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Arsenal v Everton Review – A nervous start but a clean sheet at last

Arsenal started promisingly with Aubameyang looking lively, but it was Nacho Monreal who had our first big chance after 12 minutes but Jordan Pickford was more than equal to it.

After that though Everton went into the ascendance with Richarlison, Sigurdsson and Walcott all getting forward and testing Cech and the defenders. On the half hour Sokratis got booked for a heavy challenge and Digne tested Cech yet again from the resulting free kick forcing our keeper into an excellent save. Ten minutes later Walcott came close to scoring but Cech was our saviour once more and straight away Sokratis had to be replaced by Holding due to injury.

After a bit of Arsenal pressure that came to nothing it was Charlison who had the last chance of the half but Cech was on it easiy. Despite Arsenal having two thirds of the possession we only had one shot that tested Pickford while Cech was the best player for Arsenal.

After the break Arsenal seemed to respond to Emery’s half time talk as usual and Ramsey was denied a certain goal by Pickford’s acrobatics, but ten minutes later Lacazette finally got one past the Toffee’s Number One in off the post from an excellent shot. Then just three minutes later his sidekick Aubameyang made it 2-0 with a typical poachers goal and the Arsenal fans were visibly relieved. The Gabonese hitman was replaced by Iwobi ten minutes later with the game looking done and dusted.

With the clock running down nicely Emery is still thinking of the attack and brought on Welbeck for Ramsey, but then Everton went into full attack mode to try and salvage something from the game and Sigurdsson came close to pulling one back, and then Tosun got even closer but Cech saves the day yet again.

Everton kept trying but it was too little too late and the Gunners recorded their 5th win in a row and unbelievably their very first clean sheet of the season!

Can our reserves make it six wins in a row against Brentford on Wednesday?

Onwards and Upwards!

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89 thoughts on “Arsenal v Everton Review – A nervous start but a clean sheet at last

  1. gotanidea

    Great opening goal from Lacazette and the drop of Everton’s stamina changed the game in the second half. Had the opponent been one of the top three EPL teams, maybe Arsenal would have conceded first in the first half:

    – Lacazette: Worked hard as always and scored a beautiful opening goal that forced Everton to change their plan in second half

    – Ramsey: Two assists, but he did not work as hard as usual. Not creative and skillful enough to be a no 10

    – Aubameyang: Tried to do high pressing, but still not threatening and not effective enough as a left winger. Arsenal need better inverted winger(s)

    – Ozil: Lousy as a winger and created atrocious first touches as usual. Better using him as a no 10 or not using him at all, because he does not work well in other position

    – Torreira: I view him as a more combative and less skillful/ creative version of Cazorla. More games might make him into our best midfielder in the future

    – Xhaka: Without those shining forward pass statistic and his dead ball talent, he is nothing special and made a fatal error. The same reason I never liked how Beckham played

    – The fullbacks: Balanced, but I think Bellerin is better in attacking than Monreal tonight. I hope Kolasinac or one of our young left fullbacks can replace Monreal in the future

    – The central defenders: Did well

    – Cech: The best player tonight. Had Arsenal been conceded in the first half, the result could be different

        1. ks-gunner

          That was not a fatal error. He tryed to clear the ball out of danger by trying to pass the ball outside the danger zone as he had no other option. Focus of the positives and not the negatives. The hate is showing to much.

        2. jon fox

          Fatal comes from death. Applied metaphorically, it at least means it gave a goal away or some other catastrophe(if one can have a “catastrophe” in mere football, other than serious injury). An error then? Yes. But a “fatal” error? Nonsense! Emotive and misleading language therefore. I do not aim to be pedantic but to stand up for correct language. It annoys me when newspapers call some one a hero for scoring a winning goal. A true hero would for example dive into a fast running river to save a child who had fallen in. I hope you and others take my point. That is, unless you care nothing for the richest language in the world; English.

          1. pires

            Hi Jon.
            Arabic and french are also very rich.As you can read the holly Coran with the former and Moliere with the second!!!.Anyway Xakha i think is a good player but he has to improve his defensive game.

