Arsenal v Chelsea review – Ox beauty breaks Mourinho hoodoo

Well it might not have been pretty or anything like the most fluent and creative Arsenal performance of recent years, but did we really expect anyhting other than a battle against the Chelsea side managed by Jose Mourinho? The main thing is that Arsenal won the game and ended Arsene Wenger;s long run of games without a win over his arch rival.

We can only hope that this will have a bearing on the Premier League season to come and the way the Gunners dug in and matched Chelsea physically, along with the undoubted creative and goal scoring ability that has been our hallmark for years, gives me great belief that we really can end our wait for the title as well.

The first half goal scored by Oxlade-Chamberlain was an absolute pearler, driving into the box after Walcott’s assist, beating his man and samshing past Courtois. We had other chances to score as well, with Giroud, Ramsey, Cazorla and Gibbs all coming close but Chelsea missed a few as well, most notably with Ramires heading over an open goal.

Chelsea pressed hard for an equalizer but Arsenal stood firm and Petr Cech made a few key saves as well as exuding confidence to our defenders. Come On You Gunners, that was well played and completes a perfect pre-season that has seen us lift three trophies. Now can we add the Premier League to our cabinet?

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    1. Neither team really turned up, we had a fair few clear cut chances that should’ve been put away but overall a positive performance. Onto the EPL where it will really matter!

      1. Great chances missed by santi and Gibbs. We should have won convincingly. Anyways great for Wenger, I’m happy for him.I hope he now realises we need a WC striker.

      2. When 2 very good teams meet up they can negate each others’ flare and stifle their ability to dictate the game. That happened today.

        The important thing is……….. Arsenal were better today.

        I can only hope this alleviates the panic among some Arsenal fans who believe we need to sign 17 new players or face relegation.

        1. Still need a top ST and DM.

          The only ‘hope’ after this match is that we don’t see those needs swept under the carpet because we beat Chelsea in a preseason friendly.

          1. It was clear that our attack was not close to being lethal, Theo didn’t win the long balls,he wasn’t involved with the rest of the team, only when giroud came on we looked a little sharper. Our defence won us the game.we were poor going forward with Theo. I think we seriously can’t count on Theo as a cf and that leaves us with just giroud and welbeck.. Time to bring in a big striker

          2. 14 thumbs down … Shit dilusional has started early … If I were wenger I wld b on the phone to dortmund schalke and wherever to expand attacking options … And am convince that as long as mert is at back we will do ok against lesser sides but opened up and dominated by quality opposition ….

            1. Translation:

              If I were Wenger would begin panicking right now.

              I would get on the phone and spend hundreds of millions on over-priced players who are not wanted by their current clubs.

              Of course this would mean spending 100’s of millions in new salary on players who would spend little time on the pitch and who would end up on the dead wood pile. This would negatively affect the club for years to come.

              Of course this would also disrupt the flow and cohesion of this current crop of players who are now firing on all cylinders.

              But that is my plan because just a few panicky and outspoken fans demand that I go crazy just because they cannot think with their brains and know very little about actually managing a big club.

    2. Great victory and I’m absolutely buzzing. Just a couple of points though.

      Good decision from Wenger to put in Arteta to regain some control and possession in the middle but he was unconvincing. I would have put Debuchy instead and pushed Bellerin into a conservative right midfield role with Gibbs doing the same on the other side.


      1. Bad decision by Wenger to not use debuchy, most of Chelseas attacks were from the right side and bellerin was beaten number of times by hazard. Anyways we got away with it, great result. Happy that cech kept a clean sheet. Overall very happy. But this game showed we need improvements in the cf role

        1. Wow you got downvoted for being correct haha. Just about everyone everywhere saw Bellerin was a liability today and even commented on it
          Shows the intelligence on this site. Bellerin is too much of a liability defensively for these type of games. Might as well call him a winger. Great talent still, just needs to work on his defending. A lot. I honestly think people forget that Debuchy is one of the top 5 right backs in the game

      1. How times change. Mou complaining about other teams spending. Mou complaining about other teams defending with 10 men. lol hahahaahahahah. This guy will not stop. he always has an excuse to give. Bravo Arsenal. Bravo Arsene. Now the media will stop calling us pussiessssssss to Chelsea.

        Get us a striker and a DM. Keep the squad fit. And we are champions.

