Arsenal v Chelsea review – Happy 20th for Wenger as winless run ends in style

This was almost the perfect way for Arsenal to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Arsene Wenger taking over as our manager. It was a brilliant perfoirmance from the players in the sort of style that has become trademark of Arsenal in the Wenger era. Three good goals and a clean sheet to boot to stick two fingers up to all the critics in the football media.

The fact that it was over Chelsea and put an end toi the nine game winless run against our London rivals in the Premier League made this vbictory all the sweeter and the boss must have loved it.

He had named an unchanged XI from last weekend’s win over Hull City, so once again Xhaka was on the bench and Olivier Giroud was on there with him after his injury lay-off. We were at it from the very start, pressing Chelsea and giving them no time on the ball.

But it was the attacking side of things that was really purring, Ozil, Cazorla, Walcott, Iwobi and Alexis Sanchez running rings around the visitors. THe opening goal came with a combination of both, Alexis pouncing on and robbing Cahill before chipping Courtois with a great finish.

The second was a fantastic team goal finished at close range by Walcott and as halftime approached Ozil sealed the win and the points with a scuffed finish from an Alexis cross.

The second half saw no more goals althouygh we did have chances but the way we controlled the game and restricted Chelsea to just one shot on target was great and bodes very well for our ability to challenge for the title ythis time.

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  1. Someone here said we might do Chelsea what we did to manu last season…spot on. On a good day, Arsenal can defeat any team if they turn up…The atmosphere at the Emirates was incredible today. Best game so far this season from us. Love how Kos ignored Costa…Bellerin got massive pace, Mustafi you Beast…. Happy 20th Anniversary Wenger… Well-done boys

    1. game of the season so far
      excellent performance-
      everyone tracking back pressing . good understanding

      wenger on his 20th anniversary got it absolutely right
      even when myself an plenty others questioned his line-up

      happy days!!!

    2. admin pardon me cus am euphoric right now..
      in d past 5th article from this one i made this comment and got thumbed down..
      ” Fair enough but still best would be to bring Xhaka from the bench.. Ozil is unpredictable now, we’ll need Santi’s creativity to help him just like our past matches…and to be honest our boys can destroy any team in matter of few minutes but its down to them to pull it, i hope they’ve been having discussions to show up. COYG!!”


  2. Who is this walcott guy..he owned that right side..140 a week well earned this week…come on ARSENAL!!!!!!!

    1. literally disliked him more than anyone in this team for over a year now.
      but he has actually turned up this season.

      he looks excellent
      kudos theo

      keep it up!!

      1. That’s where he belongs.
        I don’t know where he got this CF idea from.
        This is a different Theo this season.

        1. He isn’t a bad centre forward actually. He has had some excellent games as striker (versus Spurs, United etc). But he’s not going to be effective against some teams. That’s normal.

  3. And ill hold my hand 1 of them who don’t agree with sanchez up front..but after today….maan i dont see how you not start him there….arsenal for life

  4. yesss! finally ended the chelsea curse, now we just need to beat mourinho! congratulations arsene on 20 years, not always been easy supporting you but the reason I support this beautiful club is down to you and arsenal certainly wont feel the same when you’re gone. COYG!

  5. “Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, Gunners”….
    When we turn up, it’s a dang joy to watch.
    MOTM (Men of the match) The whole “BLEEPIN” Squad+ AW…

  6. Happy Aniversary Wenger, what a display to celebrate the event and 3 points in the bag, good defending, good passing moves and finishing, just what the doctor ordered.

  7. Sex and slick today, mustafi and xhaka are superbly integrated now. Bellerins tackle and xhakas long ball to walcott one of my highlights! 🙂

  8. God!! Sanchez!! Ozil!! Iwobi!!! Coq!! KOS!! MUSTAFI!! …..three fabulous goals… I love this squad!!! thumbs up wenger for sticking with SantiCoq

    1. everyone an there mum was crying for xhaka before game haha

      this time last year..coq gets injured- on comes flamini- now….


        1. too funny.

          20 yards out, no line of goal..crowd “shooooot”
          halfway line ..crowd “shoooot”

          what an atmosphere

  9. Wow. Fantastic performance by all and wouldn’t want to have to pick a MOTM. Special shout out to Gibbs though as I think he’ll play an important role if Arsenal goes on to success this year. He’s nice to have to shore up a game on the wing when we have the lead.

  10. Am I happy? YES.
    Can the boys keep this up? I don’t know but I want them to.
    One down, three to go and one revenge (pool) to take at away.
    Cheers to all of you.

  11. That Ozil Ronaldinoho esc pass was wonderfull, passed left looked right, Ozil is happy when we are winning and the players around him are being class, he feeds off class energy, his not 1 to change the game on his own, when players around him play well he then becomes happy and steps up to the plate.keep it up guys!!!!

  12. 3 points well earned…bang bang bang!!!!
    What a fantastic team performance..and the fans were amazing…it was funny moment when they were saying “shoooooot” to xaka!

    sad for coquilan tho

  13. Yaaaayy finally after so long we manage to show them who we are. We gunned them down? no sleeping tonight for me loved the game,we werw totally in controll

  14. Excellent performance and result!!! COYG

    Oddly enough it was very similar to last season’s emphatic win over Man U. Same scoreline, same goal scorers. Great coincidence.

