Arsenal v Hull review – Crisis averted but victory DENIED

With Arsenal having to cope with the usual injury crisis, especially in defence, Arsene Wenger had to go with the relatively untried young Spaniard Hector Bellerin at right back and the left back Nacho Monreal in an unfamiliar central role.

But a game against Hull City at the Emirates gave the Gunners the chance to spend most of the game as far away from our own goal as possible, and that is certainly how is started. We came flying out of the blocks and were causing them all sorts of problems.

A typical pacy run from Welbeck and lovely curling shot at the top corner produced fantastic saves from Hull’s 39-year old second choice keeper before Alexis Sanchez broke the deadlock with a fizzing low shot from the right. With all the possession we had and the chances we were creating, the game should have been out of sight within 20 minutes.

But you know Arsenal and our defensive frailties were exposed again as Diame scored with their first meaningful attack. He blatantly fouled Flamini in the build up but our luck was out again and the referee missed it. That undeserved equaliser gave them belief and knocked us off our stride with the rest of the half much more even although Arsenal still had more than enough of the ball.

So Wenger knew we had 45 minutes to put it right or watch the season’s disappointing start continue and all hopes of the Premier League title disappear. So the last thing the Frenchman needed was to see his side concede again just 30 seconds after the break, with Mertesacker failing to deal with Hernandez from a crossed ball.

To be fair to Hull, they played well to frustrate us after that but Arsenal had lost it and could not get our game going. We never really looked like scoring until we finally made a go of it towards the end. Alexis had a good header tipped over before Welbeck grabbed a stoppage time goal to salvage a point. And it was so nearly all three but their 3rd choice keeper denied Cazorla and Gibbs a winner.

Unlucky for Arsenal but it could have been worse, although a draw is not enough to keep our faint title hopes alive with Chelsea narrowly beating Crystal Palace.

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      1. Still Expecting the wilsherebots to come and tell me ” how great he was.
        It is not surprising that we came alive with crisper ,better passing and movement once he came off.
        More spaces for the runners ,less of the extra touches ,less of running into a brick wall and less dwelling on the ball .
        The effort by Sanchez for the equaliser lays bare all of wilshere deficiencies.

        1. 1. FLAM’s GONE SOFT:
          3 times this season i’ve seen attackers elbow
          flam aside leading to goals:
          time to tradeoff some asthetics for
          sheer bulk & power in the middle back.
          (ultimately wenger’s fault for messing up DM
          acquisition: we actually need 2 big/talls)

          2. LONGER THRU BALLS:
          i felt our attack is coming together: we were playing
          some longer balls (even wilshere), but conceding
          softly puts huge/unfair pressure on the attack.

          3. DESPERATION: wish our defence was as desperate as Hull.
          they did a great job and we need to learn some of that.

          4. GENTLEMANLY: we’re too gentlemanly at the midD
          part of the field: foul if necessary: stop them getting thru
          the middle.

          5. DIRECTNESS: more shots on goal : Ox needs to keep
          doing it. Campbell could’ve shot in extra time but lacks
          a bit of confidence.

          6. CORNERS: other teams know they can concede as
          many as they like: puts more pressure on us to score
          from open play. 2 biggish/tallish DMs would help here.

          1. I. Flamini was the best player on the pitch vs Chelsea.

            Today he didn’t play bad he won 4/5 tackles and had a 92% pass accuracy.the only concern was his forward passes as they were the two he misplaced his passing were side ways. As for the Diame goal he gave up thinking he had won a foul wich it should definetly have been. If flamini had his hand all over Diame like that it would have been their free kick poor referee

        2. This kid (jack) lost it! And then there’s Big f*ck*ng German, yeah of curse F**king German!. Flamini?? I bet coquelin can do a better job. Bellerin was +ve, Sanchez?? Oh sanchez sorry your teammates and manager are letting both you and us down, monreal was quite alright, Gibbs?? I don’t know. Szczhesny?? Was helpless but he can do better. Welbz did okay. Chambo was rusty, Ramsey?? Over do. Cazorla was average, campbell did his best. All in all #WengerGotWhatHeDeserve

          1. Cazorla Sanchez and welbeck were excellent the rest weren’t at their best monreal also did very well.

            I’m worried about sczezney form he has been terrible this season if ospina is fit he should bench him

      2. AW: “Of course being 11 points behind Chelsea is a concern.”
        No,we have half the points that Chelsea have.
        They have 22 & we have 11 after only 8 games in.

      1. Ironic that his excuses usually for what we lack are always down to him. He just wants to cover his own backside and not point out that the reason we’re where we are is solely down to decisions he made knowone else.

      2. Wilshere isn’t a great player to have on your team when the game becomes frustrating. Campbell looked great when he came on, and I think he deserves more time than he gets. Bellerin will grow into a great full back. Sanchez switched into Messi mode for the goal, may have upgraded his pay but certainly downgraded to teammates with less hunger for winning. Wenger still needs sharper attacking strategies & much sharper defending! I have a hard time imagining him as Arsenal manager for the next two years. He would perhaps have lasted as long as Moyes did at this pace! Painful to watch… Southampton though!

        1. wilshere is simply not good enough to play that position for arsenal.
          There is nothing petit,viera,fabregas about him. He is the worst we’ve had. Even the bad Ramsey of 4 years ago registered goals and assist
          He lacks the intelligence to compensate for his lack of pace , stamina and physicality.
          1 assist
          1 goal all season.

          1. Ross Barkley is three times the player wilshere and unfortunately the Ox ,will ever.
            End product,
            And the gift of being a natural born footballer.

            1. I dont think Barkley is 3 times the player, I guarantee if we swapped wilshere for Barkley, Everton would have a top goal scorer and we would ruin another players career.