    3. that overwhelming moment the JUSTARSENAL website was congested cuz of mass JubiLation and comments

  1. Dear Moaninho!……..i await ur post match comment that says “ah Nah…. It’s onLy a friendly, My undefeated streat still stands” ……. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. See it here pal. The talked about 10 Arsenal defending. Hahahahaha.
      Manager reaction
      Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea
      We were the best team. We had more initiative, we controlled the game by having ball possession. But when a team is behind, the energy and intensity to turn results around is more difficult because people are not sharp. Arsenal defended with 10 players, they put everybody in front of their own line and they had good organisation, congratulations to them. They had a couple of chances in counter attacks but we had ours in organised football. They played their game tactically and found themselves one goal in front without any reason, included players in the back and they did well. This season the Premier League title is very difficult but it is very difficult for everyone. The way other teams are spending they have big power in the hands while we are the same as last season. And with that we are going to try.
      Jose Mourinho
      Chelsea manager, speaking to BT Sport

  2. Today proved we still need a striker ..

    Only then we can confidently say we can challenge for the title

    1. Giroud was by far more dangerous than Theo, that’s why I keep on saying giroud is a natural striker while Theo is not. Theo was lost most of the game. All our long balls were going to waste. We need a striker. Can’t count on Theo to be are super striker. I think giroud is a better cf than theo

      1. Giroud offers so much more than Theo at CF, especially against good teams.

        Theo is a RW who frankly isn’t as good as Ox, he should only become CF vs poor teams or in the last 20mins from the bench. He’s essentially our Remy.

        Absolutely no question why Benzema is the type of target needed.

        1. But seriously we need a player like benzema, and if we don’t get a striker giroud is the best we got. Theo is not made for the cf role. He plays much better on the rw and should be used there, ox can play on both sides and used once we want to rest Sanchez. It’s a fight between Theo and ox for the rw position

        2. Not as good as Ox? Check Theo’s scoring stats. The whole point of Walcott is that he delivers goals without being central.

          1. I’m not ignorant enough to reduce a player to scoring stats. If so then Jermaine Defoe would’ve been considered a PL great.

            Walcott has good movement and can finish, Ox has technique, vision, work rate, strength, creativity, and is adding goals to his game. He’s considerably better than Theo and far more valuable to the teams overall play.

            If Theo doesn’t score he’s a passenger, if Ox doesn’t score he’s still a facilitator for others.

            1. The bit you missed was that until now Ox rarely scores but Theo regularly scores. Yes that is goals that put points on the board.

              How you can assert that a player that delivers points is worse than one that doesn’t is beyond me. Sound quite ignorant to me. But we know your past history of obsession with players and ability to twist facts to suit your argument so I’m not surprised.

              Was Coqulin good enough for you today or are we still crying Morgan?

              1. I didn’t miss the point at all. It’s your point….you’re the one who reduced a player to his scoring stats, not me. If you can’t appreciate or understand what Ox brings and how that leads to team success that’s your problem. He’s a better player, proven today and is a safe bet to continue proving so.

                Now you feel the need throw personal jabs? Lol ignorant view and a juvenile person, oh dear.

                Keep it relevant… Schneiderlin? Uhmm yea he would still have improved us, your point?

                1. This is exactly the type of problem when we nitpick every little detail and scrutinize our players after one game. In my opinion, both Theo and Ox are extremely valuable to our team, and they both offer something different and at the right opportunity can change a game. Often, people will rate a player (from another club) based purely on highlights they have watched without nearly the same observations we make on our own players – because we watch Arsenal more than any other team. My personal opinion is that Theo can be played as a CF against certain teams depending on their tactics, formations etc, but should be used primarily as a winger/striker.

                  Giroud on the other hand is also good when utilized correctly, but I agree with many that we still need that special all round CF who a level above the rest of our CF’s/strikers. Benezema is one of those players who falls into this category.

                2. Ignorant view? you seem to forget that in the euphoria of it all you belittled Theo in favour of Alex.

                  It doesn’t matter who the better player is. What does matter is ignorant fans like you that always seem to have a problem with one player or the other. Personal jabs? Nope. It is an illustration. First your problem was with Coquelin. Now it is with Theo.

