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Arsenal vs Hull City – Analysis and looking ahead to the future by SE

Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse for Arsenal, who have been severely hit by injuries to the fulcrum of their team and made a totally unacceptable start to their season, Wenger’s wizards failed to harness home advantage and pick up 3 points against a resurgent Hull City. It’s been over two months since Ramsey conjured up a home win in the Premier League for Arsenal against Crystal Palace, on the opening weekend of the season. Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Hull City have since visited the Emirates, and succeeded in pocketing an indispensable away point. As things stand, 11 points from 8 games surely is an abominable start to Arsenal’s season, but can they make a comeback from this position?

Arsenal vs Hull City – Review
Arsenal lined up in a 4-3-3 formation, which had Chamberlain, Welbeck and Sanchez playing as the front three. Watching Sanchez play on the Right-Hand-Side was reminiscent of his Barcelona days, when the Chilean remained unmoved from his position and was always a goal getter for the Catalans. His 13th minute strike gave Arsenal the lead, which is exactly what they would have wanted, having played catch up in each of their three previous fixtures at the Emirates. Hull City, understandably, didn’t have much of the ball, and were always playing on the counter. Diame’s equalizer was a contentious one, but it counted nonetheless.

With both teams going into the break at 1-1, the onus was on Arsenal to start off brightly in the second half and find that crucial 2nd goal. However, it was Bruce’s side that went into the lead seconds from kick off, as Hernandez made the most of a delicious cross from Huddlestone. Score line read 1-2, and Arsenal were up against it, once again. While the probing did continue, Hull need to be given due credit for the way they defended; the Tigers made 49 clearances from their own half, 35 of which were from inside the 18-yard box. It’s a stat that should be recognized appropriately from both sides’ perspective. Arsenal, for their part, had 25 attempts on goal and managed to hit the target 9 times, which by no means is a poor number. Sanchez’s industry, and tenacity, had to pay dividends at some point and it certainly did in the 2nd minute of stoppage time, as the Chilean danced past a couple of on-rushing Hull defenders, and found Welbeck who nonchalantly put it away, to share the spoils between the two sides.

Looking ahead
Our performance against Hull City wasn’t the worst, as is perceived, and the visitors (as the stats suggest) also should be credited for what they managed to do to Arsenal. Sanchez was electric, but the Gunners couldn’t find another inspirational figure in their starting XI on Saturday. Cazorla and Chamberlain were below par, and on far too many occasions, Arsenal were overly dependent on Sanchez and Wilshere to bail them out of a hole. Going forward, it’s going to be one of their problems – the lack of a leader who can come up with the conjuring act when his side needs it the most. Injury crisis won’t make things any easier for the North Londoners either, but Wenger has to instill character and belief within the group, if Arsenal are to finish in the top four come the end of the season. It’s certainly a huge hurdle for Arsenal to overcome, but one good performance could well kick start a turnaround.


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  1. ___________Welbeck
    _____Sanchez Cazorla Campbell
    _________Flamini Wilshere
    Gibbs Mertesacker Chambers Bellerin

    For Champions league tie…

        1. @IceBergkamp10
          I think goldfish27 meant it as ‘if you’re an AKB give yourself a thumbs down’ I think he was trying to show how easy it is to be manipulated. Just like AW has manipulated the AKBs with all the glib talk he has used over the years which has, in my opinion, poisoned Arsenal such that we now have a first rate stadium and a second rate football mentality.

  2. We’re not scoring enough goals, even when we’re dominating
    We concede goals too easily, usually, in the only chance the opposition gets

    1. 2 goals per game is a pretty good number. This is EPL not Liga, there’s no so called weak team that we can just walk over even at home.
      We must improve our defensive record. The 2nd goal is absolutely not acceptable
      The first goal – lol – how can we stop the official from hating us.

    1. Is wenger planing for Arsenal or for whilshare…I am tire of this Wenger whilshre shit …let d best man play likewise the couch ….We are tired n fed-up with Wenger period….

  3. The performance wasn’t the worst that’s for sure though its very clear we do not have a true leader or midfield general in the team who can drag the team forward when needed too, break up our opponents attacks before the ball goes near slow Mert and the defense, and also someone who can buck out instructions to other players.