        2. Wilshire had a decent first half but faided out the game. He was poor in posession/passing and only won 25% of his tackles.

          Bellerin was very good he won 100% tackles,4 crosses,92% pass accuracy,4 take ons

      3. Devastating thing is we will have to suffice with him for the next 3 years. Even if by the end of the season we’d be fighting for relegation, Wenger won’t be sacked nor will he resign.

        He will let this club burn to the ground before he swallows his pride and admits his mistakes.

    1. sanchez must be thinking he should have joined juventus or psg

      surely even he knows hes too good for arsenal

    2. We’re 3 people short.
      – A CB
      – A DM
      – A New Manager

      We need to cut the crap and realise Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Coquelin, Podolski & Miyaichi are a waste of squad space. More importantly we need to get rid of this boring one-dimensional style of play that is ridiculously predictable. Sanchez was practically the only outlet we had in this game, and even his facial expressions said it all when we equalised. Wenger wouldn’t have told him to dribble through those players, Alexis decided f*** that, I’m doing it the way it should be done. I’m tired of seeing teams score a goal from the few half-chances they get; other than the two goals they scored, what other shots did they genuinely have at goal?

      1. We are lacking creativity. We are struggling to create chances..

        It’s okey to have a DM, but right now we are struggling to create chances, no shots on target against Chelsea, we looked clueless in and around the opposition area against Spuds, we were struggling to create anything against Hull..

        All season we are lacking creativity..

        1. You are right.
          Where and from whom is the crucial pass going to come ?
          Wilshere ?
          we have welbeck and Sanchez waiting for the pass ?
          We have cazorla to mesmerise the opponent
          But we have wilshere who runs and runs for nothing and lacks the end product.

      2. I’d even stretch that to say that we’re almost an entire coaching staff short. Considering the dictator Wenger handle’s EVERYTHING at the club by himself.

    3. Now we can clearly see we have two factors influencing our results;an external one and an internal one.
      External, am yet 2c an Arsenal game where the referee will be balanced, not biased against us and none where they ever favor us. I used to think it was because Arsenal didn’t have enough english players but now am left confused.
      Secondly and hurtingly the biggest injury we have plays every game of ours…Wenger is totally off. The time we played beautifully against aston villa and galatasary was because injuries forced his hand., then he brought back jack in the mix and the struggles continued.
      Was i the only one seeing wasting a lot of moves by clinging to the ball way too long till we loose it?? am not even sorry to say i clapped hands when he got injured even though he’d been fouled before that incident and the referee ignored it. Another good performance came on when he was substituted for Joel Campbell, so now i hope he forcefully realizes that he fails to pick the best from what he has.
      BIG UPS TO ALEXIS SANCHEZ, JOEL CAMPBELL, HECTOR BELLARIN(out standing perfomances) and the rest of the team except wilshere.

    4. The problem with Wenger is that he has not the killer instinct like coachs as ferguson or mourinho,they have this winning mentality who make them able to do anything in order to win,even cheating,wenger is just a tryer,he does not give it all in the fight.The team was obviously missing 2 centers backs and one strong DM,he did not address the problem,the striker issue was addressed only by luck,if Man U did not get falcao for any reason,there was no back up plan for any other striker,remember he was in Roma.I believe his age has something to do with that as he shows the stubborness of senile people.I don t see Arsenal as a force until he moves on somewhere else.the board too is responsible for not kwowing football and trusting him blindly even when he clearly fail his duties.

  1. Sorry but we are so off even challenging for the TITLE… We have too many softies in the team..

    Season after season we ask for some real muscle in the team but get nothing..

    So frustrating..

    1. mert is too slow second goal was the mert mistake
      bell played good game
      mr wenger i dont think so u r thinking about team but we r gooners and we want that our team is best in the world. i hope u will addition strength in our squad in winter transfer.

      1. Second goal was Wilshere’s mistake. He had the guy in midfield then just watched him run to the wings and looked on as he crossed the ball

      2. arsenal > arsene.

        if mr wenger is a real gentleman he should resign next summer.
        had his time, had good times.
        now time to go.

        1. We need two more defenders and two new Cdms.
          And to be honest, a new manager and board wouldn’t be too bad ….

    1. defense is def to blame for the second goal. besides that I don’t think we can say much they played pretty decent.

      i think we need to have a better plan on offense. two many passes, crosses turns into nothing, no chances from corners. honestly, who was making stuff happen besides Sanchez?

      1. bad refs & injuries:
        these are no longer unanticipatable excuses: they’re reality.
        we need a manager who can plan for it.

        given our injury history, we need more defenders than
        other squads have: yet we have fewer.
        pls mr wenger: leave in the summer.
        have respect for urself & arsenal.
        you have no more ideas: dont know how to motivate team,
        buy badly, sub badly, dont rotate, doesn’t customize
        lineups versus big teams, plays favorites, …, …, ….

    1. the anti wenger crying week after week gets old, dont agree with all he does either but really? he did not tie this match, look at Ox? terrible play, Flamini,,, the players get paid good money to play at this level, every once in a while we can criticize a players performance on the pitch instead of the same old wenger bashing,

      1. Your point is nonsense, the players that play badly were bought, trained and motivated by Wenger.
        He is responsible for the team and how they play.
        All of the current deficiencies at the club are down to Wenger, no more George Graham players since 2005, which happened to be the last time we won a trophy for 9 years!

        Now this club is 100% Wenger and it hasn’t been working since it became 100% Wenger, we have been on a steady decline since the point where everyone and everything at the club was down to Wenger.

        The problem with Arsenal supporters is that we don’t stick together to make change happen.
        As a unit we could force Kronke to sell and get Wenger out but we can’t even agree that Wenger is an also ran and has been for years.

