Arsenal v Chelsea Second half Review – Bellerin saves Gunners in last minute

The second half started just as fast-paced as the first half and it looks like another exciting 45 minutes and Wilshere had a great call for a free kick on the edge of the Chelseas box but the ref said no, and suddenly Alonso was crossing straight into Cech’s box but the keeper was equal to it. Arsenal then went on the front foot and were finding each other and were definitely on the uppers for the first 15 minutes and it looks like we are the most likely to score.

Courtois is in excellent form but the chances are all going Arsenal’s way and Wilshere finally gets the breakthrough. The pressure pays off and Arsenal are looking commanding. Go on you Gooners!

Arsenal went all out for the second while in total control and Lacazette had a great chance which was deflected into the side netting. The Gunners are keeping their place as Conte’s bogey team but with Chelsea’s first break of the half Bellerin somehow gave away a penalty kicking Hazard and of course Cech could never save a spot kick from anyone never mind Hazard! Game On!

The Gunners didnt drop their heads and went all out attack mode but Chelsea got another quick break and Morata missed another chip against Cech and it went wide. But Conte is obviously worried and brought on Drinkwater for Fabregas to try and tighten up the midfield but it was Chelsea who came closest next when Kante got a deflected shot that went past the post. Both teams have stepped up a gear and the game is rocking. !5 minutes to go and it looks like one moment of brilliance can win it for either side…

With 15 minutes to go Morata and Hazard combined to test Cech on another quick break but the final pass was closer to Cech that Hazard and Arsenal got back on the attack. But it is looking like anyone can win it but the Gunners are holding their own under pressure.

With 9 minutes to go Conte surprisuingly took off Hazard but a fresh Willian could cause problems to anyone in his place. One minute later Willian crosses an excellent ball to Zappacosta on the wing. He gets past Maitland-Niles and the cross lands on Alonso’s foot 3 yards out and suddenly the Blues have broken Arsenal’s hearts and they will have to go all out for an equalizer now with just six minutes left…

Conte gets all his players in defence and Arsenal just attack attack attack. Welbeck goes down the wing and then Walcott comes on for Chambers as Wenger goes for goal desperately and it pays off!

An incredible ending as Bellerin gets a bouncing ball outside the box and shoots it past Cech who was unsighted and we are back in the game. Jeez one point was saved in an incredible match that was worthy of the billing. Both sides played like Champions in one of the most exciting games of the season. Wenger will leave very relieved but can we expect another rant because of another penalty given against us?



  1. sfgunner says:


    1. LagosGunner says:

      When Xhaka plays, its’s like we are playing with 10 men.
      We need a proper DM Asap

      1. miker says:

        I didn’t watch the game coz I was pissed drunked, but every time somehow people seems to blame xhaka “when xhaka play’s it’s like 10”. Try plugging a cylindrical water pipe with triangular plug or peg or watever and see if the seal is water tight. Play a player where he is best suited, as simple as that.

  2. shark says:

    With this draw, we can afford to lose at Bournemouth.

    1. GB says:

      Can? Or can’t?

      1. shark says:

        Can. I was being sarcastic.

    2. MW supporter says:

      God this negative sh.t does my head in.

  3. McLovin says:

    Against top 6:

    1 win
    3 draws
    3 defeats

    Specialist in failure everyone.

    1. Muff diver says:

      Europa league is our only shot
      I’m sure of it

      And not even cos we can compete in cl
      Just to attract players

    2. gotanidea says:

      Let’s see the bright side. A final sixth or seventh position and a trophiless season would be enough for the board to dethrone Wenger.

      If it happens, this would be the best season for me, in the last thirteen years.

      1. AB says:

        I don’t think the board will sack Wenger. I think the financial impact may not be enough though I am not an expert in club finances. I think people will still buy season tickets and merchandise. It will take a a few more seasons like this before finances will be impacted which may then lead to change.

        1. Maks says:

          Yeah, that’s our biggest problem. Tonite was an entertaining game and that’s enough. Money came.

        2. gotanidea says:

          I think old geezers like us and the loyal fans that have been following Arsenal would stay loyal. But Arsenal would not be able to attract new fans if they keep playing with Wenger’s safe style.

          I am worried Arsenal would gradually turn into a mediocre club like Newcastle, Blackburn and Everton, if Wenger, his staffs and the corrupted board are still at Arsenal in the next five years.

