. Why would you expect Ramsey to be beating players and putting in crosses. Problem is, who else would you have started in place of him. Walcott does not defending and can be a liability, and Welbeck honestly just doesn’t score or link up well with anybody. Ramsey was the best option for this game. If we had Ox fit then I’m sure he would have started.

                1. the best option for an attacking right sided player is someone who cant go past defenders or put in crosses…..EXACTLY…better fill that hole..though personally wellbeck is a better option as he actually opens spaces for others and we missed that today

                2. would’ve preferred walcott to start at RW. ramsey not fast enuf + comes in and narrows the play. walcott must be serious p*ssing off AW in practice to never get a start.

              2. If you used your observation skills you would have noticed the chances Ramsey created. And Ozil was the worst player ? Did you miss the first half ? He was forcing the team to attack, Chelsea’s defence was just too organized and we weren’t ruthless enough, we need another player that can finish like Sanchez

              3. So Giroud back to Ligue 1 – and by the same logic Hazard back to Lille as he didn’t get a look in?

      1. Wenger has just proven he can’t beat Mourinho ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

        1. But hopefully he(Wenger) will beat him(Mourinho) in the Community Shield ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Did you see the way the Chelsea players were celebrating at the end? Why? Just cuz they got away with a draw? Wtf?

      1. Because realistically this was Chelsea’s last hurdle. This was the last time that anything could be done to stop them and with it out of the way there is even less of a chance of it going anywhere else.

      1. Even if we won, the title was out of reach. I am disappointed by the result and Wenger’s predictability.

        1. 1st part of season: AW didnt plan fr our usual spate of injuries. plus he was negligent in not using summer to get CB and DM. thats why we didnt win this season. also, IMO to win PL next season we need a cavani/jackson ; giroud not enough.

    2. I’m fkin disappointed with a draw, can’t express how shitty I feel, specially the way mtf terry was celebrating at the end, we needed 3 points, we missed out on a huge chance to open a big gap with manure and shitttty, fuk this..

    3. Very Very impressive except we failed to score…that once again highlights the fact that we need a clinical finisher, lethal striker, shoot at sight with left, right or header, a good game reader quick with a lot of trickery n footballing brains and s striker that makes defenders pee in their shorts b4 even the game begins.
      HECTOR BELLERIN was extremely exceptional, Carzola’s magic was once again on display and 2b honest every one was good except welbeck.

    1. I am not Ozil’s biggest fan but he is getting better per game.. I don’t see why you are singling him out for today, it was a tough game against a rock tough side..I thought all the boy did well..

      1. By far the worst player was Sanchez, but obviously I would not want him off as he can just produce a moment of magic.

        Ozil haters on here today. I thought he had a good game passing was good, he kept us flowing.

        1. Ozil was no worse than the other attacking players who were all average. But Ozil should have been subbed off instead of Giroud. The other option would have been Carzola but he is more of a shooting threat.

      2. if you watch that match again you will notice ozil tracking back often pressuring the ball, this is not the ozil of last year, to me he was excellent today, give chelsea credit, the have a strong back 4, if you only need a point, its pretty close to certain, terry’s interview was revealing, he said they played way to open in the 1st half, just decided to shut it down the second half, he praised arsenal as a very good squad on the ball, was a decent result, tired of loosing to them,

    2. You’re getting dislikes but Ozil and Giroud didn’t do great today, should have put on Welbeck/Walcott earlier to replace them and put Ramsey in the middle with Cazorla as ACM.

      good performance though, now keep 2nd and take the Cup!

          1. Cant be arse? Then leave the site dumbass!

            Want me to show you evidence? Have a look at the game and see how many times he slowed the game down, gave away the ball and then missed an absolute sitter at the end


          2. Thanks Thierry, my point exactly

            Ozil against all 4 top teams. 0 assists and 0 goals

            Now shut up please and educate yourself

            1. Please if anything Ozil was the most fluid on the ball maybe Cazorla was up there as well.

              TBH Sanchez needs to work on his passing, really poor and killed some chances.

              But overall I am happy we kept clean sheet, definitely were better team.

        1. Because he’s been the most productive midfielder in 2015?

          Idk I’d start there probably but your nonsense doesn’t really warrant an explanation…

          1. Most productive midfielder in 2015? What about the other 7 months of the season? I guess that doesn’t count

            1. not unless he’s a time-traveller who can travel to the future!!! or did you expect him to be in form while injured??

          2. would simply ignore this lot who continue to believe that a team built around ramsey giroud and walcott will take arsenal to the next level when they are the core of 4th place junkiedom…get real on that showing he was way better than fabregas and dictated the game for us..suppose messi slows down games as well for this lot would prefer to have the whippet strutting around

            1. My point exactly. Ill have Giroud in my Arsenal squad all day long but people do not realise that the majority of these players will NOT take Arsenal to the level we want to be at. Absolutely no chance!!