      2. Who is responsible for picking up players? Who is responsible for motivating players? Who is responsible for buying players? Who is responsible for our one dimensional tactics? .. It is all Wenger … It is Wenger who is responsible

        1. @savearsenal,ngih&gooneristictruth
          You guys all sound like you have a circle jerk last night and became of one”head”…lmfao

          1. ny gunner
            are you saying they were all beating off together
            or did you mean somthing else ??? 🙂

            1. The fact that NY_Gunner uses the masturbation party terminology ‘circle jerk’ in his every day speech and we had to Google it to work out what it meant says a lot about the guy.

              @NY_Gunner had a few ‘buddies’ round for the match did we?

  2. it can clearly be seen Wenger never wanted to win this game from the start…..

    trying hard to put on a show…..

  3. Start CAMPBELL. The OX is just a disappointment everytime he gets a chance to prove himself..

    I don’t know whats up with him, he is not improving, he just won’t come out of his shell..

    1. Ox and Jack are so bad at giving the ball away, Ox through poor passes and Jack, well Jack is santa clause for defenders.

    2. first people want to sell campbell.
      then people were mad that Ox wasn’t getting the start.
      Now people want Campbell to start over Ox.

      Campbell had an awesome match and Ox wasnt that good today. but the real problem is that our players are inconsistent.

  4. dont worry ladies we will win the epl and cl hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaha we are a fking joke cant even beat hull at home hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha southampton scored 8 past sunderland watch us lose to sunderland hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no ambition hahahahahahahaha
    football and arsenal are dead for me… goodbye gooners all the best .

    1. Drop Mert for who….? an 18 year old in the reserves? we legit have no one in defence, wenger would be the type of manager to drop mert and play Gibbs and frigging Monreal at cb -_- Wenger OUT

    2. Mert positioning was poor for the second goal he gave the striker the run on him because he wasn’t sure were his man was.

      Wilshire was also at fouls for allowing the crosstown get in without attempting to block

  5. alexis sanchez yet again has proved hes too good for this club.

    belongs with title contending team

    he will go, sooner than later

    1. Sanchez is actually too good for our players, he was playing dummy balls to not only the Hull players but also our players as they simply weren’t on the same page!
      Most of the team looked like they hadn’t played together before.

      1. you are right and we have been seeing this the entire season? we have all this possession and yet the most crucial passes are the ones we F up and miss. we should be clicking by now, it’s october

  6. Today you saw Why I said Chamberlain is lazy, didn’t make a single run until we went behind.

    Scszesny maybe has the worst save ratio in the league.

    Mertesacker could’ve prevented both goals as well, but decided to give up on the first and didn’t attack the ball on the second.

    1. Until now, OX has been a waste of money. He hasn’t done anything to prove himself to be worth of £13 million. Can’t believe we paid the same amount for him as Spurs paid for Bale. Difference were Bale delivered and prospered, OX is just running like a headless chicken with no desire, no end product, no consistency at all. Why he’s been with the first team for 3 seasons is beyond me, he should prove himself on loan – not waste a starting spot in our team.

      1. I think it’s time Campbell came in ahead of Chamberlain. Chamberlains in the team because of his price tag that is all.

        Campbell makes long dribble, loses the ball, Chases back and makes a tackle
        Chamberlain makes long dribble, loses the ball, walks back.

        That is the difference.

      2. Not sure who thumbed you down but I think ur spot on! Playing well for 1 match per season is not good enough. He has no business to be in the first team. What about welbeck? do not want to criticize him too much ..doesn’t look a predator enough!

        Mert?? well the less said about him the better !

        The fear is that we have very good players in the offensive department and we are still not clicking offensively as a team !

        1. Welbeck is being stifled.
          He is a big fast open play runner and if you supply him with passes he can run with or a long ball like his first chance, where his 1st touch was great, he will hurt the opposition.
          If he is in the box while we try to ping pong the ball into the box of course he isn’t going to do as well.
          Look at how we supplied Henry, long passes, through balls, lay offs as he charged in and over the top shots that he could run with not pitter patter in the box.

          Our game is to convoluted and slow to flow and our players are too small because wenger wants them to be able to ping pong it into the net.
          It ain’t working at all. as a team we are too small for set pieces, too small to stay on the ball, too small for crosses, too small for aerial duels.
          all of these things are down to Wenger.

      1. This season, not even once I’ve said a positive thing about OX. Why? ‘Cause there is none. It’s been the same for 3 seasons and nothing’s changed with him. No imrovement at all. He even went to say Sanchez should slow down, how arrogant is that? Sanchez one of our only 2 consistent players out there and the barely a player OX goes yapping his mouth.

        1. Just running fast with the ball is not enough in football.

          The ox with his speed and stamina should be in the box more often which he is not. His end product also has to improve. He does all the good work- runs with the ball into dangerous areas and then gives it away with a poor pass- which then starts a counter attack and leaves his side of the pitch exposed. He has been at arsenal for 3 seasons but in all honesty he hasn’t created or scored enough to merit praise- if you look at the Southampton team, you will probably find quite a few who are better than him!

    2. Totally agree with you about Scszesny, he is so poor at saving headers. Just look at the goal we conceded against Leicester, a good keeper would have dealt with Ulloa’s effort. Same thing today he gets his hand on the ball but somehow doesnt push it away

  7. when it was 2-1, we needed to go all out to score right? what does wenger do? He brings on
    ramsey for flamini and puts wilshere further back, wilshere who has been falling on his face
    all game. Then wilshere gets injured and he then brings on campbell for wilshere who i was
    happy to see anyways. This makes me know for sure that wenger is probably blind or just plain
    mad. He should have brought on ramsey for wilshere, leave flamini put cazorla just by flamini
    and push ramsey upfront with welbeck cos one thing i know ramsey can do is nick goals, with
    ramsey, welbeck, sanchez and chamberlain, we would have scored earlier. But wenger keeps
    making silly decisions just because of wilshere. I dont even need to talk about defense and
    our general disorganised play cos it’s ther for everyone to see.

