Arsenal v Leicester review – Gunners hang on for win!

Well that was tough at the start for Arsenal, and tough to watch at times and I am not talking about the game not being on TV. The important thing was the result though and the Gunners got the win over Leicester that we expected, just.

For a large part of the first half, Arsenal were frustrated and unable to break down a well organised away side that were playing well. They were having some joy going forward as well with Hector Bellerin having a hard time at right back.

And Arsenal took some time to get going but did not have to wait too long before the opener after 27 minutes. It came from Koscielny getting on the end of an Ozil corner and the German earned that corner after drawing a good save from Schwarzer with a run into the box and a cheeky improvised shot.

But we then struggled to impose ourselves and had the worrying scenes of Alexis Sanchez struggling after getting a knock to his left knee. The Foxes looked like they might draw level before Ozil again created our second, stinging the hands of the keeper whose parry was smashed in sharply by Walcott.

The second half was even tougher for us as we could not add a goal and were left hanging on after a somewhat controversial Leicester goal from Kramaric which Cambiasso seemed to handle in the build up. We also lost Ramsey to injury shortly after he came on and it was real relief to hear the refΒ΄s whistle.

Fair play to Leicester and well done to the lads for grinding out a win when we were far from our fluent best.

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        1. Yeh great. Knocked out of UCL in group stage but the balance sheet will look great!

          Hopefully Leicester won’t make it into our group through some freakish FIFA change in rules where relegated clubs as well as top 4 make it in.

            1. Not really numb nuts.
              I was talking in the context of tonight’s performance and in general our inability to perform consistently, have a effective and cohesive system and way of playing etc…

              Still, you probably don’t see further than your nose.

            2. you’re missing the facts, son. how many times have we been eliminated in the group stage since the new qualification rules kicked in in 2005? if you’re going to make a point, make a well reasoned point.

              1. Your not my dad Mikey and I’m not your son.

                You nor or any other on here are gonna tell me how to make my point. Didn’t get knocked out of the group stage since 2005 eh? Well isn’t that dandy..came bloody close though.

        1. agreed. it’s called the parity of the EPL. something look it up. parity is a good word for the arsenal!

          1. also: sanchez MIA today; wasnt fit. so we were a man down. also, AW ran an experiment playing sanchez at CF. this is the 2nd time AW has done this and neither time did it work out. so we’re still a WC striker short (sorry giroud,welbeck).

      1. Just goes to show game like these are not to be overlooked. Leicester are not a bad team, and it’s not often I say that the team rooted at the bottom of the table don’t deserve to be there, because they do have a talented attack, especially Mahrez. That being said, we really didn’t get that many clear cut opportunities ourselves, we do need a target man at the top to suit our style of play. Alexis is better suited coming in off the left.

        1. Happy for the win but do you all realize how intriguingly poise the race from 2nd to 7th actually is? No one is sure what the top four will look like at the end of the season apart from Chelsea and to some extent Manchester city and I say some extent because if Man City loose another game they will be dragged in the champions league qualifying fight.
          Dude am done complaining about arsenal’s pros and cons am watching am trying to enjoy my EPL experience.

    1. I love as Wenger is progressively changing and trying new formations.The players played badly today but at least we have a different look of the team.I think Arsenal play badly when they don t put enough intensity.
      Go Le Prof,I will turn as a AKb .

      1. i belive this formation with this set up will never work, we need physical presence, giroud is not the best striker but he gives that physical advantage, and this injuries are getting ridicilous, if i were wenger i would give ramsey and wilshere one more season, if they continue like this we have no use of them, they play 20 games 18 injured!!!

        1. We have to be honest,we asked for the under performers against the spuds to be benched and Wenger did it so those guys can be more motivated when they come from tthe bench.Lecoq is my man,doing a huge job,Kosc needs time to get back at top and we have Gab to bench the underperformers.
          Lets support the team and prepare for the title next year with 2 news aquisitions in the summer.

          1. Arsenal are always two players short
            And it’s always next season.
            Why can’t it be this season for a change πŸ™

            1. bc each season we only get one WC player. now we have 2 (maybe 3 ) WC players in the team. we’re still short a WC striker . also short a CDM who’s as good or better than coq. also: mert/flam/arteta worse than last year and heading to retirement. so we’ll need 2 WCs and a first XI player and 2+ squad players in summer 2015.

          2. also, we used to carp that wenger didnt change his lineup. well, he’s doing it plenty now. he even changed his tactics to sit-back-and-counter. so kudos to the old man for that. now: stop listening to sanchez when he says he’s ok to play πŸ™‚

    2. Yep lay it on the players. Cos Wenger got the tactics, player selection, and subs spot on…….

      1. What idiot thumbed down this? Someone who obviously didn’t see the match or watched it with his head in his own or Arsene’s arse..

            1. you might need to check yourself first, mate. it’s dumb because we played LC. no one else. so to make that “what if” comparison is just that. what if. no one knows the outcome of a what if.