              Ill say the same as I have said for the last 2 years. When was the last time we actually saw Walcott burst past a player into the box and get a shot on goal or a penalty? A long long time that’s for sure

              1. Walcott did just that recently against Reading and got brought down just outside the box, just shows how your blind hate for certain players clouds your judgement…look at how much Chelsea have spent on their squad, look at how much we spent on ours and after today Arsenal were the better team and actually should have won. You are being far too harsh on our team, where was Hazard today? Where were any of their big names? The only players that looked good were their defenders and Willian, the rest were average/poor.

                1. reading!!!!!! then flog him to watford …although to be fair to them they have players already who did that all season long…..


                  It has nothing to do with my blind hate for certain players, its about watching an entire season or all of them and saying who is effective and who ismt,and quite frankly Walcott isn’t. I know you will then say “yer but he got a load of goals last year” and yes that is true but how many sitters has he missed?

                3. You can’t say Chelsea were poor when
                  a) they had the better chances
                  b) they did exactly what their intention was
                  c) we had one shot on target

                  Chelsea’s game plan was to control the flow ofthe game by allowing the other team to play in areas where they either play to Chelsea’s strengths or are ineffective. A long as there is the overriding misconception that possession equals dominance we’ll always fall into this trap.

                  We had more possession but we rarely looked like scoring. Chelsea allowed us to play in wide areas knowing we couldn’t hurt them. Giroud was the only player in the box often but he was competing with Matic, Cahill, Terry and Ivanovic.

                  That’s not being poor, that’s controlling the flow of the game.

                4. @ true gunner

                  But did Chelsea ever look like scoring besides the Ramires chance? Hazard was marked out of the game Willian would do his same stupid move then go backwards, Ramires just made up the numbers besides his chance.

                  When you are putting them under pressure for long periods of the game with 9 men in there own box it’s going to be hard to score. But to say we weren’t the better team or didn’t dominate is ridiculous

        2. pretty much every attack ran through Ozil.. He dictated the game.
          Slipped Welbeck through, a handful of brilliant long-balls and played a brilliant all around game. Pressed their defenders as hard as i’ve ever seen him press.

          Now… Do us all a favour and explain why your keen eye deems him ‘shit.’ Could use a bit of a cheer up and i’m sure your response will be hillarious ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Listen my friend, instead of turning your TV off after the game, listen to the pundits and they will explain my point for me. Over play, over play, overplay!! He was broughtto the club for his “fantastic vision” through the defenders. Cant remember him doing that with that much effect.

            Don’t kid yourself, Chelsea were awful today. Grabted, they are a very organised team when defending but its exactly that what Arsenal NEED to do if we actually want to win the league
            I am not saying Ozil has been bad all year, far from it butI am still not convinced he does enough over 90 minutes

            1. well you and owen could have a good sit down chat!! maybe discuss how sterling’s better?? seems like you two would get along

              1. There go again, silly silly responses from you.

                Absolute no chance Sterling better than Ozil

                You clearly don’t understand so ill break it down simple for you

                WE NEED PLAYERS WHO ACTUALLY HAVE THE BALLS AND ABILITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHEN PLAYING AGAINST A STUBBON DEFENSIVE TEAM, WHETHER ITS CHELSEA OR IN EUROPE. Ozil was brought in to be just that player and I am sorry to say but he is not doing it, its as simple as that

                It is ok looking fantastic at home to Burnley or Villa but its about time he steps up quite frankly. How could you possibly disagree
                Like it or not, we had what, maybe 2 shots on target today? Hmmmm very positive Arsenal

                1. You haven’t put up a good argument so yeah… you’re going to get silly responses!!
                  The term parking a bus is there for a reason, so of course he’s going to slow the game down at times and patience was obviously needed! We’re not the team to just ram it in there or bomb in crosses for a game.
                  And there were two typical Ozil highlight reel passes this game anyway!! The deft flick that sent Welbz through on the wing and the 40 yard pass that hit Sanchez in stride between defenders. They were both class!
                  I’m done with this argument… Ergh!!! don’t know why i bothered with an ‘Ozil’s shit’ stupid f@#king comment. Well done dude! pick a needless scapegoat who actually played a really good team game

        3. Because anyone with a pair of eyes could see how good Ozil was playing today. You’re the kind of fan that doesn’t support a team, you’re always waiting to vent your frustration on the media’s scapegoats. Your rants are getting boring and tired, try being positive for once.

    1. i’m not sure what u were watching, but ozil was one of the better players today. If anyone was poor today it was alexis

      1. Josh37.I hope the 37 doesn’t represent your age as you talk like a child.

        2 killer Ozil Passes? WE DIDNT GET ANYWEHRE WITH IT YOUR PRATT SO THEY CANT BE THAT GOOD. Give me the ball and ill pull off those passes, doesn’t mean im good enough to take Arsenal to the next level, you are absolutely delusional mate.