  8. I just can’t believe it, we lack so much fight and motivation. Our sorry players ain’t got any real fight in them..

  9. 11pts out of possible 24.. 13 dropped already in just 8 matches.. Wow.. It’s a very long season so lets not give up yet.. Walcott back, Ramsey back, Welbeck still heating up, Cazorla heating up, Alexis with that heart of a Tiger.. I believe there are better days ahead. COYG.

    1. Better days??? Im happy i see a few optimistic fans here!!
      But remember the light at the end of tunnel is not an illusion.. the tunnel is!
      Im fed up with the jokes of the manager ‘ we are still in the title hunt’.

  10. Crisis averted? What the f*ck are you writing about? Barely a draw AT HOME against Hull is acceptable? The crisis has been on the whole season. We have 6 defenders, 5-10 men on the treatment table and only one player who deserves to wear the badge. And he just came to us few months ago and doesn’t speak a word of English!

    All the others should be ashamed of themselves except for Sanchez and possibly Bellerin who was thrown under the bus against BVB and has to start again, because of Wenger’s incompetentence as a manager.

    Single-handedly destroying our club, GET THE F*K OUT YOU FRENCH TW*T! IT’S NOT YOUR CLUB.

    1. Well said Mate!!!! Lets get the BSM back on!!!
      Luckliy wneger & the board escaped holding the AGM yesterday!!!

  11. Thank God we have Sanchez otherwise we would’ve lost to add to our already huge embarrassment of a performance.

  12. Sanchez (1st), Bellerin (2nd, has more discipline than most Arsenal players today), Cazorla (3rd) were the best players. Campbell did well when he came on.

  13. We just can’t stop dropping points against small teams, and its not like we can gain it back against the big boys. We’ll still lose or at most get a draw against dem and today the kind of goals we conceded made us look like basingstoke town

  14. Thank god for Alexis!
    Let’s TRY take positives from this..
    Ramsey is back
    Campbell looked good when he came on
    Welbeck still scoring
    Mert made some good tackles after the goal in which I think he should of headed out!
    Wilshere isn’t badly injured
    Last but not least, Walcott and Gnabry played for u21s so on there way back 🙂

  15. Everybody and that excludes families picking through rubbish in the slums of rio new that we needed a quality dfm and a proper centre half …. And this site had way too many mert fans on it… Mais non! the frog knows best ….arteta flamini mert and Monreal can do the job…. Mourinho is a bit harsh ….wenger is just an expert in mediocrity !!!

  16. As far as the team goes, fair play to sticking it out and putting up a fight till the end. But it didn’t have to be that way if we’d been a bit more adventurous after the first goal.

    However with the manager it’s time (and long overdue) to pension him off. He’s no longer a football manager, just a financial economist who’s lining his own pockets along with the rest of the c**ts at the club. Premier League titles are beyond him now, and to look at his track record prior to us, he has shown that all his success comes early, then teams stagnate, and then he outstays his welcome.

    1. its not lack of adventurousness:
      we’re soft in the middle.
      attackers like diame *WILL* push: but we have to be strong enough not to let them
      push their way through.
      wenger does not understand that apparently.
      i’d rather flam foul diame.

  17. Our players have to take some responsibility, that FLAMINI goal, why not take responsibility, get rid of that danger and complain later..

    Mert stop waiting for the whistle, what? They say always and always play to the whistle.. It was a foul but our sorry players need to man up, we make excuses for them time and time again, all this feeling sorry for them makes them even more weaker mentally..

    I am tired of us signing small players now, we have tried and it ain’t working, get us some fighters now..

    1. @GOONSTER
      Exactly. He could have at least tried to stop the ball from going in the net. He just raised up his hand and stopped running. He could have lso helped Flamini shut down Diami outside the box but looked on and slow trotted.
      The second goal saw him “ball watchin” instead of man watchin…
      What really pizz’s me off is, what good is all the pace we have when we’re waiting for Jack to thread balls through a congested middle?
      Bellerin and Campbell need to start more. And Sanchez is off the F**KN CHAIN AMAZIN…

  18. I think Winning the FA Cup has really gone to Wenger’s head. I think he believes he can experiment with any formation, put players in wrong positions, not sign enough defenders, not have a quality DM or world class striker and still win or keep his job. He has a God like complex or he believes he will keep his job forever as long as we keep fourth place which he cherishes.

    He has become senile

  19. 5 draws from 8 games. Simply not good enough. I don’t care if the ref cost us today, or in the other games, its just not good enough.

    Having to resort to teenagers and academy players in defence. Not good enough.

    Having to move fullbacks in to cover because of a lack of defensive depth. Not good enough.

    Having only one proven striker, who isn’t even top quality. Not good enough.

    Having inadequate players in our starting 11. Not good enough.

    Over 10 senior players on our injury list. Not good enough.

    One clean sheet in 8 games. Not good enough.

    11 points out of 24. Not good enough.

    Questions need to be answered here.

      1. All of these issues were raised at the annual meeting this week. The suits dodged all the questions as usual.

            1. you’re dreaming if you think you can corner
              BS experts in the AGM.
              they’re politicians & expert dodgers.

  20. Fair enough it wasn’t our best performance, and without my biastnoculars on…. The ref did have a s**t game!! First goal shouldn’t stand, fouls all over the pitch, poor decisions. Not saying we were amazing and should have destroyed Hull but we deserved more than the draw.

    We are getting too easy to play against, other teams know our game… Last season it was the bigger teams with tactically aware managers, this season all the others are following suit!! Time to change our formation and tactics, becoming far too predictable!! I’m not a ‘Wenger out’ but without doubt, he needs to change it up!!

