Arsenal v Galatasaray review – Welbeck hat-trick steals the show

Arsenal needed to get off to a fast start against Galatasaray, especially as Arsene Wenger had picked a pretty attacking line-up with Cazorla, Chamberlain, Ozil and Alexis backing up Danny Welbeck. And we certainly did that.

The Gunners quickly exposed the Turkish side and dominated possession but with a real purpose. Ozil may have looked a bit laboured to start with but he soon got into the game, but it was Alexis who looked the most dangerous and it was the Chilean’s slide role ball that Welbeck raced on to for the opening goal after 22 minutes.

If the first was taken well by our new striker, through the keeper’s legs, his second was better as he leaped onto a defensive mistake to outmuscle and outrun Melo before producing a cool finish. Arsenal were flying and the Turks were crumbling while their fans lost the plot and threw flares onto the pitch.

Melo should have been sent off twice for his horror tackle on Alexis but escaped with just a yellow, but our star man punished him anyway with another great goal after a nice assist by Ozil. The only worry was the risk of injury with quite a few heavy challenges starting to fly in as their frustration grew.

Prandelli changed their system at the break and they started with intent, forcing a couple of early corners, but the Gunners had their attacking game going and Welbeck was in full flow. He could have had a third before halftime but made no mistake when the Ox played him in after 52 minutes to make it four.

It was another good striker’s finish from the England man and those questions about his ability to score enough are being answered. But the night was spoiled a bit when Szczesny was sent off conceding a penalty which Yilmaz scored so not the clean sheet we deserved. We just needed to shut up shop and with Chelsea on Sunday, Wenger took off Alexis,then Chamberlain and finally Ozil.

The 10 men did well to stay compact and largely restict the Turks to long range shots, with Ospina having to make a few sharp saves late on. And Santi was inches away from a fifth. Well done Welbeck on a great night for the Gunners.

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    1. great performance lads- dannyboy with a lovely hat trick.

      this is the team to face chelsea- dont tinker it looks good 🙂

      even ospina looked comfortable

    2. Don’t forget OX. Front 3 were terrific .. Exactly what the fans have been saying for 2 years now .. Play with 3 PACEY forwards who have good movement and today the football was so good

      Wenger will stil f*ck this up someway somehow

      1. Agreed, did Wenger have to wait to have 9 players injured to find the ideal front three and put Ozil behind them?

        3 Pacey forwards + 1 World Class passer = Goals

        When Theo and Gnabry come back and Wenger stops hating Campbell we will have 6 Pacey direct forwards to choose from, we will be able to rotate, change when players are out of form etc..

        Same with no 10. Ozil plays if he is fit and in form, if not we have Cazorla, and if they are both out Rosicky or Jack can play there admirably.

        We have so much young talent for the attacking 4 positions that its a shame not to play them in this system and instead try Ozil or Cazorla or Jack on the wings.

        I do hope Wenger stops experimenting and he has finally “found” the system we have all been screaming about. Still Chelsea is a different beast…

            sanchez/L, welbeck/CF, ozil/CAM & oz on the R.
            also looks like sanchez is coordinating better now.

            @ymoola: we’ve had pace on the wings this season but for some reason wenger chose not to put our speediest players there (ozil was there, & cazorla).
            good to see roz out ; would’ve liked to see campbell too.
            there’s a silver lining to scz getting the red: ospina should be the go-to keeper for CL and szcz can be PL . that’ll keep ospina happier & in form.
            this’ll force wenger to “rotate” (share) his keepers between CL & PL

        1. Amazing is it not. The fans have been screaming for this all season – Wenger wandered into the idea because of injuries as you correctly assessed.

            1. Man, do u have brain cramps? You really do not know what it means when one says something or someone is well baked?

    3. Awesome match Chambers, wow for 19 he’s gonna be a superstar. Ox was pacey down the wings, showing bits of skill here and there, Ozil his passes are top class, he looks tired, but that’s just how he plays, nice link up play-had freedom to run anywhere (wenger keep this in mind) Nice assist, killed it!
      Alexis, ran his heart out from start to finish, horrible two footed takle from Melo (should of been a red) didn’t stop our chilli boy though, awesome finsh as well.

      Oh Danny boy, what have united scum gifted us, natural striker, even merson said henry esc finishes. Lots of pace, skill ( that flick over the head and then to beat 2 players with pace), he’s becoming a Wenger project.
      I’m going to stop there or i could end up writing a book, everyone had a 8/10 for me.
      Oh and Santi at the end.

