Arsenal v Chelsea review – Luckless Gunners get sod all again

Well that article I wrote about Arsenal being owed some luck against Chelsea today after the shocking decisions made by referee Mike Dean at Stamford Bridge did not exactly come true did it? In a way you have to accept that Per Mertesacker’s awful attempt at a last ditch tackle on Diego Costa was a red card offence but he could have been lenient if he wanted.

There was limited contact and Costa made a meal of it while you could also argue that Koscielny might have made up the ground. No such help from the officials for Arsenal though as our Chelsea curse kept going strong. Maybe we might have got into halftime on level terms as well but the goal came just after Gabriel had come on and he was not quite switched on.

We had some good chances in the first half as well, especially the one Mathieu Flamini fluffed with a bizarre type of kung fu kick effort. Giroud or almost anyone else would probably have scored but the big French striker was the one to go off because of Mertesacker’s sending off.

It just seemed that nothing was going our way. Even when Chelsea could have picked up a booking they got away with it. Now he’s lenient!

After an early spell of Chelsea pressure after the restart Arsenal started to really press for a goal but when we managed to spurn a number of chances in a few seconds of scrambled panic just after the hour mark it felt like it was going to be another one of those days.

Clattenburg had thre perfect opportunity to even up the numbers when Mikel put a hand in the face of Alexis Sanchez but he was determined not to do us any favours. Alexis had given us added threat and Wenger’s last throw of the dice was the Ox for Walcott and his pace and power almost had an istant impact.

We really started to turn the screw and just needed a little run of the ball to go our way. Another scramble in the box would not fall to an Arsenal player. Considering the circumstances a draw was the least we deserved but once again against the jammy lot from across London we got sod all for our efforts.

Yet another chance fell to the wrong man in Flamini, Koscielny was too honest bursting into the box, the Ox trod on the ball after beating his man and another good chance was gone. In the last minute of injury time even the bounce of the ball was helping Chelsea and that was that. Unbelievable.

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      1. Everyone get on Twitter and ask the players how a returning Sanchez can outperform them all.
        Also while you are all there ask Walcott why he doesn’t use his f**king pace.

        1. Monreal was flawless
          Bellerin n Ramsey were great
          Cech Campbell was steady
          Everyone else was under par
          Walcott, flamini, merts need the bench

          1. @jermaineBryan
            What the ****? Ramsey was awful. Campbell was doing more defending in midfield than Aaron and Flame…Take off the blinders dude.

      2. If you are on Kroenke’s payroll, can you raise your hands up.
        Any half decent player ( not team)in a crappy and the individual flaws of our players get ruthlessly exposed.
        Mr wenger is trying to turn apples into oranges.
        It is not going to happen with his habit of keeping of spent players.
        We played like an invincible arsenal team with 10 men and without mertesacker. What about theo who did nothing but kept getting caught flat footed. He seems to have lost his only redeeming quality. His pace and alertness combo.

        1. Agreed, Walcott seems to be going backwards, the once, oh so promising young talent that had everyone raving about what he’ll be like as a man, well that “man” has never arrived, he still looks like a boy and still has a boys physique, he shys away from tackles and his aerial ability is zero. Time to cash him in to a foreign club. Mertesacker is a cart horse and a three legged one at that, another one that’s got to be shown the door. We need to buy wisely and buy experienced players not fight over two Nigerian teenagers FFS.

          1. gabriel should start over mert . G may have made mistakes, but mert just made a huge one . wenger should do selections based on ability & form, not history.

            1. Lets not forget Gabriel got sent off needlessly against Chelsea. Mert got sent off today cos of the midfield losing the ball high up leaving the defence exposed, only flamini was left. This has been a trait of our game since we lost the santi carzola and Coquelin axis. Any central defender, even with pace would struggle if the midfielders dont do their defensive duties or if the midfield balance is off, even the mighty Barcelona and bayern have been thrashed cos of this. Look at Man city when their pacy center backs are exposed. Defending is team work and our back 5 has been good compared to our rivals.

          2. right from the kickoff, when we played that long ball, i knew things were going to get weird. wenger does not know how to prepare players mentally for these big games. koz looked very nervous. most of them did.

    1. Stubborn sentimental’s one size fits all approach is out dated and detrimental to our title charge…should have gone with pace upfront and back and put struggling chelski on the backfoot right from the start.
      Sickening Sunday evening although would have felt even sicker if Mohrine was still incharge!