  21. Little need in straining the fingers with long analytical observations…. it’s quite simple, the muppet manger must go. Operation save Arsenal FC!

  22. I started supporting Arsenal 5 years back. I did so because our game was so fluid, creative, and elegant. I used love those goals we scored then.
    It’s been almost 3 years now, since we have statred regressing, and that’s is not just with winning trophies, but even our game quality has become dab and predictive.

    I want wenger to leave.

    Why do our midfielders try to hold the ball up? We need some physicality and dominance in the midfield. Diame was bullying our players. Why can’t we stick to the fast paced game?
    The gameplan I suppose is to run with the ball in the net. The players wait to reach the penalty are before playing someone through. WHy!!

    Wenger, go, now!!

  23. “We don’t need Fabregas,we have Ozil”.Bleah!Just look at both players status and see th truth.Wenger out!

    1. Özil injured until January, Wilshere most likely to follow after today. We didn’t get Fabregas because we are ‘crowded’ with AMF’s, we didn’t get Cesc because of Wenger’s individual arrogance. Had it been any other manager, Cesc would be fighting along with Sanchez through abysmal times what we’re facing right now.

  24. Specialist in failure! Mourinho was right
    We ain’t getting 4th place cos Man u looks a better team

    1. @gunnerman8701
      Looks and is are 2 different states of being. Looks like you “is” a ManU supporter or at least should be…

  25. I said it before that we should have signed Diame, great player and was cheap. This Hull side is a good team, a draw would not have been so bad if we had beaten Leicester and Spuds but we cannot draw all three of these games. We are good enough to finish 3rd which will be an improvement but it will still feel like a disappointment. Hopefully we can get past knock outs in CL and it won’t be a bad season.

  26. I do t want to say I told you so ,,, Ahhhh feck it “I told you so ”
    I remember the muppets on here saying the next 6/7 games are all winnable lMAO

    Where are the trust in wenger brigade, don’t thumb me down, reply and tell me why enter should stay ???
    Wenger and all his puppets need to go, the defensive issues are Wengers fault, the lack of a DM wenger
    And not we have 20 mil to spend whoopie feckin do
    I will always support Arsenal but I won’t support wenger he is ruining the club, and he’s being allowed to by the board
    So come on wengerites explain where I am wrong

    1. No one will. Because you are just an unknown man sitting behind a computer. I’m not with or against AW, I’m just sad when we loose and when i see fans like you. You want to replace the whole team plus our manager? Good luck with that. You should join Mancity fan club because that is where you can dream of buying and buying

      1. What an idiot I am a uefa b licence coach, what do you have, and by the way you don’t need a qualification to see arsenal are way short of the title, you wengerites know feck all

      2. he just wants a better manager:
        that mgr will take care of the
        deadwood players; and those
        that arent putting in a quality

  27. Ok, this match we have Welback, OX, Alexis in front of Santi, like everyone here screamed for. So why did we loose? Last month people insist Wenger should start Ox. After this match, people calling Ox as a headless running chicken. I’m just sad when Arsenal loose. But funny how people thought they can do much better than AW just by assigning players to positions like they did in their Fifa Manager game.

    1. the prob this game wasnt the 2 goals we scored:
      it was the 2 we let in. very soft.
      otherwise we’d be talking a 2:0 win.

      those people were right: that is a good attacking combo.
      but attackers alone cant win the game; the defenders
      need to stop getting bullied.
      & they need a mgr who can instill desperation into them
      the way hull was defending.

  28. Just a left back short of a full Arsenal Injured 11 for today (plus the suspended Chambers):

    Debuchy Chambers Koscielny – –
    Arteta Ramsey
    Walcott Rosicky Özil

    1. yes, but injuries arent a surprise.
      for whatever reason, we have more of them

      besides rooting out that cause, we need to
      adapt to it: have more depth.
      we have depth at the front now,
      but at the back, there’s negligence.

  29. How many corners were wasted today? When it comes to corners we might as well just give the ball to the goalkeeper for a goal kick. I’m livid as to how we have gone from wining the fa cup. To struggling against the likes of hull….. Took 90 mins to actually start going up a gear.
    Sanchez was the only + thing today. That’s it.
    We had the whole summer to bolster our team. I’m fuming

    1. Both our center backs will go forward, for what? To ball watch!!
      If it had been some other team we’d have been killed on the counter attack.
      Poor tactics!! Just poor.

      1. Corners are a big concern for us in my opinion, we just don’t score enough of them – why?

        Mertesacker is a giant, but he’s not mobile enough to attack a cross.

        Why Giroud doesn’t score a few I’m not quite sure, anyone want to have a guess?

        Koscielny is actually half decent, but he’s our only real threat from corners so is heavily marked.

        The rest of our team aren’t really big enough to win headers, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get in the box and try and put a loose ball into the net, usually we don’t even bother putting anyone but Kosc, Mertesacker and Giroud in the box, even Welbeck isn’t in the box half the time… It’s a lot easier to defend against 3 people than against 5, when’s the last time we defended a corner where the other team only sent 3 or 4 players forward?

        But the biggest single issue for us on corners is poor delivery, really poor delivery. I can’t understand why either, it’s not as if our corner takers aren’t good enough to put in a decent ball.. Or perhaps it is and I just rate our players too highly, I don’t know…

    2. I am glad you mentioned corners. I have been saying this for years. When was the last time we had a corner and we looked like scoring? We obviously spend zero time practising set pieces, both attacking and defending. WENGER OUT!!!!!

      1. unbalanced team : too many shorts : barcelona sucked at corners too.
        puts too much pressure on us to score from open play.
        + why do we HAVE to go thru the middle?
        be flexible wenger!

