Arsenal v Dortmund Player Ratings – The Ox MOTM

Arsenal 2 – 0 Borussia Dortmund Player Ratings by KJ

Martinez – 7
He was pretty decent today. Made some good claims, his distribution was good and he made a couple of good saves late on.

Chambers – 7.5
He seems to be getting stronger and stronger now. He had a dip from around the beginning of October but seems to have found his feet at the RB position.

Mertesacker – 5.5
I felt he was very sloppy today and could’ve cost us had the team not been so in tune with each other. He misplaced relatively easy passes and headers.

Monreal – 7.5
He was very strong today and you have to commend him as he’s not a CB. His distribution was quality and his positioning ensured he didn’t get caught out by Dortmund’s pace.

Gibbs – 7.5
He was also a lot better today. Made the correct passes and actually seemed far more dynamic in attacking positions.

Arteta – 8
It was a quality performance by the captain. He made numerous tackles and interceptions that constantly kept us on top and his choice of passing was always assured.

Ramsey – 7.5
A much better performance by the Welshman. There was no more frustrating losses of the ball in dangerous positions. He largely kept it simple until he went into the attacking areas and some of his dribbles and passes came off which should be good for his confidence.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 8.5 (MOTM)
He was all over Dortmund today. He made numerous dribbles that really opened them up, his choice of passing was smart and he really should’ve had a goal but was extremely unlucky to hit the post with his brilliant shot.

Alexis – 7.5
Consistent as ever and scored a lovely goal. He really is the heart beat of this team.

Cazorla – 8
Another player who stepped up massively today. Dortmund just couldn’t cope with his close dribbling and crisp passing. He completed all the important passes and played some good diagonals as well. He seems to thrive in the central midfield role in a 4-1-4-1.

Sanogo – 7
He did really well for his goal today and made life difficult for Subotic and co. He still has a lot of work to do on his passing and dribbling but it was a good performance.

Flamini – N/A
Came on later on and didn’t really do much to warrant a score.

Podolski – N/A
Same as the above.

Campbell – N/A
Same as the above.

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  1. Joao Moutinho?!!

    Maybe this a reflection of the fans general mindset. It is easily distracted by a few moment of frenzy, because it lacks true sense of purpose. Today, “Mr A is the worst”. Tomorrow -“Mr A might be the best after all!”.

    WE F**KIN NEED A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER, mates! Not another slicky CM or CAM!
    We need to truly compete with and for the very best. Not win a few inconsequential games here and there, and scrap for the barest minimum!

    1. why are you getting worked up about a stupid rumour the daily star made up? we’ve been linked to Schär, Varane, Hummels, Carvalho, so many defensive options. getting worked up about them not something that the star made up

    2. It was still the same wenger who used sanogo who just came back from injury(fine he scored) while leaving podolski on the bench till the dieing minutes of the game even when we 2-0 up, he couldn’t see ramsey wasn’t doing any thing and was too exausted and needed to be substituted with campbell, the very wenger who insists on same things even when they don’t work out. WENGER SHOULD GO NOW.
      Klopp seemed 2enjoy every moment at the Emirates.

    3. For me, man of the match was cazorla. Arteta ,if he had not gone out injured.
      He maintained his positional discipline throughout .
      Had 2 assist.
      Passed the ball quickly
      Shifted play from left to right with long balls.
      Many through ball
      Held the ball when he had to .
      He put in a decent defensive shift .
      This is why I would rather.

      This is why cazorla and ozi are better in that position than wilshere.

  2. Great performance by the lads and good gameplan by wenger
    Let’s enjoy this victory

    But calm yourself down cause it’s just one game
    In the next game we could see the same old same old arsenal

    It’s just my thought that dortmund played like they knew they are gonna top the group

    1. A plan by Wenger really ? Give me a break. There was no plan, we beat an bad Dortmund side with the only plan we ever had. Wenger still has to go. How can opinions change faster than the weather when you are an arsenal fan after a win or a defeat. We’re only going to move forward when Wenger leaves Arsenal and a man with a real plan comes in.