          2. David Rusa

            Jon while I agree with you on use of the word fatal, I beg to differ on the use of words like hero in football jargon. There are some words which football has lightly used and we all accept them as such. For example, take a shot, shoot to kill, killer instinct etc. These words would have completely different meaning in law, the military and even in everyday language. What matters is the context in which such words are used. However I agree with you about the word fatal because Xhaka’s error did not result in a goal or some other negative consequence. There has been a gradual decline in the English language which we have now come to accept. These days people use adjectives and adverbs in place of verbs and nobody seems bothered!

            1. jon fox

              An interesting reply David and some food for thought , clearly. To be clear, I do not really mind much of the type of jargon you rightly list. Jargon is everywhere in all activities. But it is the awful distortions, such as “fatal” which really concern me, both as a linguist and a lover of English. Because of the malign influence of American English, among other factors, our own language has often become cheapened and many do not even realise how rich and special English, correctly used, can be. I find that a sadness. I try not to be stuffy about it usually but felt that I had to challenge “fatal” so badly misused.

        1. A.ball08

          Hi patrick
          I am one of them that think xhaka is pants for us.
          He doesn’t move the ball quick enough for us and if he does it is side or back. He shows up
          People run off him at ease and that leave us exposed. He has little awareness around him and from going from a hard tackling midfielder when he first arrived he has now gone to a midfielder who does little to shield the back 4..
          Drop him or sell him

          Someone please tell me what Ramsey is doing for us on the pitch
          Ozil looks like a fish out of water
          We can’t keep turning up with 8 or 9 players.

          1. Trudeau

            Sorry but to say that Xhaka passed the ball mostly backwards or sideways today is just wrong. Watch the game again. I’m not his number one fan but he was good today and looks a much more complete player with Torreira in tandem.

    1. ks-gunner

      Xhaka is special as there are not many better players currently who could replace him. Pin point passes of his are very dangerous and they reach their mark fast and right. You all have won a bad opinion of him due of Wenger mis using him for way to long in the past, under Emery he is playing much better. The guy has signed his contract and plays as best as he can. He is here for the long run and people should at least try to support him and wish from him to do better and not babble and yap and wish for him to do mistakes so they can have reasons to confirm and out speak their bias hate.

      1. gotanidea

        Never hated him or any Gunners/ ex-Gunners personally, just crticizing their games

        If Arsenal can get more dead ball opportunities in the next matches, Xhaka should be the first choice to take it. Because he offers nothing much except his excellent set-piece deliveries

        1. ks-gunner

          The likes of Ozil and Xhaka will never find the appreciation they deserve among-st British fans. Its bec fans in the premier league prefer legs over brains. Schools and Bechkam are two of the most well respected English players in the world due of them being brains alone. Football is a smart game and players who are smart are special in my view.

          You can criticize them, its all fine and good, but somehow when you see the same names being called out all of the time, and while so others being completely ignored, one can not think diff as to think that to many fans have a strong bias towards some certain players.

          Ozil needs to play as a 10. He does not run a lot but when he has the balls he makes things happen.

          I dont want to see Ramsey in the pitch as long as he doesnt sign the contract. He is basically with one foot outside the club for now.

          Miki is a better option yet he is on the bench.

          Due of Ozil playing on the wings and Ramsey not being concerned to create, Xhakas role in the team is very important. The ball needs to be played in front at all cost. As fast and as good as it can be. Therefore Xhaka being a key player at the moment, and no chance of him being benched for the likes of Gunduzi any times soon. Up the Arsenal. Me happy with Emery a lot.

      2. A.ball08

        Sorry Ks

        xhaka is more special needs
        Stats can say anything you want
        Pin point passes across and back don’t count
        Rather have a miss pass when the ball is pinged forward and having there defence being turned
        Not good enough for us

        1. ks-gunner

          They do count. And if you are the sole person who does the job, then you can be sure that you are going to do mistakes, lots of em even. No better options at Arsenal in the moment. And not many players outside who one could find to replace him with. Support him for once and hope for the best.