                  Tomorrow you will have anothe t Arsrnal player to hate. While the majority of Arsenal fans enjoyed the day, you were miserable enough to find someone else associated with AFC to dislike.

                  Yeah I know the drill – your comeback with be ‘ but oh vanpayslip – you only care about stats, or oh no but that player I so much better but he doesn’t play for Arsena, blah blah blah”. Enjoy the misery.

                3. You’re too funny. You make sweeping statements about my previous history yet have no clue about my opinions and think I make them based on 1 match. OK

                  I’ve said all along that Ox is superior to Theo, I don’t change my tune based on games like you and many others love to do. Now I have a “problem” with players simply because i critique them….you’re pathetic.

                  Coquelin is still not enough for a title challenge, and Theo is certainly not good enough to be a CF for Arsenal other than vs small teams or in the last 20mins as I perviously stated. You bury your head all you like and never criticize the club or a player if you think that makes you a fan.

                  I have opinions, and since we haven’t won the league in over a decade I’d say there’s plenty of evidence for critique……so how about you drop the bs notion that having anything critical to say makes someone a hater or not a fan. Grow up kid

              2. Hundred grand a week for a whippet was money down the plug hole sorry to say … No top team anywhere would take Walcott as their goal scoring option … We should have flogged him to the idiot scoussers when we had the chance …. Still think reus would be our best bet but a quality attacking option is essential

            2. I think scoring stats are very important for attackers but Ox is sort of a special case. He does so much to attack and penetrate and put the opposition on their heels. I think his future at RW is very bright.

              1. I prefer ox to be honest , let’s not forget tho walcotts not the first man not to have a sniff against Chelsea , against weaker opposition Walcott will be very good with the balls in behind but I think most agree we need a striker who is strong and fast not just one of the attributes our current strikers possess , if ox stays fit and we sign and striker Walcott will be a top super sub

            3. He is never gonna be a passenger or 2nd option picking up £140K a week under AWs regime.

    2. We don’t absolutely need a new striker .what we need is for key players to stay fit ,win or draw against the top 3 ,and the title is our’s more concerened about ucl tbh.

  3. Although the OX got our goal, I’ll give MOTM to Nacho Monreal. Was solid throughout the game. Congrats Wenger, congrats gooners! 😀

    1. @Twig
      Montreal played good game, Kos played Great game.
      Kos MOTM for me; surprised he has such big pockets. He had so many Chelsea players in there it was like a Man vs boys.

      Get its friendly, but getting minimized like that by Kos carries over.

      I expect Gladiator games vs Chelsea this year.

    1. It has begun yes, but we lacked sharpness upfront. Theo was lost and only when giroud came on we looked better. This is the difference between a real striker and a wanna be striker.Theo was very poor today.I rather see giroud start

      1. A couple things here:
        1) I thought the match official was pretty bad. Cazorla got stepped on 3 times without a foul being called while Hazard flopped all over the place and got the foul calls
        2) Wenger still seems to blow the substitutions. Why take off the Ox and not Ramsey? Clearly Rambo was having a very bad day. Debuchy and Gibbs should have come on at the 60 minute mark to shore up our midfield which was being overrun in the second half. Does BFG scare the shit out of you guys like he does me?
        3) Getting Cech was an absolute godsend for us

  4. So the supposed ‘Moron’ Just retained the Community shield against a full stengthed Chelsea…. Sack him, his useless, were never going to improve with him. *Drinks a cup of water*

    1. Sorry! Where was Hazard (Mourinho claimed better player than Ronaldo) today? Even the presence of Sanchez that didn’t play was felt on the pitch than Hazard….WE ARE ARSENAL

  5. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……fu*k chelsea, fu*k abramovic, fu*k, chelsea fans and most importantly fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOURINHO

  6. Happy..nt because of the shield! But for Wenger…at least tha c**t Mou can STFU…..classy team play!


  7. I think I’ve seen a different Arsenal team this and last. We seem to challenge for balls after they are lost. Alexis has brought that to the team and I’m excited because an aggressive Arsenal might just be on top of the table when the season ends.

  8. Things learnt today;

    Arteta has great teeth but should not have had a new contract because he is AFC captain.

    Mourinho has man boobs.

    We need a striker

    We need a winger or CF / Walcott cannot lead the line when there is no space or against a well organised defensive unit.

    Ozil was wasted/we have too many CAmS being fit into the same starting line up.