    1. If OZIL can really take a long range shot like that, why wasn’t he doing it?? Theo 7goals in last 7 league starts. Stats never lie

      1. muda: thats one way to look at it. the other way is: “great, he’s decided to add that to his repertoire, hope he gets good at it. keep going ozil”.

  1. Pathetic display, Koscielny was absolutely rubbish despite scoring. MOTM Γ–zil, he did well today.

    Is our tactic to dribble out from our defensive end? Has anyone in our team heard of tactical fouls to break up enemy counter? Surely didn’t look like they’ve ever heard of such thing.

      1. cuz our manager is the gentleman AW. i need more fire and brimstone from our next manager; dont like it when AW says “we need a little this and we were a little that”.

    1. Balotelli has gone from ‘world class in a few years’ to Liverpool’s Bendtner in the space of a few months.

      1. I think you are retarded hafiz.
        your comments on this site makes me cry.
        they are very unprofessional and thy are what I call f4rt-talk.

  2. In other news… Balotelli has scored his first premier league goal for Liverpool. And people on here actually said we should’ve signed him, ha!

  3. AKB’s: 3 points, nothing else to worry about……*goes and buries head in the sand*

    What can I say about that. Our system is awful, but welcome scraped win vs bottom of the league Leicester. Woooo

    1. yeah thats twice now sanchez hasnt done well in the striker position. LW is def sanchez position. wenger said we bought him for CF to justify that we have a WC at CF. but we still dont. so we still need a WC striker in the summer if we’re to compete for PL next season.

    2. Yeah I agree. He doesn’t show much movement of a striker in CF. It is better when he cuts in from the left, looks way more dangerous that way.

  4. P*ss poor performance from us and the ref, these refs in the premier league are diabolical its a disgrace. Once again Ramsey getting injured pathetically, he is our most frustrating player its a joke.

  5. “Same old Arsenal, always injured”
    Depressing performance.
    Back to having a shite bench because of our medical fitness team, seriously what fitness schedule are the lads put through, are we cursed ?
    Why always us.

  6. How many times did they in behind us????

    Whenever we come up against any team that presses and does not give us any time on the ball we look like c@nts…. Sometimes you are thinking how old are these guys.

    We can’t play a pressing game, and any team that plays a pressing game against us makes us gives us a hard time..

    1. @Goonster
      Feel sorry for Bellerin. That kid gets no help. Teams spot it right off and exploit it to the max. But Theo kept acting like a striker on the wing, waiting for the ball to come his way…

      1. I actually forgot Theo was in the game during the second half until he got subbed off. He went Ghost like Swayze in the last 45 minutes.

        1. more and more teams will press against us. they watched what dortmund, spuds have done to us. now even leicester is doing it. our players need to up their movement off the ball so we can get out of the press. when u come out of press, its good to have 2 wingers, but to do that u cant put ozil on the wing. it’d have to be sanchez and walcott.
          i say put ozil at cam. cazorla at b2b since both wilshere/ramsey failing at b2b.

          1. if we’re going to do sit-back-and-counter at away games, welbeck should play CF at away games (giroud not fast enough, cant dribble well enough). giroud should play striker at home when we dont play the sit-back-and-counter.

  7. great performance, strong, determined, good tempo…oh yes Leicester city are back
    we got a win thats all that matters…

    we can still win the uefa fifa afcon 4th place jules rimet trophy!!

    1. Great second half by Leicester.
      Arsenal crap 2nd period.
      Why I wonder?
      Need a leader to keep the team up to the mark?
      Can’t be too hard on the lads.
      Look at the table Job done….. just πŸ™‚

  8. Poor Chambers cant even make it to the subs bench now….he will be rotting in the reserves….

    he needs to go on a loan

  9. Poor performance. Team didn’t make the most of the goal diff opportunity, two forced substitutions, some players looked very jaded and a rubbish ref, but 3 points is 3 points.

    1. um he did score, thats 5 goals in 3 games and 23 so far this season.

      i see at unknown 21 year old getting more than 30 goals his first season- incredible

      1. Do you think that lot ever spoke highly of our players even when credit is due, and we have had allot of truly exceptional players. Harry Kane is fat jammy tw@t whos luck will eventually run out.

  10. The game was not on tv? It was on in my part of the world.
    We won. That’s it. No complaints from me. It’s 3 in the morning. Off to sleep. Good night people.

    1. I think Wenger has been wanting to try something like this and decided this game was his best opportunity. Hopefully he will not get back on track.

  11. When you constantly have different players being inserted into a line up it is hard to get an attack going. I know there are a lot of fixtures coming up but I would like our best 4 attackers playing together. That would be Sanchez on the left Walcott on the right Giroud up top and Ozil behind OG.

    1. and so cazorla would have to be b2b (since wilshere/ramsey have taken themselves out of contention by rubbish showings, injuries,….)