    The whole idea of playing with a high line is beyond me, we all know our defense is not the best and we have a slow player behind at the center of it why expose him in this manner. Our opponents clearly know our DM is weak and once they go through or around Mert its 1 on 1 with the goalie. We can still have players attack while sitting deep, City does it, Chelsea does it, I don’t see Bayern’s Centre backs always trying to cross the half way line unnecessarily each time. I aint saying we should play like these teams but we can learn a thing or two cause there teams are quite balanced and there miles ahead of us.

    Our team is not balanced!!!

    Sadly we can say all we want but Arsene never learns!

  4. Will Walcott be ready for next game?


  5. Wilshere has a thing or two to learn from Sanchez; dribbling is meant to get you in a goal scoring position or create opportunities for your team mates and not about running into defenders blindly.
    Also, I am forced to wonder if the goalkeeper is not part of the team. Each time our defence line is compromised, its always a goal because the young Pole in goal only offers a helpless attempt at keeping the ball out. Our goalkeeper has been extremely hesitant in the last couple of games.

    1. Szny is a bit like Kossy, they are prone to a penalty and getting sent off, I think Kossy is the most sent off CB since he joined us, when you compare him to other CBs of other clubs.

      And SZNY is the most sent off keeper, I can tell that this is affecting szny, he is always hesitant because of his red card record.

      But if all the players defended as a team and stop exposing us against the other Top teams then maybe those red card stats for Kossy and Szny might improve.

  6. Did you actually call them Wenger’s wizards..I dont knwo whats the bigger joke a draw against Hull or that. Wengers woeful wallys more like. Utter Sh*t

  7. I think the main problem is Wenger refusing to accept that you can’t always be right, sometimes you have to take a seat back and look in from the outside. I am a massive Wenger fan, I don’t need to tell you that. But sometimes you have to be honest to yourself.

    We are lacking in physicality around the pitch and have been for like 8 seasons, we have tried and tried the small tiki taka players for the past 10 seasons and it is not working. All we need is a blend, tiki taka and physical specimen in the team.

    We have wasted so much money on players we did not need, sorry this is not to bash Ozil but that money should have been spent on CB and DM. We had enough attacking players.

    I love Chambers, he is class, but did we really need to spend £16 million on a 19 year old player who was not even a regular in the Southampton team? I know he has the potential, but why didn’t we add a few pounds and went for a seasons proven defender? You can’t tell me that Chambers is so so ahead of Jenkinson, I don’t see it. His inexperience just keeps showing, he has only played 7-8 Arsenal games and the yellow card count is getting ridiculous, he just tackles with unnecessarily sometimes, just goes in.

    We signed Kallstrom already injured and he only started 1 game and like 3-4 off the bench for 10-15 minutes.

    It’s frustrating..

    1. Most sensible comment I’ve seen in a long time, apparently it’s not that clear cut to everyone involved in AFC.

  8. He is planning for wilshere, that why we are not progressing.i’ve said it before and im gonna say it again jack needs to be told that he is competing with ramsey for a starting position.

  9. It may have been a foul but that first goal showed what is wrong with this Arsenal team and everyone knows what I mean. The second goal was a lapse in concentration, individual error from the BFG ad there have been too many of those this season but I’m willing to give him and Kos a break because they were solid last season. It always comes back to the need for a physical presence in midfield. Also Flamini is simply not good enough. I thought Diame was brilliant for West Ham. I would’ve welcomed him at Arsenal but now he’s being a revelation for Hull.

  10. 1. without a physical CDM who can break down counter-attack from opponent. We can forget about title. Third place is what we can fight for.

    2. do fellow fans realize we play better without Jack? Jack is improving, but his style is too dangerous. He easily lose the possession and the worst is he gets used to ‘fall’ down. Santi, Sanchez, Jack all like to keep the ball. We can not have 3 together on the pitch. For me, max is 2. Cazorla and Sanchez are more effective.

    1. It is a very well known fact between anyone knowing about Arsenal FC is that we need a strong DM. Hopefully it will get resolved as soon as Jan

      Just want to point out that we should not as desperate as accepting any DM, Tiote any one? Alex Song name also had been thrown around recently, how many goals did we concede when he was playing for us? This Arsenal is much tougher than the team back then, we can now see the game out unlike last time we always concede last minute.

