Arsenal v Everton Preview, Line-Up and Score Prediction

Arsenal vs Everton Preview, Predicted line up and score by KJ

After a shocking performance in the mid-week Champions League tie, Wenger has to once again revitalise the team’s confidence to get an important home win in the fight for a place in the top 4.

The performance against Monaco was a low blow for all Arsenal fans. We were expecting something far more promising, something that would indicate progress and yet it feels like we are back to square one again. Everton on the other hand have had a torrid season altogether at the hands of a poor managerial performance by Roberto Martinez. They have little confidence in the Premier League.

We will need to start the game strongly as we usually do but we will need to get that early goal to assert our dominance or we’ll be lulled into a false sense of security like we did against Monaco. Once we get that early goal, the confidence amongst the players will be justified and there’s always something to hold onto if we struggle to retain possession (which we shouldn’t at the Emirates).

Predicted Line up:
Bellerin – Gabriel – Koscielny – Monreal
Alexis – Cazorla – Chamberlain – Ozil

The team has to be changed up a bit from the mid-week game.

Szczesny has to start now after that poor performance by Ospina. Hopefully he’s learnt his lesson.

Gabriel over Mertesacker as he had a shocker and I’m interested to see the dynamic between Gabriel and Koscielny.
Monreal over Gibbs as he’ll work better against Everton’s slower set up.

Chamberlain has to start as he’ll act as a third midfielder which will prevent Cazorla from being overran in the middle of the park.

Ozil will need to play on the left predominantly and his performance will probably be sacrificed for the good of the team in this instance.

Welbeck over Giroud as I expect us to be playing a lot on the counter but Giroud can also start if we take a more possession based approach.

I expect us to win 3 – 1 and get back to winning ways.


  1. I wish we had Arteta agst Monaco.

    Even though we lost to Monaco at home, I have feeling we might put a good show away.

    Every year Feb and March are the depressing months for Arsenal Fans as we are out of all the cups and again fighting for the 4th spot.

  2. I’m not sure about Welbeck up front instead of Giroud, but I suppose we can always put in Giroud if Welbeck doesn’t perform.

    I’m happy with the line up otherwise

    Benching Ospina will make him want to prove himself and perform better.

    Mertsacker was just horrible. Gabriel should be given a chance.

    1. Dido, and the problem with dropping the main striker Giroud for Welbeck is that Welbeck stunk up- the place as much as anyone.. if i was intent on dropping Oli to teach him lesson well the i would put Sanchez up there even though i think his talents better deployed in between midfield and attack. Per getting dropped is a must, i wouldnt say the same regarding Ospina as Szcz is well capable of coming into the team and having a blunderful day. I hope if Theo is to play that he will get back to help Bellerin out every opportunity.

      Id opt for this side to start…….


  3. Walcott is our most underrated player in my opinion, he score, he provide assist, and so on even on a off day as you call it, but get slated everyday. For me he must start anyway!

    1. He’s just come back from a year out. I will be surprised if he gets a full 90 mins this month.

  4. gibbs over monreal

    in our last 2 league games against everton we played monreal and they purposely played lukaku on right flank and on both occasions lukaku tore monreal apart. lukaku is much stronger and way pacier than nacho, gibbs can cover him

    and walcott over ozil

    1. my line up –
      formation : 4-2-3-1

      bellerin kos gab gibbs
      coq ox
      alex santi theo

  5. I just don’t want mert to play,if sczezzz was benched for a shitty performance, its only fair that mert gets it too

    Hahahaha in this article,u put ozil on the flank with thee Ox in the middle,smh

    better we rest carzola or bench ozil,wings r for wingers !!

  6. we will not be playing on the counter but everton will park the bus and we are gonna a solid figure like giroud to reach the crosses

  7. Arsenal 0 – Everton 5

    Arsenal shot: 20, on target: 0

    Goals conceded: 5, Mertesacker ducking incidents: 5

  8. Utd away in the FA Cup and
    Monaco away in the ECL will be tough.
    However the EPL schedule is very reasonable.
    Everton QPR Westham Burnley
    Hull Swansea Sunderland and WBA are all winnable.
    Liverpool and Chelsea are at home while
    Man U and Newcastle away are inconsistent.
    Arsenal can win 9 from 12 and finish 3rd even 2nd.
    starting with Everton tomorrow. Arsenal 5 Everton 2

  9. Keep the faith.
    Bellerin Koz Mertz Gibbs
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Chamberlain Ozil Sanchez
    Szcz Chambers Gabriel Monreal Rosicky Walcott Wellbeck

  10. Going on the previous game against them earlier in the season, when they really should have beaten us with ease, I’d say probably a draw or defeat.

    2-2 or 2-3 win for Everton.

  11. Pls. No more ozil + monreal on the left. Lukaku raped us last season against those 2. Drop ozil for rosicky. Sanchez n ox on the wings. Why r we constantly playing the ox in the middle??? The guy has all the attributes to become a great winger. Fast and strong on the ball with an ability to pick out players with his crosses. Instead we confuse the poor lad by making him play cdm. Same thing with wilshere and ramsey last time. Wenger’s got an unhealthy obsession of playing players out of position and he needs to cut that out

  12. Ospina

    Le Coq-Rosicky

    2-1 Arsenal win.

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