Arsenal 2 – 2 Hull City Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 5
Didn’t have anything to do aside from pick the ball out of the net for the two times Hull scored.

Bellerin – 7
One of the only real positives out of today. He struggled at times but showed a lot of drive when we went down and was consistently making good tackles to win possession back.

Mertesacker – 4
He had an absolute shocker today and should’ve never been beaten for the second goal. He is the tallest player on the pitch and is well regarded for how good his positioning is, so to be beaten like that is embarrassing for him.

Monreal – 6.5
He was pretty decent considering he’s being played out of position. Was rarely tested though and this was probably one of the easiest games defensively he’ll play this season.

Gibbs – 5
Didn’t do enough at all in the attacking sense and struggled defensively at times.

Flamini – 4.5
He was pretty poor all game and should’ve been awarded a freekick when he was fouled for Hull’s first goal. But he still makes amateurish mistakes throughout the game that cost us.

Sanchez – 7.5 (MOTM)
He scored and assisted and usually that would mean he had a great performance but I felt he was a bit reckless at times and along with the team lacked any real direction. It took individual brilliance from him twice to salvage the result for us. He must be so demotivated at the moment as this is the 4th time we’ve given up the lead he’s given us.

Wilshere – 6
He was our only decent central midfielder today and even then, he didn’t really offer much in terms of breaking down the opposition in the final third.

Cazorla – 4
Played well for the first 15 minutes and then completely lost it. Should’ve been offering more control to the game but would lose it in silly positions or would slow the game down.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 2
Absolutely dreadful. It was the performance of a 16 year old being given his debut. He’s lacking basic footballing intelligence at the moment and that is massively worrying.

Welbeck – 5.5
Didn’t play well throughout the game but I guess he did well to take his goal.

Ramsey – 4
He was lacking match fitness probably but he done nothing to add to our game. He slowed it down, couldn’t beat his man when needed and misplaced passes or over dribbled.

Campbell – 5.5
He did add a bit to our game but he lacks refinement and like Sanchez holds onto the ball for far too long.

VIDEO – Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview…looking depressed…

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    1. Why no manager’s rating? Seeing how it is the manager who buys the players, picks the players, organises (or doesn’t) the players, who sets the tactical parameters for the game (or doesn’t as the case may be)?

  1. Come on KJ, you talk about Hanging on to the ball for too long and then you are mentioning only campbell who did great and Sanchez our savior, then what of your golden boy in person of #GOLDEN JACK???????? What the F#ck did he do to deserve 6??? Not a single chance, campbell was twice the wilchair was he’s 3 for me and 7 for me!

    1. Second that, why is it if Jack runs around the pitch doing FA people rant on about him being a good player?
      He added nothing to the team and we improved (again) when he came off.

  2. I’d gladly take an average team height of 4′ 11 if it meant wenger would take per out of the team! How many games has he got to play badly before wenger and his blinkered supporters realise he should be playing in league 1! You telling me hayden would not be better, he would! The whole back 5 has gone to s*it really when you compare it to the likes of city and Chelsea. Gibbs injury prone, kos great but short and gets injured due to his work rate covering for per, per don’t need to say anymore, bellerin young and in experienced.

    1. Absolutely,Ron ,totally agree. Per is a misfit but how did he get 4 points! Also who thinks that his positional play is normally OK. He has no redeeming qualities, except he never gets injured. But then why would he? I enjoyed watching Wenger being brought down to earth by that young lady,then getting a good kicking. I wonder if she might be our next Manager! Could do worse.

  3. We have the shyest midfielders when it comes to having shots from outside the penalty box. Ramsey is the only one that tries to shoot with conviction, Cazorla too tries, but he does so when we are desperate and chasing the game, the rest seem scared. That’s why our shots on goal stats always look poor. We do too much over passing, waiting and waiting for the extra perfect pass. That’s one of the problems.

    1. totally agree with you, thats one of many of todas football weapons and we rarely load that gun….oh gunners.

      i do think though that they might be scared to try because if the ball gets rebounded they feel they d be giving the other team a chance to score because ck of true DM…..?

  4. On a complete side note: Just saw the movie Gone Girl: so strange how similar Ben Affleck and Fabregas look. Sorry, but cannot get Fab out especially as he scored the goal of season at Crystal Palace yesterday. What a massive blunder by AW!