          1. A.ball08

            He is too slap dash when it comes to defending and postional play plus The mistake are too often
            He does not press and and has no intensity to his game. If he controls our tempo,it feel lethargic and slow. if we are playing the pressing game then he is wrong person in the in the middle for.
            I will reiterate again to you on the stats..going sideways and backwards don’t count
            Penetrating balls count and normally they are going forward
            I will have to agree to disagree with you on him.
            Drop him and sell him

            1. jon fox

              I am not a Xhaka fan at all. I consider him far too one paced, one footed and unaware of impending danger. On the plus side he can ping a long pass, but , as you say, most of them come to nothing as they are not fast or unexpected enough to fool the opposition. I thought him better than usual today and he had much possession. But, his hard shot apart, I see little in him that even licks the boots of the tricky two footed(great sudden change of direction) and woefully missed Cazorla, who was many times the player that the highly limited Xhaka is.

              1. A.ball08

                I would love to see guendouzi paired with torreira. Both bring energy. Tackling tenacity.
                Moving he ball forward at every opportunity
                I will never warm to Xhaka. He has had a few seasons to prove himself and he has come up short every time
                Fed up of watching the game pass him by. Fed up with to many liabilities in our team and he is and has been one of them. Fed up of people quoting stats when it really means nothing
                Against a better team today we would have been ripped apart.
                Drop him and sell him

                1. ozziegunner

                  A.ball08 Xhaka suffered because Arsene Wenger tried to play him as a DM, which he is not. Torreira is the uncompromising DM, Arsenal has been crying out for since Gilberto Silva left. Xhaka plays better when played slightly forward of Torreira, who he has confidence in to allow Xhaka to go forward.
                  As far as jon fox’s comment regarding Santi Cazorla, given that Paul Merson rates him as one of the greatest midfielders he has seen at Arsenal, he will be difficult to replace.
                  I would take a 2:0 result against Everton every day of the week. Clinical finishing by two great forwards and a superb goal keeping display by P Cech.
                  Pleanty of room for improvement, but Arsenal need to start with more intensity; Ozil either plays centrally or benched; Ramsey nowhere near the team unless he signs his contract and Iwobi or Mhikataryan to provide width.

                  1. A.ball08

                    I agree with you on Torreira. We have been crying out for a player like this for years.
                    Xhaka will never the player we all wish for.
                    He has had the freedom the last few games and he hasn’t taken in my view
                    Bar the free kick last week. A few decent balls, he has mostly had games that have been unmemeorable.
                    He is one of a few players that need to move on.
                    He doesn’t suit our game any more
                    Pressing…I have seen more flexibility and liveliness in eros statue then Xhaka
                    Drop him
                    Sell him

        2. Angus

          Stats can not ever say anything you want. Stats can be misrepresented usually by presenting a very simple stat without the 6+ other stats that would give the 1 stat context. Stats do not however lie ever nor say whatever you want. Misuse of stats doesn’t destroy stats usefulness probably why EVERY top club is HEAVILY run on stats today.

      3. Goonerboi

        I agree with you completely Xhaka has definitely picked up some form he’s been excellent in his last 3 games for club and country. Torreira and Xhaka look the perfect midfield balance. Shrokdan Mustafi shouldnt be playing for arsenal. I don’t remember a game where he hasn’t done something stupid. Also shoutout to cech. He’s been very good all season and today was just exquisite. Level on points with spuds and the chance to leapfrog watford and hopefully Bottleham Hotspur. Onwards and upwards.

        1. Trudeau

          Czech dialled back the clock today. He was faultless and that save in the second half when he got down to push that header away belied his 38 years.

          1. jon fox

            He actually turned 36 in May, which is not unusually old for a top keeper. I thought him brilliant today but I believe he has clearly declined since his halcyon days when at Chelsea.

    2. kev

      Central defenders and full backs were bad especially in the first half.They were shocking positioning wise.Even there were times in the first half I wondered what was wrong with Mustafi.So you now see Xhaka is nothing special?Most of what he does is basic.Can’t believe till this day fans are happy with him.But please take it easy there on Beckham.