        1. whinge whinge whinge…. booooring!! you’ve still yet to contribute anything close to constructive. i’m going to bed
          speaking about my username? clutching at straws hmmm???

          1. If I was clutching at straws I wouldn’t have just put forward my response to you, which you still haven’t acknowledged, probably because its difficult for you to disagree with. Sleep well young one

            1. @ rwrw

              Please just stop embarrassing yourself your just proving that you get your knowledge from Fifa and you are simple minded

          2. Obviously pundits slate Ozil, they scared of his ability.

            Ozil kept everything ticking.

            Remember Man u

        2. Dude, have you ever played a competitive football game in your life? I doubt it, cos your comments state otherwise. i don’t think you have even kicked a football.

    2. You have some srs issues man, srsly?? Ozil put in a good shift today, so did the rest of the team. Yeah we ddnt get the result we wanted but it’s bastards like you dnt know know anything about football that’ll say he was shitt. You’ll never be happy no matter what the result was, always gonna find something to whinge about

    3. RWRW. All the thumbs down you getting should tell you your comments are utter rubbish.

      1. Your point may well be vaild however you cannot deny the fact Ozil isn’t doing enough in the big games.

  1. Would have been happier if we got 3 points, we can now give up on winning the league. Hopefully next season we can beat chelsea under mourinho

  2. It was a fair result. No complaints. Not too bad a result seeing that we have a great chance to secure 2nd. It was heartwarming to see some fans applauding cesc off the pitch. That was classy

    1. In all honesty, I don’t see what was so wrong with what Cesc did. He was homesick – happens to us all. Yes it was painful to lose him, but he wasn’t joining a direct rival, and he has stated many times, even while at Chelski, that he is always a gunner at heart, and his first choice was always Arsenal but Wenger didn’t want him. As he wanted to come back to London, that didn’t leave him too much choice.

      What I find more surprising is the lack of boos in van Traitor’s direction, who behaved despicably, joining the old enemy, having received so much treatment and support from Arsenal over the years. He certainly owed Arsenal a lot more than Fabregas, and has been disrespectful about Arsenal while he’s wallowing in Manure. Is it because he’s in poor form, while Cesc isn’t?

      Cesc also clapped the Arsenal fans as he went off – nice touch as well.

      1. Lack of boos what are you talking about v persie gets booed like crazy don’t yiu watch the games.

        And you seriously believe his sh*t about loving arsenal and he’s a true gunner and all that sh*t? You need to wake up he just has a good PR guy.

        1. Fabregas is NOT in the same class as RVP and nasri. Fabregas had 8 great years for us; without him we probably wont make the top 4. He then left overseas to join his boyhood club, barcelona. Plenty of players have left for barca and still well respected at arsenal (Henry, Overmars etc), and Cesc should be respected as well.

          RVP had 7 injured plagued seasons where we stuck by him. 1 good year and he jumped ship to man united. Nasri was worse with only half a good season. RVP started talking shit and celebrating against us, and showing a lack of respect for arsenal. And dont get me started on nasri on this aspect

  3. Chelsea play the worst football out of the top 20 teams in Europe…..that was soul destroying.

    Alexis needs a quiet word in his ear to play a pass here and there. Need someone for the RW to balance it out…..Reus or similar please boss. 1 or 2 additions and there is nothing between us and them.

    Quiet optimism about next year bubbling..

    1. its the business end of the season points is all that matters. Didn’t we win title like this under G. Graham?!

    2. part of his game is taking risks, a frustrating amount of turnovers is the price for his moments of magic. Chelsea just made sure he had 3 or 4 blue shirts to deal with if he wanted to cut inside..

      Was disgusting yet again from Chelsea… Take a billion-dollar squad and turn them into that.

        1. That’s why the Real Madrid fans didn’t like Maureen. They like to see free flowing, exciting football, whereas Maureen just plays to win. I think it has had a bad effect on a lot of their players. Oscar used to be exciting to watch, and now he’s a lot more cynical – fouling and diving all over the place.

    3. We had the wingers on the bench. Wenger’s didn’t want to make the tough call and put Ramsey or Carzola on the bench. As usual, he left subs too late. Changes should have been made 15 min earlier. And we needed Giroud on the pitch.

    4. yeah, if we’re going to play ramsey at rw, we need to get a WC right winger next year. reus would be great, altho every time i’ve seen him, he’s on the LW.

  4. I am not complaining… Good performance from the team. The next step is to have the belief to win against Chelski..

    But I am happy with the way we have been playing since that City game…

    1. exactly. he has no goal scoring instinct. He does everything you want as a striker except the main thing which is SCORE. Ugh, ah well. We’re still favorites to land 2nd. Man City look a mess despite winning yesterday, and we have a game in hand.