      1. who J Klop…wer was his plan after goin 2-0 down…
        im also NOT a fan of Wenger but give credit wer its due…the guys wer much more disciplined after going 2-0 up…defended more as a team..

    1. True. although I don’t understand the rating for the BFG, he seems to be the one copping a lot of stick at the moment. Quote from above ” he misplaced relatively easy passes “. Look at the quality of the pass to Cazorla for him to set up Sanchez for his class goal ……. or was that a lucky clearance

      1. KJ must’ve missed that brilliant reactionary pass BFG did to Cazorla in preparation of Sanchez’ goal. BFG had some very solid moments this game, def deserves a 6.5 imo

    2. yeah sum of the guys really stepped up from the MU game..esp Carzola…Team did well to hold discipline and defend well after going 2-0 up…
      But fck the ref did seem to give Dortmund a lot of free kicks for our fair tackles…Arteta didn’t deserve the yellow….

  3. A player rating of Sanogo can’t be complete without mentioning that 2nd chance that he missed. Had BVB equalized that missed chance would have been very costly. Surprised KJ missed this crucial moment of the game. So before we speak of his “dribbling” let’s talk about his finishing which is more important for a striker.

    1. hardly even maged to take the chance, and by the time he did a pass was probably the better option. That was an embarrassing moment for sure. Don’t strikers want to shoot the ball?

  4. We have the money
    We have the facilities
    We have a good squad

    Now there are no excuses for wenger
    We need to compete with the best
    And by that I don’t mean Tottenham and Liverpool

  5. We lost Arteta , Jack and Sonogo… What is happening. Even if we are playing well some times, our injuries are not allowing to recover..
    This is amaizaing

    1. Arteta and Jack are players that can’t seem to play more than 3 consecutive matches anymore. I’m not surprised in the slightest bit. And Sanogo is still young and unexperienced, played both France U21 for the full game, probably a bit overworked now.

  6. Considering our luck who would be a good opposition to face in the CL

    I just don’t want to face Real Madrid
    That could turn out to be shambles

    1. Real It is then Hardy!
      We have consistently been the most unlucky (with injuries and referee decisions) for years. Yes we can go into why we get so many injuries:- is it the style of play that gets us kicked? – is it the type of training that we do? – is it that the medical team hasn’t got a clue? – is it that we keep buying injury prone players (who only find out about that problem at our club) – or is it that we a simply just incredibly unlucky?

      The answer in truth is probably all of the above, leaning more towards the latter.

      In reality it doesn’t actually matter – its in the past. However, far too many people seem to be far too quick to lay the blame upon anyone (usually Wenger)! Yes he’s bought some s**t players over the years whilst we have been financially restricted (unsurprisingly) but he hasn’t bought anyone of the Bendtner quality for 2 seasons. Ok so we haven’t immediately won everything! Oh no! Shall we all have a cry about it!

      No we shouldn’t grow a pair all of you whiners! How many seasons did it take chelski to win anything after the sugardaddy? Citeh? Oh right yeah it was like 4 seasons of having decent financial capabilities wasn’t it? WE WON THE FA CUP STRAIGHT AWAY FFS!

      Sack Wenger my a$$, knight the man I say!

      Haha sorry about the rant guys, just had to be said

  7. Really gutted about Arteta’s injury yesterday. Just coming ay a time when it seems he was getting back to his best form. He was immense against Utd and against BVB. If you looked at the stats, you’ll see most of our bad performances this season have been when Arteta hasn’t played. I’m afraid we might really struggle with his injury 🙁

    1. @Twig… I realised that me and you agree on about 90% of Arsenal matters. I think the only one we don’t agree on is Wenger.. But apart from that it seems like me and you always see things differently compared to others on here. We must be deluded or out football brains have a problem 🙂 Lol.

