Arsenal v Hull – How Frustrating was that???

I dread to think what all the Arsenal strikers are feeling like this morning after yesterday’s unbelievable 0-0 draw against Hull, as I posted earlier, ALL of our strikers failed to get past a reserve side from the Championship, and now we have to go to the KC Stadium for a replay at some point in the future.

Mathieu Flamini decided the word for it was “frustrating”. He said in an after-game interview: “It was a very, very frustrating game. We had the opportunity a few times to close the game and win it.

“Unfortunately we didn’t, so I think frustration is the main word of the game today.

“We were a bit lucky last weekend to score in the last second of the game against Leicester City, but it didn’t happen today.

“We had many opportunities and chances, and this is not the first game that has been like that. Even against Southampton and Leicester it was like that and today we had plenty of opportunities.

“If you don’t finish it, it is not enough. Now we have to play away and win that game.”

Arsene Wenger was also very ‘frustrated’, and he thinks that the team lacked the ‘focus’ that they had last week. “We were, on some occasions, too individualistic, lacked a bit of patience and coolness in front of goal,” Le Prof said. “It shows you that in every single game all 18 members of the squad have to be focused otherwise you get nowhere.

“It was frustrating because we had a lot of the ball, many shots and we couldn’t finish the game off because they defended well and we lacked a bit of quality in the final pass.

“I feel our focus was not exactly of the same quality like last week [against Leicester] and that is what we paid for.

“I’m frustrated not to have won the game but we could have, and we hope to qualify at Hull. Between a replay and going out, I’m happy to have a replay.”

A replay, whenever that is, will hopefully come when our strikers have finally found their scoring boots again. If they don’t find them soon I think there are going to be a lot of ‘frustrated’ Arsenal fans out there….

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  1. That match did show our boys their level. They now know that fans are not happy and will put up a shift against Barca.

    1. Le prof should tel the players about lack of patience and coolness before the game. these words of his whenever we lose are so frustrating. like he prepares the words to hide the shame. coolness, cohesiveness, focus, f**kin tell them before the match

  2. This is a frustration vs jubilation game to be replayed. Arsenal will jubilate IF they don’t play a frustrating game at KC Stadium. But play a victory game there as they look to totally focus on their game there to claim victory to qualify for the 5th round.

    The Gunners have been finding it difficult to score goals sufficiently in their recent games. 1st against Stoke Away 0 goals, Chelsea Home 0 goals, Burnley Home 2 goals, Saints Home 0 goals, Cherries Away 2 goals, Leicester Home 2 goals and Hull Home 0 goals. That’d a total of just 6 goals in 7 game outings of 4 and 2 League games and Cup outings.

    This low output of goals scoring by the Gunners has led us to fall behind Spurs in the table on goals difference. And have also made Arsenal to dropped points in the League unecessarily.

    What is the way forward? Now that Welbeck is back, I think the Boss should make him to start leading the line for the Gunners if Giroud is not starting. And Walcott should be made to manned the mid-right wing, while Oxchabo will be the cover for that RW position. Alexis and Campbell should be manning the mid-left wing and Ozil and Iwobi will ofcourse take charge of the play maker role position behind Giroud or Welbeck depending who the Boss is starting between the 2 to lead the line. Ramsey and Coquelin are ofcourse the preferred 1st choise deep lying and defensive midfielder protecting our defense-line 1st choise of BellerinRhinoKoscielnyMonreal.

    Giroud has not scored since he was pulled out in the Chelsea game at the Ems. Is he still annoyed or something is the matter with him? Let him please come good against Barca on Tuesday night as the Boss looks to start him in that big Ucl game. While Welbeck will be on the bench to replace him at some stages in the game.

    My Arsenal starts against Barca:

    My bench:
    How is the Boss seeing my starts and bench for the Barca game. I think what remain now is for the Gunners to train harder as they look to totally focused to be ruthless in their game against Barca.
    RUTHLESS? That’s the Gunners Game App Data Running Key to unlock whatever is the Barca’s Game Plan.

    1. Train hard ..LOL … Vermaelen has revealed the difference on that front … Sorry but a team with mertesakher Ramsey Walcott and giroud all starting is not on the same fball planet as barca .. Even if we draw it will be different over there … Fortunately man utd are there for the taking so just important not to be humiliated … Definitely think iwobi and elneny deserve to start .. But with Gabriel out its a matter of praying for the back line

  3. The word Frustration is not enough! ?

    Royal Liberties
    Totally and utterly ??? ??

    Okayyyyy… Now I feel, a little bit better ???

  4. I am ashamed of some so called fans..anyone would think we lost this game wtf with all the negative comments, the players know they played against a very organised hull side. and please don’t get me started about that if it was barca rubbish talk would they draw…this same barca lost 4 to athletic club…one thing is certain for all their attacking threat their defence is shit..i for one I will always be optimistic in my life both football and otherwise..
    OT Welbeck looks hungry and chambers again very neat and tidy I wish wenger will play him more often be it dmf or cb..and giroud even though he hasn’t scored worked hard as always had Ox been more focused on the ball that headed ball down to him by giroud he would have scored. but like wenger said I will take a replay over a loss
    .coyg on to the next game

      1. @rkw
        They are still professional footballers who set themselves up with the whole team defending deep…
        Stop pushin the kool aid…

        1. Need to talk to Monsieur wenger about cutting off the kool aid tap

          But to repeat this was the reserve team of a championship side …basically a league one outfit … Arsenal are the seventh richest club on planet … There are no excuses … In any event the problem was not their parking the bus but our hapless attacking options .. Until we correct that these results will come as no surprise unfortunately

  5. Forget that Bus against Barcelona, we need to park a Train,
    Behind Petr Cech.

    ————— Koscielny – Mertesacker – Monreal
    ——————————— Cech
    ——————— Coquelin ——- Elneny
    ———————————- Ramsey
    ——— Bellerin ———–Ozil ———— Sanchez
    ——————————- Walcott

    The tactics? ? All out defend !! ? Hit them on the break when they get bored or tired lol ??

    1. But why is everybody believing that Barca will beat us? Only believing that we will beat them? This your line – up, you mean our defenders behind Cech? Lol. Innovative tactics. But you are not Wenger.

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