  5. It’s so funny how Merte is our biggest player but he is the weakest in the air. I have been watching him since we signed him but when it comes to attacking any cross in the box he just seems too heavy, can’t propel himself. He waits for the ball to come to him. He only looks good defending those straight balls fun the middle where he does not have to make an angle.

  6. OT. A quote from arseblog, who is pretty objective all the time.
    ” If we can’t get focused enough to beat Hull at home, you’ve got to ask serious questions of the manager”

    1. @Gigi2
      You mean “If we can’t get focused enough to beat Hull at home, you’ve got to ask serious questions of the players”

      1. @NY
        It is a quote from Arseblog who I find to be very, very objective. so the “you mean” dontapply, it should be “arseblog means” but i dont know what he meant 🙂 i just quoted him,
        I think its known around here that Iam a Wenger fan, just to clarify

    1. Only 1 of Wilshere’s 5 attempts to dribble pas defenders was successful. He gave the ball away on the other 4. Typical.

  7. I think we really need to bench szcz the kid is back to his old tricks,he has not performed well this season,ospina we need you plz come back boy.ramsey needs to be paired with flamini and carzola as no.10 in a 4-2-3-1,pair chambers with pair since koz is injured.jack needs to be on the bench

    1. i was going to comment on that, i love Sczcesny but isnt that the reason why a goalie is the last man? if the defence gets fooled one or twice in a game maybe those once or twice are the occasions where the keeper has to actually do his job?
      I DIDNT SEE THE GAME so actuqalyy i am not in a position to even have an opinión, but just thought of it and now that u mention it

  8. Kj get wilsheres co*ck out of your mouth.
    He was just like santi, he played wellfor about 30mins then was dogsh*t and deserves a 4-4.5 rating.
    And sanchez was the only player that did anything and deserves aleast an 8.
    If wilshere had the performance sanchez had you would have given him a 10 im tired of this fa•gs ratings

  9. @thando. Nope bench per. Chambera and hayden as cbs paired. As the there’s an element of risk pkay two dm players in fron of them. Per has got to be phased out and chambers hayden in. Whoever seems the best pairs with kos when hes back. Ospina in for schez. Compare the city back six to ours it’s men against boys. We eirher have ageing pkayers who aren’t good enough or kids who lack responsibility/leadership. A few exceptions obviously 🙂

  10. 2004 arsenal team – full of warriors with strong characters and the will ro win. 2014 areenal team – lots of strangers, no born leader, inconsistent performers. Oh how our proud club has fallen 🙁 shore it up at the back wenger and the confidence of the offensive players will return. First rule of football, start by not conceding and build from the back.

  11. I heard that for the next home game puma will be supporting a selection of players by providing red and white clown suits. The initiative is for charity, (#saveour beloved club before its too late). Flamini, perm and schez have been selected to wear the suits this week. Ps there is a slight concern that the large clown shoes might hinder per’s blistering pace! 🙂

  12. Im not a ozil fan boy but last season he didnt have runners this season he does,wenger gave 2 games in a no.10 and he performed very well,if wenger had conti to use the kid at no.10 may he have had many assists by now

  13. Im not a ozil fan boy but last season he didnt have runners this season he does,wenger gave 2 games in a no.10 and he performed very well,if wenger had conti to use the kid at no.10 he may have had many assists by now

  14. @zuluboy. Thats the positive for me from yesterday, campbell got to play and did pretty well, good for him!

  15. Le Tissier quote (not me talking NY 🙂 )“It sounds silly when they’ve let in two goals, but Arsenal’s new-look defence didn’t have much to do. Hull just didn’t attack that much to test them out, really. There’s no way in the world the first Hull goal should have stood. It was a foul, one million per cent.”

    I think Wenger should realice bynow and then act upon these:

    1. we wont get many fair refereeings, so we shoould play as if we were one down
    2. Teams will bully us physically so we need to go the gym and muscle up
    3. he has to get that attitude we had at the beginning back, i can only see our newoysin that mood, issues at the Emirates……he needs to shake em up or call a good psy (i ve been saying these for years now)

  16. I know it is his first game back from injury but is it time to start worrying about Ramsey? He’s a shadow of last year. Too many of his old habits — ball flicks, errant passes — are creeping back into his game.

  17. We all know we are seriously lacking in defence-CB and CDM, BUT, we are also lacking in having a top playmaker in midfield. These MUST be addressed sooner rather than later and whilst the injuries don’t help, we still need these 3 areas to be sorted in Jan.

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