      1. I don’t know what your opinion of Wenger is mate, but if you’re a Wenger Out, then you can make that 92% 😛 However, I’m not rigid on that respect, and if he improves on the tactical side of the game as well as transfer activities, I’m all for him to continue till he’s 70. But a new face could be nice as well, regardless 😉

        1. Lol. My opinion has been and still Wenger to stay until the end if the season and that if he does not show any progress tactically and transfer wise then he should resign at the end of the season.. His stubbornness tactically and transfer wise is my frustration with him. The man is so arrogant, stubborn and frustrating. His ego is letting him down..

          1. I agree with you on that. Doesn’t make much sense for him to quit mid season, especially with this morale boosting victory over BVB. If we have a string of bad results though – like 5 defeats in a row – I think he should take a bow.

    1. No one is convinced, but we just have to get on with it, Wenger is not going anywhere right now. Just give him to the end of the season. No manager is going to leave their post at this stage of the season, Martinez, Klopp, Pep, Ancelotti, simeone, etc…
      Give him till the end if the season, by then if no progress them 100% he deserves to resign, but until then no one currently available can make that much difference for us.

  8. Wenger just lucky to win this game.

    1. Wilshere injured. Bcos of his injuries, carzola go to no. 10 and he show why he is better than wilshere and frankly everyone know if wilshere didn’t get injured, Wenger will put carzola as no.10?

    2. Giroud not available so wenger got no choice to start sonogoal but he still Wenger 2nd choice so he play himself till he injured than sub him.

    To me wenger just lucky to win this match cos I still think he is stubborn as usual but Bcos of injuries to wilshere that force him to change.

    Some good points about last match were our players movement were better, ox is getting better every match and I think he got the advice from sanchez. We have to salute to sanchez, at the moment he is Wenger savour. Ytd even till 90 mins, he still force thru three defenders and got us a free kick, the attitude and energy, every one will respect him. He have play for us and his country all full matches.

    We still can’t happy now cos we have to see how we perform in the EPL but since wilshere won’t be starting any game soon so I think we are ok now in our offensive side but defensive will be in trouble.

    1. The hate that Wilshere gets is unbelievable. He has turned into “The Scapegoat” for this season. It was Gervinho, then Giroud last season, now Wilshere this season. And I don’t think he has been as bad as everyone is saying. He was a bench player for the whole of last season but we still did fck all..

    2. @ Justsoccerfan

      I call it the Wack Wilshere conspiracy theory. The two games Ozil played in the centre and yesterday prove how bad Wilshere is

      1. Wassup @Andrew how are you??
        Good victory yesterday buy yes you are right

        Would take more than 1 match to see if we have learned from our mistakes

  9. Maybe wenger did got instructions from some where ask him not to play players out of position. Last night everyone stay at their positions, sanchez was at the wing all night, our whole team defence as one, we start from basic that a good omen. Maybe is good that wenger did got instructions from the top.

    1. It’s working for Madrid, Bayern, Chelski. All their players are runners and athletic. Our players are a bit weak in all departments compared to the likes.

  10. I am not a Giroud lover but i cant shake the feeling that Giroud’s hold up play and his immense contribution in defending set pieces might prove very effective. Yesterday Sanogo had a good game and every time he won the long ball, Sanchez,OX and Cazorla were ready to pounce on it thus creating a dangerous move. Lets see what happens.

    1. When you have an out for a pass whether it is a goal kick or just a lob downfield and we have a real good chance of retaining possession then that players does provide an immense contribution.

  11. Good ratings. Gibbs deserves higher, at least 8 he was electric. Ramsey deserves a 7, he was okay but didn’t do anything prolific last night. I agree 100% with Mertesacker, he gave away too many easy, uncontested headers in dangerous areas that could have cost us. Glad someone else noticed it too.

    I actually think Gibbs deserves MOTM, but yes Chamberlain had a good game and was dynamite down that right flank.

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