      2. jon fox says:

        Spot on . I have been posting the self same thought and fervently hope it comes true. Though I found myself, through habit and heart over head, wanting us to win, when we went 1-2 down , I could see the 6 point gap behind Liverpool in 4th place being healthy for those who want our club cleansed of Wenger. So it ended up at “only” 5 points and far inferior goal differnce behind Liverpool with 16 to play. I am content that that gap from 4th place will grow still bigger and , dependent on how realistic our fans are (or not , in some cases) it will become quite clear that we are once again going to miss out on top four and even behind Spurs once again. I see no likelihood that we will be lower than 6th BUT I think that position, along with a sizeable points gap from 4th, WILL, though a decade too late, do for Wenger. I FULLY EXPECT TO START NEXT SEASON WITH A NEW MANAGER AND WILL BE OVER THE MOON WHEN IT HAPPENS, IN COMMON WITH TENS OF THOUSANDS OTHER GOONERS.

  4. GunnerJack says:

    What a brilliant game!

    1. Muff diver says:

      Box office as fook
      3-3 Liverpool
      4-3 Leicester

    2. Thebush says:

      Thank you, finally someone who cared to comment on the game!!!
      Stop all the moaning you fools, I’m starting to hate this site because of you…This was an amazing game and reminds me of why I love Arsenal.
      Welcome back Jack

      1. MW supporter says:

        Totally agree, every article goes off track at some stage with the now very boring I hate Wenger, this used to be a site with excellent intelligent articles, that had well thought out articulate banter it’s now 70% morons who always say the same thing, regardless of the question or point.

        1. Admin says:

          I agree as well. In fact a year or two ago I made a rule about comments having to stick to the topic because the Anti-Wenger vitriol was taking over every threed. I may have to introduce it again. We have an article about whether such and such player will improve the team, and we get comments like; The only transfer I want is Wenger out”. This is boring and not what JustArsenal is about. We have enough anti-Wenger articles that these comments can be left on, so we shall have to stop hijacking every thread. I hope many of our commenters are reading this reply…

          1. xxnofx says:

            Ive been reading on this site for about 3 years but only recently been commenting the last 6 months or so .
            What you are saying is that you dont want people to express how they feel about the club that they support .I agree that theres alot of hate on here and ill admit i want change and i dont like how this club is run .but you can alienate your core readers .
            Every article that is written .be it about transfers ,after game previews all comes down to 1 person and that is wenger ,and if hes not doing is job properly then in my book hes held accountable ,and thats why your seeing so much hate about him on here .

          2. Admin says:

            There are thousands of readers that want Wenger to hand the reins over to someone younger, and we have loads of articles that discuss this matter, but when we talk about a game, especially when we have played a great game against Chelsea, why can’t we actually discuss the football. If you want a site where everyone just slags off Wenger then find one. I want intelligent discussion about everything Arsenal, not just peoples hatred of Wenger….

          3. Ivan says:

            I would have no problem with staying on topic but if you say something like we might have been better in a different formation the Weird Wenger Cult jump all over you saying “go support another club” and things deteriorate from there. So I hope you do something about them or if not rename the site Wenger Worshippers.

          4. Admin says:

            You are joking Ivan I hope! About 90% of commenters are anti-Wenger and you want me to ban the 10% that disagree with you! Shall I rename the site “People that agree with Ivan’???

          5. Ivan says:

            Okay so no matter how innocuous the comment you think your Wenger Cult to which I assume you are a member should be allowed to abuse as they like and we have no right of reply.
            Just rename your site then to Wenger Worshippers and I’ll contact those with adds telling them that you are not an Arsenal site just a weird cult.

          6. Admin says:

            Okay now you are showing me just how weird you are! Wenger cult indeed…..
            NO-ONE is allowed to personally abuse other Arsenal fans. No matter how many labels you want to put on people who disagree with you, does not mean that they are not entitled to their own opinion without being abused by you. Okay?
            Stop trying to twist my words to your own agenda…..

          7. Ivan says:

            No twisting of words by me it is just your own words that you do not like when they are put back to you.

          8. xxnofx says:

            Nowhere in my post did i say i want a site that slags him off .i want change and so do alot of fans and i thought this site was where you were aloud to express those thoughts .like i said most articles will always come back to wenger talk .i cant see how you can stop that .i dont like it when i read fans say they hate him and weird stuff like that,but hes got to the point where hes not likeable and that comes down to the way he is running this club .so when an article comes up with say…. arsenal played great but lost …then hes going to get the brunt of it from fans

          9. GoonerP says:

            You are allowed to express your opinion. But if I write a post about whether say Chambers deserves to be Inn the first team. I don’t see how a comment of “Wenger must go” contributes to the conversation. You must understand that surely???