    2. +Quite frankly, Tottenham is playing with a lot more sense & solidity than we are doing right about now… If they weren’t Tottenham, I’d like them!
      +Leicester City are just pleasant to watch & look better than anyone in terms of raw energy, consistent determination & stamina!
      +Man City are looking a bit like us – alive one day, and dead the next! – and based on our history of late, they have more potential to come to life & keep ahead of us!
      …seems like we’ll end up somewhere in the top 4, but not where it matters the most – NOT at the top! Unless something drastic happens soon… I mean, very soon!

    3. Well said twig… I have said this before arsenal will not win prem this year and we don’t deserve too. And that is me being a honest arsenal fan. Spurs and Leicester have been playing better football and deserve prem.

      1. its got nothing to do with “deserve to”. i still hope we win it. but in mr wenger we have a limitation. if he’s not super greedy & egotistical, he should hang up his manager’s coat this year and welcome guardiola. if he cares more for arsenal than arsene, thats what he should do. his best days are behind him.

    4. 6 pts out of a possible 18pts in last 6 away games.
      In that time, 1 win out of 6 games
      13th on the away form table.
      And some people are dreaming about the league.
      WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

        1. we dare dream and hope we can still win but can clearly see its a tall order at this like to add for every avid reader at justarsenal,REMEMBER…you are all now starting to understand and see what i have been saying all season.

          Wenger is not up to it,sputs are playing much better and might finish above us,and as sad as that is i will forever be a gunner.we will live to fight another season.thats why we love mirrors real life.everyone struggles with something..

    1. im just as angry at wenger for buying aclearly superior player in gabriel never playing him.

      even when ur facing speed its always mert.

      cos of his team selection we are thriwing away our title hopes.

      1. Completely agree! Playing such a high defensive line with a CB that can’t run is suicidal! That’s why I always say that Mertesacker just didn’t fit into our system of play. It’s cost us so many times in the past that I thought he’d finally be out of the team after the Southampton game, but no, he’s still first choice!

        The only positive is that Wenger cannot pick Mertesacker for three games.

        1. we should play gabriel at home, when we’re pressing and have a high line.
          mert is ok for away games where we sit back deep.
          altho soon, i’d like wenger to start grooming gabriel as first choice.
          we need a tackler with more speed.

          1. ive seen gabriel at villareal.

            near koscilenys level. im not exagerrating.
            comes here he sees splinters on bench for per….

            this one decision has quite possibly cost us the title.
            wenger is his own worst enemy

    2. He is not a big game player simple. He is flawed.
      I hate when the flaws of certain players puts too much weight on the work and performance of others.
      There are about 6 players in our squad like that.
      The last few weeks also settles the Cazorla and Ramsey argument for the deluded mugs who think wilshere and Ramsey are half as good as Cazorla.

    3. Angry just don’t quite say it , I too am fuming, one because of Wenger playing Mertesacker against an opposing team that has pace in Hazard, Willian and Costa, OK Costa is no rocket but Mertesacker makes Cesc look like a greyhound so firstly my anger is toward Mr Wenger and secondly it’s vented at Diego Costa for going down cheaper than a tuppenny whores drawers, we all know what he is , he’s a F***ing Cheat . I believe there is no place in the English leagues for this guy. Not only is he a cheat, he’s an ugly B***ard too, Graeme Souness said it the way it is, not a red card in his day and it wasn’t in today’s day either , Battenburg was conned by Costa and was clearly pro Chelsea, that showed when Mikkel should of gone for whacking Sanchez in the face.

  1. Luckless? It was obvious Mert shouldn’t have started. I hope his season is finished and indeed his Arsenal career. Fcuking donkey! Can we all accept now Walcott is a total waste of space too? Taking Giroud (OUR TOP GOAL SCRORER) off was also criminal. Title race over

    1. I hope he comes back straight to the bench from the red card… and not in the starting line-up! I know people say Kos & Gabriel are similar, but I think as pros they can be trained to play a bit different from each other in defense & still keep the balance of the team… Speed is a necessity for full-backs playing high lines!

      1. @Gooneristic Truth
        Kos/Gabe already have a good understanding of each others playing style/ limitations and accentuate each other better than a Mert/Kos partnership. With Gabe, Kos can venture forward without fear of getting caught out.
        AW is the one who forces Per in the 1st squad line up. “EVERY” team thats played us, has targeted Per, “EVERY” team. To me, the biggest humiliation was when Long tripped up Kos, looked at Per and laughed all the way to goal…

