Arsenal v Crystal Palace Player Ratings – Saliba impressive on debut

Arsenal Player Rating against Crystal Palace

Ramsdale 7
Aaron made two excellent saves after a shaky start. Could have been a contender for MOTM

White 6
Considering he started as a right back he kept the line pretty well, but fully deserved his booking

Saliba 8
Brilliant debut for the young Frenchman. What will Arteta do when Tomiyasu is fit?

Gabriel 7
Solid performance alongside Saliba

Zinchenko 7
Brilliant assist for the goal, certainly looks stronger going forward than defending. Good debut

Partey 7
Another strong performance but he really needs to brush up on his shooting.

Xhaka 7
A good solid game, but had us all worried after his ridiculous dive

Ødegaard 6
Should have scored his easy chance to give us some comfort, but I’m sure he will be a good captain

Martinelli 7
Missed a superb chance after 4 minutes but redeemed himself when he gave us the lead

Jesus 7
Didn’t seem quite as bright as in preseason, but gave the Palace defence problems

Saka 6
He didn’t get into the game as much as we hoped, but a great training ground corner for the first goal


Nketiah 6 – I think he should have come on earlier when Jesus was flagging.
Tierney 6 – Needs to be broken back in slowly
Lokonga – N/A


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Arteta would have liked a couple more goals against Palace. Wouldn’t we all!

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  1. The Crystal Palace vs Arsenal match has been played and it’s over. Thank God Arsenal have deservingly won it. And the Gunners who played in the match have gotten the ratings which they deserved to get. Neverthelessm I beseech the Gunners to up their performance considerably in their next match for Arsenal. And avoid a repeat of the defensive lapse that saw the Arsenal defense split open, leaving Ramsdale to the mercy of Enerechi Eze. But which the Arsenal goalkeeper foiled. But what if he couldn’t foil it?
    Anyway, let Arteta and the Gunners prepare very well in their full training sessions, putting all game winning tactics to practice for their next match at home against Brendan Rodgers’ Foxes team. A match which I consider may be as hard to win like their last C Palace game was if not harder.
    Despite that Leicester are yet to do a signing this summer window does not mean they will not give a good account of themselves against us Arsenal in the match.

  2. Ramsdale won us the game with his decisions, positioning and anticipation, but Magalhaes and him should be more careful next time

    Saliba looks as if he has 10+ years experience, because of his great decisions. His dominance in duels also reminds me of Sol Campbell

    White didn’t do too bad despite having to foul Zaha, but his performance was still not on a par with Maitland-Niles’ when defending in the fullback position. Maitland-Niles almost completely nullified Zaha, Salah and Traore when he played that role

    Zinchenko looked at home when playing the interchanging LB and left DM roles, whereas Odegaard shouldn’t have lost too many challenges

    1. Let him be please! Crystal Palace was too physical and the Referee overlooked some of their wrestling. Odegaard will be good going forward – I believe.

      1. I really liked his high pressing effort. But he’d better learn how to win the ball and do hold-up play, otherwise he’ll just become a more hardworking version of Ozil

        I don’t think Vieira can be better in 50/50 challenges, but let’s see it after he becomes fully fit. Unfortunately we can’t sign Paqueta

    2. Lets get White alongside Partey.once Tomi is fit

      Also means if any of the CBs are attack he can sit back as he is quick and can defend

  3. Odegaard deserve 5 not 6. Weakest of the 11 players on the field. Too soft. Lack fight when the going is tough.

  4. Harsh to give Nketiah and Tierney 6.
    I thought both did very well in the short time they had.
    But never mind. Your ratings for the starting 11 are quite good IMO.

  5. Decent assessment but Mixed up xhaka and saka .. watching motd the difference between the Swiss plodder and someone like guimaraes is just so damned obvious to anyone with half a football brain … if we had brought him in in January we would be in the CL imo … instead we watched spurs strengthen and did nothing … bad money drives out good and the longer we keep him in the team the worse things will get

    1. We should stop been judgemental with our opinions today will say xhaka played well tomorrow will say otherwise even the bisouma makes mistakes sometimes in football people make mistakes if you don’t know it better know it now ..nobody is perfect that is the beauty of football ..if football is easy wear jersey go play make we see how you perform

      1. What an asinine comment … it’s a game which pits the team we support against a set of opposing teams that we need to beat to get ahead .. the question is why we have not been doing that frequently enough for several seasons now and what needs to be done to change it … xhaka is one among several explanations … whether I put on a pair of boots or not isn’t going to provide an answers that’s for sure

  6. White match stats vs Crystal Palace

    Touches 71
    Tackles- 8
    Interception- 1
    Clearance- 4
    Blocks- 1
    Key Passes- 1
    Successful Dribbles- 1
    Fouls committed- 2
    Fouls won- 3
    Dribbled Past- 2
    Offside won- 1
    Accurate Long Ball- 1

    He was only dribbled past just twice and disposed just once. He deserves more than a 6. He did great keeping Zaha toothless.

    1. I don’t actually know why some arsenal fans don’t give credit when one is deserved. This guy played against the best winger in Epl in a position that is not his own and still put in this stat. IMHO he deserves more than 6

  7. I’d give Saliba an 8:5, partey and Mart 8 . And the next game I’m expecting the same intensity as the 1st 30 minutes against palace, no let offs. I saw enough in pre season justfying we can sustain this. I wonder why we are letting off in real games more so after taking leads, that’s what I’ll be keenly looking at to see the progress from last season

  8. Cannot disagree with ratings
    Saliba head and shoulders over the rest ,Martinelli and Xhaka next best .
    White ,saka,and Odegaard worst of the bunch
    Arteta as a big decision to make when tomi comes back in ,does he stick with his 50 million pound man or play the better of the 2 in Saliba .

