Arsenal v Leicester Player Ratings – Odegaard the star of the show

A great way to return to the Top Four as Arsenal had to fight hard to overcome a very confident and skilful Leicester side.

But all was good in the end and we are getting closer to our goal every single game.

Anyway, here are my Ratings for Arsenal v Leicester….

Ramsdale – 7.5
Back to his brilliant best after his blip against Watford

Cedric – 7.5
His consistent performances have come as a pleasant surprise

White – 8
Brilliant game. He’s becoming a rock

Gabriel – 7
But White can’t be praised without calling the partnership as our rock defence

Tierney – 7
Another one that put in a much improved performance

Partey – 8
Not only scored but was unlucky to hit the post. Gets better every game

Xhaka – 7
His usual strong performace. Mr Consistent lately

Saka – 7
Not his usual MOTM performance but caused Leicester lots of problems

Odegaard – 8.5
Excellent captain’s performance yet again. Star of the show

Martinelli – 8
Another one that seems to have picked up the pace lately. Great game

Lacazette – 7
The real captain finally scored with an unstoppable penalty


Smith Rowe – 6
Nearly scored although only on pitch for 12 minutes

Pepe – N/A.
Nketiah – N/A.

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  1. Odegard is a joy to watch and some said we should buy Madison for 75million, for the price we paid for odegard I will take him all day long. Ramsdale got me worried against Watford but he’s back, Whyte I don’t really rate much yet but he played wonderful, saka was busy covering for Cedric so he couldn’t do much, martinelli needs to be talked to about doing the simple things like pass to your teammates when they are free, lacazzette still can’t score but he makes up for it with his workrate. All in all good performance. I just hope we won’t give Liverpool too much respect on Wednesday.

  2. I agree with the ratings more or less

    I admit that i was one of those that wanted MA out. I think that finishing 8th place twice i was justified at that time

    But im happy to admit that i was wrong. Im so happy how weve improved this season. At the beginning of the season I never would have thought we were good enough to be in contention to get back into Champions league

    There’s still plenty of games left but we got a good shot at top 4


    1. I actually find it commendable when someone admits being wrong.anyway after 2 8th finishes,many of us wanted a change of the same vein, looking at the table,our performances…MA,the staff,the players…all deserve credit,the praises coming their way,long it may continue.

    2. Nice reading Stephanie!
      Arteta got a hell of a job to sort out the mess and start building a performance culture. We should never forget state of the club when he got hired in December 2019, we were really in deep sh*t. Everyone related to our club deserves credit for the job done so fare. I’m really happy for everyone loving Arsenal FC 🔴⚪️

  3. Seems we’re settled with the 4-3-3.
    I’m glad Arteta found a way to minimize the possible errors that might come from Xhaka playing in his usual deep role.
    Xhaka has be fairly good as the left sided 8, but next season we need a proper baller to fill in that second 8 position and build a relationship with Martinelli just like Ødegaard and Saka.
    Can ESR be that left sided 8?
    Possibly, I’d like to see it given a trial against one of the lesser teams.
    That being said, if ESR can be the left sided 8. We’ll still need to sign a player for the LW then so Martinelli gets his competition.
    I can see this as the reason why we’re being linked with Jào Felix. He can play anywhere among the front 3.
    That being said, it’s already reported that Terta and Edu’s long term vision was that Partey would always be the lone 6 behind our 2 no 8s.
    Lokonga seen as the future 6 and understudy of Partey, so I can also see why he was never competition to Xhaka.
    Good God, I can’t stop fantasizing about how we’d be if we had gotten Vlahovic and Locatelli.
    While we were looking at the small picture, Edu and Terta always had the bigger picture in mind.
    I still cringe every time Vlahovic scores a goal for Juventus.
    If only himself alongside Locatelli had the balls for a new challenge. We could be on some different levels now. Emphasis on the word could, but this summer is the chance to try to go again.
    We need a talented player to come take over that left sided 8.