      COYG! Everynes happy on this site (until tomoz) get it!

    4. Somefin I do on Fifa: when a club comes to buy one of my outstanding players, one I know I don’t wanna sell, I make is price outrageous, the negotiation dies immediately, no further bids.

      Some day, Real Madrid, Barcelona, City or one of those clubs will come for Chambers, Koscielny Ox, etc. Well, we tell them straight away, eg., Chambers is 300 million pounds. Take it or leave it.

      1. Keeping Chambers is a must, a new 5 year contract now!
        Whats the limit on a players contract, serious, offer him 80k for 10 years if possible.

    5. You may have a point about Wilshere but it is not really certain yet.

      The main difference in the game was having pacey players on the wings and at CF with Ozil and Cazorla playing centrally where they excel. That was the change fans had been calling for all season and it made all the difference.

    1. Great understanding today in the front line…!
      Hopefully welback can continue his form…he can be arsenals 25 goals a season player..loved him today
      Great win…hoping to contain or even destroy Chelsea this weekend!

        1. baring injuries between now and chelsea, i’ll be VERY interested to see if wenger can stop his compulsion to experiment and keep the same forward 4.
          he might over-analyze it and come out with something bizarre.
          i bet those 4 , even tho tired from midweek play, would love to combine again versus chelsea.

          chelsea will sit back and absorb our confidence and they may kill us on the counter.
          should we throw diaby in there v. chelsea?
          gotta use him sometime.
          a 2nd line of wilshire, diaby would be great. give caz/flam a rest.

          1. @almostawinner
            Diaby looks to have more focus and positional sense than Flamini. We dodged a bullet tonight. Any other team would have exploited the gaps Flamini didn’t cover. He kept trying to act like a box2box mid playin too high up hopin to get on the ball…

  1. Hope cazorla gets the credit he deserves for his performance today, he was world class.
    He Orchestrated everything today.

    1. Spot on. Carloza was amazing. And props to Flamini, he came up with the goods after his mare on the weekend.

      1. Just a word of caution about Cazorla in the deeper role. He was great in a game like this where most of his duties were passing and distribution.

        Cazorla will not fare so well deeper vs. a strong team when the duties include tough defending.

        But against the lesser teams – he can do the job well.

      2. Flamini did the job well. But his yellow card was the kind of mistake only very inexperienced players make.

        It is one thing to get a yellow while back defending in a tight game. Flamini made the stupid challenge in the attacking end of the field when the opposing player posed no threat and Arsenal were cruising for an easy win. Very stupid.

        He really needs to clean up that nonsense.

    1. they were terrible, but dont take anything away from today, we could have made it
      6-0 if it werent for shezza being careless- again.

  2. This is what happens when you play two natural fast wingers and a fast striker with ozil, even cazorla looked solid deeper in midfield. If wenger tries his usual Amc on the left wing against chelsea, then he is mad.Although prandelli made a mistake playing the 3-5-2 formation in the first half against such pace in the arsenal side which clearly showed but lets not take anything away from the boys tonight.

  3. what people seem to be missing is the fact that that pass was allowed to come right through the middle in front of our defense in the first place and the reason for that is we stil dont have a DM

  4. first arsenal hattrick since dec 2012 newcastle 7-3…ospina certainly makes a case for a starting position…

  5. Welbeck was god

    Ozil was class

    Sanchez, awesome as always

    Santi looked like damn Pirlo.

    Good job wenger. Now please forget that sh”*ty 4-3-3 and stick with our old formation.

    1. Dont forget chamberlain.
      For once all our attacks wernt focused down one side, and we always had atleast 4 bodies back when we lost the ball because chambers didnt go forward as much.

    1. Oh no he is not big enough – they’ll say

      His hold up play is not as good – they’ll say

      Giroud flicks balls to midfield runners-they’ll say

      They will also talk about Giroud’s hair being better than Danny’s (that part is true)

      Forget about it, Wellbaked>Giroud. There never was a case.

      1. So Danny scores a hatrick and he is better than giroud?

        He has been guilty of some poor misses aswell this season if it was giroud we wouldn’t here the end of it. Eg ox goal vs spurs.the misses against Dortmund etc…

        Let’s just appreciate that we have diffenet strikers with different skill sets so when giroud is fit teams won’t know how to prepare to defend against us.