  5. What’s with this CheLski?…….. We were the better team……why didn’t we win???? *sobbing quietly*

  6. I’m not surprised with this result. Overall very defense hazard shut down by bellerin. For me it’s just not our year to win the league title. Second place + FA Cup would be a real progress.
    p.s. kept yawning when watching this match. their bus wins them the bus parade.

  7. Last game took out the sharpness of our players. Last chance of the game, ozil miss it cos a bit of reflection but to the path of Welback but he just not sharp to take it.

  8. All I know is if I was a teenager and looking for a team to support after seeing both teams perform today I know you I would be a fan of.
    On another note why can’t our owner show up for big games offer a bit of support?

    1. Or give us some money. Or stop taking money away. Make no mistake Kroenke has made millions off of this club, as did his predecessors. Why? Who paid for this ยฃ350m stadium? Us fans did. High ticket prices for a worse quality product in return, but we paid it because we love our team. Our loyalty meant we gained more money from sponsors, tv etc too. But who owns the stadium? Not the fans. The club do. And who owns the club? Kroenke. A ยฃ350m stadium free of charge. Who wouldn’t take it?

      Yes Kroenke wasn’t owner when the stadium was built, but he’s owned the club whilst it’s being paid for. Yes there’s been other people involved, but as majority shareholder he’s chief culprit.

      But anyways. A 0-0 draw to Chelsea.. Not what we were all hoping for, but not anything different from what most of us really expected.

  9. Have u guys seen john terry celebrating a 0-0 draw! it will be painfull to see this boring bus winning the tittle

  10. Even though it’s a draw, Chelsea will be happier because they went away to Arsenal without Costa and Still avoided defeat and have won the PL.

    I really wanted a win badly.

    Anyway, we gained a point on United and lose a couple on City.

    We need to focus on maintaining 2nd place and winning the FA Cup.

    If we win the FA Cup we can beat Chelsea in the Community Shield

  11. Say what you will, it’s another point towards claiming second place. Very difficult to break down a team who put a lot of bodies behind the ball and seem happy to settle for a point.

    Ozil & Cazorla didn’t get a whole lot of space to work with today, those through balls that appear against teams who commit more people forward were cut out today by Chelsea having people back there. Matic & Ramires sat quite deep today, made it tough to get in behind them.

    Thought we were positive and went for it, just couldn’t quite get that break-through.

    1. we lacked all width on right wing. yes, its v.hard to beat a bloody defensive-minded chelsea. but i would have liked to have seen us play a bit wider . wondering if it might not have been better to start walcott today.

  12. No wonder Wenger has never beaten Mourinho. Every time we’ve had a half-decent team he’s put 11 men behind the ball…

  13. Would have given anything to beat chelsea, but will take the draw its better than losing to this boring chelsea club!

  14. Step by step we are getting closer. We are not quite there yet but the turnaround in 2015 has been great and fills me with confidence for the future.

  15. Great effort from the boys the only difference is morinhio is stlll a grub.
    “Aussie gunner for life and the next”

    1. He went with left foot, but it got the slightest deflection causing him to miss, had gone with right foot he would have been able to make contact.

      Hope pundits don’t slate him, cause sterling misses sitters and gets praised for it

  16. nice game by arsenal , dont mind
    but alexis was’nt good today
    just win the fa cup, second place in BPL and beat them on charity

  17. Can’t complain, good team performance, matched or beat Chelsea in all the key areas but couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net.

    Could have done with the Ox today, for his energy, pace and fearless direct running.

    We have grown massively this season and there is NO reason to expect anything less than a full on title challenge in 15-16.

  18. Wenger ever so predictable. This same formation (bar Debuchy and Szczesny) struggled to break Reading last week. I really wanted us to throw Welbeck and Walcott at Chelsea today. We were immediately more dangerous when the two came on. Why does Wenger insist on playing Ramsey on the wings???? ๐Ÿ™

    1. Twig you hit the nail on the head. When our great run began it was because we finally achieved proper balance and had people playing in their natural positions. Now with Ramsey back on the right it hampers us. His industry, etc is fine, but we lose width and now have everyone coming centrally. Alexis dribbles inside with the ball, but Ramsey drifts inside without the ball and now it’s just too narrow. Bring him off the bench and put a wide player wide. Not that Ramsey played poorly – worked hard etc – but industry alone is clearly not what wins games.

      Bring the balance back and give santi and Mesut space to create, Alexis space to beat his man, and a wide player to provide service for Giroud or get on the end of crosses that Giroud misses.

      Forcing players into unnatural position only gets us so far.