  15. Great victory although Chelsea are quite poor at the moment. Sorry for Coq and hope he gets well soon, BUT we have in Xhaka a far superior footballer. Let’s keep the momentum against Burnley!

  16. Fu#kin perfect! That’s f##kin it! It was perfect. Defending and attack!!! I don’t even have anything to say!… I mean it was last years manure not WITH CHAKSE!… Mustafi- I trust him now!!!! Sanchez – u can say whatever I want but he is not gonna move from that st now!,, and I don’t really mind at this moment!! Up and up YG!!!!

  17. great result. but still I don’t agree with the team selection. weare happy wiyh the result and most of all the type of play the team showed. but for me I prefer xhaka in the team and for perez I would had given him the chance instead of giroud – goner for ever

    1. Dont let negativity consume you…live in the moment!! be happy n stop whining.. its the team that won it… negativity is a disease

  18. Sanchez has performed very well as a central forward today, like his performances in the past weeks. Arsene Wenger deserves a big praise, for having the faith in him as a central forward, despite of Sanchez’s slow adaptation from a winger to a central role. Once he has adapted, he became an extra central attacking midfielder for Arsenal. It’s like Arsenal has another playmaker in the front.

    Walcott has been working very hard as a right winger lately. Always helping Bellerin and work with the team. I don’t think anybody can replace him as the right winger, if he continues to work like this.

    The rest performed very well also. Bellerin, what a pace. Cazorla is always controlling the game. Ozil and Iwobi are team players and worked hard today. Coquelin is always combative and intercepting. The other defenders are excellent as well.

    Hopefully Arsenal players can keep their spirit and healthy competition.

    1. it’s why he’s preferred over Ox. Iwobi can do more than just dribble. The 2nd goal, he was a crucial part of that passing sequence and did so well to find Bellerin. Very intelligent footballer for somebody so young. England would love to have someone like that on their national squad, but too late, heh.

  19. Difference today is ever single Arsenal player showed intent and determination the full 90 minutes. Not to mention seeing the frustration and complete loss of giving a **** on Costa and Fabregas face was the cherry on top. Mustafi, Xhaka have made a massive difference to our squad, much stronger backbone. Big ups to Iwobi and Walcott too they both look hungry and fired up. I can go on and on, Sanchez and Ozil electrifying.


  20. What an awesome game, well done to everyone from players to managers and the supporters at the Emirates, everything was just perfect.

    Everyone wanted this game so bad and it showed, we destroyed them.

    Well done!!!!!!

  21. Every match is important to me but today’s win was freakin SWEET 🙂 🙂

    Before the match I thought this would be a big test and we passed with flying colours. 3 goals and a clean sheet. I superb

    Thanks to our offense and defence

    Alexis, ozil and Theo were great
    Iwobi, Cazorla were really good tii
    Cech and our defence including Coquelin were great. Just a great team effort.

    Long may our winning continue

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. im so happy.a great win and a great atmosphere today at the emirates well done to the fans!i think it is not fair to single out one or two players for special praise today it was a perfect team display/performance on all fronts anyway what i want to say is that iwobi is bringing back the penetration,incisivity we ,ve been missing since TR7,do you agree??

  23. my wife told me… if Arsenal wins today, U’re gonna get it good,… Thank U Arsenal team, Thank U…. now am gonna have to drive right home excitedly… can’t wait, No visitors plssssssss!!!!!! Yes babe, Arsenal Won!!!!

  24. I’m glad many of you are now likening the win to the United win last season at Emirates… you know what we used?
    counter-attack which can never work with Giroud as the striker.
    I’m also so impressed with Iwobi and his strength and close control of the ball, at a point he was like peak YayaToure strolling through the midfield like a boss.
    Alexis was phenomenal and he seems to be adapting up front into a kinda false-9-role.
    also glad Cech finally kept a cleansheet since the Leicester game.

    yea and again why is Giroud still an Arsenal player, dude is useless.
    with Alexis starting upfront and Lucas as his backup we should get rid of Giroud.

  25. Good win, good 3 points, it was a test worth passing and we did so in flying colours.

    Now some things i wish to Mention

    Iwobi was good but did not deserve the man of the match, i would definitely give Walcott, who i thought had one of his most outstanding games, defensively and offensively, unlike iwobi who only looked great going forward.

    Xhaka although he is a great passer and can tackle, is not the work horse that Coquelin is, who i think is the most important midfielder we have, because he does tackle and also has enough pace to chase down players , unlike Xhaka who is not that mobile.

    Unlike last season i think this squad is more prepared for the long haul, with small amount of injuries, it could be our best year for a long time

    1. @ruelando
      Theo did get selfish and tried to shoot through defenders, when he should have passed to Alexis, who was clear on goal…

  26. Iwobi deserves man of the match, d lad has introduced new stuff to our team, he knows how to penetrate through d middle which has been giving us goals. Anyway. Great game, happy day . kudos to all players, let me add moreal, d guy pocket Williams. However, d manager I feel u, congrat on ur 20th……

    1. I think iwobi was marvelous going forward, he has a far calmer head on the ball, compared to walcott and ox, he has the ability to see the pass in narrow corridors and execute perfectly and he also will shoot outside the 18 yard box, but in all iwobi wonderful traits going forward i felt he was lacking defensively, hence why i thought walcott should be have been the choice for MOM, because i thought he was there to cover Bellerin and was there ofefnsively also.

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