Arsenal v Hull City Player Ratings – Sanchez MOTM again

Arsenal 2- 0 Hull City Player Ratings by KJ

Ospina – 6.5
Didn’t have any real saves to make at all throughout the game. It was relatively comfortable for him but he didn’t make any mistakes and was quick with his distribution.

Bellerin – 7
He had a very solid game both offensively and defensively. Overlapped well and used his pace to good effect numerous times.

Chambers – 6
Didn’t have much to do all game but did what was required of him.

Mertesacker – 7
Same as Chambers but he did open the scoring with a headed goal from a corner. Who’d have thought it?

Monreal – 6
Didn’t do much defensively and was struggling against Hull players cutting in from the right. He was good in the attacking third.

Coquelin – 6.5
A solid display. Intercepted and tackled well enough. Almost got sent off late on thanks to a rush of blood.

Rosicky – 7
He did well in midfield and combined with the attackers players extremely well in the first half.

Cazorla – 8
Very good performance once again. He has stepped up over the last two months (probably because of the absence of Wilshere and Ozil) and it has really been beneficial to the team and his overall impact.

Campbell – 5.5
His work rate is admirable but there are massive questions over his actual ability to play for us. It’s just too raw. His close control is sloppier than Sanogo which is a massive problem.

Walcott – 6
His runs were extremely intelligent and caused Hull problems all game but his finishing was lacking and overall play is clearly hindered by his apparent rustiness.

Alexis – 8.5 (MOTM)
Another quality performance. He was all over Hull and scored a delightful goal. It is truly magical to have a player of his quality at the club and I can’t wait for him, Theo and Mesut to properly combine over a period of 2-3 months.

Akpom – N/A
Didn’t impact the game much when he came on

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6
He did well when he came on and danced his way around Hull easily

Maitland-Niles – N/A
Didn’t have time to impact the game.

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  1. For once, fully agree with rating from KJ. I may be a bit generous and give Campbell 6 instead as he is not injured but also rusty by lack of games. This match shows clearly that he will need to improve much further to really push the Ox/Walcott and Welbeck for the starting berth on our wings

      1. Maybe Ospina had little to do because he organised his defence well instead of inviting unecessary pressure and trying to make saves for the camera.

  2. Rosicky higher than Coquelin? I have my doubts. Monreal was better than Walcott. It is always like that. The one running, fighting in the no man’s land goes always unnoticed. People tend to look in our or opponents box to pick their MOTM.
    Personally I believe that even Cazorla was better than Sanchez yesterday but I don’t want to upset KJ, of course.

  3. Fair assessment but Coquelin deserves at least a 7.5. He was very good. His defensive, passing was spot on to!

    1. Coquelin was great. His passing is crisp from the back and he was breaking up play. I just hope tgat Wenger doesn’t see a few decent performances and think now we are sorted at CDM. I’ve been backing Coq for a while so it’s good to see him perform. Just think we still need a bit more

      1. Problem is, he’s a bit rash on his challenges, we have no cover, a few nice long balls here and there but a lot of missed passes also in all. He will get there with games.

        Saying that, can’t wait to see Serge.. how long’s he out for, he was like Ox’s little brother.

  4. I like Coquelin. DMs usually get cards. You can’t break up attacks without picking up cards here and there but only to be more careful and thorough in cleaning up. Arteta is too gentle, anyway he was a CAM. Bring someone he will understudy and we would be wacking other players as they’ve been doing to ours.

  5. Assessment good. Off topic but was watching Barcelona loses against Moyes yesterday. You can have all the top attacking tallent in the world in Neymar, Messi & Suarez and you still can’t score. Looks like the Suarez / Alexis swap has not improved Barcelona. Where as the Alexis / Bendtner swap did wonders for Arsenal. And the Balotelli / Suarez swap killed Liverpool.

      1. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions like that. Suarez is being played on the wing and Messi is the main guy at Barca. And Sanchez is definitely a better winger than Suarez.

        It’s like putting Ozil on the wing and slating him.

    1. Suarez was also not impressive in his first spell at Liverpool. Lack of games took the toll this year as well for him. This is what happens when you eat on the field and not in the restaurant.

  6. I reckon a cheeky £40,000,001 could well see barcelona sell suarez to us.

    Have to say from what I have seen this season certain players are looking better in their “wrong” positions. I actually think that debuchy chambers and monreal look far more comfortable at centre back than they do at full back, with their only downfall, being height and experience in those positions.

    We might do just as well, getting jenkinson back so that him and bellerin can fight for the Rb slot and buying a top left back like Rodriguez or even one with potential like mings to challenge gibbs.

    Then a contingent of koscielny debuchy chambers mertesacker hayden and monreal fighting for centre back suddenly gives us strength in depth, with plenty of cover for full back and even dm as well.

  7. Since Le Coq started playing, we have not been hit on the counter, the opponents either attack down the flanks or high long balls towards our box

  8. Would give Campbell 4.5 at most.

    Didn’t see what he did in the WC but on what I’ve seen of him his control is sloppy (as you said) and he also doesn’t seem to be a naturally talented finisher. He had 2 opportunities to score in the game and naused them both up.

    Ok his not had much playing time, yes he needs confidence etc but I just don’t think he as a forward adds anything to the team. And as we all well know there are better.

    Got to take chances! Against a sub standard Hull it’s ok. Against big boys the story is not the same and it’s these margins that make all the difference between winning things and loosing them IMO.