    Greater balance needed!

    1. My takeaways,

      -Throw Fort Knox @ Benzema and play Giroud in Cup games and against the Stokes of the EPL.

      -Walcott, other than counter attacking football offers nothing as a CF

      -This may sound unpopular but either Ramsey or glass Jack need to be sold to attain squad balance. Arsenal will NEVER win the premier league playing Santi, Ozil, Ramsey and Le Coq @ the same time. IMHO the Gunners are a better squad when Ramsey and Jack are on the bench

      -Buy Carvalho or Krychowiak!! Even though he signed a new deal and has great hair Arteta should only see the pitch in the Mickey Mouse Cup games or in mop up duty. Flamini wouldn’t start in the MLS. Would love to see Le Coq and Krychowiak pair up on the road in a Champions League 2nd leg

      -Love me some Nacho, Boss and Hector. Per still unsettling.

      Cech will probably be the most significant EPL signing of the year. Thank you Roman

      Going forward

      Le Coq……Santi


      1. Mert was fantastic today. It seems no matter what he does some fans will just never give him credit – for anything. On the positive side, he is probably used to the empty criticisms by now.

        1. What game were you watching? Per was continuously making poor headers/passes and was only asked to defend what was in front of him. The few times Chelsea tested Mert, he failed miserably – i.e. when he gave Remy about 10 yards of space to pick out Ramires for their best chance of the game. Mert was certainly not fantastic today.

          1. Sorry. You are right. I watched the replay and Mert fell down 17 times, never touched the ball, and allowed 5 goals. He would have allowed 12 goals but his team mates bailed him out. You are right. He s#cks.

      2. Come on Arsene, whilst your on a high and buzzing on Kronenberg/Champagne mixers pull out that cheque book and pen and do us all a favour!

        1. Yes Wenger go on and sign us a WC striker and be honest I would like to see a better DM than lecoq. Don’t get me wrong lecoq is a great player but if we are to dominate we need a super star DM and WC striker

  9. A cleansheet, a win, a trophy, hey wenger what did you do to the specialist bus conductor? ha ha ha i just ceched him out. COYG.

  10. Am very happy about the win. But we still need a CF. Walcot should be satisfied on the wing. No trial in the league.

  11. Mourinho stood and waited for the arsenal players to congratulate them giving extra kudos to cech and the ox.

    Then he through his losers medal to a young kid. Respect!

  12. The most positive thing for today and for few arsenal games is the amount of clean sheet we keep. All we need to win the leg is good defense, goals will always come. hardly does arsenal play a game without scoring

  13. God this team is blessed, only for Wenger to gift it with a better natural CF.
    Who says Walcott is not? But as a CF? Shit.
    Yes we won and i’m happy, but taking out Chamberlain for Arteta is the worst decision i have seen since he took out Pires for Almunia in the 2006 CL final

    1. Yes. That one shocked me. I thought maybe he would bring on Debuchy and shift Bellerin forward or something like that. Seeing Arteta walk onto the pitch was puzzling at best.

  14. Can we trade Emirates with Wembley? We won more trophies there, that it feels more like home to me.

  15. and for those saying that this is a meaningless game and a meaningless trophy, look at the lineups put forth and look at the different expressions shown at the end of the match. This is a big deal especially for us.

    1. Chelsea players were really disappointed to lose,it was an important game for both teams.great job done by our defence.our defence was the difference today.well done boss and Monreal. I still would have started debuchy.

      1. Yeah but Hector did put up his own against Hazard when he did come out to make appearances

  16. Congratulations all around on the Arsenal win O yes I am delighted and looking forward for the new season

  17. If chelsea had equalised after dat carzorla miss,I wud av really hated Carzola
    We still av a little mental block against chelsea
    We played with no confidence
    Buh al in all am so happy wittthe win

  18. Koscielny picked hazards pocket, heard he is still looking all over the chelsea dressing room for his wallet!

  19. that moment when wenger refused to shake mourinho, ignored mourinho and passed him by..hahaha epic moment

    1. Today obviously hurt Mourinho. He is usually good at this kind of stuff but I think he just couldn’t handle losing to Wenger.

