Arsenal v Hull review – No goals forces unwanted FA cup replay

There were wholesale changes from both Arsenal and Hull City for this 5th round match in the FA cup, with the visitors beating Wenger´s nine changes by one, so it was clear that neither side saw this competition as a priority. Both still wanted to win the match though and the players that did start knew it was a good chance to showcase their abilities.

So right from the start there was plenty of energy and application, although the quality of the final ball was sometimes lacking. What was more surprising, though, was that our previous nemesis Mike Dean seemed determined to referee the game fairly, turning down the chance to give Hull a penalty and booking their player for diving instead.

The fact that he had missed a handball for an Arsenal penalty earlier I will put down to caution and let him off as it was a close call. We had most of the attacking play in the first half but only managed a few shots on goal which the Hull keeper managed to deal with.

They looked a threat from set pieces and nearly made a couple of counter attacks count, so it was level at the break and all to play for although it did look as though Arsenal would make the breakthrough count eventually.

But as the second half was marked by a string of top class saves from Jakupovic, at the feet of Walcott, tipping a fantastic Campbell free kick onto the post and then stopping a wickedly deflected Welbeck shot, it began to look like it would be another one of those frustrating games for the Gunners.

Wenger turned to Alexis Sanchez, Giroud and the Ox but to no avail as the keeper produced a final vital save from an injury time free kick and now we have to squeeze the replay into an already congested fixture list. How costly will that be?

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      1. “This is the team going to face Messi, Neymar and Suarez”

        Yeah, cause that’s how it works!(sarcasm)
        Not beating Hull today does not guarantee Barca beating us. By that logic we shouldn’t have beaten Bayern Munich in our first game against them since we had lost to much easier opponents in that group beforehand. This is football. When 2 good teams come together anything can happen. I wouldn’t write off Arsenal before they have even kicked off against Barca. Are chances might not be great but when has that ever meant anything since we have lost to teams we were expected to beat and won games we were,according to pundits guaranteed to lose. Drawing to Hull doesn’t guarantee defeat against Barca. It all depends what Arsenal show up on the day. When we beat Munich that form seem to come from no where since we weren’t playing that well before the win. If Arsenal play the way they did when we beat Munich why can’t we beat Barca?

    1. i think we played well today. had more outside shots. but tactically we’re missing. when they park the bus against us, we dont have a solution. we need to invite the defenders out a bit to give ourselves more room. and when we get that 1 chance per game on a fast break, we need to take it ; but i worry whether walcott can finish off a one-on-one.

  1. Made a Championship teams SECOND CHOICE goalkeeper look world class once again. Jakupovic or whatever his name is is below average but we can’t finish for s***. We played Hull RESERVES at home. Let that sink in.

    We are nothing without Özil, Coquelin or even Ramsey. Not bothering to mention Sanchez because since his arrival from injury he’s been ghost of himself. Can’t hit the barn door with his shot, can’t dribble past a lamp post and in fact his turnovers in midfield only slow our counter attacks when he should just PASS THE BALL.

    As I am counting us already out of CL, we have a difficult job to go win at Hull City now. FA Cup is in jeopardy.

    1. swear his name was jankobobits ranyourvic

      anyway ive just checked and hes actually related to khan….

      khan? yes KHAN….

      err oliver?

      no GENGHIS rooarrrrrrrr

  2. We have to give it to them, they parked the bus most of the game and their keeper made one or two excellent saves. Still doesn’t dismiss the fact that we didn’t really look too dangerous, our final ball was poor in most situations – this is exactly why Mesut is so important to our team as he creates those chances that win us games.

    1. Them parking the bus isn’t an excuse……… How bout us taking away the wheels

      when do we Learn?……u don’t walk the ball successfully into the net when playing against a bus

      when do we learn…….when do we learn?????

    1. our style of play………… Our mentality could have made the difference

      how many Arsenal attempts compared to hull’s?

  3. Their keeper had a good game, and Mike Dean had his usual bad decision against us by not awarding a first half penalty.

    Good points – no new injury woes, nice to see Welbz continuing his comeback, good also to see a little more exposure for Iwobi.

    Not so good points – another game on the schedule now which is a shame, but it still keeps us in the running to try and win the FA cup again. Would have been nice to go into next week with a win under out belt, but admittedly a fair few of today’s players won’t be included in the next 2 big games.

      1. @sa
        Instead of giving props to Hull for some magnificent defending and shot stopping. They fought hard and were set up to stop us. mission accomplished on their part. Bruce is no muppet. He knows how to get the best out of his boys.
        So instead of being all juvenile, try being adult about the situation…

  4. How deflating is that result, same v southampton cant finish our chances… was very poor today considering how much attacking we did! Didnt look that dangerous or confident, not good going up v Barca this week.

    Another fixture thrown into our already jam packed list of games to come, well done lads! There was me thinkn we were going to walk this game, their keeper was good made 2 worldy saves so will give him that!!

