Arsenal v Crystal Palace review – Gunners blow another lead

Things just refuse to get better for Arsenal and the rub of the green stays determined to go against us as the Gunners failed to win yet again after taking the lead and dominating the game against the visitors Crystal Palace.

The fact that their equalising goal late in the second half came as a direct result of an attacking Arsenal move that we messed up with an awful attempt at a cross by Monreal, with some second rate defending and what looks like an error from the keeper Petr Cech along the way, is just about typical of the way things have been going for the Gunners this year.

That does not make it any easier to take though, although at least we did not throw the game away altogether, despite a late scare when Koscielny’s attempted tackle looked to have let Zaha in on goal. THat would have been terribly harsh and to get just a point from this game after Alexis Sanchez gave us the lead on the stroke of half time is hard to take.

But if you don’t take your chances and don’t make the most of your dominance then these things will happen, as we know all too well. The point does increase our top four chances slightly, with Arsenal now four points and a much better goal difference ahead of Man United. But we do stay in fourth due to Man City’s better goal difference and it should have been so much better, pretty much like the season as a whole.

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    1. Yes!……….shake up a winning formula…….. Bring on Giroud, Ramsey and Walcott

      pLay out a SiLLy draw!……Bingo

      1. at SoOpa: Couldn’t agree more!! What a strange substitution! I told my mates when Ramsey and Giroud came on that we would not get the three points. What a strange sub. In a recent interview Wenger himself said Sanchez was too predictable on the right yet after bringing on Ramsey he moved Sanchez to the right.

        1. Honestly, if Bayern would actually offer £70 mils for Sanchez, I would take it in a heartbeat.

          He doesn’t bring much this team anymore as he can’t change his playing style at all. He still often stands out as 60-70% of the first team are useless.

          He can’t cross, he can’t use his left foot to save his life, his key passes are awful..

          1. If this was another club, I’d agree. But this is Arsenal, this is a club run by Kroenke and Wenger, a duo who’s main goal is to achieve as much profit as possible. This would mean that we sell Sanchez for £70mill, and the replacement is Wellington Silva coming back from loans and ready to take a dig a the PL. It could be £10 mill or 100, it all goes into Kroenkes pockets anyway….

      1. I pray we win it this season! Anybody up for Champions League football next season? Manure? West Ham? Chelsea? Anyone?

    2. I am not a fan of Mourinho but that phrase to describe Wenger is the most accurately poetic anyone can say about Wenger. I am getting convinced Wenger will never win the premier league again, as well as the Champions League. He is mentally fatigued and bereft of ideas…it is time to move on, Mr Wenger, before you destroy yourself and the good memory people have of you.

    3. I’m afraid watching Arsenal huff and puff without ever blowing anyone’s house down has become a serious snooze fest. Is it true they were giving out those airline pillows on the way in today?

    4. in a previous post, someone on ere saw a half filled stadium and claimed he saw full capacity L()L

      who would pay to watch delusion and disappointments these days?

    5. Please ,empty seat @ emerites …dont go for remaining Arsenal matches ..please please London, please raise your voice if you love Arsenal

    6. We really are stuck. We’ve got a lousy team and an immovable manager who doesn’t seem capable or concerned and a board that’s happy with the situation. We’re well and truly stuffed.

  1. It’s the same horror reel on never ending loop. Same old Arsene, same old Arsenal. Tactically useless. No tweaks based on the game, just dumb rotation – Giroud, Walcott?

    Why Walcott would get a nod before Campbell in a million years? The sense of entitlement – all he’s done is run from the 18, hog the ball, lose it and then sit on the ground. Giroud is hardly better, just missing and moaning.

    Honestly, I almost wish we’d lose out on 4th, this lack of ambition, lack of urgency is staggering. Hard to look at Leicester going a man down and everyone busting a gut and then look at this sorry lot, especially our late substitute excuses for strikers.

    Oh, yeah and Cech cost us 2 points today.

