Arsenal v Everton Player Ratings – Ozil stars

Arsenal 2 – 0 Everton Player Ratings by KJ

Ospina – 7
He made a couple of good saves but he was also dodgy at times with some unneeded rushing out of his goal to claim loose balls.

Bellerin – 7
He was far better than his mid-week performance. More purpose in his passing and offensive movement as well as better discipline when defending.

Gabriel – 7.5
He was very strong for his full Premier league debut. He made good tackles and although he did get caught out once, he was overall very solid.

Koscielny – 6.5
Seemed to struggle today for some reason. I don’t know if he’s been overplayed but doesn’t seem to be the same and is playing really rash.

Gibbs – 7
He started off very poorly but improved as the game went on and was defensively strong during the second half.

Coquelin – 6.5
He didn’t do as well as you’d expect and Everton completely dominated our midfield as a result. He was stronger in the second half before his nose was broken by Giroud.

Cazorla – 7
Poor in the first half but did well in the second to help control the game and he made a good contribution defensively.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6
He didn’t do much at all. He also seems to disappear during periods of the game which is quite worrying. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be involved but he doesn’t position himself correctly and wastes energy causing him to be tired far too often.

Özil – 8 (MOTM)
He didn’t do enough in the first half like the whole team but he was the only offensive player that was willing to hurt Everton in the second half and managed to get 2 assists for his performance today.

Alexis – 5.5
Shocking performance by his standards. Overcomplicated everything and lost possession far too often. He might need a break to reenergise both physically and mentally.

Giroud – 7
Good performance but he missed two sitters essentially with his head. You’d expect better.

Rosicky – 7
Came on and added a lot more energy to the team and was rewarded with a goal (albeit slightly lucky).

Welbeck – N/A
Came on too late to make a telling impact.

Chambers – N/A
Same as Welbeck

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  1. That’s a very funny analysis. Ozil better than Ox or Cazorla. Well, I will stick with the one given by Sky and that’s Ospina.

    1. @Budd
      Ospina was our saviour on the day. The way he robbed Lukaku of goal opportunities was impressive…

      1. U all saw when Ospina rushed out and knocked off the ball before Lugabru could take a shot, right? Now it was impressive that he was fast and calculative enof to forward and do that. But that’s not all.

        I was more impressed becuz after knocking off the ball, he did not turn back and start running to his post, that wud have given Luhaha de chance to score, like it happened to Sczeschny (lazy name) when we played Southampton. But Ospina chased him, closed him down, slided neatly and cleanly cleared the ball. Awesome display of pace, skill: bravery!!!

      1. Yes. Gabriel’s one big mistake put a dent in what was an otherwise very good debut performance. He played very well overall. Nice job.

        1. Yeah, his mistake was better than an own goal or Rhino’s kind of special deflection.

    2. In my opinion, apart from the fact that he assisted two goals, Ozil was pretty below average.

      1. @KickAss, how can you take 2 assists out, just to let someone look poor???? Come Ozil is a gooner too!

        1. I wish a could read an article that would say “Monaco 0-Arsenal 3.. OZIL Stars”…
          Then I really salute our 42Mil guy

          1. Weird weird ratings! i’m not an Ozil basher but he was appalling! had no appetite
            to do anything other than swan around. He constantly lost the ball and everyone is having to cover him. Watch the last couple of corners Everton took! the player he was marking ran straight past him and he just wondered off up the pitch. For a professional getting the money he gets, he needs to wake up. Le Coq 6.5 what game were you watching! bare in mind he is practically playing on his own defending in the midfield the guy was everywhere. if he is out next couple of games you will be saying how much we miss him. Can you play football KJ?

    3. Worse then the article was your utterly ridiculous comment.

      Yes ozil was better then both carzola and oxlade.

      Like the writer mentioning our midfield, but unlike the writer we were poor in midfield because of oxlade and carzola. Them together had poor positioning and they didn’t use coquelin in finding their positioning.

      Coquelin was one of the better players making much needed tackling and interceptions.

      Ozil was good but not great. His one chance was spoiled by oxlade’s poor pass which forced ozil to have and extra touch. His second assist was great. He made a difference.

      Carzola lost the ball on occasion and opposite to ozil he was poor in the final third. He snatched at his shot when linking with giroud and the chance he was clear on goal but poorly choose to reverse pass to giroud and expected a sublime flick back was mind blowing my poor.