  20. I am enjoying this because it’s a trophy and wenger finally beat Mou.

    But I expect the usual negativity flowing around….but it won matter cause we goober all will be celebrating today no matter what

  21. Van Persie sat this night in one corner of Istanbul where he was shipped thinking of what would have been. Song would sit in one corner of London thinking what would have been. Sagna, oh. Even the parrot Nasri. Yes, tough times don’t last, tough people do…..Wenger youth project is on course. Only that some names have missed the trip….Our Arsenal is back….Enjoying every moment of it….COYG

  22. Cech stole the keys on his way coming. That’s why the bus didn’t function today. ?????

  23. I wish the ox stays fit throughout the season and I think he will get more goals this season and for Walcott the center front position is not for he is better coming from wings, the coq has proven his quality but needs cover, we are two positions away from being complete, imagine the coq got injured and giroud.

  24. Walcott has started 3 competitive games recently. He played great and scored 4 goals in the first 2 games. But because he was quiet and Arsenal only beat Chelsea without him scoring in this game……. he now s#cks at CF? Seriously?

    I don’t care how you slice it…. 4 goals in 3 games with all wins and 2 trophies is not a bad start at CF. Just a little perspective.


  25. Overall good performance.But STRIKER – CF is Still needed and must be better than Giroud, Walcolt is a natural winger. Mr Wenger take. Note of this.Thanks

  26. What a game fantastic to win ! Mainly because it was Chelsea rather than the shield ! Def need a new striker tho for me unless we can find a surgeon who can put walcotts legs on girouds body COYG

  27. Overall good performance.But STRIKER – CF is Still needed and must be better than Giroud, Walcolt is a natural winger. Mr Wenger,Please take NOTE of this.Thanks

      1. OG12 did well once he came on,our attack got more dangerous. He’s a good striker. It shows that he could be a super sub to a player like benzema

  28. Decent win not getting carried away, think we were a little ahead of them fitness wise but let’s not be fooled had Costa played I’m pretty sure they would have converted one of them chances.
    Still need that able back up for Coq and a striker if possible can’t see it happening though, oh what a surprise jacks injured again lol he’s becoming a laffing stock it’s getting beyond ridiculous now. For those that think we are not going to get more injuries throughout the season are deluded, Jack theo ox Ramsey gibbs koscielny arteta rozza welbeck are all injury prone.

    Wenger sort it b4 hand rather then panick later!!!

    1. I never hear analysts or opponents saying things like…… If Ox had had not been injured, Arsenal would have thrashed Chelsea every time last season.

      But when Costa is out….. well that explains why Arsenal lucked their way to a win.

      1. Wise Mohawk .
        Truth will hurt some here haha
        Keep it going mate…I really feel that I am not alone reading your comments

  29. I will not ever forget the looks of JM and Terry while Wenger was shaking hands with the dignitaries on the podium…….. hahahahahaha….Best thing I have experienced in recent times…..!!!

  30. Triple bonus today.

    1. Beat Joozy.
    2. Win the Shield.
    3. Michael Owen taking an absolute beating in twitter land for his game commentary. Some hate him for saying stupid things. Some hate him for being boring. But they all seem to hate him.

  31. For fun I ll throw in advance some arguments that we will surely see here and in the media:

    Mou didn’t take this game really aeriously/ we only managed a narrow 1-0 win/ Costa didn’t play / Giroud (add your favourite here)/ it’s not a real trophy/ it’s not like it’s the league where it really matters/ Giroud (add second favourite here)/ Arteta is old/ we still need to buy two players/ Giroud (Add one for fun come on)/ Kroenke is rich….

    I ll continue later 🙂

    1. Okay…..and I say, it was never about the shield, more to do with the jinx of 13-0 btwn Jose Moaning and Wenger secondly, we were also without Sanchez….and thirdly Jose was eagerly retrieving the ball in the 85th minute or something their about, shows you how much involved he was there in the match……and one more thing…….ohhh…..I have already mentioned it above……you Chelsea fan…..!!!

      1. U poor you.
        It s sarcasm
        I am not sayin those things.

        As per the chelsea fan ….hahaha man go read this site and lots of other and u will see me stanfing by arsenal and it’s players no matter what

        Call me even giroud lover before chelsea fan that’s more like it

  32. Ramires gets a free header which he puts over the bar,so then I check to see why such an easy chance was created…guess what?!