    1. Walcott came on after their equaliser, he scores 1 in 4 for us compared to Campbell’s 1 in 7- there was nothing wrong with Walcott getting the nod in that situation, no matter what else you may want to be critical of- the poor defending for the Palace equaliser by Gabriel on Adebayor before he passed to Bolasie, Coquelin on Bolasie, then Cech’s weak wrist- in particular.

      1. Useless stats. Campbell creates chances, whereas Walcott does the complete opposite – he ruins the attack and creates countering possibilities for the opposition.

        Walcott – F off
        Giroud – I used to like him, but in the second half of the season he’s been a disgrace. Wont mind if he leaves with Walcott
        Oxlade – Points towards being a flop more than anything else, but I still have some faith for him. Keep him out of injury and let him under Sanchez’ wings, and we might have the player we were hoping for.
        Gabriel – Headless chicken, be gone.
        Mertesacker – Apparently not good enough for Wenger, which means he’s pretty effin horrible. Nevertheless – to be replaced as well.
        Szczesny – The goalkeeper that prevented us from buying Lloris back in the days – he’s a clear 3rd choice for Arsenal, he can leave too…
        Wilshere – Only reason I’d keep him is because he’s a gooner 100%, and the fact that a change in training routines might do miracles – as it did for Gerrard.
        Ramsey – Given up on him. Good from time to time, but mostly a pretty below average footballer for us.
        Rosicky, Flamini, Arteta – Old, and not gold at all. Good riddance
        Gibbs – I like him, he’s a good sub, but maybe not good enough for a spot in the top XI.
        Debuchy – Like Gibbs pretty much…

        Our only issue is: Is Kroenke willing to replace all of these players? Heck no…
        From the supporters’ perspective – Why is wenger still the manager of Arsenal???

        1. “Campbell creates chances, whereas Walcott does the complete opposite ” is that based on fact, as in their 2 league assists each & Walcott’s 0.7 key passes a match compared to Campbell’s 0.6, or is it based on player-bashing flavour of the month? The player you “still have faith in”, Oxlade-Chamberlain, has scored 7 goals in 100 league matches for us (when he got 9 in 36 as a teenager for Southampton & clearly has not improved) , has one goal & zero assists this season in 22 matches, gives the ball away a few times every game. I give up, I have no idea what some people are watching. Also pretty harsh comments on Rosicky- who’s Arsenal career was horribly blighted by injuries, & Arteta who came in & did a solid, bit-part job at the tail end of his career & is supposed to have been great with our young players & in the dressing room.

      2. When Campbell scores he gets benched in the next game, but when Walcott plays like what he did, he’s first in the scoresheet for the next match. No fairness at all. Out goes Iwobi, why not get substituted with Campbell? The injured guy comes back straight in. If Campbell was the one injured like Ramsey, Wenger would say he has no match fitness. But Ramsey is always match fit no matter how long he’s out injured

    2. Campbell should’ve been brought on after we scored the goal, as the defence (as per usual) looked desperately exposed. Campbell does track back, and does help the defence, unlike Walcott or Ramsey, but OG does track back and hold the ball up, so why on earth Campbelll wasn’t brought on for either Ramsey or Walcott I have no idea.

      What is Steve Bould doing coaching the defence, and if he isn’t coaching them. why not? We have good individuals in defence, but the organisation is the worst in premier league.

      We won’t get rid of Wenger without getting rid of Kroenke. Wenger covers all the footballing and commercial side at Arsenal leaving Kronke to fill the board with family and financiers, and why getting rid of Wenger without adequately covering all he does could be dangerous, and why Kroenke won’t do it as long as Arsenal are profitable.

  2. we are back on our position that is great i am happy today Well done wenger
    and pls again do it in next season.YOU are the best

    1. In all of this, what will pain me most will be Arsene Wenger justification of the team after the season…he will say: “look eeee, we are the only team to beat the champions (Leicester) home and away. That shows we are in a strong position to challenge for the title in the upcoming season”. Bollocks!