  30. We did not need FABREGAS? I will keep saying this until I am proven wrong..

    You can call me a CESC fan boy but I will keep saying, he is head and shoulders above any midfielder we currently have, we had a chance to strengthen with him but some on here kept saying how we have Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, blah blah…

    Not one of those player has got the leadership and multiple qualities Cesc has.. We can’t create for sh”t, against Spurs, Chelsea and Hull we struggled to have clear cut chances..


    1. just stop. We have bigger clucking problems to worry about than the woulda/shoulda/coulda signed Cesc debate. He’s on Chelsea and he’s been on Chelsea for months. Yes, we are tactically inept, but a Chelsea Cesc can’t do anything about it now. So get over it or go support him on the Blues!

      1. But we are lacking in midfield.. Not a single Arsenal midfielder is standing out to be counted.. No creativity at all.. We are struggling in that department. You are blaming a DM but against Spuds, Hull, Chelsea, Leicester etc, the lack of creativity is the biggest problem.

        We can’t create for sh”t..

        1. I agree with you that we have no creativity in the midfield. I’m mad about the fact that i’m still hearing Cesc yak. I’m sick and tired of hearing Cesc yak. Of course he would be great to have right now, but we don’t. Nor will we anytime soon. It’s freaking October @Goonster. Isn’t it about time for all of us, including myself, to get over him and move the f*k on? Look at the state of our current squad. Crying about Cesc will get us no where.

          and where was I blaming a DM?

    2. He would have been like just an average players like other under Wenger…..the head of the train controls the rest of the train..Giv Ozil to mouriho n see what he will unleash with Ozil….Wenger is the problem and he should just back out of Arsenal Fc

      1. (*breaks into song) the sun will come out ….TO MO RROW..
        bet wengers bottom dollar that tommo…ah feck this im off.

        annie is a shit film

  31. How can Wenger say we were looking for defenders in the summer but couldn’t find anyone suitable? Really? We couldn’t find anyone better than Monreal to play centre back? We went into this season with only two centre backs, having only just bought Chambers and not really knowing if he was even an adequate backup. Not to mention Koscielny was injured at the start of the season (and has been ever since, the in has made him play through it) and Mertesacker was still on holiday from the World Cup.

    How can Gazidis say the media exaggerate how much we can spend on transfers? We have 200m in the bank, only 100m is committed. That means we had 100m to spend this summer, but we couldn’t afford a decent centre back? Or a holding midfielder? Or a striker better than what we have? No attack on Welbeck here, I think he was a good buy, but let’s face it, we still lack a top quality striker.

    I’m tired of defending mediocrity, especially now that the club is financially able to do something about it.

  32. Hahaha, i have nothing to say but laugh at h my self. So what happened to our two best midfielders today? How many forward passes did they make inside the penalty box, how many clear chances did they make. Second goal was Wilshere’s mistake. He let the guy he was marking go away from him and then followed him to the corner flag and just watched him cross the ball. Guys on this forum try very hard to differentiate btn English national team and Arsenal, just because they had a good against San Marino does not make them world class. When Wilshere came off the team started to play well. Why Ox gets game time over Cambell is beyond me. Flamini, Monreal, Artete, Diaby, Wilshre, Ramsey, are never going to win us the league. The faster wenger realizes his central midfielders are avearage the better for him

  33. Jack needs to be sold and wenger needs to retire from football for arsenal to progress,i know you will name other players but i think it important dat these go

      1. No, the kid is talented but we have not won a game when wilshere start,have we won one and to those who hate ozil have lost a game when he is playing at n.10 this season?

  34. Alexis Sanchez has qualities that must filter into one or two of our players. Campbell impressed me with his fighting spirit, not a gud day to judge him but he got stuck in there. I don’t, but for once Wenger must be held responsible, we are only a few games into the season yet we are using a makeshift defence with no cover at DM all he does is give us funny looks.. Why is he punishing himself. He must be realistic and just strengthen or be stubborn enuf to leave. Even if this team gets a simple coach/manager who can simply identify holes here and there, buy a few xtra players,, we can surely get something. Wenger is JUST SUICIDAL and I pity him. He is as stubborn as a donkey, but it’s us supporters who suffer most, coz I presume he knows what must be done, he’s just full of himself…. Anderlecht next…. Um afraid…

  35. Yes we lost the game(draw is a lost in my book)
    let us look at the bad points .
    Goal one, so many things so wrong flamini covers the ball, he was fouled no doubt about that, he could have simply toed the ball out or kick to the throw line, no he decided to turn the ball inward on to the attackers foot, Mert who could have covered across decides to play the referee and the goal scores, i can not actually blame the referee but more the players, because we are taught to play until we hear the whistle.

    Goal two i have said so many times wilshere does not like to run back, he watches huddleston play the ball wide then darts to the space behind gibbs to receive the ball, wilshere who was closes to huddleston watch the play develop and when the man receive the ball behind gibbs he decides to jog after him which by then too late, bert then decides to lose his forward who gets in front him to head the goal in.

    Know lets look at the good points

    Sanchez and welbeck each scored they still have not develop a perfect understanding, but is getting their will become better in more games, Sanchez may hold the ball too long at times but can create, welbeck have done everything asked of a forward and is gradually reaping is rewards. Cazorla far better option than Ozil because he can not only pass the final ball but can shoot, which he was doing at the start of the game and also at the end, i think he must do it more. Ox started brightly then became too stationary in the game, must focus on is game more, unlike some fans i think he was a good option to start, bellerin learning his trade and looking good doing it. Campbell gave arsenal that extra push to get going 9really glad to see him on the field and must be used more as a sub. Ayayi on the bench i thought would have been a good call in the last 10 when we were getting so many free kicks and corners, he is quite good in the air, but i wil not blame our RIDICULOUS manager for this one

  36. I am a huge jack wilshere fan, and I thought he had a good first half… But the second half he was horrendous.

    These performances against low tier teams should be automatic wins, at this rate we’re going to finish 10th. Look at southampton… 8-0! And this is after unloading so many of their players. Idk why our players don’t step up, it’s embarrassing week in and week out

    1. i think the players arent up for the games bc
      they have front row seats witnessing
      wenger decline into senility,
      & bizarreness.
      god only knows what sanchez & ozil
      are thinking.