    1. I smashed my remote into a million pieces earlier after the costa goal and had never been so frustrated, but Iv realized that there is no point getting so annoyed with individual games when the grand scheme of things is all wrong anyway, luck will never be on our side.
      Wenger refuses to buy top players every season, when I say top players i mean established ones who dont choke when the spotlight is on them, when you raise all your players from a young age and never win anything big, how the hell are they meant to have the right personality to win big things?? Its impossible, thats why when we do bring in winners we get closer every season.
      The day Wenger leaves is the day Arsenal will elevate us. He transitioned us perfectly and will be remembered for that but hes starting to lose everyones respect. Yes when he leaves we will probably move round the table and have bad patches, but we will win big things because wenger is holding back our potential as a club now. He is the most consistent manager there is in the world, but unfortunately he is consistently just under the top. Im sure hed do well with a top team but its against his “philosophy”. Its hard to realize this stuff when ur embroiled in it but I think the people that dont are just brainwashed and too used to what they see.
      Guardiola could have elevated us into world beaters but oh we arent interested because we have wenger, the man who hasnt won the title in years

    2. if wenger cares about AFC rather than himself, after this season he should let guardiola come in. if kroenke had a brain , he’d ask wenger to leave and pep to have a go . it’d be a freshness and injection of fresh air into arsenal.

      1. @almostawinner
        Aw cares a lot about AFC, thats why he’s staying to make sure pepsi doesn’t step foot in our club…

  2. Bellerin is the only one who gives it his all in all the matches and shows up everytime. All the rest are pathetic. Dont blame the red entirely. Our passing was way way off.
    Fabregas was having his way most of the time

  3. I’ll say it again… and again! When it comes to managing Arsenal against Chelsea, Wenger can go fukk himself! We need a new manager for just this game!

  4. bad luck has nothing to do with it. if wenger believes that mertesacker is a starting 11 player he is more deluded than we ever thought he was. get ready for hell when we play barcelona with that defence

  5. This team has a manager that has NO TACTICS whatsoever, the complacency is immense. Wenger hugged Walcott after he was subbed, did he see how poor he was and how uninspiring he was as captain???
    Are we seriously playing Barca??? Did waste another January transfer window because of
    foolishness from an incompetent leader????
    There goes another chance to win the League……

    1. Tactic can only take you so far with average players.
      Have you forgotten how the second string got smashed in the league cup by a team in the lower division.
      Barcelona will play their second string and will still be rolling over every team.
      We have not won for 1 reason
      lack of quality players.e.g
      Dele Alli in 1 season is already better than and has had more impact than Wilshere.
      6 goals in 20 games compared to the 100 games it took wilshere.

  6. Wengers lineup from the get go proves that he’s become a world class bottler. Needs to make these games count, should’ve put as much pace in the team as he could but he decided to be cautious. Paid for it.

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

  7. 2 points out of 9 because he plays the wrong team. Why buy a player and not play him? Why dose AW always get it wrong 3-3 then 0-0 and now yet again we lose to the blues. No we can’t win the EPL with out a CF and a new CB end of. I’m getting so fed up with this. The blues can pay for a win but yet play us and bang. A S and the new fella should have started end of. Fed up with this all the time. AW if you love this club plz step down and go get pep to bring glory to the north London best. All the teams that have got players in this market have played them but you cant

  8. Don’t blame the ref. On the balance, he was fair.

    Blame Wenger and his insanely pusillanimous tactics. His team selection was hoping for a draw and it fell short. Ranieri, Klopp set up for wins, sometimes they get the 3 points, sometimes 1, sometimes none.

    But if you set up for 1 point, no one to blame when you end up with 0.

    Just about the only positive that can be taken out of this is that Gabriel will start the next 3 matches and hopefully will conclusively pull a Bellerin on BFG (apologies to Debuchy for being mentioned in the same breath as that positionally excellent wet sack of molasses).

    Walcott, Ox. We’ve seen enough. Not starters. Not now, not likely ever.

    This summary title or not. #CleanEmOut – Wenger included.

    1. What I’ve seen from Ramsey from most games he’s played for us against Chelsea is rubbish!

    2. Yh Ramsey played to the level of a League 2 player today and thats being totally fair, really dissapointed in him considering i was just telling my mate that doesnt rate him yesterday he has really improved this season

  9. Don’t blame the ref. On the balance, he was fair.

    Blame Wenger and his insanely pusillanimous tactics. His team selection was hoping for a draw and it fell short. Ranieri, Klopp set up for wins, sometimes they get the 3 points, sometimes 1, sometimes none.

    But if you set up for 1 point, no one to blame when you end up with 0.

    Just about the only positive that can be taken out of this is that Gabriel will start the next 3 matches and hopefully will conclusively pull a Bellerin on BFG (apologies to Debuchy for being mentioned in the same breath as that positionally excellent wet sack of molasses).

    Walcott, Ox. We’ve seen enough. Not starters. Not now, not likely ever.

    This summer, title or not, #CleanEmOut – Wenger included.