      But still you and the writer see gold.

      Truth is ozil and giroud were good and the difference in the game. Carzola and oxlade were poor and lost us the midfield battle not coquelin.

      And lastly ospina WAS by far the man of the match. He gave us not just a clean sheet but helped out Gabriel in his to rushing out of goal. First he saved the goal. Second he nerved up a nervous Gabriel WHO was nervous and didn’t want to deal with the long balls over the top.

    4. Giroud did not miss two sitters, he missed one good chance before the end of the match.the first header he missed was far from being a sitter. For the love of god.any ball towards giroud counts as a great scoring chance?what’s wrong with you people?so lukaku missed 3 sitters yesterday?

      1. Well said regarding what constitutes a chance. I refuse to listen to Michael Owen on nearly all things but when he talks about strikers, their confidence and the psychology of missing chances he is worth listening to. I think his comments on Giroud were fair and reasonable. There is a perverse contradiction with strikers – bottom line is you need to worry a lot more when strikers are not getting chances rather than continually fret when they miss them. For those that haven’t played at the highest level there is an unappreciated skill and ability in getting in to the positions necessary to even have chances. Often the finish is the simpler part of the process.

  2. Again KJ’s comments include the obligatory “he didn’t do much at all.” This used to be assigned to Poldi. Today it was Ox. Who will he settle on as his whipping boy now that Poldi is gone

    In KJ’s world, just like the ridiculous analysts, a player’s worth only comes from getting more touches than the other players (or maybe from scoring a goal or two if he likes you).

    As a coach I have always told my players that I judge them NOT by how many touches they get, but by how well they played THEIR POSITION. Sometimes a player can play his position perfectly and because of game circumstances never touch the ball. Or a player can touch the ball all day but fail to play HIS position.

    KJ missed that day in class where they taught football basics.

    1. LOL!!! KJ’s “obligatory”.

      LOL again!!! Did you just say, “As a coach, I’ve always told my players…”???? Ahahahahahaha!!!

      Pep! Pep!!! Is that you????

    2. A bit OT – but I saw an article where Mancini says that Lukas Podolski isn’t doing enough at Inter.

  3. I cannot see Ozil as MOTM…yes @ assists, 1st was corner…obviously if he’s the one taking the corner there more of a chance of him getting the assisrt if we score…apart from that, the guy doesn’t work hard enough for the team and with him not tracking back, you’d exepect him to have the “Messi effect” (random burst of pace – due to reserved energy) – yet Ozil seems sluggish.
    I like the guy – but wish he’d put more energy into his game like Sanchez or TR.

    1. @Gunner, so if he’s taking the corners and he assisted from it, does that mean he did nothing to be appreciated since its corner??? What about the vision and accuracy to deliver it to the right person at the right time??? You can criticize him all you want but, to try and tell us assisting from corner is nothing, then it shows you know nothing about football or you just hate the (Ozil).

      1. Ozil will have good games but let’s be fair and acknowledge he was not a star yesterday. Solid performance? Have you counted how many bad passes he gave? There was no killer pass yesterday.

        1. @kickAssG, my argument was solemnly on discrediting his assist, just because it was corner. He don’t deserve MOTM in my eyes too. As I said before: its between Ospina and his partner in crime (gabREAL)

        2. I agree – not a star performance. But a little credit due – his pass to Rosicky was clever and well-executed, the type of pass we take for granted from him but he produces the right pass more often than most of our players.

      2. @muda
        yeah, it was a good assist, but not a MOTM performance. So u think the guys playing to his full (40+ mil value)….I don’t hate Ozil, he is a Star – but he needs to put more passion and energy into his game and start playing to his Full potential.

        1. No he is playing like a 30 to 35 million player.

          So what? He is here. He is a starter. He had a good game.

          So what if Real Madrid held us to ransom? We were losing players left right and centre. We were finding it hard to attract better players in the market and that extra 10 million was the cost.

          So once again so what if he is 40 million?

      3. @muda. Why do you guys keep using the term HATE everytime someone has a different opinion to yours regarding Ozil? It’s more evident when it comes to Ozil, it’s seems people are so emotionally, mentally and physically attached to him that they just block out any negatives about him no matter what.Wow.

