Arsenal v Hull Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Arsenal vs Hull City Preview, Predicted line up and score line by KJ

This is arguably the biggest tie of the 3rd round mainly because it’s a replay of that tantalising final between the two teams last year. Both teams have changed squad wise and their fortune has taken a turn for the worst in the league so this makes it a very interesting tie.
The teams that will be put out (especially Arsenal) will be a lot weaker considering this is only a 3rd round tie. We need to rest a lot of players as they are running off fumes at the moment. The likes of Alexis and Mertesacker will most likely be rested.

Even if we have a weaker team, you expect us to do the job as we still have too much attacking quality for these weaker teams. There are still massive questions over our defending so you can expect Steve Bruce to exploit us on the counter.

Predicted Line up:
Debuchy – Chambers – Monreal – Gibbs
Coquelin – Chamberlain
Campbell – Rosicky – Akpom

We have so many injuries at the moment that even our reserve line up used for the FA cup ties is looking pretty bare. With Podolski on his way out and Sanogo looking for a loan, the attack looks particularly low on quality but we’ll have to make it work.

Ospina was in the training pictures and Wenger has already told us he will start after Szczesny’s shocking performance against Southampton

The defence isn’t too bad. It does lack an actual proper centre back but that hasn’t stopped Wenger before and it won’t stop him now.

The midfield is shocking but we can’t do much about it. Coquelin and Chamberlain lack any real control so we could lose the midfield battle against Hull. That is absolutely horrifying to say but it is a possibility.

Campbell, Theo and Akpom could all get starts against Hull. Campbell has a lot to prove whilst Theo will want to stake his claim to a starting place with a good performance. Akpom will be happy enough to be getting first team appearances at this point and will be tying to impress Wenger. I hope he gets a couple of goals!

This will be a difficult game considering the team we’ll most likely play but I think we’ll nick it 2 – 1 in the end.

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  1. This is weird, i didnt even know the game was on and i had a dream that arsenal beat hull 3-0 so I’m going for 3-0

    1. WENGER can only fool himself and his AKBs but not me (and ofcourse others alike). We all know he doesn’t like using his 1st team keeper for cup games.thus, he musn’t use szcesny’s shambolic perfomance as an excuse for choosing to play ospina in goal against hull city…….cuz come our next premier league game, he won’t have the balls to bench inconsistent performing players…..he’d say stuffs like “szcesny have learnt his lesson” , “Mert can only improve with kos back” , “we have diab *sneeze* coming back into 100% shape” , “we got somany positives” ……dammit! Really?……could we put up with all these cheap, crappy lies borne outta deciet?……i certainly can’t …….i know him too well…..and yea! Cuz he’s a lover of mediocrity and a master of shambles…….booo

      1. Well, I only pray we win, but I don’t expect us to. The game against Southampton, I had a strong feeling we’d lose. Being the first day of the year, I just decided not say a word about the game. But for once, I kinda sympathised with Arsene, he just looked like a widower.

        I don’t feel safe with the window open, simply because I don’t trust Wenger.

        Hope we win!!!

        1. Cant see santi or alexis being dropped tbh. They’ll play until they’re injured. Seems to be the wenger way.

  2. Im confident with this line up that we can defeat hull city! Despite all lets get behind the team! Coyg! We are arsenal! Victoria concordia cresit! Forever!

    1. Exactly, Coquelin was arguably MOTM in his recent performances and has showed a level of maturity on and off the ball that has frankly stunned me (in a good way).
      How can the OP not see what he does, many times he actually backs off a player and closes down a potential pass or simply spoils a run by not allowing an attacking player any space.
      The guy is playing great football and was one of the few good points about the Southampton game when he turned the tank that is Wanamena 3 times and sent him back up the field.

  3. Hope david ospina gives a good account of himself today! So he can give szczesny serious competition for the no 1 shirt! Coyg!

  4. Yes we will most likely win and the supporters will be happy until the next league defeat.Wenger OUT OUT OUT

  5. Agreed Highbury 44, hull will be throwing a lot of high balls in and Ospina is a bit short to deal with all of them

    1. Wenger is not paid £8,000,000 p/a to worry
      Over such things..oh hold up, he does but never seems to.

  6. Ospina
    Iwobi or Hinds

    Combination of youth and experience

    1. Gnabry is injured; and I don’t consider 0 starters a combination of youth and experience, only 1 of those players even gets regular PL time.

      We are still playing Hull…

  7. Wenger should take every game seriously bcoz its our only chance fr any silverware.I would prefer only 1 change in d admins team… bellerin fr chambers and debuchy as cb

  8. I predict Mertasucker if played (which I suspect he will be) will have me biting my nails everytime the ball is near him or our defense.

  9. Some fans are deluded, am seeing predictions such as 3-0 to Arsenal and cant help but laugh.First of all,when was the last time we kept a clean sheet?secondly, hull came out with a 2-2 draw not long ago at the same ground,I also remember we needed extra time to beat them at Wembley. plus they are high on confidence after beating Everton while we are still scratching our heads following the saints debacle. A more reasonable prediction would be a scrappy 2-1.Watch this space

    1. Some people have a very short memory, in denial or just like making wild predictions so they can set themselves up for a good moan after the game.

    1. God help us? Lol!!! That’s if he just wants to. But I see no reason why we should win if Hull play far better than us.

      1. Just imagine on a random other forum a Hull fan saying the same thing. Being God must be like playing Arsen Wenger. Listen to pleadings, ignoring them completly, not giving a shet at all.. lol

  10. Cant wait to see Ospina in action, i am tired of Seza. A good keeper who makes silly mistakes from time to time is still a bad keeper. It would be amazing if we would have gone for a new keeper. Cech or Begovic ( this guy is so underrated and one the main reason Stock are doing so fine)

  11. Srry this line up looks weak to me, and every epl team has to be taken seriously. 50% to 50% of chance of winning and losing.

  12. Good luck to Poldi nice that he thanked the fans, I wish you the best, oh and by the way he passed his medical after that nasty inj he had the other day.
    Wenge liar
    One day we will learn about all the crap we have been fed
    A decent manager would have been speaking to his potential signing as soon as the window opens, but with wenger we will all be watching those last few minutes of the transfer window hoping he has changed and gained sanity
    Wenger /Kronke out , this season is over

      1. Lol! @Ks, some folks can be damn funny. In fact, I think God will punish is for still keeping Arsene as our manager.

  13. Looking forward to seeing the actual line up when announced in about an hour. Walcott starting with hopefully Akpom and a reasonably experienced midfield. A tall centre half needed to counteract Hulls high ball game methinks.

  14. Ospina

    3-1 Arsenal. 2 Goals by Rosicky, 1 by Theo. COYG!

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