Arsenal v Crystal Palace verdict – Flat and dull

Arteta masterclass strikes again by Konstantin Mitov
Well lovely Arsenal people, the lesson for me tonight is love hurts. On a night where my girlfriend told me we’re finally finished after four long months of things just not working out, I cannot skip the comparison with Arsenal.
We just lack a direction. We stroll along with no purpose. Sure sometimes we have our good moments like that Spurs win, but overall we’ve tried and tried, and losing to a Palace side without Zaha after taking the lead is just another brick in the wall, which is impossible to collapse.
There is no good time to split up with someone, but Arsenal desperately need something new. After minute 15 my feeling was we’re never winning this game. They kept displacing the ball off us in dangerous positions, played the ball fast, looked sharp.
We were flat and dull. And at half time Paddy V did what a good manager does, he earned his money by lifting his side. They were on the ascendancy and he capitalised on that.
What did Arteta do? Nothing. Laca and Martinelli looked lively, but why are they coming on so late?
I’m sorry people, I really have no expectations for the seasons and I’m hardly deluding myself that a manager like Conte will come, especially with the Man Utd job on the ropes.
I just feel that change right now is desperately necessary to inject some life into a squad that is honestly dead.


  1. Hate to complain about the club but the honest truth is arteta is not the man for the job. Oh how sweet it would have been to see our legend back at home.

    I kept thinking what of viera was in charge? Would things be the same or better or worse? I couldn’t help thinking even if everything was the same in terms of tactics coaching staff instructions etc. We would have been better off because viera is truly one of our own. Arteta was cool but viera man how could you pull on an arsenal top and not give it 10000% infront of him as your manager.

    Anyway I guess we are where we are. Arteta please get some bright ideas mate and soon.

    Yesterday palace should have been finished in the first half and were left to creep back into the game and nearly win it.

      1. gooner4life I told you all Vieira has got palace playing some good football and they very nearly snatched it. It won’t be long before they start winning

  2. I agree with what you said about Solskjaer’s job. Some top managers like Conte would likely wait for that job, rather than waiting for us

    Besides, if Kroenke wants a more drastic change, he has to replace the whole management team in next summer. If we don’t reach top six in the end of the season, I believe he’ll try to hire Erik ten Hag and Marc Overmars

    Since we don’t have many options, let’s just hope our young players can play with higher stamina against Villa. If Liverpool players can always play with high intensity for at least forty minutes, our players should’ve been able to press like that too

    1. Gai
      It seem the players are not buying into Arteta’s ideas. His team is simply inconsistent. They can’t even compete physically in EPL? P. Viera did his findings well to nullify Arteta’s tactics of loading the left side of the field. Arteta is just too stereotyped and lacking in other tactical ideas any good EPL coach will outplay and win us. I maintain Lokonga is for the future, in January there is need for another midfielder to deputise for G Xhaka whose tenacity in my opinion was missing yesterday. We also need a ball holding CF to replace Lacazette. Hence, the board should plan for a new coach. I am becoming pessimistic we might not make Top6 with Arteta, We can’t be inconsistent despite not playing in Europe and make Top6.

    2. gai it not the players how many times do you need telling it is the Manager and the coaching tactics something is wrong with it

      1. We currently have problems with the manager’s decisions in the last two EPL games. But we don’t have other option for the reasons mentioned in my first post, so we’ll have to rely on our young players’ intensity

  3. Arsenal came into this game on the back of 3 wins and a draw the best in the leage in fact.
    I can’t fault the players efforts. Palace is a good side. Every team is good as stelar Man U found out at Leicester. We extended the unbeaten run in the league to 5 games and now sit just 3 points off top 6. Villa who let a 2 goal lead turn into a 2-3 home loss will be fired up on Friday.
    No time to mourn or moan.
    We go again.

  4. Because of the new ownership I truly think Newcastle or more likely to win the PL before we next do.

    I also expect the mediocrity to continue whilst Stan remains figurehead of this club be that with MA coaching the team or anyone else he decides to replace him with.

    1. Newcastle can’t win the Premier League if they are playing in the Championship next season, just saying 😊.

  5. Until we have combative midfielders with pace and energy we will never be successful.The signing of Odegaard ,to me is a big mistake and yet another waste of resources.Tactically, Arteta does not seem to realise that we cannot play like Man City with the group of players available.He needs to rethink and challenge the opposition more physically in the midfield area.With their limited resources Palace controlled midfield with two hard working journeymen supported by the energetic and skilful Gallagher.Despite the woeful performance , I was impressed with Ben White who has the ability and confidence to push forward with pace and power , rather like Rice of West Ham who started his career as a CB.Against Villa I would not be averse to using White as our DM to support Partey and Lokongo to give us a good of the game in midfield.This idea may not gain much support ,but our midfield needs strengthening one way or another.

