Arsenal v Chelsea review – Gunners not good and well beaten!

Well that 3-0 defeat was not what the Arsenal fans were hoping to see from the Gunners who should have been sharper and stronger after playing three pre-season games already while it was the first run-out for our opponents Chelsea. I know that these matches are much more about gaining fitness and form than the result but even so it was quite a painful watch.

Right from the start Antonio Conte’s side looked in charge and more dangerous and Arsenal set the tone of the game with some sloppy passing, mistakes at the back and a generally slow aspect to our play. There was some decent stuff from the likes of Ozil, Iwobi and Ramsey and Mertesacker looked in control but Chelsea were the team making all the running and were two up at the break thanks to a quickfire double from Willian and Batshuayi with big helping hands from our sloppiness.

They could well have been three up but a tight offside decision denied them an earlier lead. Lots of changes at the break did little to change the way the game went and it was Chelsea who added a third with a fine finish from Batshuayi.

Arsenal had a few chances and did hit the post through young Donyell Malen but we could not score and were well beaten. Work to do Arsene!


Updated: July 22, 2017 — 2:51 pm


  1. So far our pre season has seen us:

    Win two pub teams
    Draw Bayern (who got beaten 4-0 by a team who has bought 10 new players)
    Beaten by the PL champions (and we started 9first team players)

    Not going well the pre-season

    1. We are not ready and Lacazette signing only plugged a hole left open many years ago. We are still playing catch up. Where is the ambition that was promised in changes??

    2. meh
      we’re wrestling koalas with crocodile dundee
      and working on our tiger crane wearing bath robes
      getting food poisoning cos apparently uncooked panda is not good preparation

      worn out thats all ,physicality we do need though .muscle
      i see what mourinho is doing and would argue that our best team had those characteristics -spine of height agility physicality – bailly matic pogba lukaku- not a coincidence

      ours is kos xhaka ramsey lacazette- we need monsters

    3. We must learn from our mistakes but it’s a shame with the way we are reacting.How many of you would put your money on AC Milan beating Bayern in the UCL if they lost 6-0 today.As far as am concerned from a neutral point of view I expected both Bayern and Chelsea to beat Arsenal.It’s shocking our defeat has come as shock.Players are being played out of position and the teams we’ve played used far more stronger squads.

      1. Then why are we playing player’s out of position? Who allows this? Even if it’s preseason aren’t we suppose to try things like tactics, assessing players and their readiness instead of trying to figure out where their best position is? This should be done already in training. By the start of the new campaign players will be confused in what their roles are in the team

        AC Milan beat Bayern because they invested in their team and hence the results comes at no surprise. On the other hand Arsenal, what have we been doing besides dithering?

      2. @Kev. U can not mistake a cub 4 a lamb, it’s good dat u’re optimistic abt our team.

    4. Sorry to burst your pathetic, pessimistic bubble, but we didn’t play 9 starters at all. That looked nothing like what we would play in a cup final.

      1. Tidan2…. and Chelsea started with their first team did they?

        1. I would say they started their best available team in terms of those chosen for preseason.This team in actual sense only lacks Hazard and Costa.It’s a bad loss but they had no right to lose.

          1. So you started the list with Hazard and Costa (who I would have omitted) but you forgot to include the likes of Matic, Morata,Tiemoue Bakayoko and Antonio Rudiger to name but a few lol.

          2. This was their best team last season with the exception of Hazard and Costa.The names you mentioned with the exception of Matic are new additions.As for the new additions I’m yet to see them start so I can’t really say much.Fabregas is as good as Matic but just a different kind of player and I wonder why Matic starts over him as he creates more and offers a lot.They have Kante for that defensive work.Deny it all you want if we were neutrals about to watch this match we’d predict a win for Chelsea hands down.I’m hoping Bayern meet AC Milan in the UCL in a crucial stage so that I’ll see who you’d put your money on.If they had lost 6-0 you’d still put your money onBayern.Chelsea had no excuse not to win this match.

          3. Where is the sense in talking about the best team for last season when they have already readjusted and strengthened for the up and coming season? If you want to talk about their strongest eleven, surely you have to include their new signings?

          4. Sure butvwhat I meant to say is their squad was far stronger and balanced than Arsenal.As an Arsenal fan I’d expect us to win but as a neutral I was expecting Chelsea to win simple.

          5. So by using your logic you are saying Chelsea is using their best team (or 1st team) in preseason and we are not, but instead giving youngster chances at game when we really should be focusing on fine tuning our 1st team squad. What it shows is Chelsea trying to iron faults in their first team setup and looking to gain small margins, which when it all adds up, makes them worthy challengers, ie:
            they behave like a winning team!

          6. Well it’s not my fault we didn’t use our best team.But I still know that this defeat means nothing.I’ll be vindicated this season.