        Giroud has always been good when he has a challenger for his position eg talks of a top quality striker joining last season.giroud is also very important for Ramsey as he allows him to run in behind. Where as welbeck is more compatible to ozil as he makes runs
        Win win situation we could have end up with lambert n balotelili instead of giroud n welbz . Look at Man U strikers yes they are quality but they got rid of the only two with movement n pace in Chico and welbz #begreatfull

    2. Giroud may be a little better in the box knocking in headers. For EVERYTHING else, Welbeck is far better. His pace makes all the difference.

        1. Not his fault at all that he is slow and not very talented as a finisher. It is not his fault that he was our main striker for two years. If they were paying me 80k a week to play as Arsenal’s main striker, I would take the job. It wouldnt be my foult that i would be the most talentless, fattest, striker in pretty much all of football.

          No it is not Giroud’s fault. It is 100% Arsene’s fault for having Giroud as our main striker for two seasons. And if Giroud was not hurt for 4 months we would not have Welbeck in the team, or if Wenger hadn’t gone to kiss the Pope.

    1. Please don’t say that. Let’s not praise one and completely diss the other, at the end of the day they’re still both Arsenal players and quite frankly they both have different qualities.

      In my opinion I’ve always seen Giroud play better when he’s used as an impact sub, and maybe that’s exactly what he needs to get going.

      1. honestly though, stop with the comparisons. Danny played extremely well today, but we got bigger sh*t coming and we are not sure yet whether he can handle it. But if he plays like he did today, there’s no doubt.

  6. ozil and flamini were bad.
    Sanchez makes a lot of bad choices in the final third but in the end he is always there when in matters and never stops running. Ozil take notes.
    Cazorla amazing at managing the pace of the game but he is poor defensively
    chambers mert kosc gibbs
    ox wilshere cazorla sanzhez
    for chelsea game.

    1. @Bpaix
      Sorry dude, but Wilshere is the weak link in your line up. He works for teams like Norwich or Sunderland, but not Chelsea. We need high work rate grafters for Sunday.

          1. PS: you talk about work rate – what about the work that Ozil does to be ALWAYS available to receive the ball.

            Best no. 10 in the world does do his work. He always works to receive the ball in positions that compliment HIS strengths. If you want work horses then go support whatever team Pulis next manages. Arsenal are the elite of flair. Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey et all don’t break a sweat doing what they do. Stop crying and appreciate it.

      1. Wilshere was great in the two games vs city. On current for, he deserves to start over Cazorla. That should be the only change from today.

        1. On current form? Did you watch tonight’s game? Carloza was everywhere. Wilshire has been playing well but he hasn’t yet reached the level Santi was at tonight.

        2. @arsenalman365
          Carzola over Jack, sorry dude. Santi is a better orchestrator of play than Jack. He’s also much quicker on his feet. Jack is just too sluggish.

  7. Hopefully a good sign for Sunday. I just hope none of the players picked up an injury from those stupid tackles.

    1. for real. if it was Flamini doing that two-footed tackle on Sanchez, it would’ve been an automatic red. I don’t know why we always get screwed over when it comes to punishments.

  8. Why is Alexis Sanchez such a good and valuable player? He is pacey and is a great finisher, can take set pieces too. He’s very skilful, has good vision and most important of all – he’s a very hard worker, both in attack and vitally in defence too.

    How many great wingers are there that are as good as Alexis in attack, but also defend well? Very few. £35m is a steal. 5 goals in his last 6 starts too I might add.

    1. Absolutely, Sanchez is a truly sensational talent and athlete, he was everywhere today, and his finish was sublime.

  9. Danny Welbeck today was sensational, and as good as his finishing was I was more impressed with his composure on the ball, particularly in the second half to slow the game down, his passion and tracking back! At one point he made a tackle in the RB position then bust a gut getting forward to help sanchez score. He is a machine, I swear he must have run a marathon, hope he get’s an ice bath and a rest from training tomorrow.

    Best bit for me was the post game interview: Where’s the match ball? ‘Oh yeah, I forgot it didn’t I, I’ll go get it in a minute…’

    1. I’ve said Welbeck isn’t good enough to be our main striker at the moment, but I have to admit he was great tonight. If he can put in consistent performances like that then I’ll happily eat my words.