          10. Xxnofx says:

            Yes I do ,but then alot of fans will then say he shouldn’t be in the team and then it comes down to who’s picking the team ,ie wenger ,then we come full circle again .
            Listen I have nothing against him he’s done wonders but that time is over and it’s 8-10 years to much

    3. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Well said GunnerJack , You’re the first one to talk about the the game and not the usual negative dross. What would help the team is if some of the fans in the ground could raise there voices a little. I pop these northerners enough but at least they know how to get behind there side.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        The atmosphere at the Emirates is getting worse, these new fans, because that’s what most of them are, 95% of them never went to Highbury, don’t even know “come on you reds”. The Emirates is more like a Kindergarten with the half time announcer coming out with stuff like”Good evening boys and girls, I’ts five year old Hayley’s birthday today, lets all wish happy birthday to Hayley and seven year old Kylie’s first visit to the Emirates, have a wonderful evening Kylie” Goodness me it supposed to be a football stadium. They obviously pay for these announcements or at least I think they do because I’m sure Arsenal wouldn’t do it unless there was a profit involved. If I owned the club the first person I would employ is someone to ramp up the atmosphere and the first sacking would be the stupid announcer

        1. Ivan says:

          Football has changed now Kenny. It used to be a game for the masses. Now it is a plaything of the middle classes, like opera.
          In 1979 I went to the cup final and the ticket price was £2.50. In 2014 I went against Hull and the ticket price was £112.
          For that money the soft pink faced middle classes do not like a boisterous atmosphere. Sadly it is not going to change unless the money drops out of the game.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I know you’re right Ivan and I think this is the last year for me, I’ve been saying that for several years now, the atmosphere seems to get worse every year. I think it’s a comfy armchair form now on, especially if Wenger sticks around, we’ll see

          2. Ivan says:

            You are a good true fan Kenny and it would be a shame if it were so.
            Arsenal don’t help matters though with their pricing.

          3. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Thanks for those nice comments Ivan

  5. Maks says:

    Big question is why Arsenal players this season give 100% in big games,
    but they can not play like that and beat WestHam, WestBrom and co.?
    Cos they dnt care, they are not afraid of any sanctions, they are like in kindergarden.
    When situation in the Team is like this you should change the Manager.
    Nothing else will improve us by the level that we can fight like that every single game.
    Alexis was not at his best. Chambers should be loaned.
    Why putting bloody Welbeck in??? No use of him in big matches.
    Bellerin, Ozil, Wilshere, Holding and Niles were very good.
    Chelsea is not a very good team. They are playing boring italian football. They should be happy if they finish 4th.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Our defending was shocking today! How Morata didn’t get a hat-trick is beyond me. It seems any ball over the top, and our defence has no clue what to do. And why are we so weak after scoring? I said we’d concede within 5 minutes of Wilshere’s goal, which we did, and then I joked there was still 2 minutes left to get the winner after Bellerin’s wonder strike, and they were somehow clean through straight from kickoff!!

    Good for confidence not start the year with a defeat, but Chelsea, especially Morata left us off big time! Sunday league defending yet again!!

    1. shark says:

      Morata was our best player.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        We need a sweeper keeper by the sounds of it.

        Honestly, if I was manager ..the second a penno is given, I’d bring on Ospina no matter what time it is in the game.
        Cech is the absolute worst keeper in the world at saving penno’s, he has to be. It’s disgraceful having a number one who’s so highly rated within the game being so utterly useless whenever a penno is given.

        But that sweeper keeper thing, I wouldn’t really recommend it be Ospina. Maybe Mislintat can find us the next Neuer.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          You’re right’ we definitely need a new Keeper, Cech,s been world class in his day but now not only is he bad with penalties his decision making about when to come out and when to stay is awful. A keeper should always be on the edge of his box anticipating the long ball. Neuer is a prime example

    2. gotanidea says:

      Today we saw the finishing skills of a 58 million tall striker (Morata) and a 53 million agile forward (Lacazette). A 50 million inverted winger (Salah) did better than the expensive tall strikers (such as Lukaku) that play centrally.

      1. Maks says:

        …and for me, it was sad looking Fabregas in this more advanced role playing for Chelsea like he played with us. But there was no space in Arsenal for him. 🙁

  7. gotanidea says:

    Conte was barking at his players and gave instructions while Wenger sit idly. Wenger’s tendency to play safe was reflected on the way his players passed the ball around and his choice to follow his opponent’s formation (3-4-2-1 vs Chelsea, 4-3-3 vs Manchester City).

    The penalty against Arsenal was unfair, but at least most of the players played very well:

    – Lacazette: Made several bad first touches, but worked hard. Too bad he couldn’t finish the golden chance.

    – Sanchez: Seemed to be instructed to play more upfront. Was not as effective as when he played deeper.

    – Ozil: Made a lot of nice turns, something he rarely does. Hopefully he keeps playing like this.

    – Wilshere: It looks as if we have found our new Cazorla. He went up and down tirelessly, bravely made some nice turns and dribbles in tight spaces.