          7. Only our defense was different, rest was as good as first team. Ox, Ramsey, xhaka, ozil,iwobi,lacazette would be our first team next season.

          8. We beat Man City in our pre-season last season and finished an awful 5th in the EPL. We should have finished above Man City, at the minimum, by your logic. By the way, Liverpool just won the Asian Cup, should we just go ahead and conclude they are going to be the next EPL champion? My point is, as much as I would have loved Arsenal to win – pre-season is for experimentation and I don’t care what other teams are doing; every coach has gotten his strategy for pre-season. If AW doesn’t experiment now, when is he going to do that? I believe AW is taking some notes and knows what adjustments to make; you will probably get a feel at the Emirates Cup. Support your team mate!

        2. LOL. You people are jokers.

          If you look at Chelsea’s squad from last season and who played the most minutes, that is exactly the team we played against today apart from Hazard, Costa, and Matic. They replaced Hazard and Matic with Willian and Pedro (who are literally the next most played players of last season.) Only Batshuayi was played who didn’t get much game time last season.

          What makes you think Rudiger, Morata, or Bakayoko will start their most important matches? They are there as reinforcements because Chelsea’s squad is pretty light and they have way more matches this year. I’m not even convinced Morata (despite his insane cost) will start over Batshuayi, who played 235 minutes and scored 5 goals last season.

          SO, YES, they clearly played close to their best team and we clearly didn’t.

    5. We were so close to getting rid of wenger and rebuilding this squad from scratch with all theses contracts coming to an end but now he’s set us back 3/4 years coz that’s wen the rubbish players contracts will be up! imagime how good Chelsea fans feel now they’ve got a hungry Conte as there manager! It’s was all doom a gloom when Jose came back then got sacked but look at them now! What a club what great run club that won’t stand for failure that NEVER lets players decide what the club does and is in complete control of there own destiny! If usamonov ever takes over I want arsenal to be run like Chelsea are run a club to be proud of even if they don’t win a trophy they still stand up proud coz there fans know the club want let last long f@£k arsenal and there West Ham mentality I’d rather watch the UFC and I’m English that’s how bad its got! The worst arsenal iv ever seen even George graham made me proud to be an arsenal fan RANT OVER

      1. You’ve been having high hopes for couple of seasons now and what did you get. It just saddens my heart when people want to pretend everything is okay when things are in reality, very bad.

      2. I’ve worked you out. You’re the type of person who’ll be pardoning our shoddy performance when we lose the Carling Cup (“Oh it’s only the Carling Cup”), and when we lose against Leicester (“Oh it’s just the first game of the season, calm down”), get knocked out of the Europa League (“Oh it’s only the Europa League, who cares about that?”) and then spits his dummy out when we lose against a team like Crystal Palace during the end of season run-in, when the signs have always been there pointing to the fact that we were never in contention for any success from the get go.

    6. Afraid to say another 2 years without a spine.

  2. Donyell Malen. That guy…. He is a keeper, immense potential, excitement and intelligence.

  3. I hate the way we crumble to big teams, friendly or not we should stop conceding too many goals; We really need a strong midfielder enforcer to protect our defense, someone in the form of Kante, Carlvalo or Magic we do ; l am not judging Lacazette but we should keep Giroud for backup lastly Wenger should wrap up all the transfers he is hoping to do soon not to wait after three games into the season already.

  4. The defeat is very good for us and Wenger to know that we are not good enough currently to challenge for the title, i have always said it we need to be more defensive, imagine non of the Chelsea’s new signings played and they are so solid, imagine Kante-Bakayoko, Imagine Hazard-Morata-Pedro/William. They are still looking to signing more players, Lacazette needs to wake up, this is EPL not Ligue 1, We need to Get Van Dijk/Koulibaly, Fabinho/William and Mahrez/Lemar and Keep Sanchez or Replace him with Anthony Marital.

    1. Calm down dear. It’s only a pre-season friendly.

      1. Pre-season is a good indication of where we are lacking and also a prediction of the season to come, otherwise why have a pres-season after all?

  5. Hey folks it’s only pre-season game & over the years i’ve come to learn the results from such games don’t really say much about how the season proper would go. I bet you chelsea will be making a big mistake to under-rate us when we meet during the season just bcos of the results from this match. Besides now we know what their full power is like – but they have no clue yet what ours will be like. It’s like letting your enemy in on your battle plans before the battle begins.

    1. Haha there full power? You gotta be kidding me. Only positives is this is a pre season game and we can rectify the mistakes.

  6. This is actually a good loss. It is a timely reminder that we need to strengthen before the transfer window closes. It also reminds us that we have to change our mentality about our usual bogey teams before the EPL season stats.

    1. Henry you make a very good point. The only good thing that I can take away from that performance is it highlighted that we still lacked guile in attack and we were naive in defence. That game could have easily ended up 4/6 nil.