  10. Haha with so many injuries we will play the same lineup against Chelsea
    Pacey wingers with Ozil as 10 and welbeck as ST

    Haha stubborn wenger even if wants to push Ozil to the wing won’t be able to do it

    And now we will have a good chance of beating chelsea on Sunday with the right players in right formation

    Hahahaha(devil laugh)

    1. its amazed me that some of the injuries & contingencies (giroud injury -> get welbeck on last day) work against wenger’s grand plans and actually rescue the day somewhat.

      arteta’s injury may lead to diaby being at DM: i’m looking forward to seeing that (this will be diaby’s injury-free season!); i think diaby can be better than flam/arteta easily.

      scz red will lead to ospina being the man for CL and if he claims it, as i expect he will, then he’ll rise to challenge and there’s a good chance he’ll better scz.

  11. Santi Cazorla has done very well when played as CM in most games. He was terrific against Besiktas in that role as well.

      1. @Tony, you are right, but all our players will be outmatched by those two. Better to have the class of Cazorla and his smarts then someone else.

  12. Great hattrick and workrate from danny boy! Would love a repeat of this performance against chelsea on sunday! Coyg!

  13. Cazorla in the middle, ozil in the middle, ox starting and welbecks pace up… no surprise we destroyed them!!

      1. i know, but the injuries are forcing him to play the correct players in the correct positions.
        its not rocket science, but i suspect wenger thinks he is a rocket scientist and over-complicates things.

        thats a very strange outcome & fortuitous outcome, but what does it say about our manager’s ability to choose a lineup when he has choices?????

      2. Im worried wenger played them in their correct positions because he was forced to. He loves playin jack and ramsey together, even if it doesnt work.

  14. Absolutely buzzing for Danny boy! Heres a thought: Play like Chelsea do against big teams and purely player counter attacking football. OX, Welbeck and Alexis is the fastest front 3 in world football surely? Collectively they are quicker than Bale/Ronaldo/Benzema. Scary speed

  15. I pray that alexis is ok! I saw him on the bench with an icepack on his leg, hope it isnt anytime serious! We need him against chelsea on sunday! Coyg!

  16. Dont change a winning team Arsene. I say this once again that Arsenal main problem is playing an out of form Ramsey and Wilsher together. Bring it on Chelski.

  17. if sanchez continues lyk ths,at the end of tha force to reckon with,he looks consisted and comfortable with the ball,even the defender didnt expect what he did b4 he shot,am so hapy 4 arsenal

  18. Wenger’s words Welbeck added pace and he was confident in front of goal. GODW!!!!!! as I have said you have been give a chance make the most of it and become a legend.

  19. One would struggle to find a worse CL performance as showcased by today’s opponents. The actions of the travelling fans half an hour into the game summed up the shameful perfomance. Nevertheless, they were relatively successful in exposing the black holes in the arsenal team. Bottomline, the team would be ruthlessly embarrassed against top quality opposition. Yet, look for the arsene fanboys in their usual deliria to continue to extol the virtues of the muppet manager. The incompetency of the mickey mouse manager alongside his “team” would be made very clear come the weekend. #WengerOut!

    1. Galatasaray are no pushovers…give the lads some credit please, especially Welbeck. Those goals he scored were pure class.

    2. Dude,

      Im ny no means a Wenger fan but just grab the syanide capsule and get it over with. We may get
      bitch slapped @ the Bridge on Sunday but for Christ sake relish the moment.

  20. What a game lads. You can see Welbeck is really making the most of his opportunity as no1 CF, was great to see his face after hitting home his third. I hope Van Gaal was watching. As for the rest of our team I don’t think one player was off tonight. Sanchez is an absolute diamond in the rough, skillfull, pacy and works like a horse. What an asset he is. Chamberlain was electric. Cazorla had some great touches and worked hard too. Ozil did the simple things well and effectively and I hope we can all see now what pace in front of the man does for him and the team. Giroud has his strengths but what a breathe of fresh air it was too see a Henry like player up front. Our back four were solid, Chambers really stood out. Shez was really unlucky has his hands were not stretched out. I thought a red was far too harsh but on the bright side we got to see what Ospina is capable of. Pulled off one or two brilliant saves.

    All of a sudden I am far more confident about Sunday.

  21. I think playing this team at the Bridge is naive, yes we were fantastic going forward but a poor Galatasaray team allowed us to play. I would love to see Santi play at the weekend but I think he will be bullied by their midfield. Flamini and Wilshere in CM and Wilshere needs to be disciplined. We are away from home and a draw suits us so let them come at us and we can pick them off on the break, with the same front 4 we can be deadly on the counter attack.