  6. I am glad that I didn’t see the match
    Here in our country midweek matches or Monday night football gets telecast at 12:30 AM because of time zone
    I used to sacrifice my night sleep to watch Arsenal matches and I done this for so many years but I stopped sacrificing peaceful sleep since Arteta has taken the charge.. and I tell you what so far I am not regretting for missing the match

  7. My advice to Arteta: Be stern with Partey, stop the long range shots for Godsake, he should also grow some spine and play with grit. Toppling over like a sissy as he did for our second goal is just a shame.

    Odegaard should stop loosing possession carelessly. Your creative brilliance is of no use to the team if you keep loosing the ball to the opposition any time some big forward move is about to start.

    Give Tierney and Tomiyasu some break, one after the other I guess. I am not if this is mental fatigue or complacency. They both can do better than was on display yesterday.

    The clock is ticking. You have been given a chance to build your team and the minimum expectation is a top six finish.

    I feel very sad talking about “top six” like an achievement.

    1. You are correct to suggest resting the full backs who have both been involved in two international matches ,with the travel that entails, but apart from his costly error, I thought Partey played well with little assistance from Odegaard and ESR who seemed to be playing off Auba in the first half.

  8. Say what you like. Think what you like. For me I have seen good improvement and cohesion, and so Arteta stays – he is not going anywhere (left to me).

    The Match last night was just a family affair, and ended not so badly. For those who claim CP dominated Arsenal, it’s either they are being sentimental or they didn’t watch the match at all. If anything, Arsenal was the team that dominated and scored good goals. CP was only fortunate to have utilized the two mistakes by Arsenal.

    I would have loved an Arsenal win, but it wouldn’t be right to humiliate one of our great invincibles. So it was a fair result, especially without serious injury drama.

    1. There is no need asking if you are spurs
      So in your world arsenal dominated
      Funny how football can have so many variant views for one event

    2. Gily
      I watched the game and like everybody else saw that Crystal Palace were way the better team. I am pretty surprised at how you saw the game. I think you are creatively ‘imaginative’, but in this case I don’t think you are being helpful or seeing reality.

    1. Pires We have been saying it all along Keep Lacca but he won’t he won’t even play him Arteta is a twat

      1. I think he’s been backing the wrong horses – big contacts for Auba, Willian, Luiz, but then refuses on Laca, a player who actually gets the team going, and fairly consistently.
        Who knows, maybe he’d drop off next season with a new contract, but he’s the best we have right now and he needs to be playing

  9. Coaches instructions or lack thereof. That’s what happened last night. You score early, close the opponent and work hard for the 2nd goal. Don’t sit back in your own half, wait to counter, but your runners don’t have the pace. Yes Pepe created, however, he should have been replaced on the 30th minute. Lost the ball, was replaced in position, still on the field. When, if the coaches saw it, the pyshical Ness of palace, come up with a new idea. Only certain players can do 15m pass. Now play closer. Arteta, yes his got a lot to learn but at whose expense?

  10. Why do I feel Arteta doesn’t seem to like players with the right match intensity?(ie martinelli, lacazette)His training method is poor and lacks the right intensity that’s why most of them struggles when they go out on loan. Arteta is gradually turning all his signings to the typical arsenal players, I mean what happened to the intensity of tomiyasu, partey, Ben white, odegaard, tierney before they joined, even Lokonga that travels with the ball for his formal club..this players are all regressing under Arteta’s management..even mbappe and haaland will flop under Arteta don’t blame Pepe and the rest

  11. Total nightmare performance repeated week after week, year after year. We are playing the same broken football, that doesn’t work and is not effective. Every week match day is Groundhog Day. We are just about a mid-table team with £150 million spent. Why.??? It’s not the players it’s the coach, Mikel Arteta. He is stuck in a repetitive old fashioned, impotent type of football….over coached and micro-managed. If some can’t see that, then delusion is the order of the day…..and if things don’t change they stay as they are. We need change, a new creative, expressive coach, and get rid of ‘Sideways, Backwards’ football once and for all.

  12. 1. Lack of energy. Nearly every team we play, play with more tempo, desire and aggression.

    2. Lack of movement off the ball. Too slow or creative to produce effective attacking football. Laca showed us what everyone should be doing. Looking to get the ball and attack!

    3. Lack of one touch football. We are way too slow when receiving the ball. Taking too many touches and slowing the process. Subsequently we’re closed down and lose possession. Just Like Partey and Loconga did.

    4. Nervous and shaky when we lose possession. We lose possession too easily with WAY too many missed passes.

    5. Second to everything and first to nothing. Most of 50/50’s are lost and result in conceding possession again.

    6. Too many players are disjointed from the game plan. Players look confused as to whether they should move forward or hold. Same going backwards to defend.

    7. Lack of vision. So many time I can see a killer pass being missed. A simple through ball and Auba is off. Yet, the ball goes backwards or sideways (again).