  5. here comes the classic line….why is it every keeper turns into neuer when he faces us…why?
    cos we cant finish properly

    i wish we had real strikers like park chu young and francis jeffers

      1. No no no muff.

        It’s the Highbury injury curse, if none of Arsenal’s senior players are injured we can’t play well. Diaby took the fall but now he’s gone. Jack tried to save us but the Reaper doesn’t want little ole Jack. He wants a real man!

        He wants … Sanchez!!!

    1. He has energy and that’s it. Looks like Wenger bought a dud. Another year of no big star player that makes the difference. We have no real talent apart from Ozil.

    2. Does more chasing back cause he loses the ball before he dose anything, bit like Gervino. Awobi is far more effective CB

  6. Wow, this was Hull’s reserve team, I don’t even know what to say.

    Goalless draw at home vs a Championship’s reserve team. Still think Arsenal don’t need better players?

    1. @truegunner12
      In the real world, 11 men defending is a hard nut to crack at any level. Those so called “reserves” are still professional footballers. Give them respect due them…

  7. Let me understand better…playing a reserve tem from championship at Emirates and not being able to win,almost losing in the final minutes.Hm,that inept if you ask me.Do we have a coach in charge or is just a muppet fighting with his zip and boiling frustration on the edge?

    1. To think that wenger would have left, if we would have lost to Hull in the 2014 cup final…… ? What a pity ?

      @ Arsenal fc. .. “YOUR AN EMBARRASMENT!!”

      Roll on Tuesday night. … Maybe our Boy’s will learn from Barca, on how to put the ball in the back of the net!

  8. Don’t blame the ref because most of those players shouldn’t even be donning an Arsenal shirt. I would be pissed if I had wasted money to watch that.

    1. C’mon now blaming the ref?
      We’re all rational thinking individuals here.
      We’re not blaming the ref

      We’re blaming the goalie

  9. Relax Hull City is not going to beat Arsenal on any pitch. It is difficult finding cohesiveness with players who have been out of action for a while or out of the 1st eleven for a while. Not to mention a downpour. We will advance in the FA cup.

  10. Dull, just dull v hull.
    Barcelona will not be loosing any sleep over this.

    Adios UCL and Hola game congestion.

  11. Bunch of average players.
    bellerin cech coquelin monreal ramsey and ozil can now have a good night sleep.
    We need a winger and a striker really bad.
    correction for that earlier prediction.
    It will be arsenal 1 barcelona 6

    I was afraid about all this sanchez issue because the same thing happened to cazorla two years ago.
    He might need weeks to get back on track

    1. I am still waiting for Alexis to pull the ball back to his left foot for a strike or a cross. World class players should be able to do that?

      1. Yeah.. Sanchez is too one footed. Our left wing play is too limited because of that. He only cuts in to his right foot all the time and it becoming predictable, he should try taking the ball to the left sometimes and cross or he should move to the right side.

  12. Whenever this happens Arsenal don’t look good and there just no quality from them. But Hull are a championship side and what do they do take a draw. Just like the 2011 season. Smaller teams are not interested to play football at the emirates. Forget the league,everything cause we are in for a upset again. Sanchez is good but will look for inspiration rather than being kept out of the squad for extended period. This Barca match looks like an unwanted distraction though. Arsene needs another quality attacker who is 30 goals a player. Hull were wanting to beat Arsenal for some-time and they are going to be given an opportunity.

  13. Man this club is really racking up supporters money with nothing major to show for so long. Arsenal are a shareholders dream.

  14. Subs come on and the team plays worse? Ox took that last chance as a training ground shot. No commitment behind it, off target.

  15. The last thing we need right now is another match added to our schedule

    I’m not upset about drawing but upset about drawing at HOME

    We look weak before playing Barcelona
    We needed to go into that match with a win on our backs

  16. We played good but we are goal shy. We have ne fire power at all. No end product. Cant see us do anything against barcelona.

    Iwobi is a joy to watch. So young so good. Lucky Arsenal. Chambers is also gaining confidence. Good game from him.

    1. “We played good”

      Yeah, maybe in certain patches of the game -especially the last few minutes when we increased the tempo of our passing and movement.

      “We have no fire power at all. No end product. “

      What is most confusing is that we are registering decent number of shots on target in this games to go along with the gazillion of chances created. Opposition keepers seems to have been making top quality saves against us. Maybe it is down to the type of chances we’ve be creating. Maybe we need more of them chances that put our attackers one on one with the keepers.. but then our strikers (except Sanchez) are notoriously known for also messing up one on one chances.

      WHAT DO WE DO NOW????!!