      If it were down to me, we are still at least 3 signings away from a team that is remotely anywhere near a league challenge. To address the problem we would need:

      1) Thomas Lemar (especially if we sold Sanchez)

      2) A commanding midfield general type of player in the Patrick Viera mould i.e. It is a shame that we missed the opportunity to sign Tiemoué Bakayoko but Marco Verratti or Marek Hamsik would do the trick.

      3) Another no nonsense centre back i.e. Kalidou Koulibaly or Virgil Van Dijk

      4) (And most importantly) A manager that is prepared to drill his team in tactics and modern set plays instead of allowing a group of individuals to “go out and express themselves.”

      1. Our problem is a) we always leave it too late to sign players so they don’t get the benefit of pre-season with us & b) the players we need have already moved or their team no longer wants to sell having already sold other players. Deja vu for Arsenal pre-season.

        1. Deja vu

    2. Unless wenger is gonna drop xhaka and (love child) Ramsey and buy kieta and a viera type midfielder then sell giroud and buy a drogba type player and van dijk we will be crushed bcoz the spine is tiny and petty and slow! If Chelsea got xhaka last year they would be selling him now to bring in bakayoko who by the way wenger should of been moving buildings to sign but instead he’s got the smallest striker available for 20mil more than batshuayi cost and looks like he’s sticking with the worst CM pairing since arteta and wishere! It’s no joke keeping wenger for another rebuild was suicide and I’m afraid to tell everyone that this will be the worst season in wengers history 35mil for xhaka instead of 32mil kante was when I ended my hopes for wenger and now bakayoko aswell is he blind??? I wanted mendy aswell being an arsenal fan is horrible iv hated the last 2 years more than the last 3 decades coz I know hope is gone WENGEROUT before its late and we end up being the smallest slowest team in prem history

  7. Where is maitland-niles position, wenger has played that guy every where enough to confuse and destroy his confidence. Also, why is elneny playing center back, so many questions in my head. For those of us that didn’t watch the match, how good was lacazette? All my hopes upfront is on if he gels with the team fast especially with the ongoing sanchez situation. As for the scoreline, its only a friendly but still very disappointing. Wenger should better buy more players and not act as if his team is already perfect.

    1. Mate lets be fair, for the best part lacazette had very little good service. He needed some support up top with him because that brammell kid was absolute rubbish. Maitland Niles why the hall is he playing centre back. Also had a terrible time because of postion played. Then when Wenger brings Giroud and welbeck on some decent players up front I takes lacazette off. He’s going to destroy lacazette at arsenal. Same as podolski, he needs a striker along side him or to play support striker to Giroud and make runs off him. Wenger doesn’t see it like that and will play him upfront on his own, against proven premier league defenders.

  8. Wenger started to set up precedents a RUSTY Arsenal full of inefficient players
    lost against Chelsea a team full of motivated and skilled youngters.
    Wenger out

  9. (Written at half time) Call this knee-jerk…what ever, but I’ve seen the signs that nothing has changed at Arsenal. All of the fragilities of Wenger’s Arsenal are still apparent. Only now we have an even more inept team going forward. So far Lacazette has been frozen out of the game through no fault of his own. IMO, the best performances have come from Iwobi, Ozil and ironically The Ox (who could be joining the blues shortly!). On the other hand, Maitland-Niles is an accident waiting to happen, Bramell isn’t ready and once again we lacked the guile to carve out opportunities in attack and showed naivety in defence. I’m sorry, fellow Gooners but on today’s showing I’d be surprised if we don’t get tonked 4/5 nil. If we start the season like this, expect civil unrest at the Emirates as fans once again call for Wenger’s resignation. Forget winning the league, at this rate top half will be some achievement. I am not amused.

  10. pre season ish
    not even fazed

    glad we’re back from acting like phineas fog
    around the world in 80 games

    players look wiped

  11. Players were playing in all different position, Iwoni at WB, Elneny and Kolasinac at CB as examples.

  12. Well Well Well…

  13. If PSG offer Arsenal over £50m for Sanchez Arsenal will sell. Believe me when they see those kind of sums they can’t resist not selling.

    I’ll give Arsenal and Arsene huge credit if he refuses an offer like this especially from EPL rival.

    1. Might aswell sell alexis coz I can’t make a player that good stay at a club like West Ham its bang out of order! This is the team arsenal would of had if wenger added 5mil to each transfer target!