      1. Sarmmie

        What is wrong with you?, you always have something wrong to say, you always say the wrong things are being done, but you never profer solutions, are you ever satisfied?
        Xhaka is pretty basic, but in his last two years at b. mochengladbach, what special thing did he do that got him into bundesliga team of the year twice? The day he was removed and guendouzi and torreira were left in the middle, we had a big problem going forward
        If you were the coach and everyone was fit, pls name your first 11

        1. kev

          You say I always say the wrong things?You’re clearly a hater.I don’t want to come off as someone who blows his horn.I remember when Guendouzi was first bought I remember saying the guy is good but not good enough because he doesn’t handle the ball well and will give it away under pressure.I even said this when he was somewhat plauing well.Fast forward and that begins to happen resulting in him being dropped.Mind you I know he will improve.
          I also we one of the very very few her who stated that it wa wrong to put Auba at RW even if he wa world class.Lo and behold he’s been nothing special at RW but prove his speciality within the week when played at CF in Europa.
          I also quoted from so called unreliable ITK’s that Gazidis will leave Arsenal on 1st Sept.The date may have been wrong but not the move.Funny enough he said “those who know don’t speak and those who speak don’t know.I could go on and on and on but that’s irrelevant.

    3. Micheal

      I guess your hate for xhaka block your view today.for me he had a decent game with is long passes and shows authority in the mid field

  2. Sue

    Phew!!!! A CLEAN BLOODY SHEET!!!!! 😎
    Cech was brilliant… Ramsey was piss poor & yes guys Ozil was poor…
    Love Laca & Auba 👊 😍😍

    1. Rkw

      Ozil was poor but working a bit harder … he’s wasted wide … wenger never learnt that … so has to be played as 10 Ramsey can’t he doesn’t have the feet or brain

  3. Bur

    Yes i am glad of the 3 points but i am overwhelmed with a clean sheet. Now maybe we can establish a permanent and a solid back line.

  4. Uzi Ozil

    Cech is my man of the match. He deserved the clean sheet and we could see he prefers kicking the ball out than passing it.

    The defense still looks shaky. Mustafi-Sokratic pairing is not there yet.

    Torreira was good after the yellow card.

    Over all, three points

  5. ks-gunner

    Cong to all gunner fans for the win. The team had to fight hard to win today. I am sure that under Wenger we would have lost as we didn’t dominate yet won. I do too believe that we can get the 4th place this year if we continue improving like this. I am very pleased with our current form and my man of the match goes to Cech today.

    No player i can single out as being poor. All where doing their job as best as they could.

    1. Lance

      ks-gunner, it is unfair to say we would have lost if Wenger were in charge. Everton never beat Arsenal at our grounds in 20 years and who was in charge? Wenger. Even at the worst of time for Arsenal last season, we beat Everton both home and away 5-1; 5-2. Wenger achieved those victories.

  6. kev

    Good win since we got the 3 needed point.But I must still say that Unai Emery needs to stop playing some players and also seek to put players in their right positions.The defense was average for most part of the match especially in the first half as they were once again shocking positioning wise.
    The midfield lacked control and tenacity a bit since Torreira was yellow carded early on forcing him to be cautious.Xhaka was normal and did nothing special to me.He should learn to focus on his weakness and try to improve because he sometimes doesn’t know what’s going on round him.That midfield pairing is unsustainable and it will take time to show.Ozil offered nothing.Aubameyang scored which makes me happy for him because he did nothing of note today.However, he worked hard.Laca was average up until his great goal.
    All in all an average performance but a win is a win and I’ll take it.

    1. gotanidea

      According to statistics, Guendouzi and Xhaka are our best midfielders currently

      But if we compare Xhaka’s statistics with Milner’s, which is 32 years old and not a DM, I would say Arsenal really need to improve their midfielders’ quality:

      1. kev

        I’m sorry to say but I dont rate both that much although I prefer the former to the latter.They need a drastic improvement to make it here long term.

  7. RSH

    Far better 2nd half. We still have our obvious issues, but 2-0 win, clean sheet, and haven’t lost a game since August. You have to be somewhat happy despite our flaws. We very badly needed to win these games and it’s good that we are gaining some confidence. Let’s just keep winning the game put in front of us and navigate what is best for our side.