        If you want to be popular on any Arsenal fans forum just keep being positive about Ozil no matter what 🙂

        Stop using the term “Hate” everytime someone does not agree with you guys about Ozils impact on the team.

        Since Sanchez first game I have been criticising his passing, link up and ball retention, I keep saying that he needs to work hard on those 3 aspects as they are his weakest. And until then he is not works class yet. People keeps saying I just hate on our players. Just because some of us want our players to improve instead of making excuses for them we are called haters.

        Get out of Ozils backside and expect much more than he is giving to the team, there is nothing wrong with that.


        1. Fact: If Ozil or Wenger are questioned you are seen as a traitor..

          The fanboys will not have you question our most imperious leader or his prize purchases or there is certain to be a fatwa put out on your head.

          Give me Silva, Iniesta, Kroos, erikssen or coutinho any day.

          Not a hater, just got my eyes open.

          1. ridiculous compare who all these players have ahead of them and then make the comparison, ozil needs movement and anticipation not some lumbering wardrobe who could just as easily be gracing a stoke or a wba as arsenal….until we get a class striker we wont bring best out of the attacking midfielders we have…its that simple

            1. No dont agree girouds movement is not bad at all how many goals has he scored from inside the box because he finds the couple of yards he needs with his movement! Surs he doesnt have pace but sanchez walcott welbeck and ox all have pace why dont we see ozils full potential when they play

        2. Harsh. It is Sanchez’s first season. It will take still more time to settle.

          He has though settled more.

          Still I think you are far too negative. I’m sure if you were a barca, Bayern or real fan you would fill your boots with negativity and criticism.

    2. Seems sluggish but isn’t. It is called being composed.

      He had a good match. Just put your hand up and admit it.

      Damn some ppl and their pride.

  4. Terrible analysis of the game…criticizing Giroud for missing those header deemed ‘sitters’ ….those two headers in my books weren’t that easy.ox had a huge influence on the game jus as did ospina…kj should really stop giving ratings…MOM in my books Ospiiiiiinnnnnaaaaa!

    1. You are right. The 1st missed header Giroud stretched as far as he could but he just could not get to it – just too far away to get his on it properly.

      The later missed header Giroud would probably like to do again. It was the kind of header that is makeable but no striker no matter how proficient will make it every time – just that simple.

      Many commentators and analysts seem to believe that strikers should score from every opportunity. There is no human alive that can do that.

    2. Agreed. Though giroud timing on the second header could have been better and the first was well taken but I’m sure he will still be kicking himself by not scoring.

      Have to disagree about oxlade. He didn’t have the best game but deserved his start and he needs games to find form and understand/learn his position(s) in the team.

      Sanchez rating is astonishing. Sure he wasn’t great but to think he was the worse, really.

      Ospina MOTM for me as well.

  5. I thought Cazorla was very good again. He is always good in attack build-up play. But when he first arrived at Arsenal he was a defensive liability. He is now a real leader in the effort of team defense.

    1. Agreed about him improving from last season but let’s be honest he had a poor game. Still a much improvement on the Monaco game.

      Guess he was feeling that game.

      Everton didn’t exploit his poor positioning in defends. He is better with Ramsey in the team. Ramsey defensively does go unnoticed but his positioning is great.

  6. Ozil stars? His cut back for the second goal was sublime but other than that he still doesn’t put in enough of a shift for the team IMO.
    Ospina and Gabriel for me. Considering Gabriel’s new to the squad, PL and doesn’t speak English he stepped up really well.
    OT: Who’s going to be our DM player now with Coquelin, Flamini, Arteta, Wilshire and Ramsey all injured?
    I have a feeling we may see Ox back there. Is Bielek match ready? doubt it, Is Hayden fit?

    1. Ozil has 3 goals, 5 assists in 12 matches
      Coutinho has 4 goals, 4 assist in 24 matches

      Coutinho is a great player and is improving. But you’re a Gooner. Stop feeding into this comparison that Liverpool fans have ensued.

  7. Arsenal are not for high pay players cos the fans will thought they are superman that can fly and do wonder. Wenger pay that amount for ozil but he didn’t find player to build around him or his so call promising player are always injured or become dead wood.