    1. I bet you’d give you’re golden boy Walcott a higher rating? They both are currently suffering from a lack of match fitness. The boy needs some time. That being said…Walcott is the master of pretending to track back and put pressure on the man with the ball.

  9. Coquelin deserves a better rating, with time i can really see him being a really important player for Arsenal – one to watch.

    Sanchez by far best buy, how barca sold them, they must have been on crack cocaine at the time round a table when they made that decision.

    Ozil needs to step up now, along with every other squad player.

    Monreal needs to be sold on ebay, in dream land, and no pace.

    1. Marketing. Suarez sold already lots of shirts and he was bound to Barcelona anyway. Sanchez was always one of the people Messi loathed there as his commitment is one of the greatest I have seen in the game. Besides, Barcelona did profit selling Alexis to us.

      1. Ozil will have a tough time getting back in. As Carzolla is in top form. And We finally play proper wingers with Alexis, Walcott, Ox and even Wellbeck. I can’t see Ozil or Carzola being deployed on the left.

        Let the competition heat up and bring the best out of them.

        Good to see le Coq giving his best in the absence of Flamini, Arteta. I am loving his tough tackling ball winning attitude. His passing is good but not to Arteta’s standard. I do think he is an upgrade to Flamini and good well be kept for next season. Lets see how he develops. He was a promising youth player for our academy, rated higher than Wilshere at some time.

  10. Coquelin is actually OK. Not saying he is great but given how poor Flamini has been, Coquelin has been a breath of fresh air. I hope Wenger keeps him in the squad as a back up player.

    1. I doubt if the prof will give him that chance. trust him on that. he’s going to say “he’s close to the top level he needs some more time”. what I will hate to see against stoke will be to see le coq and flamini in the DM position bt my mind is telling me that’s what we will get hence guys get set for really boring game. always wondering why try make us defend when we can attack? multitude isn’t what we need but discipline

  11. The best change i feel that has happened with Sanchez’s arrival is he has changed Arsenal’s goal scoring style. Earlier it had become only “Walk the ball into the net”.Nut now Alexis jumps for the throat and never shies away from hitting the target from 30-40 yards out and this effect is spilling to other players too. Refreshing to watch.

  12. a 5.5 for campbell ?? you blind or something, he almost scored in the first minute and he was tracking back to defend as well , wat game were you watching you fecking t*wat

    1. Almost..but no cigar.

      He actually ‘failed’ to score twice. Yes he did some nice defensive stuff later in the game but isn’t he paid as a forward (says so on So I’m guessing goals and skill should be more his game. At least his strongest point!?

      4.5 for Campbell

      BTW what a pleasant manner you have in discussions.

    2. If Campbell would’ve score on his first attempt, a play of his own making, no doubt you would need to rate him 7.5 minimum because it was a beauty and well thought play inside the area with a relatively poor finish and a goalie in the right place. Let’s be clear Campbell is no Messi or Sanchez (closer to home), but he is not far away from our regular Strikers….defensively he did well chasing the ball…we have given chances to other players for years and still they have not developed their full potential, my take is that we (WENGER) does not execute the proper squad rotation, playing the same players again and again, is the reason why we don’t have a plan B a second team that can change games and certainly has to be a factor for the out of the chart injuries our players sustain season after season.

  13. Send Sanogo on loan and buy a WC striker. Sell Flamini on Amazon and buy a WC CDM. Buy a WC CB. These 3 transfer activities i hope will and should be done before the start of the next season. Then we can start thinking about seriously challenging for the PL.

    1. I have feeling Reid transfer is done and Perin could follow. So we have another tall guy short guy defensive partnership. Combined this would cost us £10 mil.

      As for the CDM I have no clues yet. Carvalho seems to be the only possibility. News also very quiet on the Khedira front (that might say something).

      1. I really don’t believe the story with Carvalho. First of all he did not had such a great season so far. Secondly he is linked with the one we should not speak his name. I doubt it will happen.

        1. Mendes is his agent. However it seems Sporting have paid out the third party owners and he is now 100% owned by the club. This makes transfer dealings easier. However he is Cup tight so will not help us in CL. Our other options Schneiderlin / Wanyama are not, but why would Koeman sell, it is not that they need to money to buy other deficiencies.

  14. Alexis is the man. 16 goals already… But once Özil comes back, he needs to cover less of the pitch unlike he does now, and focus more on the through balls that’ll come from either Santi or Mesut.

  15. Other than Walcott’s rustiness in front of goal, Cazorla could have got a hattrick of assists yesterday. He’s my MOTM.

  16. Campbell is a skilful and effective forward capable of bagging lots of goals for AFC?

    Yes – thumbUp. No – thumbDown

    1. Sell Campbell and give Akpom more time. HArry Kane came through the Tottenham academy which striker comes through ours??

  17. It’s not that Campbell is a particularly bad player. At the moment he is just a downgrade on what we have at the moment. In no particular order. Walcott, Sanchez, Ox, welbeck and probably oil :p are all higher up the order. He needs to go out on loan to a better club than olympiakos to improve.

  18. I think if we ship him off (I think we have no need for downgrades now we have financial might/stability and supposedly are looking to greater things) we can use the funds (which could be substantial with the WC still fresh in the memory) and use the funds towards purchasing a Top Class Goal Scorer who will be a real threat as opposed to general contributor.

  19. Nobody seems to mention Rosicky. If he is given more playing time, I believe he can still be a good supersub for us.

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