    Metersacker was tracking Remy nicely towards the goal line then makes NO ATTEMPT,NO ATTEMPT whatsoever to stop Remy from crossing that ball…he literally stood there and watched him pick his head up spot Ramires and pick him out with a delightful cross.

    Then people will go on about how intelligent, experienced and composed he is…that type of UNFORCED error will lose you the title.

    Great win though.

    1. Absolutely right…….. Presence of mind in much more important factor…..while not underestimating the other aspects also….

      1. Time to start using Gabriel more often. Per looked a bit shaky today. I think Gabriel is the better defender its just that Wenger doesn’t want to destroy the boss and per combo

    2. Tender,

      Careful the BFG brigade will be out with pitchforks and torches if you keep speaking the truth.

    3. Glad I wasn’t the only one noticing this. That said:

      Bellerin didn’t drop in to CB to cover for Mert who’d been forced wide

      Monreal didn’t mark Ramires which gave him the free header

      Our midfield let them play a slide pass with FAR too much space

      While I agree wholeheartedly that Mert was the biggest culprit here, he was not the only one. I really feel like we need to ease him out…but also that we need to regain some form in our defence. Still looking pre-season shakey to me!

    4. Cherry picking. Arsenal are poor defending set pieces in general. So you like to pick the ONE where YOU think Mert makes a mistake instead of the 12 others where the other “better” players make mistakes but were also not scored upon.

      It will never end with Mert and the stupid criticisms. He can continue to “s#ck” all he wants so as long as he just keeps on giving us clean sheets. OK by me.

      Next you will tell me he s#cked for 10 years as starter for one of the best national teams in the world. The lack of appreciation from some fans is breathtaking.

      1. All I’m saying is such mistakes at CB will cost us titles…we need a CB who makes less mistakes in order to boost our chances…remember his mistake against Monaco?! How people say he’s intelligent and can read the game well confuses me sometimes.

  33. Best possible result for arsenal today
    # unconvincing performance from Walcott against quality opposition
    # no thrashing of Chelsea to make them strengthen in the window
    # mourinho hoodoo over against arsenal
    # wenger clearly wants a striker because giroud hasn’t played much in preseason and didn’t start.

  34. Thanks All the Boys I wish u all could c*m on mourinho face…. Would also be fun to see Wenger f**king mourinho ass…

  35. Humble observations from the game:

    1 – we need a CF that’s a combination of Theo and Giroud. In the big games Theo can’t hold the ball and doesn’t really get that involved in the play. Conversely, Giroud doesn’t have Theo’s pace to get in behind and maybe not his finishing ability as well. We have to sign a new striker.

    2 – For me, Ramsey give the ball away too much when playing centrally, and can’t do what Santi does centrally, helping us to keep the ball and combine with Mesut & Le Coq. For me he’s not in our best XI.

    3 – Arteta is too old and slow. Always late to challenges because he’s just so slow. When Le Coq eventually serves his inevitable yellow card accumulation suspension, we need suitable cover. It’s. Not. Arteta.

    Should we purchase a new CDM and CF we can win the league.

    Here’s hoping…..

  36. wish Sanchez played this game.he would have been d man of d match with two goals and probably a red card for chelsea. then ozil would have had a filled day supplying sanchez

  37. Most importantly, Yes we can. We just did! Was proud of my team all round performance. Chelsea weren’t looking like a team that’s gonna score us. Great team work. Still need a wc striker though. I will dream well to night. Thank u Arsene.

  38. Wenger on Karim Benzema rumours…
    “No, nothing is happening. Honestly no. I
    don’t know who brings that up. Is it Spanish media or English media? I don’t know”

    1. wenger can be a bit of a muppet when he gets stubborn, and doesn’t really believe that we dont need extra bodies i when we clearly still do.

    2. When Wenger speaks he could be telling the truth or not. He does not show his hand. So we should read anything into his comments pro or con.

  39. awesome win! lets allow wenger have his day today, but no doubt if he doesn’t buy a c/f and d/m we will be back on his case again. and rightfully so to no benzema or other decent c/f could really hurt us gong on this season. if we dont watch it, today was excellent win over the moany one and in a different style, so no over attacking when we didn’t need it, great stuff. as for winning the league we will need to get of to a flying start and it will give us the confidence to move on to better days ahead coyg

  40. Ecstatic to draw first blood, now to build on this! I’ve never seen JM more humble than today. His face was a picture which made me glad! I hope Wenger doesn’t think after this victory that the team doesn’t need strengthening. We need at least 2 and at most 4 quality players in positions we as fans and everyone else have had their say on. The guys made my day!

