Arsenal v Everton 2nd half Review – Gunners coast to a comfortable win

It would have been very difficult for Arsenal to continue the frantic pace of the first half and the Gunners had no need to keep up the pressure with the points already guaranteed, so they sat back and let Everton come at them, and they did!

Walcott started to look dangerous as Everton tried to save a bit of pride, and they finally got very close with a brilliant shot from Niasse but Cech was saved by the post, but the Toffees kept up the pressure and finally got there reward when Calvert-Lewin got a free header in the box to give Everton a consolation and a slight hope of a come-back.

Petr Cech has lost his chance of a 200th clean sheet again and was replaced by Ospina 5 minutes later after picking up a knock. But within ten minutes Aaron Ramsey got his first ever hat-trick when he slotted the ball cooly into the bottom right of the net with Pickford left stranded. He has been brilliant this evening but Wenger must want to save him for future games and he was immediately taken off and replaced by Jack Wilshere.

But the game is over as a spectacle now and Arsenal should now just preserve their lead, and other than a very dodgy dive by Calvin-Lewin and he was lucky not to be booked for simulation.

An excellent win for the Gunners and we have scored 10 goals against Everton this season, and Ramsey got his first hat-trick. All good!



  1. Arsenal usually perform well at the Emirates in this season:

    – Aubameyang: His connection with Mkhitaryan is incredible. His goal was offside, but he finished it with his signature move.

    – Mkhitaryan: He really clicked with Aubameyang and made three assists today (two for Ramsey and one for Aubameyang). Very skillful and unpredictable.

    – Iwobi: Good physically and controlled the ball well as usual. Nothing special, but acted well as a connector.

    – Ozil: Really sharp and controlled tempo well for Arsenal. Maybe having a lot of German speaking players around him helped a lot.

    – Ramsey: Tireless midfielder and disruptor in the middle of the field. Arsenal’s main engine in the field today.

    – Xhaka: Nothing special, but distributed the ball well as usual.

    – Bellerin, Koscielny and Monreal: Spirited.

    – Mustafi: He almost made a grave error at the beginning and made a couple of mistakes afterwards. He made some crucial tackles like when blocking Walcott’s shot and assisted Koscielny with a good header, but these errors would be punished at away games. He should be careful or get shipped at the end of this season.

    Mustafi was a part of a bottom table Valencia when Arsenal bought him. I agree with some ideas on this site, he might be to reckless as a central defender, but he could be a great DM, because he is very aggressive.

    1. We can’t play xhaka against spurs next week
      He is . Well u know . Not the answer
      Agree about mustafi as dm

      We miss seo alot though that aggression that speed . He for me would be a great dm

      Well done mikhi

      1. Agreed with both. – Both Sead, as well as Mustafi would probably be good DMs. Sead with his strength would foul without getting and yellow, and his interception play is better than Elneny’s or Xhaka’s.

        I just wish Ospina was taller than 6 feet. He’s a good keeper, but any high balls in the area and he always flaps into empty air. Basically same problem as Laca – excellent player, but physique a bit lacking for absolute top level (although Laca would do wonders in La Liga, I feel).

        Great game, though, and delighted Aaron proved me wrong!

  2. Great result
    Just would like to understand why players who don’t perform don’t get benched


  3. Guys juste a question :where are thé fools who critisised wenger fort playing ramsey instead of wilsher?wilshere right now isn’t half the player ramsey is…..

    1. wilshere was in form, Ramsey was not. Wilshere still the better choice because Ramsey has no consistency to his game. But we’ll save that for another time, Ramsey was MOTM today for sure.

      1. Wilshere is too slow and highly over rated.

        He would not make the 11 in any other EPL team. Belong in the Championship or league without tough players.

        1. I used to be on the exact same boat, but he’s been doing really well this season and has been proving me wrong. Definitely looks like a much more mature player and I think him and Ramsey are going to be fighting for a spot. If he stays fit he has a future, but that’s been a problem. He’s definitely above Championship quality, let’s not exaggerate. Still have to wait and see if this is the “New Wilshere”, or if he’s simply in form.

          1. Me, too.

            Jack has been outstanding this year, played 6, 7 games excellently IN A ROW. I do prefer Ramsey to Xhaka, but this year Wilshere has been by far the most consistent of the three.

        2. Wishere won us the games before he got injured. He’s commitment to balls and aggression is what kept us good. We lost wen he got injured.
          Again as our away win to Everton, dnt get carried away. Everton won 1 in 44 against top 6 teams in 6/7 years
          Would like to see Xhaka benched, and maybe lacazette in place of Ewobi, not that he had a bad game
          But well played today Arsenal.

