Arsenal v Everton called off in respect for the Queen

The Premier League have just had a meeting after the death of her Majesty The Queen, and have decided, as a mark of respect, to cancell all the EPL games, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which obviously includes Arsenal v Everton.

The goverment had already announced that it was not compulsory but that each governing body had to decide for themselves whether to abandon their fixture lists or not.

It was not certain that the Premier League would do it, considering the massive fixture congestion already caused by holding the World Cup in Qatar in the middle of the current season, leaving very little space for the games to be rescheduled before the big competition.

The Queen’s funeral is expected to be next weekend which will cause even more disruption, so perhaps the Premier League will just have to try and fit them in after the World Cup.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II…


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  1. Works well for us , buys us a week at least. Partey, zinchenko , ramsdale can use a week to recuperate.
    Rest well your majesty. God save the king.

    1. Yes, Partey will have more time to heal. I guess it’s also inappropriate to celebrate goals when the country is mourning over one of its icons

      1. Canceling doesn’t make sense, I think d game should have been played anyway, the queen loves football it should have been played to honour her, allow the players and d fans pay their respect

  2. I see no reason to postpone any fixtures.
    If you knew her personally then take leave if you’re emotional, else just get on with it.
    She might be a royal, but her life is not worth more than any other person.

    My condolences do go out to the family though.

      1. How is it?, she belonged to a privileged family, and had the best medical care in the world, her son is a sex offender, no thank you, we needed that Everton game as they had six players missing, three points up for grabs and we miss out because The Queen died. Life is for the living

    1. Agree 100%. It was interesting to note that the traditionally working class football was cancelled while the middle class sports of cricket and rugby union went ahead. Surely all or none if it’s about respect?

  3. Long live the King.

    My prayers are with the family.

    Herd she was an Arsenal fan, I endorse the postponement

    Just a pity it wasn’t United we are suppose to be up against instead of our old stomping ground.

    This cancellation will work in our favor as we recover from injuries and prepare to return to winning ways

  4. She was a Grand Dame, held in high esteem throughout the world and carried herself as such. Not to mention, she was a proud Arsenal supporter. Much respect and Rest in Peace QE2…

    1. Real talk NY- Gunner

      Where I was born the queen is on almost all government documents.
      Now am told adjustments will have to be made, just shows how far and wide her reach is.

      May her soul find favor with the almighty

  5. In life Her Majesty was an Arsenal fan and in death she is still playing a role to help the team as the postponement will aid the recovery of our injured players . Rest on your Majesty and may the Lord comfort everyone left behind

  6. Genuine question…how is it disrespectful to play games this weekend? I see it says they are cancelled as a sign of respect.

    Is the funeral this weekend already?

    Condolences to the family and those who knew her personally.

        1. Yep……
          “Following the cancellation of Friday’s cricket fixtures as a mark of respect on announcement of her death, the England and Wales Cricket Board can confirm that play will resume from Saturday including international, domestic, and recreational fixtures. The decision has been taken in consultation with DCMS and in line with Offical National Mourning guidance.

          “This means the Men’s test match between England and South Africa will begin at The Oval and the Women’s IT20 match between England and India will also go ahead at the Riverside in Durham. The scheduled match between England and Sri Lanka Men’s U19 along with recreational cricket fixtures will also take place as planned.

          “Before each match, a minute’s silence will be observed followed by the national anthem. All players and coaches will wear black armbands. Branded inventory will be replaced with messaging paying cricket’s respects to The Queen.”

        2. Think Rugby/Cricket decided, as they have cancelled Friday’s fixtures, they did their part. Probably would have of made more sense to move everything to Sunday instead as a sign of respect.

          1. Even Horse racing has moved the St Leger to Sunday having cancelled Thursday’s remaining races and today/Saturday. The Queen was an avid horse racing fan.

  7. Cancelling games during weekend of just the funeral would’ve made more sense, but it is what it is. No EPL till October likely. Get ready for crazy momentum shifts again once everyone returns.

    1. Yeah, it’s an odd one this way round as they are probably going to play next weekend which is directly before the funeral. Fixture congestion will be insane otherwise with the nonsensical winter World Cup.

  8. I respect this lady for her services to our country and around the world, despite having no time for royalty itself.
    RIP ma’am and thank you.

    Now, as I’m going to be over £200 out of pocket (Hotel accommodation and train fares etc ) and not sure if the David Dein Monday evening is going ahead (over £80 for tickets) will the FA, as a mark of respect to me, a loyal supporter and old age pensioner, reimburse the money I am going to lose??

    1. I feel for you Ken. There are also reports of folks from overseas who have booked and paid for their flights, tickets and accommodation to finally realise their dream of seeing their club play live. The U16 team I coach has had its match postponed so all the lads will be home on their Xboxes instead of standing for a moment of silence and playing a game they love.

      As much as I admire and respect the Queen, difficult for me to see much sense in these decisions by PL and FA.

      1. Thanks Voyageur.
        I cannot see why this ruling has been made anyway.
        My respect for her, is partly due to the fact that she was always (it seemed) a “people’s monarch” and I doubt very much that she would want this OTT reaction.
        Next week, when her funeral takes place, that’s when we can all pay our respects, planning the day accordingly.

  9. One of the reasons for the sporting cancellations was because they need all serving Police officers to maintain a presence at Royal residence and key Tourist attraction sites, where a lot of well wishers and mourners will gather.

    Coupled with the fact that the road and rail infrastructure will not be overburdened.

    1. That only comes into to full force next weekend to be fair and even then only massively stretched day of the funeral (why it will most likely be Monday.) National holidays don’t mean much on a Saturday/Sunday either. Police will not be overwhelmed this weekend either way.

  10. RIP, Queen, but as many of us have seen off loved ones of a similar generation with a minimum amount of fuss, this has all become excessive. Life goes on and with winter in the UK coming on you’d think there would be more concerning issues to get on with.

    1. Our family members were not on our currency nor did every postbox have to be changed upon their death. Life indeed goes on but the queen was not just anyone. For starters the national anthem at the World Cup will be God save the king, unusual to all but the oldest in our society. At bare minimum she was the UK’s top diplomat (by a margin.)

    2. It certainly has. Condolences to the queens family, but she led a privileged life, refused to make even the limited interventions her father and grandfather did, and had no effect on my life one way or another. If people wish to revere her, that’s their business and I respect that. Unfortunately they have singularly failed to show any respect to those who don’t. This the uk, not North Korea.

  11. And, yet Angus. How has your life been any different? Now back to the football. At least here in Australia the final series for all the different codes are going ahead as normal.

  12. Angus, “Abide with me” was always sung at cup finals and Joe. s makes a very good point – I got up this morning and did exactly the same thing that I did the day before… what changed for you?

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