      Alexis. ozil
      Mendy kante bakayoko Bellerin
      Koscielny van dijk mustafi

  14. Familiar performance…top opposition and the team doesn’t make the grade.
    And the response from fans is all too familiar as well. That type of reaction after every defeat is what Wenger signed up for by renewing instead of allowing a fresh start…
    I know this is juat pre-season most of our starters on defence where not there and maybe the mash up between youngster and 1st team player didn’t mesh well but Wenger would be kidding himself if he doesn’t bring in 2 if not 3more quality players ASAP…
    At this point it is pretty much the same team not. Get rid of who should go and bring 2 or 3 more 1st team top players

  15. Breaking News: Mendy has signed for 51 millions for Shity adding to Silva, ederson, Walker and Co. Chelsea getting stronger with Bakayoko , Morata and Ruddiger – UTD with Lukaku and Matic soon, Liverpool Looked good too and Everton got 7 decent players for total 100 million (-70 millions Lukaku sell ) = 30 millions spent they will challenge for top 6th with us. Mr penny pinching never wraps deals quick and seems unlikely Lamar will leave now plus the departures of Alexis and likely Ox to Chelsea then we are screwed. every team has wrapped signings quick but not us. will deadline day, we will be baiting our nails and getting a panic buy from Turkey or Georgia.Still many deluded ones believe this specialist in failure will win us EPL? let’s get ready for two more years of pain and disappointment.

    1. And we got the worst striker available but actually signed him first hahahaha we need a spine that’s is at least 6’2 in height FACT I knew we should of sacked wenger and got a real manager who can rebuild the squad! We’re looking wenger taking us back another 3/4 years now coz that’s when these shit players contracts will be up!

  16. We better wake up and get real quality across all areas becuase we will surely be playing far more games than anyone this season starting from community shield to League to Europa to Fa Cup to Captial one cup. We always have injury crises and this season is not going to be an exception.
    2) We need a change in formation per game when this is looking bad on a day like today, maybe a more direct play be better instead of passing around.

  17. This is my view about our team based on our 343 formation.

    The back 3 is very Ok. The wing backs are OK.(Wenger need to teach Bellerin/AOC to cross more often).
    The front 3 is Ok.

    Where we have an issue is the 2 in midfield. Ramsey and Xhaka. Wenger has a lot of work to do. He prefers Ramsey because of his energy, work rate, going forward offensively and defensively as well. This is the problem. Ramsey cannot hold the ball. He needs to play close to Xhaka. When the opposition targets Xhaka, he needs an outlet to vwt a short pass to. We need somebody who is confortable with the ball(Carzola), can dribble past players, can switch from defence to attack without losing the ball. Not someone who misplaces his passes. Ramsey misplaces many passes, does not have the balance anf discipline to know when to attack or stay at the back. We then habe issues when there is a counter attack against us with Ramsey also in the oposition box and Xhaka is been exposed and decides to commit a foul. Wenger has to address this aspect. He needs a player in tge mould of iniesta to partner Xhaka. Cazorla is injured.

    1. We’ve been offered one on all accounts … The yogurt man not as active as the label claims unfortunately

    2. And if Wenger is to look inward, Iwobi or AOC should play in midfield with Xhaka. Xhaka can make long passes anyway. Iwobi has the brain. Can dribble past players as if they arent there. He is very comfortable with the ball at his feet. Can switch from defense to attack with ease.We need a player in the mould of Iniesta to partner Xhaka. AOC and Iwobi should be tried there. If Iwobi can work on his defensive game, putting tackles in and having the right stamina, He should be ahead of Ramsey in that central midfield role. And when we want to go very defensive, We partner Xhaka with Coq/Elneny. Most times, we dont maintain our shape over 90 minites. Concentration level is key. Play as a unit, Play closely. Discipline is key.

      1. i have seen iwobi misplaced so many short passes that i am convinced hes not the man to play centre mid. and aoc is a winger or wing back who thrives on pace on the flank. we need a quality centre mid period

    3. The top teams in the premier league have addressed this problem by having a no nonsense midfield general who is the heat beat of their team.

      UTD has Pogba
      City has Toure
      Chelsea has Matic (but have also signed Bakayoko)
      Liverpool has Wijnaldum
      Tottenham has Wanyama

      Arsenal still hasn’t replaced Patrick Vieira. Xhaka needs to step up or compete with someone that can competently do that job (e.g. Marek Hamsik).

  18. it’s obvious the midfield needs steel. Going by what Wenger said before the transfer window as regards 2 -3 players Maximum will be signed, Lemar or Mahrez appears to be his top priority.
    The big question is, what happens to the hole in our midfield? I’m worried for my Arsenal.

  19. Now I know why Giroud plays ahead of Lacazete in France. Any striker Giroud plays ahead of is average to say the least! Dark days await Arsenal this season if we don’t sign top, top players

    1. Don’t kid yourself there.Giroud is not the one benching Lacazette in France National team.It’s Griezmann.Giroud is also an average player.It’s just good service which is making him look good.If he was in any of the smaller clubs it’s not like we’d be wishing to sign him.Lacazette is exponentially a better player than Giroud.He just needs time and I hope he doesn’t share it with Giroud just like the way Giroud had his time.He’s been average over the past seasons yet fans would bring up stats defending him while calling Walcott who has the same impressive stats as average.Isn’t it a disgrace for Walcott to start over you in CF?If Arsenal were serious we wpuld’ve sold Giroud and Welbeck then used the money to get reliable back ups who are not inconsistent.