  17. Be Optimistic guys. No team wins all matches. We have another opportunity against them. We will win away to Hull. I still don’t understand why we are scared of Barca. We should be positive about getting a good result against them. No team has won the Champions League back to back. If Barca were that super, they should have done that once. Wenger should prepare his team against Barca. Our front men should press their full backs and we should be very compact and be ruthless. We could have knocked them out in 2011 if Bendtner had not missed that opportunity. Crowd the midfield, Press high up the pitch, don’t give the balls away unnecessarily in the midfield. Play more crosses into their box. The key to beating Barca, don’t respect them, harass them. Let them panic.

    1. “Be Optimistic guys. No team wins all matches…”

      I quite agree with you here. I mean what it is the point in moaning or celebrating the league/cup after every other game. I choose to celebrate or moan if necessary only after the end of the season and/or our run in the cup competitions. Simple as that!

      “I still don’t understand why we are scared of Barca…”

      Well for starters, they are the current holders of the Champions League title. They have in their team two of the nominated 3 players for Ballond’or among whom is perennial winner Messi. They play a style of football that is atleast 5 times more effective than the type we play.

      “Wenger should prepare his team against Barca… Our front men should press their full backs and we should be very compact and be ruthless….don’t respect them, harass them. Let them panic.”

      History tells us we are going to do all of that and probably more, but only in one of the 2 legs of fixtures. FC Barcelona on the other hand will do just enough to knock us out of the competition in the other leg.

  18. How do we expect to be challenging on so many fronts every year when our team looks like that? The scariest thing is when the fans at the grounds have nothing to cheer about and that negative energy gets transferred to the pitch. Wonder why legends like Henry speak so negative about us and we say Sky must be paying him well to say those things. Well guess what? It’s the truth, we took 1 step forward against Leciester then 10 steps back against Hull.

  19. That’s one of the main factors I don’t go to the shhhhhhEmirates anymore. Fans don’t get behind the team. In saying that, we wasn’t ruthless enough infront of goal. The ball should’ve been released earlier at times by the players. Now we have another game to play, which we really don’t need at the moment.
    Barcelona have conceded to Las Palmas!! There is hope lol


  20. Dont blame Sanchez, he is human and cant keep on carrieng us for two straight seasons all by himself. You dont want to see him join Wilsher in Snap city in no time, do you? He played to much till now.

  21. Worst thing about is, we will be playing like Hull did today, when we group against Barcelona on Tuesday. We will be letting them play in front of us, ut they can easily send balls over the top even if a team is defending deep. Fortunately for us Barcelona are so open at the back, it will be amazing if we don’t score 1 against them atleast.

  22. I’m looking at the Las Palamas v Barcelona game right now, and it is obvious speed and fast counter attacks can damage Barcelona.

  23. Barcelona is not unbeatable, aside from atletico and Real M they don’t have real competition which will play to our advantage. If wenger picks the right team Barca are in real trouble. Go back and watch that game against Bayern, i’ve never seen the team so disciplined, so compact that bayern kept growing frustrated throughout the game. That’s how we’ll have to play against neymar/suarez/messi. Moreover, bayern has a better midfield than Barca and a better goal keeper, so if we play with speed/counter attacks we can hurt them badly.

  24. We really needed an Ozil / Cazorla to thread some passes through the bus lines. We also need to have a proper striker, which most other teams have, in the Wright / Henry mold.

  25. Well, how annoying is that?!! The ONLY positive I can muster, is that some of our squad players can get more game time (Elneny, Iwobi, Calum, etc) which will hopefully keep them sharp for if/when they will need to be called upon. For example, Chambers/Gab were a little rusty at the start against LFC. But tbh no one wanted a replay!!

  26. Sanchez d worst player on pitch today. If either Ramsey or Ozil were the sub instead of sanchez we would av won d game. Anyway don’t forget hull is championship leader now. We ll beat dem 2nd leg. Barca not unbeatable, wit good team tactictis n nice player selection we can do it.our defenders have much work to do. Ozil remains our own messi. Girud should bully therdefenders yes .

  27. Listen baby please

    Great decision not getting an outfielder last summer

    Anyway, if you think losing 5-1 to Bayern is bad wait till we play Barca. Losing 8-2 to United will be eclipsed by what Barca will do to us.

    If you want an idea of what will happen to us, watch the film “The Passion of the Christ”. Watch what the Romans did to Jesus. That will be us.

    1. Listen baby please you annoying person. The team that played today will not be playing against barca. Why are you people so short sighted?

      1. Listen Admin Please

        Were are not short sighted. Were just so scared we gonna be so badly beaten by Barca…we gonna completely lose our sight, our vision, our eyes, EVERYTHING!!!

  28. None of today starter ll play barca apart frm mert n kosheny or Theo n welbek. Talking negative of ur team makes u short sighted. I believe in my team. If u don’t like arsenal again go n support barca.

  29. Dunno why y’all are being so beat up with Arsenal playing Barcelona when LAS PALMAS scored a goal against em.

    mark this space……… its gonna be a great evening at the office on Tuesday night.

    Gunners 1 – Barca 1

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