  41. Anyone notice the commentor said “Arteta biggest involvement in the game is picking a fight with Falcao”.

    Baffles me too, because I didn’t see his contribution whatsoever. Lol

  42. Is Mou really now saying Arsenal scored a goal and sat 10 men behind the ball??

    Is he fcuking kidding us all??

  43. Most of us believe Wenger needs to strengthen the team with a couple of good signings but……

    After Arsenal’s nearly perfect pre-season (3 mini trophies) and a long awaited win over the Joozy there are still so many comments lamenting the poor condition of the squad.

    “We still need a striker, our defense was weak and we got lucky they did not score, Ozil did not show up, Walcott was lost, Mert is slow and useless, our bench is weak, the midfield gave the ball away all day, and Wenger is clueless and delusional.”

    Did I miss anything?

  44. what a day a cleansheet,beautiful goal and a trophy.when le prof was asked how he did it he said, ‘i just ceched them out.simple’.

  45. Humm mmmm
    Weird…we win vs chelsea
    Got a trophy and a curse off.

    Where is k ool?

    Giroud didn’t score!!


  46. it took a former saint just 24min break the jinx! I’ve never been this happy for a while! #COYG

  47. Let’s not being deceived by the good pre-season results.The reality check is WE NEED A QUALITY DM AND ST period.There’s a BACKBONE to end this title draught but the SIGNINGS to take it us to next level are those.
    Do NOT LIKE THE EXPERIMENT like pushing santi on left in order to favor Ramsey next to Lecoq.
    SANTI-DM ( Carvalho/Biglia)
    AND ST.

    If we have to bench ramsey-Jack-ox or theo for the sake of having a deadly force,DO IT.

  48. overall, a positive result. So I think this is one step forward for arsenal. It wasn’t a perfect performance and this is preseason after all, but it was a confidence booster for most and I think it will be viewed as a positive outcome. Now, there were some negatives going forward, the first is the injury to Jack Wilshire, the second is TW at forward is not his best position. There were some defensive miscues that need to be addressed, or a more clinical finishing team will score. Good result though

  49. I see people on here still not warming up to the idea that we need a new striker at least. It was there for all to see Walcott was pushed around the whole game by Cahill and had no space to run onto through balls in Chelsea’s deep defensive line, i.e. he was nullified.
    Giroud’s introduction made an obvious difference in holding up the ball but he wasn’t clinical enough. We need someone with all these abilities..

  50. Arsenal’s win over chelsea is actually due to tactical brilliance. Arsene Wenger really thought out the statergy. First he gave the chance for the most mobile striker, walcott. He then exchanged the position of Ramsey and cazorla. This decision made the defensive midfield area much more physical. Starting OX in the left flank was a tactical approach. Since the chelsea defenders are vary of walcotts pace, they could’nt kept a high line. This enabled the midfileders to fight for the ball in midfiled. And morover the offside trap worked perfectly in plot, hence remy were fouled as offside for about 6 or 7 attemps. These fouls disrepted the flow of each chelsea attack. Fabrigas was closely marked by cocquelun and didn,t gave in a sniff time for the spaniard. Matic was not the same as the last season, probably because of lack of match fitness. The combination of bellerin, Cazorla and OX made it difficult for Apectelaz. This also defused the threat from hazard. He was merely a shadow of the player he was last season. Willian was the only player with some fire in his game. He danced past the challanges and made it difficult for our defensive midfielders. But it never threatened our back four for a clear cut chance except for a header from ramires. The only time i was nervous, when fabrigas feed a perfect pass for Hazzard. But he failed to trouble cech. He was a bit hurried to take the shot with the influence of koscielny or its again due to lack of matches. Chelsea had the bulk of possession but they failed to break the willingness and never give up attitude of our team. For me the best performers were Ox and koscielny. coquelin and other player played their part with a cohesive attitude. This shows our adaptive attitude towards a threat like chelsea. Yesterday was a proud day for all arsenal fans. May this be the things to come. So buckle up arsenal fans enjoy the ride.

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