    – Xhaka: Nothing special. Made a lot of backpasses, but did no mistakes.

    – Bellerin: Unfairly given the penalty against him. He was full of energy and spirited, apart from several wrong passes.

    – Maitland-Niles: I still can’t believe this kid is a natural right footer. Moses couldn’t get past him, so Conte has to use a fresher right wingback to penetrate. Imagine how good this kid would be, if he plays as a right wingback/ fullback.

    – Chambers: Made several wrong passes, luckily nothing bad happened. Kept Morata in his pocket.

    – The other defenders: They did well.

    – Cech: Brilliant saves. Too bad he couldn’t have a clean sheet.


      Didn’t watch the game, I appreciate the input. Happy we didn’t lose.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I feel for Lacazette, he was on some form where almost the only chances he got were going in. He started really well and should have been confident. Then Arsene takes him off every time even though the best chances come late in games. Now you can see Lacazette has been instructed to play springboard for other players rather than last shoulder or play you’re own game. On top of that he is crying out for a goal now and has lost the confidence that should have been built up. Giroud not wanting to play second striker and Arsene having no spine is the cause.

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Eight thumbs up for not watching the game, what next, thumbs up for leaving early.

    2. pires says:


    3. A.Ball08 says:

      I would like to agree but i cant
      The pen was a pen and why the hell did bellerin try and make a silly challenge
      Bellerin was at fault for there 2nd goal. He tracks alonso amd then stops dead.
      Pior defending
      Sanchez played much better. He stopped cutting in and eating up space. He held the touch line more and we more width
      Xhaka is a waste of a player for us. Always a mistake in him
      Liked Mustafa in the middle. Made a mistake at the end but looked better. Loved the rollicking he gave chamber’s for making a mistake. Dont see that very often from amy of our players.
      When we play at a high tempo we are a match for any team we play against
      Slow slow side side is too often how we play. Lack of penetration.
      Wenger hasnt got a clue on how to defend. Never has which has cost us for so many years.
      Great game and 3 great games against the top 5 but 2 points from 9 is a poor return

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I think Bellerin has every right to go for that ball, if he starts leaving those well then you may as well just give the opposition the ball. Just unlucky that a player is gonna go down every time, even though the only one who could’ve done some real damage was the guy hitting his toes off the studs. One of those that players know it’s a nothing but the problem is that refs don’t usually see it the same way.

      2. The Analyzer says:

        Fouls and misconduct are penalised as follows:
        Direct free kick
        A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
        of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referee to be
        careless, reckless or using excessive force:
        • kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
        • trips or attempts to trip an opponent
        • jumps at an opponent
        • charges an opponent
        • strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
        • pushes an opponent
        • tackles an opponent
        A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
        of the following three offences:
        • holds an opponent
        • spits at an opponent
        • handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own
        penalty area)

        The above are incidents that should lead to the award of a direct kick that includes a penalty. The key words on whatever act of commission or omission by the penalized player are “careless, reckless, excessive force”. Now in the case of Bellerin would you say he was careless to go for a loose ball? Was he reckless? Did he use excessive force?

        Be the judge.

  8. pires says:

    what referees have against arsenal.????

    1. Maks says:

      You are quoting Wenger even before he speaks. 🙂

      1. pires says:

        how many times it happened??!! STOK,MAN CITY ,WATFORD,WEST BROM , TODAY ….Unfair.AND i am not saying we were perfect neither wenger was.

  9. Vijay says:

    Suddenly europa league seems like a huge trophy

    1. Ivan says:

      It’s the new Wenger trophy now we are no longer good enough to qualify for the Chamions League.

  10. pires says:

    he forget a penalty for maitland nails in the first half,then a chambers-like hand from Cahil in the second half. we have been robbed of FOUR points in three days.MEDIOCRE referees those of England

    1. It it Rkw says:

      Give it a break … There were no dumb refereeing decisions in this game … Wenger was too timid but there were some encouraging performances … Just not xhaka and bellerin

      1. Maks says:

        It is very sad that Arsene Wenger in his post match interview said the same shit about injustice in the world as some people on this forum minutes before his interview.

        1. pires says:

          hi CHELSEA fans;……………your hate you havefor wenger is incridible

          1. Break-on-through says:

            RKW defending the lads, now I have seen it all!!.

  11. xhaka16 says:

    Am certain an article would soon be written by some clueless arsenal fan as to how arsenal players showed balls to draw a game at the dying minutes but would forget to include the fact that we took the lead first and we played at the emirates………happy bout the draw though,anitin to keep us out of reach of top 6 is all but acceptable ………

    1. Break-on-through says:

      True, when that happens to us the other team usually ups the concentration, knowing we have to score, they get to counter attack us which they usually manage a get a second before any reply.