    Positives: Cech has looked much better since he doesn’t have to pass out from the back anymore. You can see why he keeps his spot. Holding played well when he replaced Sokratis, really no criticisms for him. Xhaka, much more influential when he doesn’t have to be the pure CDM. Auba worked hard, Laca did as always too. And my favorite part of this game was just seeing out the 2-0 win. Didn’t try too hard to force a third and end up conceding.

    Negs: Not confident when high line. Better finishers can punish us. 1st half blues yet again. No creativity. Ozil was passenger for much of the game today and Ramsey took a long time to get into the game as well. I don’t think they should be certain starters. Bellerin, still had a hard time with Richarldson, another tricky winger that gets away from him constantly. Still needs to improve.

    Anyways, good day a 2-0 win.

      1. RSH

        in the 2nd half. Which is why I said it took him a while to get into the game. Overall this season he has just been okay and I don’t know if he should be a regular starter and one of the first on the team sheet. I’m not totally convinced putting him in No. 10 role is the best for the side.

          1. RSH

            I didn’t mention Laca or Aubameyang’s goals either. I was writing stray observations, not listing stats.

            You’re entitled to your opinion as well. Not saying you’re wrong, but I’m simply not convinced No. 10 is his best role in this side.

            1. Goonerboi

              Yeah I don’t think Ramsey gets in this team for me. Or maybe if he proved his defensive game we could haven him on as a RM in a 442 formation. There was a point in time where he had the most tackles in the prem.

              1. RSH

                That was the best version of Ramsey. 13/14 season I believe. Since then he’s tried way too hard to contribute to the attack. He had/has the tools to be a great box-to-box midfielder. Wenger failed to discipline him when he started to get too attack-minded. Now Emery is just running with the idea of him being a No. 10 and I don’t think it’s going the smoothest. Feel we can do better, or drop the No. 10 role all together and put him in a midfield 3 of 2 CM’s instead.

        1. gotanidea

          He should be a regular starter if he decides to commit to Arsenal 100% by signing an extension

          Because he is the only senior British first team player and he is almost tireless. But he should play as a CM instead of a no 10, despite the two assists today

          Having said that, I wish Arsenal can find a better English midfielder than him

  8. waal2waal

    …lots of hard-work ahead but arsenal winning days are the ones i revel in, so… tomorrow i know may not be the same. For our 2-0 result i’ll say thanks to my team and thumbs up to Unai Emery

  9. Robin Vanpayslip - because I'm worth it

    It is a nice feeling for the first time in a very long time that Arsenal isn’t being talked about all the time. We’re kind of under the radar now that the Arsene circus show is done. Nice to just have had a few wins.

    1. killamch89

      I agree and with Spurs and Mourinho and even Sarri coming under heavy scrutiny over the last week and with Chelsea facing Liverpool twice, the media is a tad pre-occupied at the moment. We need to just continue flying under the radar and stay near the top two.

  10. ThirdManJW

    How we got a clean sheet is anyone’s guess! Great win though, and 5 wins in a row in a think? I love how much more direct we are in the final third, and that we’re crossing early on many occasions.

  11. tatgooner

    poor poor performance and an undeserved win.How can anyone in the premier league even be scared of arsenal?
    surely now people have realised that cech auba and laca are our only above average players.

    thanks linesman by the way.Much needed pudh you gave us there

  12. tatgooner

    poor poor performance and an undeserved win.How can anyone in the premier league even be scared of arsenal?
    surely now people have realised that cech auba and laca are our only above average players.

    thanks linesman by the way.Much needed pudh you gave us there

  13. jon fox

    The realistic take, leaving aside bias, hype and fantasy as follows: Overall, lucky to win today and Everton were the better side until first goal. MotM by a country mile was Cech. I have not seen him have a better perf in our shirt and, mercifully, he largely avoided playing it out from the back today when under pressure. Great goal by Laca; Auba’s goal was clearly offside. Better outfield players for us Torreira, Xhaka, Monreal. Holding did well as sub. Ozil and Ramsey stunk. Poor were Auba, Mustafi, Bellerin did well when going forward but, as usual, stunk when “defending.” Rest were mostly about average and, overall, Cech saved us from defeat. Disappointingly, I see no improvement at all from Wengers last awful year and the “pressing” we were promised has vanished with the early autumn mist. I refuse to hype average (being generous) perfs and urge other Gooners to adopt realism , as it helps us not a jot to pretend all is fine, when clearly we still have problems all over the pitch. Worst of all I see no real improvement at all in overall work rate, though I exclude Torreira from that.