      1. Nkuku is good, but I’m not sure he’ll be the perfect fit. Might prove me wrong, but I’m not entirely convinced yet. Renato Sanchez maybe, I think he could form a pretty dangerous partnership with Martinelli, maybe even James Ward Prowse, but he’s not gonna be a young man. I don’t know, let’s wait and see what Arteta and Edu have lined up first

        1. Nkunku can’t effectively play number 8. Nkunku has been the most amazing as CAM/SS or even as a centre forward. Also on either wings. So if he would come, he’d be anywhere in the forward line.

          What about Ödegaard as that number 8? He’s kinda rarely directly involved in scoring for a CAM but always involved in the build up (visionary passing, flicks etc.).

          1. Ødegaard is already the 8 for the right hand side.
            We’ve been playing 4-3-3. It’s supposed to be 2 no 8 and a number 6 at the base, but Xhaka is playing the position of the left sided 8, Ødegaard already covers the other right hand side and already established his relationship with Saka and Partey.
            We need another creative player that can do basically what Ødegaard is doing for the left hand side too.
            I know Nkuku can’t be it. ESR maybe?

            1. I like the idea of Renato and his ball carrying capabilities. Just think would Arteta want someone more of the xhaka profile for that position.

    1. Nice observations Eddie. I dont know of any suitable left-sided 8 currently but for Striker maybe Arsenal can look towards Darwin Nunez if they want someone in the mould of Vlahovic or Paul Onoachu who could destroy defenders with his 2 meter frame, along with being an Arsenal fan and cheaper. I think any of these two with either Lautaro, Nkunku or Adeyemi might be a good summer plan. Then maybe we can have multiple variations, a holdup striker who is also tall can attack those crosses our wingers and fbs pump in which means we can also return to the left sided pinball approach we initially had. Same withone of those SS players who can play appreciably well on the wings. Although MA definitely knows better what he wants come summer.

  4. Soares had better be a starter again when Liverpool come to visit

    Liverpool won’t use tall players to dominate our right-back in aerial duels, so we won’t need Tomiyasu. Soares might also be more familiar with Luis Diaz’s tricks, since Soares used to play in Portugal for many years

  5. One game gone. 12 more to go and the games only gets tougher.

    A draw against Liverpool and a win against Aston Villa would strengthen our top 4 finish. I am hoping for the best and I trust in the boys to deliver.

    Up next, Liverpool. Let’s see a lot more of what the boys are made of.

      1. I am with yiu Kenya, we need to be thinking positive so that the lads will know that we believe in them, three point in the bag

  6. @idiamondruff

    The type of players we are scouting are good ones. Our squad would have been 90% complete if Vlahovic and Locattelli agreed to join us. But it’s all good.

    Hopefully, we can get a good striker and Central midfielder this summer.

    My wishful targets for striker are Núñez of Benfica or Schik of Leverkusen.

    For central midfield it will be Bissouma or Ruiz of Napoli.

    Let’s see who they sign for these positions that would determine how far we will climb the table next season.

    1. Haven’t seen much of Núñez to be fair so I can’t draw a conclusion on him.
      Patrick will be a good option from the bench because of his aerial ability, I just don’t think he offers what will keep that Diamond connection between our attack and 3 midfielders.
      On the strker front, it’s very tough, that’d why I wish we got Vlahovic. Well there’s enough time to scout more now

      1. I forgot to add, Bissouma is not that guy for that 8 position we’re looking to fill. It’s like asking Partey to play 8.
        Yes Ruiz I guess, Paqueta too I suppose

  7. I am firmly among what seems to be a small minority on JA who do not go along with what I see as a wayoverhypingof LACAS usefulness.
    can easily see he works his socks off and links play by playing deeper than a striker normally would. But to my mind that is not anywhere near enough to earn a place. He is popular and seems to be a decent captain but we need far more DIRECT effectiveness. Not being simply a non scoring, deep lying, popular among his teammates , nothing special and slowing down, non heading, would be “striker”.
    I say that next season , if anyone thinks a year older, still non scoring LACA,will aid our continued progress, then they are fooling themselves and putting sentimental feelings towards a real and popular tryer, ahead of sober reality.
    I remain, as ever, grounded and will ALWAYS put my love of the progress for our club above any personal affection I have for this willing tryer but nothing much else of real use !