      1. Good service? What service? Bellerin and Monreal our two wide players last year seldom get the ball in the box. Ozil is great at through balls but never really adapted to chip passes over the top to Olivier.
        If we played to Giroud’s strengths then he would become more a threat. I’m hoping the new formation will allow our wide players to cross like the Ox did in the final moments against MU last year were Olivier scored with our only shot on goal after being on the bench all game.

        1. As I said everyone has their opinion on him.I respest yours so fair point.I for one don’t rate any of our back up strikers because I think their either not good or one dimensional.You have your ooinion I have mine please let’s leave it at that.I’ve seen what theycan do for many seasons and I don’t think it will be changing anytime soon.

      2. Sorry kev but welbeck is way way better player than lacazette it’s just the finishing the welbeck lacks but as for a player who will actually move welbeck is way better! Lacazette will not go far in the prem if he stands around like giroud but without the size and strength to go with it, at least giroud can header the ball and flick it by getting his body in the way! What does lacazette actually do apart from tap ins and penalties? Giroud is ahead of lacazette for France because he influences games a lot more than tiny ridged immobile lacazette and the prem will eat him up! Lukaku n batsuaryi are gonna destroy the prem and arsenal for that matter

    2. If you don’t play to a striker’s strengths, how will he perform. How many through balls did Lacazette receive? How many clear goal scoring chances did Oezil and Co fashion out for him?
      Criticism is not bad but unfair criticism wrong.
      Similarly Arsenal do not play to Giroud’s strengths. I can assure you that If Giroud was in Westham he could score over 25 PL goals cos they play to his strength which Is mostly heading. That’s why whenever Andy Carroll is fit, he goes on a scoring spree.

      1. Of course that I won’t deny.But he needs good service.He can rarely carve out chances for himself.But don’t we have average strikers scoring for average teams?Then people will come say if they’re scoring as much for average teams they can do much more for top teams.Then you’d then again have to look at a player’s quaity no matter if the team they’re playing suits them.If they’re good or not good.I don’t rate him or Welbeck but I respect people’s opinion because everyone’s entitled to theirs.It’s a shame but some of our players are a bit overrated.

    3. Giroud plays ahead of Gignac. Greizman plays ahead of Lacazette

  20. So as most of us always do, lets blame it on Walcott.

    1. great idea!!!

      damn you theo


  21. Arsene needs to see by now..
    we have decent players…but our constant passing which isnt about to change, will be our undoing…why cant we play counter attcaking? we have the players…

    see wengers face like a baby denied candy… he looked like he wanted to cry

  22. Arsenal needs to sign in more quality players to strengthen the squad depth…the problem is at the defence ..if we could get one signing to help koscienly ..that would do..
    Don’t worry lacazette will put in de goals …but for a perfect win ..we need a well established defence

  23. It’s silly to read to much into this performance. It’s a summer friendly. Bayern lost 4-0. No Alexis, Lemar (if he comes), we played Niles, Bramel

    If you think about it, we won most of the Community Shields against the PL Champions. It did not mean we are better than them. It’s just one match. It’s almost like a friendly

    Lets worry more about what Wenger will do this summer.

    We knew when the transfer window opened that Lacazette and Kolsanic is NOT enough. We need Lemar and a top CM and if we sell Alexis we need another world class player.

    If Wenger doesn’t sign any more players we will just be a top 4 team again.

    It really worried me when Wenger said last week that the last two weeks will be hectic. Waiting till the end is what Wenger likes to do.

    It’s all in Wenger’s hands. If he is lazy or cheap it will cost us dearly. If he signs the players we need then we will be okay

    But remember the last 13 years and don’t be surprised if Wenger goes back to his losing philosophy.

    The million £ question is will this be the 14th summer in a row that Wenger let’s us down again?

    1. Half of your comment is spot on. bayern lost to Milan who bought 10 new players and they want to prove themselves in pre season games ahead of their season.Chelsea played strong team and still not one of their 3 signings ( Morata – bakayoko and Rudigger ) so they will be even stronger. we are most than sure Alexis is leaving and you can see why? team lack of ambition and have being badly managed for while now. they can not wrap a deal on time and get the players needed season by season. one big signing it is not enough and happens very often. We are losing our star man and got a decent ST but while top teams getting 3 or 4 top players . we leave it always late. Everton got 7 players and seems they are looking for number 8th. top 6th will be harder than ever and If we do not get 2 more top players then i ca not see arsenal reaching top 4 in the foreseeable future under Wenger. what a heck does the person dealing with transfers/ Scouts are useless and then Wenger plays the penny pinching every time so teams sell to the more direct approach.i’m not looking with enthusiasm the coming season and it is not because today’s defeat but because the top 4 got stronger and we will get weaker without Alexis and likely Ox. ” Gazidis the LIAR said there was 200 millions to straighten the team” wait and see. Panic buy on deadline day from Kazakhstan or Armenia will arrvie.