    1. Not 3 games mate mrt miss is only one game he was red carded because his the last man ..just only one game

  10. Meets should not play against Barca and i mean it and please Arsene please Flamini is not a defensive midfielder. You’ve got to give to Diego Costa he is the guy who rubs crap on your face when teams like Bournemouth beat Chelsea. Forget the title Arsenal let it go and the only way this team is taught about confidence is that to let go of everything a title challenge is to the team and play boring football like Chelsea of 2005 and get results.

  11. Highlights of the match!

    Ramsey: Boy he just keeps getting better. His best moment came in the end when he could not win the ball off Willian and he does a class act. Stopping the ball with his hand. Referee was stupid not to recognise this sublime effort.

    Ox for Walcott: Walcott was on fire tonight. The only thins missing was the final product. To make up for it, Wenger brings on Ox, renowned for producing scintillating run and finishing touches.

    Sanchez: Sanchez was supposed to be rusty coming off from injury after 2 months. But he put on a stellar show. This is really unacceptable.

    Title Charge : This is was a momentous result for our title charge. We only need to give even better performances and title is ours.

    Wenger: The Professor. Enough said.

  12. 3rd now after being 1st, typical thats the start of the spiral downwards in the league! Cant beat a out of form Chelsea team and we are supose to be challenging. Now i bet you will think differently about that mess up at Liverpool. Arsenal, well sorry wenger, bunch of bottlers! 5 chances all blown this season but nope nothing.

    Peps available in the summer – Bye Wenger
    What is Flamini – a bad DM or an awful ST
    Per – my granny could run quicker and shes had 2hip replacements u overgrown muppet! Where was Elneny wat was the point of buying if he isnt gonna play, Garbiel 2:0 he is, maybe next jan wel start seeing him play.

    So sick of this nj Per wouldnt get into any top team in europe. Flame, Per, Wenger, Arteta, debuchy are all the deadwood at this club.

    1. wenger too scared . too scared to play elnenny. too faithful to older players (mert). too scared to start sanchez,. too scared to win.

  13. Lol did anyone expect anything else regardless of where Chelsea are in table, toothless no bottle no aggression

    Absolute pathetic and guaranteed to bottle it when it counts, if the board doesn’t do everything in their power to try get Pep for next season then enjoy year after year of this because we will never win the league with wenger.

    And this might not please a lot of ppl but spurs are way stronger in every department that is a Fact

  14. only one positive.. kos-gab partnership restored..but i guess that will b just for 3 games even if they perform world class… and ofc sanchez looks excellent… its goin to b a long week..

    1. Get the pain out of the way. A team with Per & Walcott as starters CANNOT win the Champions League.

      A team with Flamini, Arteta (when not broken), Ox regularly seeing first team action CANNOT win the Champions league.

      Better to get the UCL out of the way, preserve our glass legs for the Prem, where there’s a tiny chance.

  15. We are just extremely uncomfortable with being top of the League to the point where we gladly allow Leicester City to stay there hahahahaha.

  16. the worst chelsea team in a decade an they do the double on us.

    we drop last minute goal at liverpool. even united win there.

    boleyn etihad trafford white hart lane goodison park to come.

  17. Arsenal have failed to score against Chelsea in 9hrs:32mins….Now’, You see why am pissed. Don’t tell mi red card bla bla bla. I hate flimsy excuses. Sigh!

    A not so fit Sanchez played better than Walcott when on pitch..

    Why always Chelsea? I’m gutted but we have to pick ourselves up and move on.

    1. wenger’s insistence that he cannot (will not) buy a WC CF now bites us: we cant score against chelsea for 9 hours!! wenger is too cautious.

  18. ?????????

    Sorry but we aren’t winning any title with performances like this.

    Man, so typical that we lose to Chelsea AGAIN in the same fashion, at he hands of that diving c^nt Costa.

    This is the difference between us and citeh, they always seem to score when they’re down in the last 10 minutes, they’ve done it multiple times this season, but for us we don’t seem to have the same mentality as them, and we seem weak when we go a goal down.

    Weekend ruined, thanks Arsenal

    1. citeh have a WC center forward: aguero. we dont.
      we dont have that guy at the front that can make things out of nothing.
      if there’s ever a position where you need a WC player, its at the very front.

  19. well that isnt the end of the world only 3 points of the top and we can be the champion through our own games and dont have to hope on other results and we already have played against stoke liv and che so i’m still optimistic

      1. hahaha well i know it was frustrating but fatboy you as a relaxed dude yourself dont you think that this page and the members on here almost seem on the verge of suicide after some losses :O i fear for the lives of the guys on here xD
        no really… if we are champions in may i am happy.. if not.. i am not.. so simple xD i really dont understand the reason behind being angry and blaming all players swearing against them throwing remotes etc. :/ thats just too emotional and useless ^^

    1. @krish joke comment.

      so if we lose to city at etihad…no biggie there outta the way.
      west ham at boleyn….fine its outta the way.
      manure at trafford…ah no worries

      a mid table team beat us at home an away.