    1. Trudeau

      Not a bad summary of the game (although I thought Bellerin was much improved defensively today, especially second half). The lack of pressing was the biggest surprise to me and only improved late in the game. I’m probably a bite more positive than you on the season as a whole but it’s definitely a work in progress.

    2. Tommogun58

      Totally agree Jon, lets get real a win is a win, we were lucky not to have lost the game by half time, I think top four is a forlorn hope with this shower even top six could be a struggle,
      Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil, all lose the ball and dont seem to care at least the terrier tries to win it back if he loses it Bellerin was better but he still is not good enough, Dream on fellow gooners.

  14. Grandad

    The result was better than the performance.In the first half Everton were the better side and would have been ahead had it not been for Czech who was excellent throughout. Holding did very well when he came on and showed a lot more composure than Mustafi who as usual was left for dead on an number of occasions.Tactically Ramsay is playing too near Lacazette.In the first half we were virtually playing a 4-2-4 system which is why our midfield was being over run.In the second half Ozil played deeper and after the first goal we took control .A welcome win and hopefully the first clean sheet of many.

  15. inkfight!

    Wow. Read the first few comments and the level of hate for almost every single player on our entire team is unbelievable!

    We were far from perfect, but personally, i’m very happy with 3 points, both of our strikers getting goals and a clean sheet (finally!).


    Cech was out-standing today – proving there is still a place in “modern” football for good old-fashioned keeping.

    The defence just about did it’s job. Pity Sokratis had to go off injured as he had started to look like he was settling in and turning into the leader of our defensive unit. Not world class, but he’s doing the job thats required of him at the moment. Hope he recovers in time for our next league game. Felt Bellerin was a great outlet for us going forward.

    Torreira finally got his first start and was tidy and efficient. Can’t believe the hate Xhaka gets, even when he has a good game. Ramsey played within himelf today and got two “assists”. Or one and a half.

    Aubameyang back among the goals, even if this isn’t his best position, if he can keep scoring and stay positive – we have a world class player on our hands (probably our only one). Lacazette is the player who has impressed me the most this season – can see the hunger and desire to do well and I have to say he’s turning out to be a better player than I thought he was. Have to credit Aubameyang for the part he’s played in Lacazette’s resurgence as well (even if it stems from an off the field friendship).

    For a team in transition (still) and one that had been written off completely at the start of the season – we’re level on points with “serious title contenders” Spurs and ahead of Mourinho’s United.

    1. jon fox

      Why do you use the word “hate” to describe opinions from people who have a lesser opinion than you on such and such a player? Surely you mean of course a “different opinion”, something to which ALL are fully entitled? You show your lack of maturity when misusing “hate ” for a mere difference of opinion. Hate is actually far darker and more sinister than mere football opinions and I hope you never have cause to be hated or to really hate. It is sadly a well known fact that many young people distort and write incorrect English. The result is that they themselves are disregarded as rather silly and vacuous young people by those who know how to use English correctly. It is worth you taking this point seriously if you wish to be taken seriously in future. Ill educated people attract answers, as a rule, only from other ill educated people. My post to you is an exception to this rule. You are clearly able to write in a good style and can punctuate well. It would be a shame if you choose not to heed this post. It is meant to help you, not to criticise.

      1. inkfight!

        Hello Jon, my intention was not to single out any poster in particular – however, some of the things written about a lot of our players goes way beyond “difference of opinion”. However, i do appreciate the gesture.

        The most important thing is – we picked up another 3 points today. Clearly this team has a long way to go under a new manager – but at least we continue to pick up points during this process.

        1. Break-on-through

          Inkfight’s insight on the positives is the only good read in this comment section. Comes off the way he’s supposed to come off, as a supporter/Gooner. Some dreadful melancholy reading before I reached something worth reading, so good on you!, Ya! Gunners YA!!!

  16. Sol

    MOTM czech but Torriera played 90min. did the dirty work…Laca did the finish….the three are Men Of The Match….