    1. Jon you and I we agree on a lot when it comes to this team. I’d like to convince you that so far Laca has earned every plaudits he’s getting and no he’s not overhyped.
      You seem to ignore the fact that even though he’s not scoring, he’s been immense with hi assists. He has 10 goal contributions in the last 11 games.
      I wouldn’t call that overhyped.
      I agree we need a proper finished next season though. I’m just saying so far this season, Laca deserves every plaudits for what he’s doing with the young kids up front

      1. Spot on Eddie !Jon Fox called Laca “useless” just last week,I don’t think he was aware of his stats and if he did then,I don’t know what to say .

        1. Please tell him,he seem to have something against laca.just like i said b4 you are not the one missing out on the goal allowance so just drop the case afterall he impacts the game positively.

        2. Such arrogance to assume – wrongly of course – that I , AS A FAN FOR OVER 60 YEARS ATTENDING , would be ignorant of LACA stats and assist Of course I know them. I gav emy honest opinion, a s you gave yours.

          Do not assume , young man, that older fans know as little as some of you kids. We KNOW FAR MORE. I expect strikers to score goals and have far more direct affect on a game.

    2. Couldn’t disagree any more Jon, and your comments suggest that you either haven’t been watching us play, or you do not understand how Arteta’s system works.

      Laca not only works really hard, but the physical shift he puts in, occupies the oppositions centre backs and central midfielders, which gives the extra space for the likes of Odegard, Martinelli, and Saka. Auba is a way better striker than Laca, but unless he’s scoring, he offered nothing to the team as he didn’t fit Arteta’s system. It’s no surprise that we look way better as a team with Laca instead of Auba.

      Of course Laca needs to score more, but the fact he has more assists than anyone in the league since December, proves what a team player he is. He fits perfectly into Arteta’s system.

      We should still sign a top quality striker in the summer, but I would still keep Laca.

      1. @Jonbo, one thing we all need to understand, the EPL is the hardest league, it’s too physical and dynamic, you hardly find skillful dribbling, this is the number 1 reason you will never find a striker like Aubameyang prevailing,
        You find good players like Grealish, Lukaku, Kane struggling in the EPL, I bet you, this players would be outstanding in other leagues,
        So I believe Lacazette has had to work off his socks to help the team and deserves every praise he gets.

    3. I agree with you JF, there’s a huge potential to getting better. A 20+ striker in this team will take us to another level.

  8. Would love Frenkie De jong as an 8…
    He’s also able to play 6 if we need cover…
    But the price though….
    Paqueta is also an option…
    Edu has a lot of work on his hands finding the right fit for that position…

  9. Arsenal should sign Pedro, young Brazilian Striker star from Flamengo. He is tall, can do aerials like Ibra, reminds Lewa style as well.

  10. Welp, looks like I talked rubbish about Ødegaard! The lad is crazy talented, as skillful as Ozil and presses well too. I honestly didn’t think he is this good.

  11. Whendone boys for the job…. Mr poster, I don’t understand how and why you rate souares ahead of Gabriel and Tierney and Partey deserves 9…. Concerning new signing, let’s wait till summer and leave the job for the team….

  12. teams coming together well. Partey has simply been on fire as well as odegaard. if those two can keep their levels up until the end of the season we will look very good for top 4. great game from the whole team!

  13. Martin Odegaard was to many a Real Madtid cast off, who wasn’t worth the transfer fee and would fail for Arsenal in the EPL. Now showing the advantages of being settled at a club and having a football brain and quick feet.
    What is Odegaard worth now in the transfer market?

  14. Credit to Mikel Arteta for turning the season around after a tough start and making the hard decisions necessary to establish the required culture for success.

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