    I really don’t know what type of play we are playing? More like free flow of position. You can see players all over the place. Defence or attack alway there is a hand brake on it. Our passing and first touch are so bad and you wonder why they are professional.

    1. I still think Ozil was a reflex buy. He was a panic buy by Wenger to make fans sweet. The reason being, it was on the last day that Madrid could not believe their luck with Arsenals £42 million offer. Ozil was then told he was surplus to requirement and that he was not guaranteed a starting place on the first 11.

      So I still believe Ozil was never part of the plan. Wenger said something similar to this “When a player of Ozils quality becomes available you have got to try and sign him.”

      That tells me Ozil was never in his plans. But when he became available he had to get him as he is a good player. It was never intended for the team to be built around him as he was a reflex buy, it was intended for him to be fitted in the team rather than the team to be built around him if you ask me.

  8. Ozil man of the match? Which match are we talking about here? I guess some of us are just simply obsessed with Ozil, irrespective of how he plays. The match I watched, Ozil was strolling on the pitch like he was a passer-by. Ozil is an exotic player. He looses the ball and feels too exotic or too lazy to recover. And when he decides to track an opponent, he does so without making a slight tackle. I mean, he just escorts the opponents. I love Ozil and I really want him to be an important player for us, but the way he is going leaves little to be desired.

    1. Yes wenger bought a wrong player that most the fans want. Arsenal fans like energy player who fought and chase like dogs, is ok if he didn’t have any productive. Wenger should find rugby player to join us.

      1. Or can display top skill and technique on a regular basis and are a real threat to the opposition.

        Ozil is neither a battler or exceptional creative. He has moments but they are too far and few between to warrant his status..

        The Ozil name/brand is massive. His actual armoury and contribution much less so IMO.

        1. Thank you for a pretty good reply. In justsoccerfan’s pinion, hard-working Cazorla and Sanchez are rugby players! what an analysis.

        2. @arseovertit
          The thing a lot of people are not realizing about Ozil is, though he may be adept at stringing in some deadly through balls. Opposing players see him as the wink link in our midfield, a soft touch and they play him that way.
          His body language makes it plainly clear, that he is afraid of contact. for someone who can dribble past most defenders, I find this very odd…

          1. It’s true.

            Ozil plays some beautiful passes and has the odd moment of sublime skill. However more often than not he makes passes that don’t meet their mark and is easily brushed off the ball. When he looses the ball he shrugs his shoulders and looks to the heavens and not so much try’s to retrieve the ball but jog alongside the player as if escorting him.

            A good no.10 will give some defensive element to the team even if that is not his main role. Look at Messi(iah). He runs and tracks back and tets to hustle opposing players as well as scaring the life out of them with his brilliance. A hard act to follow no doubt but it just shows the gap in class.

            I like Ozil but I can’t help but think his bark is bigger than his bite.

  9. Ox, wilshere, Ramsey and Walcott have been in arsenal for a long period but their game didn’t improve, more of stagnant. And why only our promising player every time injured, why others are improving and less injuries, that a million dollars question.

  10. Does the team miss Mertz … no.
    Arteta Flamini Wilshere
    Wellbeck Diaby Podolski
    Sanogo Campbell Jenkinson Ryo Gnabry?
    Put this 12 up for sale. 70 million.

    Buy. CB. B2B. LW . CAM. STRIKER. 90 mill.
    Net spend 20 mill.

      1. So u are hating walcott. Walcot is far more better than welbeck. U jst want to see him running for the whole season without achieving anything like welbeck. Walcott is a good finisher but he is in wengers black book

        1. Hating? No way, that’s just stupid and wasteful to actually hate someone. I am just saying what I think, and apparently not only me. Walcott is just regaining his pace but not his form. I think Wenger is right in slowly bring him in. Remember the game against the spuds when he actually forgot the ball in what could have been an equaliser?

          1. A fit and firing Walcott is miles better than Welbeck. Welbeck does not score, does not assist, all he does is keep running after the ball after his bad first touch. Welbeck has never scored 10 goals in a season since his career started. His assist and chance creation is poor too. But he is a fighter, he has that James Milner attitude, but Milner scores here and there most of the time.

            A fit and firing Walcott gives you goals, assists and pushes defenders back.

            But Welbeck is a good squad player at the moment. That’s my opinion.