  3. Wenger and the board still alive? Cos the only way we get change is if they die because they’re not going anywhere of their own accord. It may be morbid and you can try live in denial all you want but it’s true unfortunately.

  4. I think Giroud, Ramsey and Walcott are cursed or something…. I’ve lost count how many times this season when they have come on (or have played the whole game) and Arsenal lose a goal or two out of nowhere… also one thing that needs to be pointed out is at the beginning of the season everyone (me included) said Cech would would win Arsenal 15 or more points but I actually think he has lost Arsenal 15 points this season 🙁 … shame really
    In the summer some new signings are needed and some players have really got to go

    1. They are not cursed. They are simply not good enough.
      Not one of them complements what is on the pitch.
      Their football is for themselves.
      If there is one thing I am happy about in the last month , it is that
      1 Ramsey is not in the midfield giving the ball away.
      2 Giroud is not upfront flicking the ball to the opponent and breaking down moves.
      3 Ox and theo ate not starting and flapping around like headless chicken
      4 as much as we have been leaking goals, I am happy mertesacker is not on the pitch which allows us to play more expansive,high pressing style of football.

    1. He said we start with Crystal Palace, the race for fourth has officially started, hail deluded Wenger, hail the specialist in failure

  5. Weak mentality and poor finishing what have we become! This year we will finish 5th behind mu, Europa league next year and sanchez will ask to leave. Wenger should step down end of the season but who is available to replace him?

    1. Hehehe, there is always someone available bro!! At 8m a year anyone would be available, except the few like Pep, Klopp and Mou.. Don’t act like Wenger is the last man alive

      1. Tell em, man! People keep asking that dumb question {in my opinion} too often, “who will replace Wenger”, like them other clubs got their own managers out of the sky or something. Wenger isn’t the best, or the only manager in the world, any more than Giroud or Welbeck are the best, or only strikers in the world. We just aren’t serious about finding someone else.. Yet. Perhaps a 5th place finish,without the glamor of “Champions League football” will get us thinking more seriously.

    2. We could still finish 4th, and have liverpool win Europa league, at which point we’ll be out of the champions league.
      Someone explain to me how this team has improved since 2005. SMH

  6. We have been here before. We always give opponent chance to come back. We make mediocre teams look so good. We always bottle our chances. Well, we are fighting for the Wenger trophy (4th place) and might lose out on champions league next season… I knew @ 1:0, we could draw the game if we don’t score the second goal…

    Oh’ well’ something new is gonna happen this season which is Tottenham finishing above us… They even play better football than us recently. Walcott and Giroud can leave. Rubbish!

    1. I sincerely hope we finish 5th or something. No use going to the Champions League anyway. WE are not gonna get anything out of it, so why should Wenger and the Board?

  7. Wow just wow.
    You can just sit back and feel amused by a
    person that goes by the name wenger.
    Its just embarassing and laughable to just picture our situation.
    Oh dear oh dear.
    This is a situation that only repeats itself and even gets worse.
    Yet nobody is concerned about this.
    But you wenger can only place blames and state regrets.
    That is surely the character of your being and it can never change.
    Just look at the fall of mourinho and ask yourself what about you.

  8. Absolute joke!
    40 year’s of supporting Arsenal fc and this is the first time that I actually feel like saying.. F… YOU! ???

    Wenger is like an incurable disease!
    and 80% of our players are now infected.

    1. As much as i respect the man he really should consider hanging up the boots.. or suit and tie in his case?

    1. Does Fabregas, Van Persie and Nasri leaving now make sense to you? They went on to win the premier league title, and Arsene Wenger is still struggling with 3rd/4th places. Frankly, any player who wants to stick with this weak team and delusional and inept manager is not ambitious for success.