      1. It’s not just industry…
        Today if there was one player I wanted on the pitch it was Ramsey.. It was always going to be a packed box and he seems to be our player who knows how to be in the right place at the right time.
        I do see your point though.. But in a game where patience and a slower build-up were necessary we seem to get the majority of our width from our fullbacks. Ramsey and Bellerin just haven’t played together enough to develop an understanding.

        1. It’s not just about popping up in the box though. At times he was completely on the other side of the field trying to get on the ball.

          You make it sound like we scored 0 goals while he was out.

          As for the fullbacks needing to come forward, Bellerin being invited to the space Ramsey vacated was exactly what Chelsea needed to hit us on the break – almost scored through Ramires which started exactly in that space. We used to lose games like these in the past because our outside backs naively bombed forward too much. The discipline with which they go forward now again provides the proper balance.

          Ramsey of last year may have arrived late in right places in the box. The Ramsey of this year or the years before is nowhere close to that player. Therefore you’ve no basis to make that argument. Trying to force him in does us no good in the grand scheme of things.

          1. And it’s not just about Ramsey, in the balance in general. If he hasn’t won the battle in his position, the based on evaluation how is he giving us more as a winger than Welbz or the Ox was?

            Bring back the balance, bring back the commanding performances.

            1. Late response.
              I’m not posing an argument. Your criticisms are valid.
              But Ox isn’t fit, Theo’s being eased back in and I personally feel Ramsey brings a lot more to the team on the wing than Welbeck does, especially in a game where they are to sit as deep as Chelsea did. And when a team is sitting that deep it was relatively safe for Bellerin and Monreal to join the majority of attacks and add width

              1. Chelsea didn’t sit deeply for the majority of the game. If you have Ramsey on the wings Chelsea have an easier job not only deending but playing onthe counter because Ramsey’s tendency is to cut in, meaning the penetrative width has to come from the full back.

                If Bellerin doesn’t overlap it’s easier to defend, if he does both he and Ramsey are high up the pitch.

          2. thats right..we wouldnt have to worry about a box to box scoring if we had another world class attacker with 20 goals in them… i like the ox but i dont believe he will hit that kind of mark…reus maybe but on all accounts the argentinian kid from palermo is probably worth the risk…but what is for sure is that wenger aint go to fill that position on the cheap so if he tries we will miss out again!!!

        2. Yes but not on the wing. Sit Carzola or Ozil but Wenger doesn’t gave the guts to that. So we were ever so predictable as a result.

          1. It’s the guts to sit Ramsey, not Mesut/santi. On present and recent form, our midfield trio has sparked our run. Not the ramsey of this year

  19. Oh.. its a draw.. lets blame ozil…
    Whats the matter with you guys? If anyone, it was alexis the poorest on the pitch today.. I am not complaining.. he had an off day.. BUT GET OFF OZIL’S BACK.. the guy has really improved…

    1. Really improved?

      He is a world cup winning, champions league winning superstar. Improved in what?
      Cant remember the last time this geezer had a shot

      1. Shots? So Arsenal draw a game and now you are concerned about his shots?
        His assists and cutting edge passes and dribbles dont mean a thing now? Admit it, he has improved physically and defenders are not being able to bully him around anymore.. he has learned to use his physique… and his vision is still fantastic.. I would like to remind you his first assist against reading.. What a beauty!!

        1. His physicality has improved correct, not quite sure what point your trying to prove with his assist against Reading mate

          Bendtner scored against Everton last year, don’t mean he was good enough.

        2. Realistically speaking he hasn’t, not being able to get bulliied off the ball isn’t something you assess a no.10 by, good trait to have ok BUT most of if not all the league’s No.10s are inferior physically to defenders, that’s supposed to happen. Oscar was booted off the ball all sorts for most of the game, it happened a few times to Ozil today, that’s fine, it’s expected.

          But for 40 mil Ozil has to do more. Showing up against teams we’re supposed to be bossing especially at home is expected, that’s fine but it is the minimum. Ozil has to turn up in big game vs big opposition as well as vs lesser opposition.

          Can he have an off game? Sure he’s not a robot and the dynamic of each match is different. We as Arsenal fans support him as long as he does his best.

          But as I said before for 40 mil he has to start being a difference maker vs tough opposition.

          1. Ozil as ‘good’ as he is, is not really a game changer as such.

            He can effect the game of course, as can all players but he is not a match winner (very rare). He couldn’t help his price tag but I have seen enough to say that although he has improved on his physicality, defensive duties and general contribution he is not a game changer.

            Surrounded by other WC players at Madrid he was not under the pressure he is now to be the ‘man’ as they have all those Other players to take the weight. when AFC pay ยฃ42 mil for a player we (rightly or wrongly) expect a lot more. However unlike RM our team is not a superstar line up.

            Ozil is a very good player for sure and I’m glad he is in our squad but that’s as far as it goes.