  17. Dan

    The fact our goalkeeper got man of the match says it all anyone who thinks this team can go on and challenge for trophies are completely deluded defence must be one of the worse in the club’s history this team is a million miles away from challenging for anything and us fans have many gloomy years ahead!!

    1. RSH

      De Gea is United’s MOTM every game, this is Cech’s best this season. I think you’re being way too pessimistic. Of course this side isn’t good enough to challenge for the title, but it is important we start winning so we can build from those success. A lot of how we do will depend on transfer windows and investment too. We will definitely need better players if we want to become a serious contender again. At the moment, what else can the boys do but win the games in front of them?

      1. jon fox

        What else could they do, you ask? They could work much harder and start the pressing we were all promised but which has never materialised. THAT is “what else the boys can do.” This team still plays like a WENGER TEAM. NO GREATER CRITICISM IS POSSIBLE!!!

  18. Martin

    Laca is fast becoming our best player. Ozil thou things didn’t work well for him but tried to get himself involve. For Rambo I don’t understand him again. Xhaka had a good game today. We just need to work on our defending. Bellerin really need someone to advice him on how to defend

  19. Innit

    I’ve nothing against Xhaka. Sometimes he plays well. But he is no where near Cazorla’s quality, not worth £35 mil and more importantly, if we want to win the Premier League eventually we will need to upgrade him.
    Xhaka and Ramsey are adequate/good but not good enough for the next level.

    Torreira on the other hand is good enough. Very happy with him. Imagine him with Cazorla in his prime. They would have been a perfect pair and would have made Ozil look like a world beater.

    Also Guendozi will be fantastic in a few years with more experience

  20. Phil

    I thought Theo proved today exactly why he was sold in January-the problem was it should have been January 2010

    1. Phil

      And as for Walcott coming out in the press saying he believes Everton are better than Arsenal.It might well be true but not while he is in the team they won’t

    2. jon fox

      This fraud should never have come in the first place. 12 dreadful, shocking years stealing wages for nothing in return. Weed Walcott is by far the most loathed coward and shirker to ever wear our shirt. I knew he was a con man after he has shirked in only half a dozen games, while still aged barely 19. I craved his exit all that time. That he once again did nothing today gave me immense satisfaction.

      1. Trudeau

        “Loathed coward”? Wow that’s pretty strong language. Kind of like the word “hate” that you so frequently lecture others about using (most recently in the last thread). Pot, meet kettle.

  21. Kingojode

    I have been watching Laca closely since the time he started playing regularly under Unai, and I have come to understand that his work rate has increased leaps and bounds. At the moment, he is performing much better than the entire time he spent under Wenger. His hunger for the ball is virtually unquenchable. His goals suggest that. They have been magnificent; coming at the time we most needed them.
    For me, Ozil was poor and lazy today. His laziness makes me want to scream at my television sometimes. He doesn’t play like someone who is on a huge salary. If Unai remains a realist like he has been since his appointment, Ozil Will not be on the team sheet after January.
    Concerning our defence, I think Mustafi is one of our biggest problems now. Every time he goes forward to give a pass, he does it wrongly. He clearly does not belong to our class. He is just like a time bomb waiting to explode.
    Fox, take it easy with those who do not write correctly in English-language. Everyone is not English. You might make similar mistakes if you were writing in thier native languages.

  22. Grandad

    Until Mustafi is replaced the back four will continue to malfunction.Pity young Mav is currently injured as I would like to see him and Holding in tandem.

  23. Tommogun58

    well said A.ball08 He is pants in fact as much as I am willing to give emery a go this bunch are not helping his cause, there are only a handful of them I would keep,the two keepers, the two attackers and Terrier, I cannot understand how anybody can think XHAKA is anything but crap. This bunch are woefully short of a top 4 side the two up front must be pulling their hair out their workrate was outstanding today with no support from a very poor midfield that need to take a good look at themselves, Ramsey should be in the reserves until he decides to sign or go, hopefully the latter, Ozil,, well the less said about this overpaid prima donna the better, I admire Emery for sticking to his strategy but I’m afraid we will not get any better with these midfielders lets be honest.

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