    8. No real leadership. A Tony Adams of Vierra himself would have been jumping on backs to get the players to perform. As good as Auba can be, he is no captain. Problem is, who amongst them could be?

    9. Ramsdale has given us stability in goal. Without him we could be further down the EPL table. Leno should have gone and Martinez should have been given the number 1 spot. It’s just another massive error by an amateur run club.

    10.Our biggest issue is a stubborn manager who continually fails to recognise the most glaring problem. Himself. How is that he can continually overlook the best players for job. Keeping them benched or playing them out of position. Tactically setting us up for another disjointed performance. We are not improving under him. This football is mediocre at best!

    If anyone here still thinks we should “Trust the process”, you’re seriously in need of a health check!

  13. The only positive about yesterday match was my Dan’s prediction game. In which I predicted 1-1 but the match ended 2-2. It irks me to say I look forward to it than our actual game. I have given up on Arteta Arsenal team since last season and said all that need to be said. With Arteta in charge I will never predict a win for us again because his game plan doesn’t fill me with confidence. Good luck and Good life to every gunners outside football. It has got so worse when you know your team will lose or draw and she does and some have you believe Arteta is second coming of Jesus Christ

  14. The problems are not just the results and performances but the players Arteta as bought in who now we could be stuck with when we finally get a proper manager in .
    80 million spent on white and Odegaard as 2 important first team players and their performances remind me of Sunday pub league football .

    Odegaard is now here for 5years as our main number 10 and we wonder why we only have 7goals from 8matches ,he had 6months here last season and he was bloody awful then so I’m wondering why we signed him permanently expecting it to be different .
    I Might be harsh saying this but he’s an Atrocious player .
    Ben white really does need to step up ,I understand he was playing in a back 3 last season next to 2 big men so was shielded more but Arteta knew this when signing him , last night he once again looked shaky as an actual defender but looked good going forward so maybe Arteta should think about moving him up to CM like other fans have suggested .
    I see Friday going the same way unless Arteta changes something up ,but we all
    Know we can predict his first 11 so there’s not much point speculating on what he might do .
    If we don’t get 3 points Friday i would like to see Arteta do the right thing and move on as he says he loves the club but is clearly out of his depth so surely he would do what’s right if what he says is true or does he prefer money more .

    1. While I agree wholeheartedly with regard to Odedaard I disagree completely on Ben White, who imo was our best player last night.Despite the mistake by Partey, Gabriel was completely skinned by Benteke who has never been renowned for his ability to beat defenders on the ground.I’m afraid Gabriel turns like an oil tanker and is hard they vulnerable in one for one situations.

    2. I refuse to believe Odegaard doesn’t have more than we’re seeing; his record suggested there’s at least a very decent midfielder in there.
      I actually think we have very good starting players in every position, except that our CFs are starting to get on in age. The problem is the system they’re trying to play, and their preparation.

    3. Agree Dan, Odergaard and White were Arteta BIG players and they for me are lacking and not a good fit for what we really need. I thought both struggled as well as Tomiasu. None of the outfield players bought to replace this summer are an upgrade, in fact i would say they are a downgrade. I am very worried about thise three because they aren’t particularly strong players and particularly Tomiasu look like they dont sense danger and deal with it. Not impressed by all so far.

  15. I have never been a fan of either appointments: Unai Emery or Mikel Arteta. My first choice after AW was Rafa Benitez. Then later on Patrick Vieira.

    But despite the current shambles I have no choice as a supporter to support the team and regrettably the manager and just hope the management develop some balls & a spine and do what is right for the benefit of the club.

  16. I am an Arsenal man through and through. It has been in the past my weekly joy watching them play FOOTBALL. But I am not a sheep. My eyes and clear mind see a shambles around the players. To deny the truth is always sad and many are not being honest with themselves. Despite £150 million injection, we are playing exactly the same style, tactics, method with no plan B as we were a year ago. It is heart breaking to see our sorry football. It is NOT the players it is the coach, Arteta. Surely all can see it now….admit it to yourselves now kind friends.

      1. Both Arteta and Solshar are getting less out of their respective teams than being put in. Solshar i believe will be sacked and we will be stuck with Arteta.

  17. White clearly helped the second Palace goal in, Should have shown more heart to come and charge Edouard, but he kept on retreating, and someone said he was our best player… While I don’t blame players is because one they are being recruited by someone, and they did not buy themselves so it’s obvious the recruiting team should know all their strengths and weaknesses..
    secondly they don’t pick themselves for match days, if u made an error signing a player or he doesn’t turn up good, is it also a mistake that u are picking him?
    I always say it our loan/benched players would beat the current starters hands up..
    We are stalked with an arrogant, ignorant and bias Coach, Judging from what u have seen from Ben White so far, is he much of an upgrade on Holding?
    Why is Tavares not starting despite how obvious and poor Tierney has been this season?
    Not even mentioning how poor the likes of Saka, ESR and Odegaard have been in patches, and those are our much publicised future..

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