        3. Wishere won us the games before he got injured. He’s commitment to balls and aggression is what kept us good. We lost wen he got injured.
          Again as our away win to Everton, dnt get carried away. Everton won 1 in 44 against top 6 teams in 6/7 years
          Would like to see Xhaka benched, and maybe lacazette in place of Ewobi, not that he had a bad game
          But well played today Arsenal.

    2. Each player has his own strengths and weaknesses. Ramsey might not have Wilshere’s silky ball control, but he has very high stamina and creative with his flicks.

      Wilshere is more like a playmaker to me, does not always burst with goals and energy, but can control the tempo and distribute the ball well.

      1. You do not need ‘silky’ unless you can be fast enough to get away. All ‘silky’ means is getting his ankles hacked.

    3. Really , I guess that u didn’t see the Swansea game .
      Wilshere’s value to this time can’t be understated.
      I can’t deny that Ramsey had a good game but against a better opposition he won’t get that much freedom ..

      1. That was Ramsey’s first game back. Before his injury Ramsey was consistently good. Himself and Ozil. Wilshere has not played too many games but he’s had almost as many average to poor ones as he’s had good ones. We had a miserable run with Wilshere playing, while on the other hand, our win percentage improves a fair bit when Ramsey plays. Wilshere gets overrated by Arsenal fans while Ramsey has bias against him, could be due to them playing same position and favoritism.

    4. Here we are … And happy to acknowledge performance of anyone who scores 3 goals …but if u think Ramsey is going to take us to next level u r dreaming … Mivement and passing of miki ozil pea is what made difference today opening up space which Ramsey to his credit exploited … But what we need is a manager who can combine those three with laca and wilshere …. Iwobi and xhaka have to go that’s obvious… But we need a real DM and a quality centre back … Spurs is the big test not Everton … But enjoyed a really good 45 minutes

      1. With Iwobi’s age, he can still be a reasonably good squad player.

        It’s Welbeck and Xhaka who I feel are the least useful to the team, and who have little chance of improving now.

        Also, a loan deal for Chambers and Holding would be good. If they prove themselves – great. If not, there are loads of half-decent CBs.

    5. the upcoming games will show u the difference between wilshere and ramsey, ramsey is better as a goalscorer but wilshere is a leader in midfield no one can be compared to him

  4. Kolasinac seems unmotivated.. very lazy defending the goal.

    Finally Ospina will have his chance. Xhaka needs to be,dropped!

    Mkhitaryan 3 assists, MOTM!

    1. Kolasinac must have felt the stern competition from Monreal, who seems in a mission to get a contract extension. This internal competition is good for Arsenal, like Aubameyang-Lacazette’s competition.

      In my opinion, it is Mustafi that needs to be dropped. If you paid attention, he has been making many mistakes and lost in duels in the last few games.

      He was lucky at the beginning of the Everton game, but these type of errors could punish Arsenal in tough away games. Such as the next game, versus Tottenham.

      1. if it’s not Mustafi having a bad game, it’s Kos… the partnership just isn’t doing well this season. I still think it’s the coaching and management and not the personnel. These are full internationals that cannot keep a clean sheet to save Cech’s life (who has also not been good).

        1. The problem right now is our backups are worse than Mustafi and Kos. That’s why the half-hearted attempt at Evans.

          Although, if they go down, which is very likely, he’ll be available for 3 mill. in 4 months (his release clause if they drop from the Prem).

          We could do better, though.

  5. Our Performance after opening the score is absolutely awful as a big 6 team.
    vs Swansea 1-3 L
    vs West Brom 1-1 D
    vs Bournemouth 1-2 L
    vs Chelsea 2-2 D
    vs Watford 1-2 L

    Thats 13 pts dropped from winning positions, big teams dont lose to the likes of swansea or watford. Normally its small team gets a goal and park the bus and maybe get a win or draw, for us its get a goal and free goals for everyone. Win most of these games if we hold out its 2nd or 3rd place right now.

    1. pts dropped from winning positions:
      Chelsea 0
      Man utd 2
      Man city 2
      Tottenham 2
      Liverpool 10
      Arsenal 13

  6. Good win
    Xhaka still pants
    I wonder if the rumours about lacca are true
    And still wenger out if you cannot see we need a DM and a CB your uv lost it

  7. Mustaphi and Xhaka need to n dropped. They make the team look really bad defensively. I really wish we got Evans. He’s miles ahead of Mustaphi. We can play Elneny for Xhaka. He’s a better and more proper DM.

  8. Good game, Laca should just have played 10mins or more, Auba already had his perfect welcome, don’t know why Laca wasn’t brought on

  9. If Lacazette is sold we need to sign a top player. We can’t just rely on Auby and Mkhy with Welbeck as backup striker.
    We will still be behind other teams.

    With Giroud sold, we should keep Lacazette or get a top player who is versatile. I still think Lacazette and Auby can play in same lineup

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