      It is easier said than done.
      – We need a DM to commit fouls to break attack. Yes it helps, but given our team bad record of dealing with set pieces, commit fouls in dangerous area is not that good, better to win the ball fair and square.
      – We need to improve our set pieces defence, we have the best record in years last season when we have Giroud ‘the lamp post’ clearing many corner, but many want him out because he is too slow
      – We need a physical DM but is he good enough for our passing game. People ask for Wanayama but he spent most of the time on the bench at Southampton in favour of Jack Cork is preferred over him as he can distribute the ball much better

      So the only DM that can significantly improve Arsenal must be physically strong, descipline and need to be technically sound. Only players at the mould of Yaya Toure or Matic fit the bill, this season I would throw in another name Morgen Scheiderlein.
      Regardless of all his wrong for not buying a DM, I think we should at least give Arsene credit for all the signings he made this summer, all had positive contribution to the squad while dodge a few bullets (Bony, Balotelli). I still trust him to get the right DM for Arsenal but he had to do it right now, as soon as JAN, no more money pinching, he is running out of time

  11. On Saturday we went with Monreal/Mertesacker as a CB pair… And Wenger is talking about a “must win” game… Deluded fool !
    One is a LB and need more games at the position since Gibbs is first choice.
    The German is utterly and basically finished… But guess what? he already had a contract extension !!!! So is Arteta (very close to do so) !!!!
    Wenger is surrounding himself with his “yes boss” cronies in order to may be have a maximum support in the changing room…!!

    Apparently, according again to the “deluded one”, it is about concentration not the fact that we are CLEARLY lacking defensive cover…!!
    I would have heard everything with this “guy” (like the famous “buying is not the solution”)… I can tell you that winning major trophies cannot be achieved with Wenger… It is just unseeable and impossible to even contemplate.

    Again, it is inconceivable and unacceptable that a manager earning such a “outrageous” and “overpaid” wage is not delivering trophies and accolades on a REGULAR basis.
    We should be enjoying the fruit (highest prices in world football… A f*cking joke !!) of our labour every season… What we have at the end is very little to be satisfy with.

    It is unfair to the fans and I think they (the board and the motherf*cking cronies) just don’t care about the fans.
    They just don’t realise that this club will be nothing with the fans, NOTHING !!

    And another point… I am frequently in France and watch all the football I can swallow when I am there (more football channel there) and I have never heard pundits or football specialists praising Wenger (I have seen him being embarrassed), so I don’t know where that thing about Wenger being praised all over the world and being wanted by major clubs…!! I know PSG and Juventus wanted him, but as a technical director not a manager. Can he manage Real Madrid? I don’t think so… It would not last 5 minutes and be sacked! (matter of speech… They sack manager winning trophies there !!).

  12. Did you say Wilshere helped bail someone out of a hole? Seriously?! It’s Jackie Boy himself who needs rescuing all the time. It’s no surprise that since he was subbed we started playing better, and eventually equalized. He’s the biggest liability on our team. Offers practically zero in attack (just runs straight at 3-4 defenders and constantly breaks our attacks, and loses possession in dangerous areas), and offers even less on defense, because he never tracks back properly, and if he does, commits stupid fouls (he was pretty much solely responsible for our 2nd goal). Here’s how I see our starting XI once everyone is back healthy and fit (and we get a proper DM):
    Welbeck Giroud
    Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    STUD (someone like Matic)
    Gibbs Koz Chambers Debuchy

    Ramsey, Ox, Santi can come in as subs, and we can change formation based on who we play, and whether we need to chase more goals, or close in on defense.

  13. @Vlad
    I hear you mate.
    Wilshere is not a top class player, so why is he the “chef d’orchestre” of a supposedly top team ( here we go, found out my dear Wenger… We are clearly not, except in your delusional mind). Even when he plays well it disrupts the harmony of our play.

    For the people who adore the stats (like our deluded manager), the numbers DO NOT LIE… We are playing better, have more chance conversion (64% and 42% with Wilshere), more passing accuracy (73% and 61% with Wilshere), more tackle completion (66% and 49% with Wilshere)… Unless it is a “curse” or “bad luck”, he has NOTHING to do on the pitch.

    Wenger (again who is in “love” with his stats) stubbornness, insistence, fixation and persistence with Wilshere is just not normal and does not make sense (based on his “essential” statistics).

    It is not the boy fault (obviously) as he does what he is told, but it is not working and has not been since the beginning of the season.

    Also, what the f*ck is going with our corners and cross deliveries…???
    Are they practising those in training?
    I mean, for professional players it gets more shocking game after game…!!!

    And last but not least, Mertesacker is finished… He will have the odd good game, but he is useless to the team… But guess what, he just got a contract extension and so will Arteta…!!
    All good in Wenger world !

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