    1. When healthy Tomi was our best and most consistent defender.

      Saliba and Gabriel pairing is too good to break up in my opinion, and White simply isn’t as good as those 2.

      Tomi is better RB, so White should sit. Costing 50 million shouldn’t matter; Ozil never played despite his massive wages and Auba and Pepe frozen out despite their wages.

      Only a fool would break up the CB pairing now after their recent performances.

  9. I’d have given SALIBA at least a 9 and a 10 would have not looked wrong. A supreme first Prem debut for us and I can think of no other debut where the player has done as well. Not a single one.

    Though I do not, not even remotely, agree with the fairly common Gooner opinion that White was overpriced- I think him a fine player- but it is clear that he is NOT NOW in our best CB pairing. I thought he handled the tricky Zaha very well, altogether throughout the game .

    Yes, he made one or two errors but against Zaha that is not much and I do rate White a lot.

    1. Jon
      About Saliba’s performance on the pitch, I just read he did not commit a single foul all match.

      To me, that stands out as much as his list of stats. 2 primo tackles, one perfectly timed in the box.

      No fouls shows how well he reads the game as well as positions himself.

      I rate Ben White (3rd after Gabriel and Saliba), but no way Arteta breaks up the Saliba & Gabriel pairing at CB.

      Interesting question is what happens when Tomi returns? I think Tomi starts at RB.

      Personally would love to see White replace Xhaka and play CDM and allow Partey to get forward more often.

      Alas, Xhaka won’t grace the bench while he is healthy. I think he has to be replaced for the squad to take the next step. Xhaka is great passer, but we need more. He lacks pace, creativity, technique, and goals.

      1. Durand Almost 100% , I agree, though I do not think anyone , meaning XHAKA, WHO TAKES SO LONG TO TELEGRAPH AND FINALLY MAKE THAT LONG PASS TO BE A “GREAT ” PASSER.

        To me he has been a six plus year long liability and is too slow to catch a cold!


        1. Strange how you ,and i quote !
          “White is the best CB we have had since sol campbell “
          Now after one game he’s now not in the CB pairing going forward in your eyes .
          Funny old game and opinions. 😂

  10. A reasonable assessment by the writer.

    We now have three marquee defenders, this is awesome.
    If Harry Maguire worth £80 mil how much does Saliba..
    A keep saying Arsenal new we had a gem on our hands many moons ago,.

    We need Savic or Fabian Ruiz quickly, the spine need support to maintain the weekly grueling fixtures

  11. Would the hijacked from Arsenal by Man Utd of almost £60m Lisandro Martinez, whose defending for the Red Devils today at home against Brighton did not prevent them going down 0-2 in the game at halftime and 1-2 at fulltime be a serious concern for Arsenal if they have not missed biting the bullet this summer, but have succeeded to sign him?

  12. Glory glory Man Utd🤣🤣🤣great start for them.

    And adding to the discussion further up I think once Tomi is fully fit he starts at RB and white maybe drop into MF

  13. On the West Ham bench today is Gianluca Samacca their newly signed tall striker for their home match against Man City the Champions. The Gianluca Samacca who I admired for Arsenal to sign him this summer for a 3rd striker options. But alas! No success for me in this regard.
    But I’ve not seen the name of the midfielder Amaduo Onana on the West Ham team sheet for the match. Does this means they are yet to sign him?
    If so,and as Arteta has said more new top quality player signings will still arrive at Arsenal this summer according to reports. Then, if West Ham have not concluded the signing of Amaduo Onana, can Arsenal possibly gazumped the Irons to the signings of Onana this summer? Onana who looks to possess the profile of the former ace Man City’s top midfielder Yaya toure. But that’s assuming if Arteta and Edu rate him that highly. And will want Arsenal to sign him.
    Reading through the Gooners comment postings, I can see and ajuge that most Gooners are not that comfortable with the performance of the new Gunners captain Martin Odegard for Arsenal in our opening season match away to Crystal Palace last Friday night. And therefore, a top quality new ruthless midfielder signing this summer who can do the job better and better for Arsenal in it’s midfield as an alternative to Odegard for option and to provide cover should be signed by Arsenal this summer.

  14. Can’t drop Saliba….he looks the strongest, fastest and most composed defender we have. When Tomiyasu and Tierney are FULLY fit the back four shoyld be Tomiyasu, Saliba, Gabriel, Tierney and play Zinchenko in the midfield, even White could at times play in midfield. White is a good player but we must play our best team.

  15. Early days for Saliba, but he gives us hope for better things and finally some real solidity.. To think that that idiot pundit John O’Hara was only two weeks ago suggesting that Arsenal get rid of him. Probably wanted Saliba at Spurs. Let’s not jinx the young man. We need him to stay injury free as well as cool calm and collected both on and off the field.

  16. A game against Crystal Palace at their home is never an easy game. I way watched the game and noticed how Viera cut off any supply from the midfield and the wings to Gabriel Jesus. They blocked most of the crosses from the wings and frustrated Martin Ordegaard.

    I think a certain Muhammed Elneney might have make a difference with some long balls precisely delivered to Jesus or any of our forward player. Xhaka did not do that, neither did Partey. This is just my opinion though.

  17. Odegaard will struggle in matches where teams are too physical … Some how Saka is not in form. Our defense was full of confusion, we wait for the danger to enter our penalty area .. Saliba is impressive

  18. Reading the comments, i was surprised to see no mention of Jesus. So much was expected of him. I saw him getting involved in the first half , then go missing in the second.

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