  20. Mertesacker just optimises the Arsenal of the past few years. Bottlers, not warriors. Thankfully, he’s probably the last of those type of players that we have left. The rest of the team has been cleansed.

    Cannot believe we haven’t even scored a goal. Not even one damn goal against Chelsea in the Premier League for pretty much 3 years. 3 years! Pathetic. Even more so when you consider how many they’ve scored against us in that time. 6-0 anybody? Doesn’t look like our guys even have enough self pride to even try and avenge that.

    3rd place. Surrendered the league lead and behind Man City, and I don’t expect us to reclaim it anytime soon, perhaps not at all.

    One solitary positive – Alexis coming back.

  21. One shot on target! …. and that was from Flamini ?
    Can we now please stop all the delusional talk of us winning the premier league and just concentrate on finishing 4th!!
    As the saying goes. .. There’s no place like Home.

    Just pray that Wenger doesn’t extend his contract ?
    What a total guttless has been, I’m absolutely fuming!?

    #F#@king W@nKers!!

    1. Lmao I’m convinced Wenger purposefully played Mert so he could have a reason to bench him and use Gabriel for the rest of the season.. Surely our manager couldn’t be deluded enough as to think we would win playing a high line and leaving the slowest defender in Europe exposed ?? Sell Mert, Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky, bring in a new LW that can play CF, drop Walcott and Ox, bring in a new RW to compete with Campbell and 2 new defensive midfielders because not having leCoq and Cazorla has really put a dent in our title chances.

      1. Sell Mertesacker ? We won’t give him away and who would want him? No, he’s on 80 grand a week,so he’ll be around until his contract expires, along with a lot of other overpaid deadwood. So what if Kos and Gab are similar players. Halleluja we can then play high line ,low line, any line we want. We can celebrate having two quick, strong tackling,great in the air brave Centre backs.together.

  22. Barcelona is going to Sodomize Arsenal. It’s going to be like that shower scene in American History X.
    In fact let’s petition to have the match in black and white to minimize the bloodshed sensitive viewers will see.

  23. quit with this luckless crap , was it unlucky that meet is slow
    was it unlucky that they should have a pen.
    Admin please stop bobs articles

    Elneny should have played the goal came from flaming in the CB position running past costa, gabriel though flaming had him

    forget the league until we show proper ambition
    2pts from 3 games shocking
    walcott awful
    ramsey a poor mans barkley
    was anyone else wishing we had a big CF in the last 20 mins oh yea he was taken off ?????????????

    1. Who needs a Ronaldo or bale when you have a flamini ozil is right he’s the world’s best that ninja kick almost perfect . Seriously guys calm down were still level on points with city with some tough games behind us we should have one okay but the race is still not over any off those top 4 can win

      1. @irish gunner
        Many here are waiting for us to fail. And they’re not trolls, they’re some of our own fans…SAD

        1. True ever notice comments likes/dislikes increase massively after we lose a game for on this sight. Compared to if we win or any other news

  24. Haahahaa….

    Well, what? Thought that’s were the champions in waiting… Lol….in Fantasy football circles that is.

    For the fat poos of the season thus far to come to the emirates, defecate and return home without any worries, courtesy of the fraudulent muppet that is the arsenal’s manager should be unforgivable. Nevertheless, trust the wengerites to be so stuck-up into the ass of the muppet manager to not appreciate this.

    Consequently, More of the same result, I hope; designed to shame the fraud out of AFC.

    #wenger out!

  25. and to top it all off wenger is going to renew his contract for another 2 years. Our suffering will never end

  26. Mertesacker is my least favourite player in the entire squad. He doesnt deserve to lead our defence. We constantly play a high line and play fast football why is this guy in our team? It was a panic buy by wenger that turned into a constant because of the stagnation wenger likes to cause to the squad.
    If a player is good but not amazing, he sees it as no point to replace, i think its partly because he creates this father bond with players which is good for youth but poor for success.
    We should play Gabriel until summer and SELL Mertesacker.
    As fr everyone else im dissapointed Arsenal are so mentally weak, I know the game was taken from us in the 15min but that wasnt out of nowhere, we looked disjointed from the start and chelsea heaped on pressure.
    Let me just think about this for a minute, WE are the team that started the weekend on top of the league and THEY are near the relegation zone as well as coming to our ground. How does that result in such nerves? Weak mental strength, every time a game is hyped we are poor. We finally got a break vs city and were getting rated highly before southampton and get thrashed by a poor team.
    Time after time this happens and we think we are unlucky or whatever but its mental strength and thats due to the way the club is managed and what players the club acquires. We are never linked with these strong aggressive players who perform no matter what eg. lewand or costa before he came. wenger likes bringing in players who are rejects or who he can work on and say was his creation. Your managing a club here wenger not a youth academy

    1. Sell Mertesacker? Are you crazy?

      Even a basketball team of geriatric midgets wouldn’t take him for free, and you’re talking about selling him?