  37. Hull were extremely lucky today. We dominated the game but our two weak areas let us down – CB and DM. Both goals should never have happened. Arsenal need to fight from the first whistle, not when we are a goal down. Bellerin and Sanchez our best players.

  38. Joel cambpell best start the next game he and Sanchez actually wanted a result and we best buy someone in jan to challenge mert as he was at fault for there 2nd and just gave up again for there 1st

    1. campbell should start over ox.
      its a hard world, but the best players should
      be out there for us.

  39. Poor by Arsene for 3 reasons – defensively–the CDM and the CB positions; offensively – Jack too far forward.

    1 – Flamini should’ve done better. Fouled or not he could’ve easily played that ball wide.
    2 – Mertesacker should’ve done better on both goals. Could’ve slid over and covered Flamini for the first, and obviously beaten for the second.

    Both positions that Arsene should’ve sorted out in the summer.

    3 – Jack. I’m sorry, but just because Jack as above average technical ability for an Englishman does not mean that he’s equipped to be our creator going forward. Him playing in an advanced position in the 4-1-4-1 does not benefit him or the team. Dribbles too much, dribbles into traffic, can’t pick the passes that Mesut, Santi….Cesc can pick. “Oh but he works so hard, runs so hard, drives forward, demands the ball.” Big deal, what is the end product of all that? If Arsene was going to play the 4-1-4-1, then purchase a proper CDM, bring back Cesc, put him next to Mesut, and let that midfield triangle boss the game.

    I’m sorry, but Jack can’t do what Santi and Mesut and can do creatively going forward. Ramsey has regressed to his previous self by playing too high up the field. Jack and Aaron may run more/harder than Mesut, but they don’t have his quality, his class, his ability as an attacking center mid.

    1. i agree. 2 of our best performances this season came at villa and galetesary in which wilshire played no part in. he have shifted scapegoat ozil out wide until he got injured for wilshire who has done nothing all season while playing in the main position . no scapegoats ozil around for 2 months so all eyes on wilsahire now

  40. Can’t believe we are 11 points behind this early in the season. ..just not good enough….at least last season we led till February. ..just not fair on us fans what wenger is doing….lost for words

  41. Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil are all shit at the moment. Ozil is not coping with the premier league and should go while we can cash in. Wilshere has not really progressed as the hype iinitially suggested. Ramsey will find his feet but needs to get back to the drawing board. No backbone in the Arsenal team

  42. totally disagree with this childish author !. we are in crisis in fact if we cannot beat a lowly team like hull !. bob , i think it is time you put your typing finger away and left the writing to others who may know what they are talking about . you are such a wenger ass licker that is makes me ill to read anything that you write recently . i know you will come back and tell me i dont hane to read your pathetic articles and so on . but i do read them in the slight hope that maybe you will write a balanced article for once in your miserable little life. good god man if we cannot beat hull then what would call our predicament then ?. crisis averted my big toe !.not only will we not win the premier league but we will not even finish in many peoples position on this page and that is fourth place .at the way we are playing i think that we are suitable candidates for relegation at this point . yes , i know everybody will boo and heckle but this is my honest opinion . we ,as a team , have nothing going for us on the pitch , we have no passion , leadership , knowhow , guile , in fact , we no longer know how to win .the clown wenger , the specialist in bullying in other words has not got a clue , he is an old school guy who needs putting out to grass before we do end up in trouble . personally , i was hoping that we would not equalize , i thought that how will all the fans react then . but as usual lucky wenger gets it his way again . but it is not eneough and i now call on the french fool to resign and let us get on with the almost impossible task of rebuliding a winning team , wenger out now .

  43. wenger is soo desperate to be praised by the media that now he is trying to build this england team core of players so the media can say thank you wenger and the poster boy of all this is king jack wenger wants all the praise he wants the media to say it is wenger who created jack into a great player for us bla bla bla .

  44. Ramsey has been playing bad because wenger is playing him as a no.10.the most painful thing is i dont see us changing the formation anytime sooner because the formation change when jack is injured.the only players i feel sorry for is ozil and ramsey because their games are affected

    1. Ramsey has been playing bad, because he has gone back to doing flicks and back heels. He cut that out last year by a lot although not completely,now he is doing it again. Almost got the assist at the end for Monreal, who couldn’t connect. Ramsey needs to cut those tricks out, to be back to his best.

      Both our left backs could’ve got the winner in 96th minute (Gibbs) and 97th minute (Monreal).

      All I know is Pellegrini of City and Steve Bruce of Hull won’t be complaining about the referee today.

  45. all season while we had ozil he has only been allowed to play in his main position 2 times once against villa and other against galetaseray and in this game we for the first time played with two natral wingers with ozil in the number 10 and a fast cf for the first time ever since ozil has been here and you all know the outcome, part from that wenger has shifted ozil out wide all season and turned him into a scapegoat for the media and fans but as soon as ozil gets injured the next game wenger plays with 2 natrual wingers and put wilshire in middle with cazorla, so the question is wernger trying to destroy ozil ?

    1. Don’t think he’s trying to ‘destroy Özil’. I think he’s just trying to accommodate Wilshere and Ramsey into the same starting 11, which comes at the expense of Özil. We need to return to a 4-2-3-1 formation asap. We shouldn’t have even tried 4-1-4-1 in the first place without a better holding midfielder.