  24. if this performance is all what arsenal got ,leave a lone title difficult for Europa arsenal has to do a lot on the training and transfer

  25. Xhaka and Ramsey are not strong, intelligent or athletic enough against the midfielders in the big teams. Lacazette looked out of his depth.

    Have to take the result lightly due to some starting youth players. However, Wenger should have started with his strongest 11 mainly to keep Sanchez on side and happy. Sanchez will look at this result and go: ‘get me the fuck out of here’.

  26. Some fans don’t want to lose even pre-season friendlies……….teams are expected to lose some of these games………preseason is for trying new stuff………..and building on existing ones……..give the team and players a break guys……..

    1. Conte had the right approach to the game…started with a strong line up then brought the kids on later…what did wenger do ?….played niles in the back 3 and brammall in midfield…so much gor trying new niles was hopeless as he was in sydney…wenger will wreck his confidence playing him out of position. Kos should have started with sead and brought the kids on later.
      Incidentally, saw niles play a few times for ipswich when he was on loan and he looked really averag there ! Nowhere near premiership standard sorry.

  27. Glad for the ass whipping, things to look at, it is to remind us that we are no way close to the finished article.

    We saw it in the Bayern game, they started their first teamers, Chelsea started their first teamers, all those players played in their usual position with no adjustment. Arsenal have not yet played their first teamers together which is understandable.

    Lets look at the team

    Laca must put in more in and out movements, can not be static with 3 CBs marking him it becomes difficult making opportunities. His major issue was no other goal threat about so that he could have more room to operate.

    Ozil started well, was passing nicely, but my issue with Ozil he concentrate on making good passes and forgets he should be a goal threat by getting close enough to Laca

    Iwobi had that issue of being too far away from Laca, therefore his game was poor

    Ramsay had an excellent game and i hope he continues with what he has been doing so far on the tour, did the up and down work well.

    Xhaka started out good but once again mobility is the major issue here, too slow to get in place when danger is about.

    Ox started good, then errors started to come out in his game, perhaps mind went else where. At fault for the third goal with Kos.

    Niles had it rough full of errors, but i like to call it moments that make you or break you. So let us see his performance after this game.

    Mert was going on well, but i think he ran out of gas and was at fault for the first goal, should have foul, instead of going to the ground

    Monreal also seem a little tired too, should have forced Willian to stay on his left, but these things happen.

    Bramall rough day for him too did not know how to face up to Moses and lost all confidence, he and the pitch were at fault for the second goal. These are moments that break you or make you.

    Ospina did what he could, poor for the third goal

    Second half seems to have more organise play but lacked enough thrust, all in all i think it was a good lost to have. We still need players

  28. My fellow gunners Wenger is a failure either you admit or not,though this is a preseason match which is less important just to make the players gain fitness,before the competitive matches commence,but at the same time Wenger’s tactics and formation should be questioned especially against big teams,he had conceded numerous goals against big teams in which today’s match is a reflection of what we are talking about,his old and out dated philosophy is no longer valid in modern football,no wonder Alexis Sanchez can’t confide in his plans to propel the team in winning major honours,Wenger still believe in some of the bunch of fringe players he should have gotten rid of in the team and replace them with world class players or players that are hungry for success like Alexis,anyway there is still much time in the transfer window presently to do that,if he can change the hands of time and stop being too stubborn.

  29. If you have to hand it to Chelsea
    Their preparation has been better
    They also got Batshuyi and Morata (who didn’t play). They haven’t finished yet.

    I can almost guarantee that Wenger won’t get all our top signings before the season starts. He does this every season. Lucas, Ozil, Welbeck, were all last minute signings

    Every summer he makes a good signing but stops short at getting who we need to compete for the Title

    With last minute signings its more likely to get a average to decent player than a Top player. Clubs don’t want to sell that late. It’s really risky

    I don’t know if Wenger will bid on Goretzka, Mahrez, Carvalho, or whoever at all let alone when.