      Then we go into Chippendales mode and everything comes off in a desperate ploy to score score score, but you rarely know if it’ll work and sometimes you get your worst ever embarrassments cos of it.

  12. It it Rkw says:

    Enjoyable game … But we gave it away with sloppy play inc the penalty which was a pen … Silly comments here … Ozil wilshere and Czech were our standouts …xhaka and bellerin …til the last gasp … were hapless … But back three are work in progress… If we could reproduce this level week,in week out we would be further up the tree but wenger can’t get this performance regularly and against top teams results are substandard

    1. pires says:

      we were in the front foot befor THAT penalty.

    2. A.Ball08 says:

      Agree with everything you had to say
      Back 3 are shaky but we played hding on the left and he loomed much more steady instead of the right where he gets turned all the time plus bellerin never gives him support. I mentioned early in a comment bellerin was at fault for both goals
      The pen was a pen and why the hell raise your foot for a tackle like that. Hes going now where.
      There 2nd. He tracks and stops and.lets Alonso drift across unmarked.
      2-2 and we almost lose a point after just getting it back at the death because we have no shape or discipline and the drift in over the top…sloppy

      1. Midkemma says:

        I aint a fan of Bellerin at RWB, he looks made for that spot but in practice he is a liability, he looked better when we went to a back 4.

    3. The Analyzer says:

      Fouls and misconduct are penalised as follows:
      Direct free kick
      A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
      of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referee to be
      careless, reckless or using excessive force:
      • kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
      • trips or attempts to trip an opponent
      • jumps at an opponent
      • charges an opponent
      • strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
      • pushes an opponent
      • tackles an opponent
      A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
      of the following three offences:
      • holds an opponent
      • spits at an opponent
      • handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own
      penalty area)

      Explain yourself in light of the rules

  13. Tatgooner says:

    I wonder why people complain of stupid things.
    Chelsea missed 5 absolute sitters yet people are still blaming refs

    1. Maks says:

      Maybe they are very young, maybe they have Wenger s picture above a bad. Maybe Wenger pays them 😉

      1. Eat Pie says:

        Maybe them missing chances was their own fault like Sanchez and Lacazette missing theirs, but a ref who is meant to be neutral negatively impacts 1 team incorrectly.

      2. pires says:

        THAT penalty was,once again, unfair. we were in the front foot befor that

        1. Rkw says:

          Unfair … This is not an ffing Enid blyton story … Either he fouled him or he didn’t … And every replay shows he caught his foot and not the ball it would be a free kick anywhere on the pitch and in the penalty area that means a penalty … Stop blaming the refs for another substandard season and focus energy on the real problem …

  14. waal2waal says:

    i’m happy we showed spirit and resilience – as i hate the depression that accompanies supporting this team. we need help we will win the europa and take a back door into the champions league. lets be brutally honest about our options.

  15. Ivan says:

    Mixed emotions here. Unlike against the smaller teams we did give our best and you cannot ask for more than that but again we don’t get a win against a top side.
    We have four easy games in the league coming up and it is imperative we win all of these as we have Spuds away and Man City after that.

    1. Maks says:

      That’s the problem. If they play 80% of the tonite intensity Arsenal can win every single game of those next 4.

  16. Skills1000 says:

    This team will be great with a new Manager. Wenger should have sold Welbeck. All he needed to have done was to bring Walcott in and take out Chambers. Lacazette shouldn’t have been substituted. Walcott is a more impact player than Welbeck. Wilshere is superb

  17. Tatgooner says:

    Play the reserve team in premier league and first team in europa league

    1. Eat Pie says:

      For once I agree with you.

  18. Anko says:

    I don’t understand how the contact on Jack is not enough and he should be sent off and the contact on Hazard is enough to be a penalty. Rubbish analysis by the pundits!

    1. pires says:

      where are the fools who predicted 3 4 5 nil for Chelsea.AND don’t say me they missed chances we also did.THE REF stole the game away from us. even hough we wer not perfect.

      1. pires says:

        even though

    2. pires says:

      and it keep happening over and over again

      1. jon fox says:

        Prediction: Almost zero chance of that hapless pires either getting anyone agreeing with him on here or that he will stop posting his ludicrous rubbish. You have to wonder at his low IQ and pity him for being that way. HE HAS GOT TO LIVE THE REST OF HIS LIFE WITH THAT BRAIN. Poor sod!

        1. pires says:

          stop your personnal abuse mate

          1. Tdg1944 says:

            I agree about the undesirability of personal abuse. Perhaps you could also have directed your comment to the individual who labelled critics of Wenger as “morons”. I invite you to still do so.