            Good effort all round – we just fell short again.

      2. RWRW. You only seem to be commenting when you come accross Ozils name. Seems like you here on this site with a personal vendetta to slate Ozil.

        1. You know what your right, it does seem like I am picking on Ozil but im really not. If I am honest, im not sure how I feel after the game. I am delighted we showed a bit of fight and bite and delighted we showed we are by far the better footballing team but I guess I am just annoyed we find ourselves saying the same things again like “we overplayed and couldn’t get the win”

  20. Arsenal have now gone eight hours and two minutes without a goal against Chelsea.

    Now tell me was every team for the last 2-3 years managed by MOANINGHO?
    You lot can take as much positives as you want but the truth is we have a mental block against this team

  21. Man u lost to chelsea! But chelski couldn’t beat us! I’ll salvage a little positivity from that! Coyg!

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but United drew to Chelsea at Old Trafford and lost at Stamford Bridge. We drew to Chelsea at the Emirates and lost at Stamford Bridge.

    2. Man U lost to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, they drew with us at the Emirates while we had 1 shot on target.

      Chelsea also drew with United away, Southampton away, City away. Chelsea aren’t aversed to getting draws at tough away grounds. It doesn’t say anything indicative.

  22. Wenger should have come out for his post-match interview and said ‘see, it’s easy to defend well’. I wonder how Mourinho would respond.

  23. lol how many chances did we have 2 or 3 at max for 90 minutes
    The same amount of chances that chelsea had while defending

    so i dont agree with anyone that says we played amazing or we outplayed them
    They did what they came to do and that was sit back and counter

    1. Agreed but a lot of fans here would rather sugarcoat things than call a spade a spade. Were we terrible? Of course not, but we RARELY looked like scoring, we had 1 shot on target. People will say “ohh but Chelsea had the same amount, why didn’t they score. But realistically speaking they don’t have to. As the last in form, top flight opposition Chelsea face that could realistically still win the title the ownus is on us to score.

      A draw means we’re just better off to finish top of the rest. Am I diminishing the importance of second place? No, BUT a club of our stature especially with this squad on current form should push till the very end and not settle for 2nd place.

      Okay result but it was an average performance, 1 shoy on target at home isn’t good enough. Calling a spade a spade

  24. Positives from this weekend:

    (1) We didn’t lose
    (2) We kept a clean sheet
    (3) Man Utd lost and stayed below us
    (4) Even though City are above us we’re tied on points and have a game in hand

    The one true negative that keeps rearing it’s head for me is most of our past players win the league with other clubs. We need to really change that next season once and for all.

  25. I think the majority of reactions to the draw is nothing to do with the draw but because we actually were clinging to a false hope of catching Chelsea. I predicted 0-0 today cos that’s what Chelsea are good at. Nobody to really blame for the result. I do find Chelsea boring to watch to be honest. We were moaning not so long ago that we always finish 4th. 2nd is a distinct possibility and we’ve had players out for so long, especially at the start of the season. Next season we’ll have a much stronger squad with one or two additions and be in with a chance of winning the EPL.

    1. We were almost as conservative as Chelsea. Every cross in the box was Giroud vs 5 defenders. We took no real risks this match.

      1. if we had taken more risk and lost 1-0 , it’d be bloody murder. so i’m glad we’re more conservative than prev year. i do wish aw had more balls and sat ramsey and played walcott RW for more speed. we miss a WC right winger. really missed ox today. but i wouldve given walcott 60mins.

  26. Yes if really want to find culprit than top of the list is sanchez, fellow by Giroud but credit to Chelsea, they really know how to park the bus.

  27. Thats how Mourinho does it when playing against big teams.He play for a draw away from home and a win at Stamford bridge.Man u , City draw at their ground and beaten at Stamford bridge.It is the same thing to day, beaten at Stamford bridge and draw at Emirates.

  28. hate to say it. the way Maureen builds his team just make it difficult to beat. I hate to watch them play cos I know I won’t enjoy the match. we just need to sort out the RW and maybe another type of striker. I think if oxlade was in this game, we would have won. Ramsey, kos mert Monreal and bellerin were great. love to see Ramsey in d middle cos he shoots and forces d game also

  29. worse than seeing Chelsea play was listening to the match commentators here… So much hatred towards Arsenal players and Arsene. Tackle by us, FOUL and a booking. Tackle by chelsea players. it was accidental, was aiming for the ball… smh.. faggots uttering bulls*it

    1. Fukin commentator keep on credit Cheski for penalties. Smart diving Cesc too bad Carzola smarter…

    2. Didn’t like the commentators on Bein Sports either. For all the attn given to the foul by Ospina on Oscar no commentator noticed he was offside to begin with.