    2. Sanchez will stay. I’m more worried about Ozil.. However i can only see Borrussia Dortmund as his most likely destination right now if he decided to move to a top team in Europe

  9. Wenger is hopeless,he does it every time,takes off his best to bring on his worst. When he moves Sanches to left to make way for his god son Ramsey,the game goes to worst. Giroud on forWellbeck why. The guy can’t control a ball to so up game you should take off Awobi bring on Chambers.take off Sanches bring on Mertisaker. We lost 2 points because he has no idea to close out the game. I hope we don’t get 4th because we are not good enough it will only make it worse to go on like we are just hoping other teams help the results our way. As Chris says, I’ve had a Fu;;ing Enough. CB

  10. Switched off TV at 81st minute. .Arsenal need a change ..please resign Arsene if you love Arsenal…I welcome this result,if we go out of top4 & champions league then he might resign ???

    1. Switched off TV after Southampton game in January lol. Most pathetic attempt at challenging for the title. You may laugh at Chelsea fighting relegation this season but at least they won the title and the CL before that. And they will only come back stronger next season, meanwhile we’re still here trying to figure out how to finish above 3rd..

  11. Budd, Henry & Smith both commented on the empty seats, that is how to protest. Don’t go to the home games to see what our money hungry board and manager thinks then when the revenue is cut. Bloody sickening. Same old method of plAy. Poor, poor, poor! WENGER OTF! !!!!!!!

  12. The only positive to draw from this game was the toxic, collective derisions from those fans dumb enough to still spend a kings ransom on watching such a Championship level outfit.

    Love watching Wenger sprint up the tunnel like the petulent child he is, preparing his latest excuse laiden commentary on being once again unlucky.

    Peter Drury and his sidekick summed up the predictable and pathetic enigma that Arsenal has become by voicing the stadiums energy turned from contentment to vitrolic the moment Bolaise equalized.

    CONTENTMENT @ it’s best, Thank You Arsene and Stan for making Arsenal the laughing stock of the league.

  13. Specialist in failure Arsene Wenger
    One of the most worst defenders with a uninterested manager to win anything and please admin I want you say Arsenal will win the league this season along with Wenger saying they still have a chance.
    I want to know what delusion actually feels like.

  14. Some of the Arsenal players had no interest in to-days game it’s the end of the season some of them will be moving on come the summer transfer window. Wenger is reaping what he sowed
    I am very happy for him and if Arsenal miss out on 4th place which might happen the money men will take another look at him and maybe get rid of him. BY BY Wenger.

  15. Diamonds may sparkle but Wenger is an absolute dazzler! how does he do it, how does he consistently get us 4th spot, a true genius!
    Walcott, you’re the real hustler mate, 140k per week to come on and fall on your rich ass, Arsenal Legend!

  16. I am an Arsenal supporter. I am not from England so i only see games on tv and to tell you guys the truth I have just been checking scores for the past 6 or so games. I feel it for you lot who spend good, hard earned money to go to games however often you go. But thats the problem, you guys talk about wanting change but you still fill the stadium weekly. Quite frankly if I owned arsenal fc and you guys giving me you money without results I wouldnt be in a rush to change anything either..
    Make the Emirates stay empty for the remaining matches and emirates cup and you probably will see some action in the summer.

    1. Exactly! We complain about how Wenger never changes, but neither do we! We cheer like we’ve won the league when we win games we were supposed to have won anyway, and Hail Wenger to high heavens, then moan and whine when Arsenal bottles it as usual. Rinse, and repeat. If we don’t start doing things differently to actually SHOW our displeasure, how can we expect anything else to change?

  17. In my post lately, I gave one main reason why we can’t win the league… Even if Leicester drops 7points, Arsenal will still find a way of dropping 10points. We don’t capitalise on other teams. When they drop points, we drop too. When the going is tough, we lack character and strong zeal…

    No impact sub anymore. What happened to the firing Giroud?

    Walcott has got no football brains. Poor touch, always loses possession and don’t know what to do with the ball. Iwobi has football sense than Him and boy’ he has some cool control..

    I thought Bellerin crosses today were all poor. He needs to be consistent on this and improve on it..