  19. Tatgooner says:

    I dont see any reason why westham and leicester cant consider themselves level with arsenal

  20. Shinoda says:

    Arsenal shouldn’t be considered a football club but a cause for high blood pressure, stress & heart attack. We really gift our opponents so many chances, we’re lucky Morata was one of us today. Just like someone here has said, I knew we would concede & allow them to take a lead. Our defending right from midfield is so atrocious, I cringe anytime we allow them in our box stupidly. BigUps to MN, that kid was my only positive today. I just hope Wenger doesn’t stay long enough to ruin him as well. Anyway, the battle for 5th place continues.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Chelsea should thank Ozil and Lacazette for missing their golden chances as well. They should also thank Courtois for blocking Sanchez’s shot that was almost certain to go in.

    2. Maks says:

      I agree. It is very sad that Arsene Wenger in his post match interview said the same shit about injustice against us, as some people on this forum minutes before his interview. He fell low.

      1. jon fox says:

        His wilful refusal to accept the truth about penalties , as tonights foul on Hazard by Bellerin was a penalty, proven after the game in slow motion replaying of incident, is deeply embarrassing. He is still lying about the Man City game and refusing to accept we were well beaten. HIS PARANOIA IS A SICK JOKE AND HE USES THE WHOLE REFEREE accusations of regular incompetance(which of course is nonsense and an inability to face thr truth, which is that he has not a first clue how to organise defence) to gain sympathy on forums from fans who have not the wit to see what he is doing and who then support him in his paranoia. HE IS DESPERATE AND KNOWS THE SACK IS VERY LIKELY IN MAY, when we finish no higher than 6th , many points from 4th place and is panicking, as he can’t face losing his power and prestige as manager. HE WILL THOUGH. Some of us who can see clearly what lies ahead and don’t buy into any of this penalty and ref hysteria and nonsense , can clearly see this is his last season , in all probability. And are totally delighted!

        1. The Analyzer says:

          Fouls and misconduct are penalised as follows:
          Direct free kick
          A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
          of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referee to be
          careless, reckless or using excessive force:
          • kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
          • trips or attempts to trip an opponent
          • jumps at an opponent
          • charges an opponent
          • strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
          • pushes an opponent
          • tackles an opponent
          A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
          of the following three offences:
          • holds an opponent
          • spits at an opponent
          • handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own
          penalty area).

          From the replays you are talking about, which of the three: careless, reckless, or excessive force was Bellerin guilty of? The difference between Wenger and you is that he applies logic to issues, while you rely on lies by pundits. The rules are clear concerning what constitutes a foul. The act of omission or commission must have been either careless, reckless, or involved the use of excessive force.

          In the case of Bellerin, he and Hazard were going for a loose ball, and Harzard’s foot got the first. Bellerin had a slight kick on Harzard, which was neither careless, reckless, or involved use of excessive force. That should never have been called a penalty.

          Staying with the “contact” logic which you are parroting from the idiotic pundits. Would you explain why a penalty was not given in the first half when Moses clearly clipped Maitland-Niles? Would you explain why pundits are saying Jack was lucky to stay on the field after falling easily following contact from a Chelsea player?

        2. Tdg1944 says:

          Sadly Jon I believe he will still be here next season and we will continue to see the deepening, internecine civil war within our fan base. Football is, gloriously, a game of opinions but it is also a matter of facts and evidence. Leaving aside differences of opinion re tactics, organisation, motivation, player purchases, player non-purchases, substitution decisions etc. are our achievements congruent with our level of support and resources?

  21. Lupe says:

    We aren’t going anywhere with this manager. We shouldn’t bother buying new players until a new manager comes in because what will be the point of new signings under wenger. Best we can hope for is 5th place finish, yeah guys this is what Arsenal is now.

  22. LagosGunner says:

    A relief to get that late draw, but 23 points behind the EPL leaders, Manchester City in January in unacceptable for a big football club like Arsenal.

    4th – 6th mediocrity! It’s just unacceptable!

  23. Sue says:

    Beautiful goal Hector!!

  24. ks-gunner says:

    Arsenal is prone to mistakes, and while this being no news, other teams sitt back and wait, and doing so they get us every time

    Cant point fingers that much at players. Bellering should know that Hazard was looking for a reason to dive

    Niles even though lost his men, the defence in Mustafi and co where sleeping

    Wilshere is the man, give him his contract and name him captain of the team, why? Bec we need players who want to be here, and do something

  25. Lupe says:

    There was contact on hazard, its was a penalty. I know wenger, myself and other arsenal fans will be screaming if it was sanchez and it wasn’t given, so please lets not follow in wenger’s footsteps by being hypocrites .