    I will give him to end of the summer (like I do every summer… I am huge mugg lol). If Wenger makes all the right signings, I will happily say so.. but I’m not going to get my hopes up. Wenger’s track record speaks for itself

    1. Give him time.Stpp behaving like youvknow what will happen just because of the last 13 years.Arsenal fans are so funny.If we were all neutrals we would all have gone for a Chelsea win because of the lineup.This was their best team last season with the exception of Batshuayi and Willian.Only Hazard and Costa are out.Bayern lost 4-0 to AC Milan today but if the loss should have been bigger none of you would still put your money on AC Milan beating Bayern in UCL.Deny it if you want.I’m so happy Leicester won the EPL.It made peoppe know it’s not all about the money and players but mentality also counts.I’d like to see if Chelsea can beat us 3-0 at Wembley or let alone score three goals to beat us to the Community Shield.

    2. “They got Bashuayi and Morata ” really? Bashuayi was bought last summer and scored two goals in chelsea’s last league match.

  30. Ruelando, great post – very descriptive and a great break down. Thanks.

    One thing thats always baffled me is why Wenger continues to tell his players to continue passing inside the box and six yard box. We’ve missed so many goals by players not having a crack on goal. When was the last time we saw a player (apart from Sanchez) regularly have shots outside the box? Parlour?? Too.many.passes.

    1. Actually not Parlour, Henry/Bergkamp is a better example. Rosicky used to have a few cracks outside the box.

  31. So wait this is the reaction to a preseason game…I said ti yesterday and i will say it again that you can’t read too much into these games. Haven’t we beaten Man City in preseason before only for them to come and thrash us 6-3 in the league. Are you all this stupid to be judging a preseason game as a failure before the season starts. Even the media hasn’t really made any fuss about it but most of you are moaning. Preseason is for team fitness and players to integrate. Chelsea has most of their first team fit and healthy and training for a couple weeks now. Half our team on tour was down with illness/injury up till thursday morning. Obviously their match sharpness would be affected. Chelsea played their strongest 11 bar hazard and costa and we played mostly reserve/youth players with a few first team members.

    1. Chelsea didn’t play Morata, Hazard , Bakayoko , Rudiger. Except for back 3 we had all first team players – Lacazette, Ozil , Iwobi, Ramsay, Xhaka.
      Yes it is preseason and these matches don’t actually show the actual state of the team but we have to agree that there are places to be strengthened .We can not live in denial that we are title contenders with this team.

  32. This was a very welcome loss. It showed that we still have a lot to do as a team. Wenger should sort out that midfield & defence before the season begins, and what is it with our players always passing around the box, just try & shoot. This should have been 5 nil, & Bayern could have been worse. Why do we always allow these big teams so much space & chances, we need to start dominating these teams on the pitch. Shout out to that young boy Nelson!!!
    This & the Bayern game should be a reminder to us all that we are not yet ready for the challenge ahead.

  33. Guys, lets not fool ourselves saying this is a pre-season match and things will be different during the season .Yes team have been affected by food poisoning but still we were pathetic today.Ox’s tackle on Alonso sums up our day.
    Every team around is strengthening but we are busy travelling the globe so that we can earn more money.When LEmar discussion was going on,Monaco were supposed to have stopped selling players after Bakayoko departure but today they sold Mendy to Man City.So every player in world can be bought if we are ready to pay the right price.But fuhrer Wenger does not do that . He wastes time ,penny pinching and then on 31st August he buys couple of players from Japan or Russia or Bulgaria.
    Next 2 years will be same and things won’t change as long as Wenger and Stan are in charge

  34. If we sell Alexis we cannot fill his boots except we sign aubamayang …by the way chelsea were playing their first pre season game compared to arsenal who were playing the 4th game in pre season so its expect to be jaded and physically down.

    If we sell alexis, we are doomed. Alexis must stay for our team to make any sense. We still need at least 2 more signing and Alexis staying is like a new signin. #coyg

    1. In a season there are 50 matches and by just playing 4 matches, if the team gets physically down then they are not good enough to play for any team.

    2. Chelsea played Fulham with the same squad, before the Arsenal match, arsenal just needs to find their rhythm, we will be fine if Sanchez goes, as long as we buy replacements, each player brings their own set of dynamics to the team.

      We will never have a player like Sanchez again, but there are players who also scores goals but shows different dimensions. I am just wishing business gets done in the coming weeks at least a week before the EPL starts, so that incomings have some time to gel and we get the ball rolling as early as possible

  35. MOM Both our keepers as did not see anyone else do eff all!

  36. Tough loss.

    I refuse to go down the black degative hole so many other fans jump at any chance to do.

    Same fans – that if we won would be first to shout that pre-season games don’t count.

    We lost against a better team today. A team that knows each other better. I thought the 3-0 was very flattering to them but they took their chances.

    We had some me good individual performances, along with some poor mistakes, and lots of missed passing.

    Iowbi looks good.
    Ramsey was influential.
    Ox playing great and getting consistent.
    Xaka long balls good.
    Coq great tackles.
    Nelson looks fantastic for future.