    Monreal (Our Mr consistent) haven’t been consistent lately but I won’t be mad @ him as He is human and can have an off day. Didn’t have a bad game but not @ his best. Crosses need to improve and Bolasie did well against Him in the second half..

    Gab and Kos’ need to create a better understanding *maybe for next season* if Wenger decides to stick with them. They can be erratic sometimes and even Kos do make mistakes..

    Cech was blocked but could have saved that goal..

    Now 4th place is wide open, you’ll see how Arsenal will perform. So annoying that they can’t fight for the league but for fourth place. Maybe they will bottle their ‘trophy’ this season. Arsenal’, I’m a die hard fan but you won’t kill mi.

  18. Well well bloody well. Wenger same ol same ol tactically clueless as well as the instructions he gives to the players as they had no clue what to do going forward 80% of the time. Quite alot of changes are needed but wont happen!

    A very crap Barcelona that cant score!

    Wenger/Gazidas needs to leave, Stan needs to sell his shares, 50% of players need to go (Debuchy, Per, Flame, Arteta, Rosick, Theo, G12 & Ox) and new good players need brought in (RB, LB, CB, DM, LW & ST)

  19. Please where are the Pro Wenger ones? Our team is making us look like FOOLS. Our 2 WC layers will eave us If Mr Wenger stick to his last year. Get rid off the British core plus few other deadwoods. UTTERLY SHAMEFUL TO WATCH. This team needs a change and STAMINA. seeing Leicester down to 10 and losing going for it showed me we are below under par. OMG i feel so low now no words to explain and see SPUDS finishing above US. who’s to blame? lack of focus? injuries? consistency? bit tired? unlucky? possession? CHANGE, CHANGE , CHANGE COACH AND PLAYERS. WE ARE THE Pride can be take n form us like this.

  20. If City win champs league and / or Liverpool win Europa league, us finishing 4th ain’t good enough to qualify! We will need 3rd.

    1. for what?
      dude what do you get from the champs league?

      jeeze we never compete in it, it benefits arsenal plc
      what.. it attracts players?

      u think they will stay loool

  21. Am tired of saying I told you so .,.

    Oh well I TOLD YOU SO

    At least the 4th place junkies on this site will be getting their wenger high

    For real fans Wenger is a tired has been for corporate overlords who don’t care a dot for club or fans … Prefer one percenters who actually emjoy the game over what arsenal fc has become … Hopefully stadium will be half full against Albion

    1. dont u dare diss the theo the milkybar kid..

      The Milkybar Kid is strong and tough, and only the best is good enough,
      The creamiest milk, the whitest bar, the good taste that’s in MILKYBAR!!

  22. Well my dear fans what are we going to do?
    Protests are the only far we can go.
    This is a country of rules and laws so we cant exceed a certain limit.
    This year we are learning about our dark side.

    As for you wenger a friendly advice.
    Since the beginning of this decade your image has begun to vanish.
    Every passing day more fans are against you.
    You are losing your once legendary status.
    Now you are becoming a state of embarrasment and mockery in the football world.
    People are losing taste for their once beloved club because of you.
    You insulted us during the summer and you are continuing with your trend of disrespecting us with this awfulness.
    Leave now with what little respect you have left.
    Lest you want to turn out like van gaal or mourinho

    1. At least start with the protests first! Do what y’all can within the limits, and let your voices be heard on behalf of all loving and loyal Arsenal fans around the world! We need you guys to step up to the plate for us, otherwise, it’s going to be same ‘Ole Arsenal, season after season! Help us out of this rut, guys! Save the Arsenal! PLEASE SPEAK UP! COME ON, YOU GUNNERS!

  23. I started supporting arsenal during the arsene era, sometime 1998 or 1999, enjoyed beautiful football great goals, we had the best of young talent so was always proud of my team, but now Wenger has to leave, losing a lc final to Birmingham, always ending as fourth just to get kicked out of champions league second round has to stop.