  27. We simply don’t have players with winning mentality. These three games should have earned us atleast 7 points. The difference between championship winning side is that they take points at difficult places. I am so annoyed by the fact that we had so many chances to put a gap between Leicester and man city but we screwed it up .We should have won the liverpool game, its the mental weakness of these players that is letting the team down. one day some player makes mistake and we lose points, next game some other player screws up.I felt bad for giroud today he shouldn’t have been taken off. As for Walcott i dunno how many years he needs to become a proper footballer. I am amazed that he has completed 10 years at a club still his decision making is so poor,such a frustrating player to watch. We have stuck with too many average players for long time.we have not won a premier league trophy for a decade now we should be more hungry to win the league than man city, they have enough resources to challenge every year and win the trophy once in a while.

  28. Bench Mert and Flamini.

    The only good thing about the game is Mert’s suspension means Wenger must play Gabriel.

    1. @GoonerG1
      Don’t forget Ramsey also. The only players out there showing some fight before Gabe and Sanchez came on were Bellerin, Campbell, Kos and Monreal. Everybody likes to put sole blame on Flame, Ramsey thinks he’s an effin CF. But they both, once again let the opposition run through our midfield like it was their own.
      And finally all you Mert lovers can shut up about his positioning and reading of the game. Because if you ain’t got the pace to snuff out threats, you might as well be reading a dang Stephen King novel…

  29. Deadwood exclusionfor WC talent petition needed;
    Wenger – Pep – Take us to next level
    Bould – we cant defend or keep leads, someone better is needed.
    Arteta&Flamini- Carvalho or Xhaka&Elneny
    Rosicky – Adelide/Iwobi
    Debuchy – Jenko
    Walcott – Aubameyang or Greizzman; just pay the god damn money
    Per – ???

    Wenger wont win the League again

    Who else can leave

  30. The wheels are starting to come off in the usual way. Happy to make over £100m on matchday revenue,yet spend F*** all

  31. Arsenal lost the game because of Wenger’s ineptitude! I don’t know whether Wenger loses power of reasoning whenever his team gets a red card! Back to Champions league final against Barcelona in 2006 he removed pires who can score goals and left on Ljumberg who is not a fast scorer and then today he removes Giroud, his strongest player, who can hold the ball, win aerial battles and possibly score when there is an opportunity. As if to show his ineptitude further he fails to bring on his new signing Elneny who everybody has given good reviews about being fast and can shoot from outside the box. Instead of Oxlade he should have brought on Elneny. Even the team started very nervously. The sharpness which was shown against Man U and Man city was greatly lacking today and yet this was the time to thoroughly punish Chelsea. All this was down to lack of innovative ideas. As it is now I think Arsenal have done their chances a lot of damage. Let us hope for the best but Wenger needs to become more tactically alert or else he hangs up his gloves at the end of the season to allow for a new manager.

  32. Thunder must fire Arsene wenger for his poor decisions. Ramsey is a waste of space, so is Flamini, Per n walcot. Is arsenal a Charity club? Why did he hand d armband to Theo? Why is per always playing when he should be benched. Infact Wenger is tactically useless. There I said it. Am so angry right now. No excuses or whatsoever to justify today’s poor result.

  33. Sell all the so called”british core”.They are all useless or always injured.No wonder the greatest time Arsenal had was when the time was one with almost NO british players in.The “british core” experiment just failed,move on and bring real footballers from all over the world,hungry to do performance and to earn well-deserved wages.Don”t look back and sell tem ALl.No regrets whatsover-if Barca is so crazy to spend a fortune on a mediocre player like Ramsey-I say take the money and run.Same applies to Whilshere if City offer stands.I hope Mertesacker will never see the starting 11 again.Can u imagine this guy facin Messi,Neymar or Suarez?Atrocious picture!Just embarrasing-but guess what?-Wenger can be so insane to do it.The man is out of this world and complety insane.He cannot see what it is obvious for the entire world.To have better players on the bench and to keep favouring the same out-of-form or not good enough players week after week is madness.To play for draw from the beginning against an awful team which got beaten by the entire league on a daily bases-this is something unimaginable.It is not Mertesacker fault for being embarrased by any player on the planet,it is the manager fault for exposing him as a laughing point of focus.Wenger must go,the man is deluded ,he is scarred to take any risk for success.Well,guess what-only showing courage and breaking the risk can bring you success.Not the case-I predict a chain of defeats following,with the cherry on top being a big defeat against Spurs-a team which,despite our hate,plays real football(with great results I must say).

