Arsenal v Galatasary Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Arsenal vs Galatasaray Preview, Predicted Line up and score by KJ

We went into this season excited at the possibilities with the acquisition of Welbeck and Sanchez. However, I do feel a lack of excitement going into this Champions League match because of our poor form, our poor football and all of our injured players.

Thanks to our injuries, Wenger will probably revert back to the 4-2-3-1 as we have only one fully fit central midfielder at the moment and his name is Mathieu Flamini. But I’m not too worried about the result. The Turkish teams are so poor away from home in England and they don’t have the quality individually to overcome the English teams. I can’t see that being any different regardless of our problems.

This game will need the likes of Welbeck, Sanchez and Özil to have top games so they can take the pressure off our central midfield. If we start strongly, I can’t see Galatasaray recovering at all and we should be able to dictate the tempo of the game if we score early.

Predicted Line up:
Chambers – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs
Flamini – Wilshere/Chamberlain
Sanchez – Özil – Cazorla

As you can see, Flamini’s partner is still up in the air. Wenger might rest Jack so he’s fully fit for the game at Stamford Bridge. Chamberlain is decent in central midfield but he’s just lacking composure at the moment. He seems to rush his decision making and that can be costly in central midfield.

I’m expecting Sanchez to start and to have a good game. Champions League games will probably suit him with less physicality but more emphasis on good attacking football.

I expect us to win tomorrow and to win comfortably. It doesn’t matter about our injuries or form. We have the quality and the manager to bounce back from this and I hope we do so. 2 – 0 to Arsenal.

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  1. If we fail to win this match, then i will be damn sure that we are going trophyless this season. Seriously this is the poorest Galatasaray team in recent years. We HAVE to win this.

      1. Honestly i had EPL hope. At least the hope of being a genuine title contender irrespective of if we manage to win it in the end or not. But not winning against Gala will stamp the truth that we will get spanked at Stamford Bridge and then we will join Spuds, Everton, MANU and Liverpool for the 4th place fight. Yet again.

  2. Arsenal will continue to struggle. We will probably end up in the second place right after Dortmund and then soon draw a heavy weight like Bayern again in the next round, and get eliminated.

    To win the Epl is tougher then winning the Cl. You need a strong team, with a strong bench. Arsenal lacks a proper first 11 and also the bench is poor.

    But to make things worse, we have the most incompetende wannabe star manager in Arsen Wenger who will drag Arsenal in mediocre for years.

  3. Due to the injuries, the squad starting XI almost fills in itself. Not much guessing about it, so I think the author is pretty much spot-on with his prediction. Not sure how Kos is doing, we might as well see Bellerin – Chambers – Mert – Gibbs starting tonight with Kos on the bench; depends if Wenger wants to risk him for the Chelsea game or not.

    We still should be able to win this match, we play at home and our best offensive players are injury free and in decent form.

  4. Easy there tiger! Let’s not get carried away… Sure we are favourites, but they still have some players who can cause us problems, such as Wesley Schneider, Burak Yilmaz (who everyone was harping on about last CL) Goran Pandev, etc… So lets not get too confident.
    I am by no means saying that they are a better team, we are a much better team!
    I’m just saying, remember when we were all going on about how easy the Spurs game was going to be?? Every one was saying 3-0, 3-1, 4-0!
    I’m pretty sure we will get the win, but the team mustn’t get complacent.
    If we rock up and control the game from the go, I see a 2-0 win. COYG!!

  5. The OX is too fast for central midfield. Every time, he seems to want to sprint in the middle of the pack which causes us to lose possession. Central midfield doesn’t need that much pace. Position discipline is more important there…

      1. I think if you’ve got as much pace as the OX does, you’ll always be tempted to use it. I still put a big ? on his ball retention.

  6. We will thrash Galatasaray, no worry here, my worries will start in the weekend

  7. But I wont mind us eventually being last in the group stage and being eliminated.. The midweek games do us more harm than good. Harm since players get tired, injured and no time to have good practice sessions. Only good is the income which, well, will not be used to buy a striker but will soon be wired to another account by Silent Stan 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. I have a feeling we will beat chelsea come the weekend… I hope Elijah’s prophetic powers are on me and I am right. I would be sooooo happy

  9. My avatar resembles Mourinho, or is it Mourinho who resembles my avatar??!!
    How can I change it?

  10. for crying LOUD..until when i’m gonna suffer or we are gonna suffer begging for a proper DM? until we resolve this SMALL ISSUE we will not win a league or compete in CL period…how difficult is for Mr wenger to understand this?
    experimenting with players out of position or wanting to make the likes of arteta or wilshere DM’s a absurd..get the wallet and buy one for GOD SAKE..khedira or carvallo but DO IT..its 5 years and counting since GILBERTO was our last decent DM..JUST DO IT.

  11. The problem is Wenger , so Wenger out 🙂 he has list it and now only select players he likes like Arteta, Sanogo, Mert, or Wilshere..which is a big shame. I cannot believe that Campbell didnt get more playing time after the kind of worldcup he had. Even a 10 years old could tell Campbell is far better than Sanogo and Giroud and yet nothing. This is why we dont attract player, Gervinho is the latest example, i dont care if you say he was underperforming or anything, why all of a sudden he is one of the best at Roma?? Hence coach problem..WE will NEVER ACHIEVE anything BIG again under this old and obsolete method user. I dont even want to mention the injury crisis. This cannot just be bad luck come on now. One last thing Sanchez on the bench and Ozil on the wing…hahaha it is funny and so sad at the same time. On wenger said Alexis was slowing our passing game and needed to readapt. Are you f$cking kidding me? He was a top player at Barcelona for the past few years. In passing game it doesnt get any better than Barcelone. Lets face it Wenger is the problem… And i want him out followed by his favorite aka Pert, Sanogo, Arteta..etc any good coach on the market would do better than 4th spot with the type of squad we have.
    So Sad!

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