      1. Hafiz said “Wenger out”
        Wow thats a new one πŸ™‚
        At least Hafiz never says
        “Spend spend spend πŸ™‚

  12. wtf!!!!-we made Leicester look like Real Madrid-last time I checked they are bottom of the table-disgrace,disgusting,awful display-this is not a team,this is a mix of individual footballers with no clue what to do on the pitch,with a clueless manager incapable of managing the bunch called Arsenal team.Wenger out,this guy is terminated for football,he must be ashamed for the ugly things he is doing at the moment.Anybody is better than Wemger at this moment,just leave old guy,you live in the past.

    1. Arsenal were poor today but don’t let Leicester’s low table position fool you. They are not consistent but have I have seen them put in some great performances this season.

      1. @mohawk
        Exactly. They are in a fight to beat the drop. Anyone who comes up against them from here on out is gonna be up against it. They do have a very capable squad, as proven tonight. Big ups to em for the shift they put in…

    1. I have never seen such appalling refereeing. Did this guy walk onto the pitch from the away supporters stand? Can anyone explain to me how Giroud blocking Schwarzer’s kick perfectly legally was a yellow card, yet Ospina being hacked down as he was trying to take a kick warranted no card whatsoever? Our players were being illegally hacked down by them time after time with no foul awarded and Sanchez was being targeted over and over, yet we were penalised for legal challenges where we actually got the ball. This guy should not be refereeing for the conference let alone the premiership.

  13. For the first time in quite a while i was confident our keeper could make the save in a one on one, when leicester player broke clear for equalizer chance and tried the lob, if that was szcz i reckon he would have went to ground before the player even tried it. Done well to stay on his feet.

  14. horrible game. bottom of the table, yet they outplayed us for large parts of the match. If we dont pick it up quick we’ll be out of FA Cup this weekend honestly. The organization we had in defense the past month completely disappared and every Leicester counter became a big deal. More horrible giveaways as well. Ozil was the difference in the end being involved in both goals. This game should’ve been much easier but good to get 3 points following a shameful loss.

  15. Games was a result of 4 factors:

    1. Limiting tactics from Wenger – not enough wide play.
    2. Poor performances from Arsenal players.
    3. Strong play from Leicester at times.
    3. Mike Jones – just seems to be guessing at each call.

    1. He wasn’t even guessing – he was giving 90% of calls to Leicester irrespective of challenge. And even as a non-referee I know that where Giroud was standing is perfectly legal – there was no guess work there, just bias or incompetence.. I would hope the latter.

    1. exactly. we need to win all these games coming up. United away is the 2nd to last game of the season. Nobody needs a reminder of how horrible we play at OT. We’ll honestly have to probably have UCL spot wrapped up by then.

  16. Boy! That wasn’t really ArsenaL especially in the 2nd half……. Tiki-Taka is not good enough ….. Don’t get me wrong, i’m happy for the Win but it doesn’t Look like we are really improving

  17. the House of Rahman is very disappointed with the chain of results every season…and demands a change in management

    1. On reading this demand we
      Stan, Ivan and the board hereby
      relieve Arsene Wenger of his
      Managerial position of the Arsemal football team.
      We appoint the house of Rahman as the new Manager at Arsenal.
      Changes to take effect immediately after the Pacific Ocean runs dry πŸ™‚

  18. In the second half our passes were just sideways. Some players just stop playing after we go ahead. We played almost exaclty the same way we did against Tottenham. I can’t believe over the two games we only got a +1 goal difference against Leicester.

  19. Why we stopped playing at 2-0 is beyond me….the warning signs were there. It is a total lack of professionalism and respect for the opponents.

    But hey, 3 points were much needed to keep trying to break the top 4.

    1. 2:0 seems to be a very dangerous lead for arsenal. as a commentator said “when arsenal are at their most confident, they are at their most vulnerable”. 2:0 u think the game is over, we relax and let our guard down. we let one back and suddenly the other team can steal 2 points from us, get a draw, and they have the momentum. you’re not safe at 2:0!

  20. Will we see Biliek against Middlesbrough in place for ramsey?
    Gabriel & koscielny as centre backs
    Mertresacker as our new Striker……..

  21. I honestly don’t think these injuries will ever end, it’s just rediculous now, time and time again. I just think our players are weak it’s actually embarrassing.

    1. matt: sanchez didnt become weak when he joined us. refs allow hacks against us. lower teams need to do it to stop us. + there’s this ethos in EPL that its manly to take out the other player. welcome to EPL , sanchez. [it doesnt help that AW likes the smaller players, maybe that era is going away]

  22. Very dis appealing performance today. our defense is horrible so many mistakes in-front of our back 4 caused them to have a lot of chances. All I could say is that we are lucky not to lose this one.

    Pretty happy that spuds lost though. how many days they were above us 3? LOL

    the 2nd place to 7th place are pretty god damn close. I hope we get the 2nd place at least. πŸ™‚
    Trying to be optimistic here…

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