      1. @gunnerman8701
        What is it with you dudes with the r*pe sodomy analogies? Is that how your mind rolls? It’s football dude, not porn, get a damn grip.

  34. Just didn’t happen today and yeah sure, Merts a liability when he’s caught one on one in the final third. As for the result, no surprises, 10 v 11 is always a mountain and Chelsea (whatever their league position) have the players and experience to manage the game. Giroud coming off was obviously so we could try to play on the break. Didn’t happen but that’s not to say it wasn’t a reasonable plan. Elneny instead of Flamini…not sure given he hasn’t had a start yet and Flamini hasn’t been playing badly covering for Coquelin. We lost. Not a lot to do with luck, just that we were 10 v 11. Personally I can still imagine if Elneny is a player, with Sanchez back, Ozil back, Coquelin back in training and Welbz also getting closer the league is still on. We’ve got 4 out of our next 5 games at home so February will probably determine our season.

    1. Mien got … Talk about the kool aid king … Moonlighting as a speech writer for wenger’s post match of the day bs session … If we bring a world attacking option in during next 7 days we might have a chance of something … Walcott Campbell ox wellbeck and giroud is not a potent pool to draw on …. Would keep the last two but we need an upgrade now and in summer … People who are not paid 8 million quid a year could see this back in June …only the arrogant one refused to acknowledge it …

      1. Lol. Not moonlighting as anything, but an interesting phrase better applied to you perhaps in terms of whether you are an AFC fan tbh. What I say is simple, rationale, not biased, emotive rubbish. Nous verrons.

        1. Will ignore the stupid inferences which appears to pass for logical reasoning amongst you lot and try to rationally think through the counter attack logic…oh yes the whippet as a world class striker…you’ll be telling me the earth is flat next and that Elvis is alive and well and running a fish n chip shop in Barnsley .. Flamini as a decent cover for coq!!!!!! takes u in to a fantasy world that even the deep web couldn’t replicate … I watched to prior games where he utterly failed to control his territory against a couple of mediocre teams .. Or perhaps that’s just emotive rubbish…Guess that’s the french equivalent of the royal we or just the editorial subservience of the wenger fan club … Sad

  35. No doubt that Wenger will come out with the same old Suger coated bull? … ???

    Seriously. … Isn’t anyone else Bored Yet?
    I hope that Pep Guardiola knows a good Hitman ?
    Cos thats the only way that he will end up replacing Wenger, any time soon! ?

  36. If Gerioud was injured why did he start? Why was he taken off when he can head the ball and hold it up. Why oh why did the German snail look across when going for the tackle? Why is wenger still at Arsenal? Very, very disappointed in the team selection and the changes from the side line. Depressed!!!

  37. I hope wenger and his YES man bould will realise that 1v1 is mertesacker’s biggest weakness and if Gabriel was in his position, he would have made ground and covered costa. Now Gabriel has a chance to establish himself as mertesacker is now banned for 3 games. Secondly, walcott was the worst player of the 10 that were left on the pitch and yet wenger substitutes Campbell who has immense stamina, always tracks back, has a good understanding with bellerin and can play a delightful pass forward. The moment walcott was gone and sanchez and ox stepped on the pitch, it suddenly looked 11 vs 11.

  38. Blaming only per for dis loss is totally unacceptable, the only goal of the game came when our four defenders were with Costa n d blue point man scored d goal. The whole team were shaking. Chelsea always has about six players in there box at any time, this style work for dem for so long. Let’s stop being negative. Injury is our greatest problem. Our key player missing santie, n our real defensive mildfieder, anyway I see hope.

  39. Mark my words. Our best finish will be third. I would like us to win the title but seeing the next 6 PL games, we will come short.

  40. I SAID AFTER THE LIVERPOOL GAME THAT we are mentally weak and that has been again proven tonight. This season is our best chance to win the league with Sir alex F not around and Jose getting the sack and other teams playing crap. Yet , we are now showing we ourselves are crap.

    Firstly, Met is a complete joke. There is no luckless thing here. A deserved red card.

    Second, why would you take out Giroud and play literally without a proper CF. Y wenger Y.

    Third, Where was the passion. I could sense the same sinking feeling with the boys. This team was supposed to be different but again they are mentally brittle. They just gave up, its like Ozil could have sulked. The only guy who was picking up the players was Cech and guess what he spent most of the time with winners in Chelsea.