  22. If we can beat Chelsea we will kick start our season and no one can say are push overs against beg teams.

    city, Everton and Spurs, 3 of top 6 and we came from behind to draw. Team showing fight for once, we just need to beat smaller teams as well.

  23. We should get the Chilean fitness coach, look at Sanchez, Vidal, the whole team have engines that keep going.

    Look at some of the tackles Sanchez has taken, not just thus game and still not injured

  24. Good win and great performance from welbeck but lets not get carried away chelski are in a completely different league to these and they will expose our weaknesses and beat us comfortable yeh will get thumbs down but there is a difference between dreaming and being realistic!!

    1. I hope you are wrong but I am concerned that our defense will not be good enough. However Chelsea will be concerned about the speed of our attack and wary of pushing too many players forward. Lets hope we get a draw at least.

      1. BFG and Kos finally looked like they were on the same page today at least, and Gibbs and Chambers did well at the back.

        However, we allowed Galatasaary dribble too much around the 18. We need to do a better job of closing them down. That was my biggest issue with them really.

  25. Paul Merson’s comments on danny’s performance was that “it was as good a performance from a striker as you will see in any game this year”. He likened his style of play and goals to Thierry Henry.

    Well done Danny, keep it up.
    It would be great if he turned out to be better than RvP and hopefully with a better injury record.

      1. i’m never convinced by these kinds of arguments “we’ve never done xyz …”.
        all those trends break

  26. David ospina should get some credit also! He made some real good saves tonite, one was top draw! I really appreciated his efforts tonite after coming on for szczesny with his ” moment of madness”!

  27. Ospina should be our keeper for champions league matches. Every season Szczesny seems to get a red in this competition. Besides that, everyone played REALLY well. wont get carried away though, we regularly rip apart teams that play 3 at the back. Hopefully we can start to find consistency in the league now.

  28. Great performance. We are lethal going forward and walcottt is yet to return. But in the back jury is still out. We are only 2 signings away from being a perfectly balanced side. Lets hope we put in tremendous defensive performnance againt Chelsea. We are gonna need it. May be I am high expectation fan, but win against Chelsea is what will stamp our authority on the PL seson. We can do it. Hope Flamini turns up that day. For me a lot will depend on his performance. He holds the key.

  29. Its really so simple, two pacey wide players, one pacey forward and the assist master behind these three, in addition another pass master in the deep with the DM, yes Gala formation was ridiculous, but i think we would have accomplished the same score line, whatever formation they used.

    Ok can this side work against chelsea, i think it can but i would be a little more defensive in the middle, by taking out ozil and pushing cazorla behind the striker and add Hayden/Coquelin beside Flamini, we can carry on Ozil in the last 20 minutes, Chelsea defensive players hates a pacey forward line , so they will be committing lot of fouls and their backs will be occupied. Looking forward to sunday

    1. Mourinho doesn’t play with 3 at the back, and he wants his midfielders to defend as well. You can expect them to counter attack us easily. I agree maybe getting Coquelin to play in place of an attacking one to pair up with Flamini, but after today who will that player be?

  30. Ospina is more calm than Scez. Scez needs to control his temper and cool down a bit. His habit of blowing hot and cold is not going away. Now he has some real competition.

  31. Happy to see Ox getting more and more starts. There is never a dull moment on the field with him. He will light up the Stamford Bridge.

  32. I was on d fence dat we may not win b4 d game, but after 2nd goal I jumped inside emirate for celibr8tion, gr8 game today but we shouldn’t be carry away Chelsea game will be different, d blue has superb midfielders including strong and powerful defenders

  33. We can’t dribble it out of our own defensive box like tonight against the russian C8nts.
    Hooof it away!

  34. Welbeck, Ox, and Sanchez played spectacular. They ran all over the pitch like they were being hunted by a pack of Pepes and Ramoses.
    Ozil had incredible first half. Made passes that not even a fortune teller could see coming.
    Santi dribbled past Galatasary players like they were parked cars.
    Flamini made amends from the NLD, played decent
    The back line finally FINALLY looked like they were on the same page. BFG, Kos, Gibbs, and Chambers made some key stops.
    Woj played well, and then Ospina came in and brilliantly finished the job.

    I left my TV tonight as a proud Gunner. I want to do the same again on Sunday.

  35. What a win! Incredible performance by Welbeck, Sanchez, Kosc, Gibbs, chambers and Ox! Ozil looked great too!

    Sanchez is just ****** Incredible, what an amazing player.