    1. The Analyzer says:

      Fouls and misconduct are penalised as follows:
      Direct free kick
      A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
      of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referee to be
      careless, reckless or using excessive force:
      • kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
      • trips or attempts to trip an opponent
      • jumps at an opponent
      • charges an opponent
      • strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
      • pushes an opponent
      • tackles an opponent
      A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
      of the following three offences:
      • holds an opponent
      • spits at an opponent
      • handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own
      penalty area)

      A better understanding of laws of the game will make you a better contributor on matters of spot. Not every contact is a foul.

  26. Plankton says:

    People constantly moan that Wenger always sits next to he’s cheerleader in Steve Bould and never stands by the touch line and instructs the players. For me, I feel that our supporters should be our manager by chanting our players on from start to finish almost like the Liverpool supporters does (not saying that Klopp does the exact same as our manager does). Maybe it’ll help in future.

    On another point, seeing that Hazard got the penalty then I think that Maitland Niles should also have been awarded a penalty in the 1st half. For me, both were with minimal touches and therefore doesn’t constitute in being rewarded as a penalty. Shearer made a great point on it.

    Lastly, my man of the match is undoubtetly Maitland Niles. Played well up until another fresher wingback was introduced who didn’t really slaughter him but got to make him make a mistake come the eightieth minutes. He’s only 20 years of age and will get better.

    Peace out everyone. COYG!!!

    1. pires says:

      Spot on Plakton thre was a penalty on Maitland-nails

    2. Tdg1944 says:

      I’m sorry I can’t agree that the Maitland – Niles incident was a penalty but I also don’t believe that the Hazard incident was worthy of a penalty. I agree Maitland – Niles is an exciting prospect but he is really a midfield player. I hope that he is allowed to demonstrate that soon.

  27. Innit says:

    Exciting match. Thanks Bellerin

    Honestly, we must play our best players in Europa. Its our best chance to get into CL innit

  28. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Wilshere played well tonight, BUT I apologise to Maitland-Niles for unde-rating him when I saw the team sheet before the game. Bellerin too was excellent. Unfortunately, the errors made by each of them led to Chelsea 2-undeserved goals.

    We need at least 2 quality players in addition to Ozil and Sanchez. Can anyone imagine if we have Cazorla with these 2 gems with Aubameyang on same squad ? We will outscore any team in England in almost every match. That is the principle of Barcelona. Victor Valdez may concede 2 stupid goals, Messi and other forwards will scire 5 goals. Thus, Valdez is forgiven.

  29. Jones says:

    so, Bellerin scored against Cech….

  30. David Rusa says:

    I don’t understand what goes wrong on this website sometimes. Negative to the core. It is simply disgusting. To some people anything which hurts Arsenal is good as long as it can lead to Wenger’s departure. This is a very miserable situation for anyone who claims to be an Arsenal fan. You are Arsenal fans not Wenger opponents. Why all the indulgence in Wenger even when he has done no obvious wrong? What wrong did Wenger do today? He had a makeshift back three due to injuries. Koscielny, Montreal, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Giroud are all out injured and some people get happy about that? I know many will thumb me down but I will be the happier for it. I am sick and tired of fickle fans or fans of other Clubs masquerading as Arsenal supporters on this website. For the genuine Arsenal fans I urge you to support our team regardless of the pitfalls and whoever is the manager.

    1. jon fox says:

      David, you ask what Wenger does wrong. Well I have not time to write a huge book of comments but what about his constant playing of players out of their natural position. EG, it is very clear that AM-N is a major player in the making and is developing very fast. But it is even more clear that he is not and never will be a left back. Played in the right position by a decent manager this young man would become a valuable and key player. I just have to hope that Wenger is sacked-as I believe he will be in May- before he can ruin yet another young talent.

      1. pires says:

        JON FOX
        you play whom at left bacK ??OSPINA???!!
        some of you are saying we don’t have any graduat academythen you come with wilshere and MAITLAND-nails have been superb??!!!

      2. The Analyzer says:

        And what is rightful position by the way?

    2. pires says:

      spot on DavidRosa i feel like i am in a CHELSEA fans forum . AND i am a fellower of this forum since FIVE years. I have never witnessed such negativity

      1. Ivan says:

        have you stopped taking your medication as you are posting a lot now and I had never noticed you before?

        1. pires says:

          you should take a little bit, too. to exorcise your hatered

          1. Ivan says:

            Just a bit bored with your inane ramblings. You really do sound like Trump

          2. Break-on-through says:

            Negativity is healthy, otherwise we’d be all agreeing with one another. We have to negate if we do not feel the same way, to have an opposing view, a different belief. Like if I say Arsene is a custard pie, you can be negative and say no he’s not he’s godlike.