  30. Bellerin did a great job marking hazard out of the game! Bellerin really is “the real deal” coyg!

  31. Henry said tonight Arsenal need 4 TOP TOP players
    A GK
    He said Giroud is very good but not enough

    1. i agree. giroud should be backup. welbeck not good enuf to be backup. i love welbeck’s industry but leaving sentiment aside, if we’re to win PL next season , we need a cavani/martinez and have giroud as backup. the striker importance cannot be overestimated. you’re only going to get 1 , maybe 2 chances in 6yard box. you have to put those away (not saying OG missed from 6yd box today but he has in past).

    1. Mourinho with the audaicity to slate Arsenal for taking Giroud off when he brought Zouma on for Fabregas.


  32. Sanchez is GARBAGE, absolutely pathetic. I don’t know how any of you see him as a good player.

      1. he is a shit overrated player
        goal scoring is not everything and if i’m right none of those goals (except for city) are against top teams.
        he disrupts every chance for counter attack and gives the ball away cheaply.
        even his defensive work is overrated because i saw no protection infront of monreal whatso ever
        sanchez IS rhe weakest link in our attack

        1. weakest link another one who probably wants to play ramsey in that position…or ann robinsion maybe…some arsenal fans really are completely clueless

  33. Ospina got an oscar for spearing, credited for him. Damn Lucky for not concede penalty but also not getting the penalty claim on fukin Cahill. Any way we play very good but not good enough to win.

  34. Park the bus Chelsea have got the best out of everyone they have come across. Only Athletico and PSG have got the better of the bus the park chelsea.

    Ppl need a bit of perspective. If arsenal did win even a dirty one nill win then we clearly under performed this year. But if we do go onto win the fa cup and get second place that is where we are at and that is a GOOD season’s result.

    Arsenal did go about the game in the right way. All teams look turgid against this park the bus Chelsea. Maybe fear of the counter and loss prevented them from taking advantage of the negative football. But that will come with confidence.

    Really the way to beat park the bus Chelsea is by being direct. Chelsea aren’t so great against the direct teams. Teams that don’t pass in between the lines or play through midfield.

    1. Agree. I think we did well today, but after 13 tries against Jose, you kind of wish Wenger would try a different approach. I’d like us to surrender possession at times and beat Chelsea at their own game. That’s how we’ve defeated them in the past, and even today we had several good counters that we’re just missing a good final ball. Sanchez I thought should’ve done better on some occasion.

  35. Personally I’m deflated, this was the first time in a long time that we’ve really had a respectable chance of winning vs Chelsea and we couldn’t do it.

    Objectively speaking we RARELY looked like scoring and for us to have 1 shot on target at home speaks volumes, especially vs a Chelsea team yhat played for 45 minutes without a recognized striker.

    If we are to win the league in any season not just the next we need to take our chances and we need players to stand up and be counted. Personally I hardly remember Giroud doing anything of much significance. But I credit that to just as much him as other players in this match. Crossing is all good and well if you have players in the box but all our players were on the outside of the box waiting for a cut back. What hope does Giroud have vs Cahill, Terry, Ivanovic and Matic.

    Coquelin was ok, as was Bellerin but we always make the same mistake vs Chelsea. We play in front of them. They gave us the wide areas knowing we’d try to play centrally and we did as expected. In order to stretch a back 4 you need to have width and quick passes as well as an out ball.

    We can make the excuses we want but objectively speaking we weren’t good enough. We had 1 shot on target at home. Some may say “well Chelsea had the same amount as we did” but YOU HAVE to approach each match sensibly and it was never a match Chelsea had to win. The ownus was on us, the home team to take the game to Chelsea. We needed the points more than they did.

    Ramsey on te wing wasn’t the best player to put in that position as he isn’t going to take a player on. He’s going to cut it back centrally which plays exactly into Chelsea’s hands.

    Okay result but it was an average performance. Calling a spade a spade it wasn’t good enough.

    1. very well written…
      we never make use of the flanks and make it too easy for the opposition to defend…i’m trying to resist naming sanchez (because of the fear of the abuse i get for that), but the blame really has to go to sanchez and welbeck. They never stay wide neither do they run in behind the defense. Football is a team game and you need your players to perform THEIR role.

      However i do not agree with the giroud point. He got into good positions but never got the ball at the right time and every time he took 2-3 players with him but no one made use of this space. He had some great touches and flicks but did not recieve enough service.

    2. What does them not having a recognized striker have to do with US scoring? I don’t get it at all

  36. Of course he is the real deal… fear is he being sold when the big guns come knocking…..say Madrid, Bayern and Barca #bellerin

  37. Not a bad result and a good game. Arsenal’s goal should not be defeating Chelsea, but winning the title. If we get 2-4 points off Chelsea next season and replicate our form into early next season then that’s fine. Anybody find Eden Hazard yet btw?