    We need to build better connection between the whole team. And play more compact in defence. We have great team for counter-attack but don’t play in way to achieve that.

    Any defeat is a bummer. But we will grow because if it!

    Stay strong gooners

  37. I think as fans we are entitled to our opinions, especially for the ones who go to the matches and would expect arsenal to win every match. As for myself i have never seen the Arsenal play live before, but hope to visit England from Jamaica one day to see My Arsenal play at the Emirates (ONE DAY< ONE DAY).

    Anyway, i said this to say that our expectations as fans for the preseason tour have not match up to the expectations of manager, his idea of preseason is to blood the new young players and not at the moment challenge for the EPL. I can see his point of view because we got to see the youngsters and all could be extras for the Europa squad. Played 4 games won 3 and lost 1 (NOT BAD). I wonder what would have been said if we had won Chelsea's game and lost 3. This tour was just for marketing and i think arsenal did well.

    i still feel we are at least 2-3 players short, i said to 2-3 because for some reason i expect departures.

    OOOO, thanks for the big up IGNASIS, RESPECT

  38. We lost today training game yet some fans are ranting. Pre season is like training to me. We beat Chelsea to get FA cup n lost to them in pre season, no one remember, I prefer we loose today n win community shield which is possible. We have played 4 pre season so far, we lost one yet some label us failure, guys think now.

  39. I saw the usual headless chicken arsenal. It was the same against bayern on Wednesday until they got their big guns out on the 70′ minutes. We have issues for the last couple years we are not addressing properly. I am very worried. Things can change hopefully, there were just friendlies. But still… How is it possible we are seeing a team with no purpose, no game plan, again and again. How is possible we we were so clueless in building attacks for most of the game: This is a coaching issue. Am still saying loud and clear,Wenger has to go.

    Ps: the guy from arsenal fan TV was there at the game. Was great to see him!

    1. I was at the game by the way

  40. Arsenal fans at it again; one loss and hell is let loose again. Everyone has suddenly become an analyst. We beat Man City in our pre-season last season and ended up finishing an awful 5th in the EPL. We should have finished above Man City, at the minimum, by some of the logics being proferred here. What is the point in doing well at pre-season and ending up badly at EPL. I recall we won all kinds of competitions at the last pre-season (or two seasons ago) – yet, nothing to show for it when the chips were down. By the way, Liverpool just won the Asian Cup today, should we just go ahead and conclude they are going to be the next EPL champion? My point is, as much as I would have loved Arsenal to win – pre-season is for experimentation and I don’t care what other teams are doing; every coach has gotten his strategy for pre-season. If AW doesn’t experiment now, when is he going to do that? I believe AW is taking some notes and knows what adjustments to make; you will probably get a feel at the Emirates Cup. Support your team mates! Everyone praised AW for getting a quality striker (Laca) and in good time this time; we are in pursuit of Lemar; we have offered close to #300/week for Alexis. One loss doesnt become a failure suddenly. The last time I checked, Man City lost to Man U and Bayern also lost recently….if you think those teams will do badly next season then you are being deluded. Point is, it is good to do well at pre-season but a lot of coaches do experimentation to perfect strategy against the following season. Don’t ask for heads and begin to vent venorm just because of one loss…..offer constructive suggestions (no problem). Get behind your team mates!

  41. This game proves that Arsenal are just as weak and pathetic as they were last season . When it comes to the big teams or a team that can get physical Arsenal crumble without any effort . This entire team are spineless, lacking motivation and desire . Not one player with the exception of Oxelaide Chamberlain would get a sniff into the top 6 teams after the performances of late . Yes this is a pre season game but it was against Chelsea , our London rivals who have tormented Arsenal season after season . When will Arsenal find the big game mentality and the guts to go toe to toe with the big boys. I can’t see us challenging for the title if we continue to play this poorly .

  42. We were destroyed in midfield by Chelsea . Besides the Ox none of our players turned up for this match . This may be a pre season ” friendly ” but it does not bode well that Arsenal we dominated so easily . Ozil has lost his magic and the beautiful passing has disappeared from out game . We seem disjointed and unable to string together more than 2 passes without giving the ball away . I support Arsenal and have been pro Wenger but if you look at Conte , Kopp, Gaurdiola and Mourinho they are all screaming at their players even at 85minutes micro managing and ensuring that every player is being motivated to give 1000% on the pitch . Wenger just sits with a baffled look on his face as if he is playing Fifa and the controller is broken .

  43. Unrealistic preseason expectations from some Arsenal fans……..why is a preseason important?…..when we learn from our mistakes……..and build for the season……no team has won every game from preseason to the end of the season…….maybe Arsenal in the big leagues…… the last few years we have peaked and crumbled at mid season and third quarter respectively………..that includes our injuries……international games and competitions for some individual players……..I hope we find a solution to that as a team…….

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