  31. Midkemma says:

    This game just makes me want to see AMN in CM, that composure and ability to win the ball back, the next Vieira???????

    Wenger needs to drop Xhaka and give AMN a chance in the middle, the kid was brilliant again, I can’t help but imagine what we would be like if he was CM alongside Wilshere.

    1. Ivan says:

      So agree

      1. pires says:

        you play then Macey as your let back???
        and we don’t have a good academy, right???…. fickle fans

        1. Ivan says:

          @ pires (a.k.a. Mr Trump). When fit Monreal or Kolasinac can play LB as they are both specialist LB’s.
          You really do show yourself up Trump.

    2. The Analyzer says:

      How many games have you seen him play in that position, or you are just Mr. Follow the crowd? When Maitland-Niles was at Ipswitch he played on the flanks, and never through the middle. The only game he played centre midfield was in the FA cup against Southampton last season.

      You should be thankful that Wenger taught him to play full back as well, other wise we would have had noone in that position after injuries to Monreal and Kolasinac. Common sense does seem to be common to you, does it?

      1. pires says:

        SPOT ON ANALYSER ,some fans critics for the sack of crtisizing.they wanted M.N in the MIDfield to put WHOM at left back? steve BOULD?!!!…. Stupide

        1. Ivan says:

          take your medication, you are getting far too worked up

      2. Ivan says:

        @ The Analyser
        Not for the first time you been unable to grasp what somebody has said. @ Midkemma said “Wenger needs to drop Xhaka and give AMN a chance in the middle, the kid was brilliant again, I can’t help but imagine what we would be like if he was CM alongside Wilshire.” He did not say do it now. I am sure he meant when we have one or both of either Monreal or Kolasinac back.
        AMN has played in a number of different positions:
        – He came through the academy as a right winger, but was moved inside to a central midfield position during the 2014/15 season.
        – He spent the 2015/16 season on loan at Ipswich Town in the Championship, where he predominantly played on the flanks.
        – Upon his return to Arsenal last season, he filled in as a right back during our run in the FA Cup.
        – In pre-season, he played centre back.
        The dinosaur said of him “He can play left back, right back, central midfield. Of the three positions, maybe the least natural for him is left back, but he adapts very quickly and is a good defender.”
        When deployed in midfield, Maitland-Niles often fulfils the holding role. Many regard this to be his best position due to his unflappable nature. @ Midkemma is not alone in wondering if he can be the next Patrick Viera.
        So Mr Analyser you make comments about common sense but you would be advised to try to read things a bit more thoroughly (it would be good for your career too) as I think you missed his point.

        1. The Analyzer says:

          You have not seen him play in the middle and what you can do is dream that he will be exceptional simply because he is good as a fullback? Should Bellerin, Cole have been played in the midfield as well? The bottomline is you have no idea how he will perform in the midfield position. Those employed to teach and select players believe that for now his best position is as a fullback, and you a keyboard with no iota of a to manage a football team think otherwise.

          The beauty of internet and social media is that idiots think they are better than Newton and Einstein

          1. Ivan says:

            You don’t seem able to read words and understand them. Read again.
            As for the comments about the internet and idiots you seem to exemplify it.

  32. GoonAR says:

    We were lucky to get a point. Lol Conte must have been pssd at Morata’s lack of finishing.

    I want some more AMN!!!

  33. Jakseth says:

    Some of you here are clearly becoming as ambitious as the team. Beeing happy with this draw is a joke. this is not good enough. 24 points gap with city, are you kidding me?!

  34. hide_TR07 says:

    Given the 7 point gap, we had to win and it was a winnable game. Though it was kind of like a jetcoaster game and could have been entertaining to the nuetral fans, it was another frustrating game to me.

    It was an unexpectedly open game with lots of space in the middle. But there were many mistakes in passing on both sides and I didn’t see much intensity. Probably fatigue played a big part after playing so many games in a short period.

    Lacazette couldn’t score but he tried very hard. Seems to me his confidence is pretty low and only goals can help him out. So, I would have liked it if he had played full 90 minutes. He needs more support from and communication with his teammates.

    Happy for Jack’s goal. He has come a long way. Hope he is well taken care of and rested when possbile.

    Despite the great last minute goal, Bellerin was poor, and so was Xhaka. Considering the importance of his postion as CDM, his defensive contribution is very little. He needs to be benched.

    Both goal keepers were excellent. But we were the lucky one because some of their shots were off target. Thank you, Morata.

    Maitland Niles looked composed and did a great job. I would like to see how he play in his natural postion.

    Now, we are 6th in the table. I am really sad.

    1. Ivan says:

      You are right and I too am sad

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