    Not gonna lie, had huge doubts about Welbeck but what a performance from the man!

    WE can take Chelsea down with this lineup, we just have to believe. COYG

  36. Just like to add on Danny’s behalf “are you watching, are you watching, are you watching manchester “?

    1. Wenger will have to sign another striker,…..we still lack of a proper big name big game finisher….

  37. Although we won, I would’ve liked to’ve seen a replay on the TV, because I thought the referee was truly abysmal. He punished every single Arsenal foul excessively, and even non-fouls, whereas he didn’t apply the same criteria to Galatasaray. For example he gave a foul when one of our guys backed into a Gala player on a goal kick, and the Gala player didn’t go down, so it wasn’t excessive, but he didn’t do the same when the reverse happened. If their goalkeeper had done the same as Szchesney, I feel he wouldn’t have punished it. At the end, SC19 was pushed over very hard in their half when he had the ball, yet not even a foul was given, it certainly looked like a yellow card to me. Corners were given when they should’ve been goal kicks, and the joke corner that was given when Ospina caught the ball – he didn’t move when he caught the ball, so it should’ve been a spot kick or a goal kick if the ball had been in or out respectively, it couldn’t possibly have been a corner.

    I felt we could’ve been good for another four goals if the referee had treated both sides the same, but we did come out differently in the second half, looking to defend and score on the break. This is always a mistake, as we seem to switch off when Wenger applies these tactics – Szchesney’s red card was caused by carelessly giving the ball away, and they had several other chances, which I feel we would’ve been punished by in the EPL.

  38. Great win. Posties were a welbeck hatrick, ox and the overall attacking performance that showed we can cope without jaxk and aaron. Ospina also looked good. We should take a massive confidence boost but not get complacent Chelsea will offer a lot more. Against chelsea I’d like to see the same line up but diaby in for flamini if he’s well enough. Sunday is all about pressing and closing down the flanks and midfield fast, (and occasionally kicking cesc) and most importanrly not conceding and trying to counter and attack quickly. Our deep lying midfielders and per with need to play out of their skin. Well done again Danny and alexis for your firat cl goal since 2012. Coyg.

  39. I’m sick of reading the trash talking about Giroud, like “f*** Giroud” and “Giroud sucks” etc. Stop spoiling a great night. Giroud is no Costa or even Welbeck but he has scored 40 goals in two seasons. This season he scored 2 important goals (community shield and Everton). So far this season he has still scored more goals than Ballotelli, Falcao. Also, what happens if Welbeck gets injured or suspended? He is an Arsenal player. He doesn’t deserve such disrespect. Blame Wenger for making him our main striker for two seasons, but 40 goals in two seasons is still a contribution. Does a real Arsenal fan trash a current player?

    I love Welbeck and hope he becomes better and better and is our main striker, but respect what Giroud has contributed and appreciate that he is a pretty decent and a current Arsenal player

      1. Giroud is ranked 25th most valuable striker in major leagues according to transfermarkt so he is a good player. It’s great that we now have so much ATt variety

  40. Welbeck is only the 6th Englishman to score hat-trick in Champions League (Shearer, Rooney, Andy Cole, Newell and Michael Owen). Welbeck has the making of a legend. Not only talented but hard working and commited like Sanchez

    Anyway, I hope we have the same line up against Chelski AND I hope Ozil stays in middle. Hopefully, Welbeck will keep the scoring going against Chelski.

    Can’t wait to see Welbeck score against United too. LOL.

  41. I think everyone (except Szczesny for sending off) performed well tonight, even the subs. Ospina made good saves at the end.

    I don’t think I would give anyone less than 6 and most were at least 7

    Szczesny- 6
    Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez, Ox-8
    Welbeck- 9-10
    Everyone else 7 (all defenders, subs, Flamini)

      1. I’m over him playing UCL matches. He’s just not good in them and always makes horrible decisions. Not a big game keeper. GK’s have caused us so much misfortune throughout our UCL history. I say Szczesny league (if he can keep his performances up), Ospina UCL

        1. After Szcezney saved us in the Borrussia game now he’s trash? Men. that’s so fickle!!! We’d have taken home at least 6 goals if it wasn’t for him.

  42. Credit to mertesacker for his interception and through ball to start the counter ATt for sanchez goal. We always leave him out. He also had a very good header in the derby so all in a a good week for big per and the team

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