      Jack is apparently injured, so that means we’ll go with Ramsey alongside Flamini or Arteta, put Cazorla at number 10, Alexis & Ox, Campbell or a returning Walcott on the wings and Welbeck up top should be our midfield and attack for the next few games.

  46. I suppose u could call me a wengerite … Have always loved the bloke !

    … But even I have become disillusioned with his methods , we need a change !

    I would like him to respectfully and mutually agree to move on at the end of the year , as I think the current defensive situation is embarrassing …. Everyone in the footballing world can see that we have needed a centre back and a defensive mid for a while , except wenger !!!!

    Will always love him for what he’s done , he’s a true legend of the club , but it’s time to move on !

  47. Ramsey has been playing bad because wenger is playing him as a no.10.the most painful thing is i dont see us changing the formation anytime sooner because the formation changes when jack is injured.the only players i feel sorry for is ozil and ramsey because their games are affected(had a good partnership last season)

  48. We had only one strength last season : Not dropping points against lower teams. Now we are doing that too this season. Where would we get the 3 points i just cant imagine. Wenger should bury his head in his arse and then die of shame in the little puddle of sh#t in there.

    I remembered Gerrard’s words today “I told Suarez not to go to Arsenal. No disrespect but i told him he is too good for Arsenal. If he stays one more year, teams like Barca or Madrid will come calling”. Feel sorry for Sanchez.

  49. Usual fkg shit! No way Arsenal will make 4th “OUR TROPHY”, Wenger should resign for putting us through this crap, he’s become an embarassment to our club, wasted millions and not strengtening where needed, just fk off and take your AKB’s with you, their all spuds in disguise anyway!

  50. I wish Wenger would bring on some of our young players when we’re winning comfortably. Someone like Hayden or Ajayi, why not bring him on for the second half when we were 3-0 up against Villa, or when we were 3/4-0 up against Galatasaray? Ajayi is a CB, bringing him on would give us another defender to help see the game out. He’s 20 now, nearly 21, he’s going to have to make the step up soon..

    It’d give them experience so that when we get ourselves into situations like today, the prospect of playing Ajayi as a backup CB isn’t as daunting? To be honest, he would probably do a better job than Monreal.. It’d ease him in rather than throwing our academy players in the deep end like Bellerin vs Dortmund.

  51. We have only faced 6 shots on target in the last 2 games (Hull and Chelsea). Among those 6 shots, we have conceded 4 goals.

  52. If Wenger couldn’t find a defender in the whole of summer, how can he find one in January? Teams are less wiling to sell in January. Maybe he will get a player from a mid table team from another league.

  53. So depressing, Newcastle just 4 pts off from us and we are 11 pts from Chelsea. How did we from improvement of last season to this situation?

  54. Haha @ some people still blaming Ozil and he didn’t even play today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are shit. End of! No one player being bought or being blamed is going to fix this. If Ozil was really shit a whole team of 11 playing well would carry him with 10 other good players. If we had no DM 10 other players would carry that and so on and so on.

    This is all BS. We damn well know what the problem is but people still continue to blame individuals with a vengeance.

  55. I am not normally much of an AW basher, but I must say that after today, I’ve just about had enough! Wenger is good at financial masturbation and excellent at ranting and raving at the 4th official next to the field. But he can’t coach defence (I do not know what Steve Bould is doing in the coaching staff because apparently he doesn’t have much of a say), he can’t prepare a team tactically for a game, he can’t see when a player is having a terrible game or chooses to ignore it, he can’t pick the best team from his available players, he can’t see that Wilshere is f***ing useless, and he can’t teach the team to score goals. When Wilshere is in the team, you can be sure that when we break away out of defence and have a 3 on 2 advantage in the opposition goal area, Wilshere will pass the ball back to our ‘keeper. What is Wenger still doing at our club???

  56. we had to win at home to Hull,
    if we are notcapable, then we are ina problema right now, i ve never been one to say things about stats vs the big teams, but come on…with all due respect, Hull?? at home??
    Kudos to Alexis and Sanny.
    But they must feel frustrated, i mean back in the Henry era, he sometimes scored the one goal tha won us game, but he had a solid team behind that wouldnt conceed….

  57. I remember when opposing home fans although being beaten 5-0 would stand and applaud at the final whistle, such was the beauty of arsenal’s game. How depressing…

  58. My follow Arsenal fans, this team belong to me and you not Arsene Wenger, we are the one that paying our money to watch them and buy some Arsenal product, they are using our money to pay Wenger salary and yet they are not make us happy… Past 9years now that we fans are happy last but Wenger and Board was happy because they are share enough profit every years.. this is the time to collect our team back from those stupid, fools, greedy American Business man call themself football supporters.. let stop buying the stupid season ticket, let stop going to stadium for several match, they will listen to us.. We need our Arsenal back

  59. I will never stop saying wenger is our problem…
    We drew Leicester wenger said it was a good result, we drew at home against man city wenger said it was a good result while pellegrini said it was a bad result for man city.
    Please what was his comment today?????
    How I wish its easy for me to pause being an arsenal fan till wenger is sacked.

  60. I am not one of the fans who slate players but our problem is we don’t make our criticism constructive.
    Wilshere is not as bad as you guys think,welbeck is very good,giroud is good,gibbs is a fine player and others except flaminimum.
    The motivation is not there for them to put up a fight,the right thing is not done to make their qualities effective. Take it or leave it arsene wenger is nothing but a joke.

    1. Wilshere may not be as bad as we think but he is not good enough to be in the starting 11 (not automatically, every game). And he certainly is not good enough to warrant playing everyone else out of position.

  61. How is dropping 2 points at home to Hull averting a crisis? We are in full crisis mode (or at least we should be). Two wins out of 8 games is a crisis.

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