            1. I’m sorry, Danny Welbeck is not Arsenal class. He has a big heart and will run all day but who needs a horse as a striker?

              Again, Man U’s bench warmer was brought in for a leading role in our team. Another last minute, panic buy by our esteemed leader.

  11. Ospina is my motm. Ox, carzola and sanchez are 6 and ozil are 6.5 for the two assists. We play to defensive and our attack not that fluid so I don’t give high scores.

  12. We must have been watching a different game… Coquelin 6.5??? ozil 8???? How on earth was ozil the best player on the pitch, he was missing for the majority of the game! Ospina, gabriel, Coquelin all played better than ozil!

    Also is it just me or have the arsenal team on a whole, not been as good passers this season?

  13. We are big club but we are not top club. What is our direction, toward a top club or just maintain a big club with constant profit for the share holders.

      1. We won’t be top club nor going downward, top four will always our target and we will spend the minimum to fight for trophy, I meant real trophy.

        1. My ‘dream’ Scenario is:

          Kroenke Exit, Usamov ups investment share, Wenger leaves and Simone/Guardiola comes in.

          Ahhh…New beginnings/emphasis & direction…

          & wake up!

  14. Thank u for the 3 points but there is still a lot if work to be done we always seem to give the opposition to much time and room through the middle and there is no pressure easy to say from the couch and MOTM Hector bellerin.

    “Aussie gunner for life and the next”

  15. Ozil was brilliant. Fact is without him we wouldn’t have had the two goals. Goals are a necessity for winning.

    For me MOTM is a toss up between Ozil and Ospina. I think Ospina deserved an 8 also.

    Stop hating on Ozil guys. Ozil has contributed both goals and assists immediately since coming back from injury. Give him a few more weeks.

    I don’t see any Ozil fanboys so there’s no need to go hating on a player who is helping us win. He wasn’t the reason we lost in Monaco. Everybody played bad.

  16. Well glad the boss benched BFG he was jus horrible against Monaco…gabriel stepped up and think he just needs a bit more English lesson n games alongside kosc n they would make a good defensive duo…walcott needs a run soon.sanchez n carzola need rest.and is coquellin ruled out for Wednesday or should we expect him on the field?

  17. I can’t see Ozil as MOTM. I’m sorry, I just can’t. We spent good chunks of the game without possession and Ozil looked disinterested and was not performing his role. On the ball his decision making wasn’t great and he often played the ball back into dead allies.

    Not to say he played bad, I’d actually argue at times he adds that edge of quality that turns our attack into a goal. BUT a game is 90 minutes and not those couple of moments – would another player in the same position not make some quality moments that lead to goals? Questionable, but his 90 minute match was not as good as plenty of other players on the pitch.

    I think the Ozil conundrum comes down to “does he add more to the team then take away?” In a game against a fatigued, not great Everton side he added. Against a team willing to press, harry and fight for the ball who are also gonna attack us quickly if we give away cheap possession he probably takes out too much if used with the wrong combination of players.

  18. Oh yeah and we all know Wenger just bot ozil because he missed out on higuain an Suarez!…total panick buy to please the fans wanted a big buy…truly speakn most of us were excited bout it.but at the time we needed a striker.stil hadn’t blended into the team.makes one think if he really wants to play for the gunners…wenger should sell him,get a younger cheaper cam.

  19. Could it be?


  20. Ozil MOTM disagree, but he didn’t play bad either. I dont understand why people slate him. He got 2 assist that made us win yesterday, that’s not enough?? The problem for ozil is he never show up for a big game. And he have to fixed that problem. But at all IMO ozil have a big change after a injury nightmare.

  21. hahahahahhaa, ozil man of the match !!!, yeah right . if ever an award was set up for a player then it is man of the match . he was not too bad , but he is still a stinking flop at that extraordinary fee . he should be winning matches single handed for petes sake . what a waste of money .he is our weak link and as ann said on her programme you are the weakest link goodbye .

  22. Ozil good performance, but not d best on d pitch, Ospina is d best, his Lukaku save, I shouted, he rescue Gabriel, and some other good save. Sanchess has not been good, he doesn’t pass ball on time, Ox good real winger display, don’t 4get he just came bak frm injury, Theo n Sanches has not been gud after ther injury. Girioud nice finish.

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