    Every tom dick and harry will beat Chelsea but here we are losing. But why I am i surprised, remember this is the same arsenal who lost to Moyes led United.

  41. Per mertesacker wouldn’t start for bottom club Aston Villa, but he is our captain and most regular starter.Gabriel would walk into pretty much every premier League clubs’ starting 11,but he is just a bench warmer at Arsenal. Sums up Wenger’s managerial skills.

    1. He’s in his 60’s man, they want him to keep managing arsenal because he makes them A LOT of money. Arsenal makes the most money on match day than any other club in Europe, that’s WHY arsenal wenger is in his job.

  42. Everyone is going to forget about this one when we go on a 3 game winning streak. Bottom line is simple folks; Arsene Wenger will never ever ever again win a title as a manager because he’s been found out 11 years ago. He has one style of play and many great managers have found out how to counter that style, plain and simple. On top of that he’s stubborn and never learns from his mistakes! Even in a season where chelski are fighting relegation he gave them two wins at our expense. Any other club would’ve sacked him a long time ago.

    1. @No10
      Our biggest mistake was not being able to control the midfield. Ramsey and Flame are not the guys to do it…

  43. I am passed the point of being upset, probably the recent history against Chelsea prepared me to this.

    If only we’d break the bank for 3 WC players….ST, LW and CB….then get Arsene to work upstairs and Guardiola in.

    120-140M plus Guardiola and we can wreck havoc in this league. The title is there for the taking.

  44. This game is not the end of the world. What needs to be done is to rally up for the next game and then go on a roll as is common with Arsenal at this time. However some players need to be put on the bench including Flamini, Walcott, Metersacker, Oxlade when the other players such as Coquelin, Sanchez, Elneny, Wellbeck and Cazorla are fully fit. Why I cannot lose sleep about this loss is because we were a man down and also because our defensive midfield was not what it should be. Why is it that Chelsea has never beaten a fully constituted Arsenal team? Every time we play Chelsea we end up a man or two down. Is it a coincidence? We are only three points off the top and we have a chance to square off matters when we meet Spurs, Leicester, Man U and Man city. What Wenger needs to do is to be ruthless with whoever is not performing as soon we shall have a full squad. With Coquelin, Elneny, Welbeck, Wishere, Cazorla and Sanchez fully fit we shall be a formidable team capable of reviving our title challenge.

  45. We all know Koscielny, Bellerin and Monreal make Mertesacker look good… This is a player who should not be in the Arsenal first team line up… That is just a fact.
    As usual Wenger has a privilege relation with the worse crop in the club (even talking about new contract with Wilshere… I mean wtf!!!).
    Giroud out and here comes the “Thierry Henry” wanna be, Walcott… An average player with flashes of brilliance, sometimes…!

    Can we win the league?
    Of course we can, but it will despite Wenger and not because of Wenger… I think that Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud, Cech, Koscielny can take us there despite the tactical aberration that is Arsene Wenger…

  46. Hi Arsenal Fans. I have read lots of emotional, negative and “lazy analysis” comments from Arsenal fans today which is expected after a loss to Chelsea. I am disappointed about the loss but we should calm down. This game does not end or define our season. This game was never going to be about form, its a derby with lots of history. We are still in it. I believe In this team and i have seen enough to be convinced that we can still win the title. We could never beat the big teams, we have done this on several occasions this season. Arsene Wenger has proven his critics wrong on his tactical awareness, simple example is that Arsenal can play with less possession when required even with smaller teams. The arsenal of 1 or 2 seasons ago would have collapsed with 10 men but we didn’t today. The season is a marathon lets not behave like a seesaw, today we praise the team tomorrow we slate them. Lets reserve judgement for the end of the season. We are still in it despite all our injuries in key positions.

  47. The mistake is preferring Per to Gabriel, and Flamini to Elneny … that’s where the game was lost. Why do we get these players, if we do not trust them to perform on the big stage. Can’t believe chelsea pulled the double on us, we shot ourselves in the foot twice.

  48. Pls someone read my comments in d previous articles before this game… I told U exactly what was going to happen & it did happen.
    One is… Your Favorite Arsene Wenger is out of touch with modern Football Management & game reading mentality. Two, U depend too much on average players, no team ever win League in dis Era with these set. 3. Arsene Wenger doesn’t have the mental strength to motivate dis team in Big games. 4. Name one English player in Arsenal that’s quality? And how many of English players occupy spaces in d squad?
    WORST OF ALL…. Ozil, Sanchez are gonna leave dis summer if Arsenal don’t win d Premier League 4sure…
    Arsenal needs Pep Guardiola.

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