    1. So you don’t know how revolutionary Arsene has been to Arsenal, & to the Premier League then?

    1. how did he lose it?
      its clearly sign posted!

      his visions impaired-…?….that explains it!

      he thinks theo is joel

      quick ..whos got the number for specsavers!?!

  24. embarrassing what can u say just embarrassment.arsenal is stagnating all other teams in epl are improving while us just the same team since 2006.I feel heart broken to say spurs hve passed us in terms of growing ,west ham is almost getting to us,wow!!! I hve no words to say we need new ideas into the club .

    1. theres plenty to say…u still havent covered…

      *the current energy crisis in the northern region on uzbekhistan
      *the way a dog looks at you when its hungry, an its almost like hes looking into your soul

      1. Send Wenger to Uzbekistan fc. He can sort out the energy crisis in the region, lead them to 4th in the league and we can breathe easy!!!

  25. Its not over yet guys, lets just leicester loses all the rest of their match and we winning ours starting from albion. Coyg

  26. The amount of money I have spent on Arsenal materials for myself and my children to keep thon half witt at the club that I hold in so high esteem sickens me to my gut. I will not and never will spend another penny on any Arsenal tickets or materials till thon manager goes. People may say who cares if I do this but if there is enough of us doing this it might get the boards attention. This can not go on!

  27. Why should us fans give a $hit about playing in the CL. It is a board target based purely on financial gain where we always end up getting humiliated.

  28. Think the defenders of Wenger realm must be busy reading up on the “Wenger & Gazidis big book of excuses”

    Some many too choose from.

    Stopped watching Wenger post match interviews as I found it too hard to bare but would be interested in his excuses this time around.

  29. Well does anyone still needs to be convinced that with Wenger we are condemned to never winning the EPL? Wenger out!

  30. TOP 4 with the highest goal scorers

    Leicester City – VARDY – 22 goals
    Spurs – KANE – 22 goals
    Man City – Aguero – 21 goals
    Arsenal – Giroud – 12

    This tells us all we need to know about why we remain where we are, this is the same reason Ozil is still stuck on 18 assists and has no assist in 6 matches, because we have no prolific striker like our rivals.

    This is one problem even Arsenal greats like Henry have stated, we just do not lack a good enough striker and finisher.that can be prolific all season and earn us crucial points.

  31. If 4th spot was at stake today Wenger would’ve got defenders on to secure the 1-0. Instead he was gettign his best players whose first contributions to the game were as followes;
    Ramsey – 2 flicks
    Giroud – miss first chance
    Walcott – run into traffic with the ball.

    Managers mentality ulitimately followss through to players. Tha’ts how you saw what you saw. Arsenal dominate the entire game be 1-0 up, not kill game off and then end up dropping points because of 1 shot.

  32. Bellerin and Monreal cost the match today.

    2nd half, Bellerin had so many chances to put good crosses or cutbacks into the box, but most of them were very bad.
    Monreal also was so far up the pitch in the 2nd half. In the end it was his cross from within the edge of the Palace box that was played out and ended in their goal. That was a poor cross from him. Also he doesn’t block crosses. That is a very big problem.

    MOTM – Sanchez

  33. The best chance of a title in years, and we are basically, crap.

    Evolve, progress? we are going backwards.

  34. welcome back f#ng ramsey,welcome back favouritism…are these the same tactics f#ng wenger is going 2 use aganst mancity.? We will b so lucky not to concede 4 nil away to city coz they have found their form while AW’s 4m is droping..welcam 2 da bench elny

  35. 1) Wenger to blame for not trying to buy a striker
    2) Players to blame. Many are not good enough for this club.
    3) Owners to blame. Too stingy. Love of money is the root of all evil.
    4) US! The fans! It’s not a coincidence that we play better away from home. Most of the time the only noise is “Is this a library?” and when it isn’t it is our booing. The players need encouraging.
    Everyone who thumb downs cant take the blame

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