    1. Thatโ€™s the problem, you canโ€™t
      win the league unless you beat
      teams like Chelsea.Have you
      seen the stats Arsenal had one
      shot on rarget, while Chelsea
      had 3 ( with all their defending)
      .And its not a good game, you
      canโ€™t have one shot on target at
      home and say we had a good
      game.Mourinho knew what he
      was doing, he came for a draw
      and got what he wanted.And one could say the same thing about Alexis and Giroud, where were they?

  38. That’s the problem, you can’t win the league unless you beat teams like Chelsea.Have you seen the stats Arsenal had one shot on rarget, while Chelsea had 3 ( with all their defending).And its not a good game, you can’t have one shot on target at home and say we had a good game.Mourinho knew what he was doing, he came for a draw and got what he wanted.

    1. Exactly, to win the league you need to be able to get the upper hand on all sorts of teams. This line of thought that, “all Mourinho does is park the bus” but what does it say about us if we’ve been unable to defeat the same tactic Mourinho has presented to us for years?

      Over the course of 180 minutes vs Chelsea we’ve had 1 shot on target this season. Call that whatever you want but it says something is wrong with the way we approach a game if we’ve been repeatedly made so ineffective

  39. Have you noticed we always play with the ‘handbrake’ and ‘lack a little bit’ in the second half. We should’ve been better in the second half. We always have few shots against them every time we play them.

  40. Bellerin is going to give debuchy some real competition next season,i see him going another level up.people we have a real star in the making.

  41. What we need to appreciate is that we drew against the prospective champions and other than bragging rights there was nothing else at stake because Chelsea has as good as won the title. Before you curse Wenger vehemently remember that Man U lost to Everton today and Liverpool drew against West Brom yesterday and these are our direct rivals for top four places. It is not as easy as we fans make it out to be. Let us ask ourselves how much money Chelsea has put into their squad and how much we have put into ours. Man U has spent in excess of 150 million pounds this season and Liverpool has spent in excess of 100 million. Although Arsenal has spent much less here we are competing favourably with the big spenders. How then can we fail to appreciate the commendable job done by Arsene Wenger? As I have been saying on many occasions our team has greatly improved and will compete very well next season. We should not be like Tottenham which has made beating Arsenal its mission at the expense of qualifying for the Champions league. How has Spurs benefited from beating Arsenal and then falling off the pace? Ultimately what matters is keeping the pace and finishing as high up as possible rather than just beating a single team just for the sake of bragging rights and then falling off.

    1. Get what you’re saying but we’ve invested a good amount in this squad. Ozil was 40 mil and Sanchez was 30 mil, then you have Debuchy, Welbeck etc. We spent upwards of 50 mil this season and last.

      The difference being Chelsea have invested from the same sources, they sold players then re invested same funds in better ones. Its not really an accurate comparison as we have the power to use our resources as no cost. Chelsea don’t have that luxury

    2. And look at else what we do compared to that scum. We value our youth system and put trust in our youth players by giving them game time, Chelsea have been ruining youth since 04. We build a team instead of buying one and have a revolving door of talent every window. We play expansive free flowing football, while Chelsea put 10 men behind the ball at home and counter teams no matter the circumstance.

  42. This is the most depressing draw for a while now, but we need to focus on getting 2nd place and winning FA Cup. If we can achieve those two things we can claim a good season and set ourselves up well for next season.

    2013-2014 was the start of our resurgence and we won our first trophy in 8 years.
    FA Cup and 4 th place

    2014-2015- if we get FA Cup and 2nd place that’s an improvement, not to mention back to back FA Cups are rare

    2015-2016: 1st and FA Cup minimum

  43. None of our players had their shooting boots on today. But then neither did Chelski. I think the Ox could’ve broken the deadlock today had he been fit, as he never does anything by halves. Also dare I mention, a magic moment by Podolski, but with Pod, those magic moments come with a cost.

  44. I’d like to clear up the whole thing about the supposed Chelski penalty. Oscar took his shot in trying to chip Ospina, before crashing into him. Whether or not he had crashed into Ospina, he would’ve had no chance in getting back on the ball ahead of Bellerin, so therefore Ospina did not stop a goal scoring opportunity, so no penalty, or red card or any another rubbish being touted by commentators.

  45. To criticize Arsenal is like driving on the wrong side of the road. We seem to have lost our pace, give the ball away cheaply and get the ball intercepted on the last pass. Shooting is not the best either. All of a sudden I see all the traffic heading towards me. For a lamppost Per had a fair game, not that he did much but pass the ball back to the guy who gave it to him (as usual). Ramsey seems to be stuck in the mud a little and I`d give anything for a centre forward who could hit it first time and on target. I think my message to Mr. Wenger is quite clear for next season. Oh! add a goalkeeper to back up Ospina.

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